A new Blue 95, the end.

Blue and Will are kissing and grabbing at each other all the way from the car to the apartment, they are desperate for each other. They can’t be apart for a second. As Will fumbles with his key they kiss deeply, hands everywhere.

“Fuck me now.” Blue says and Will doesn’t hesitate. Soon the two are fucking standing up against the floor, both listening with half an ear for neighbors. When they hear footsteps Will doesn’t pull out but finally wrangles the key into the door and they fall inside and finish on the floor, kicking the door shut behind them.

“I can’t believe we did that.” Blue grins picking himself up off the floor.

“Nice welcome back.” Will grins.

“I am not done.” Blue grins.

“Me either but bed this time.” Will says.

“I can’t wait to see your body.” Blue grins.

“I wanna lick those tan lines.” Will says and bites at Blue’s arm.

Blue yelps and chases Will to the bedroom. They frantically pull each other’s clothes off and start making out like crazy. They both just want to kiss the other all over, so they do.

Blue spends so much time eating Will’s ass, his favorite pastime and Will is more than happy to let him go to town and then returns the favor before a loving gentle fuck, touching and kissing as much as they can.

“Food? I brought groceries over earlier.” Blue says after they’re done.

“Lets order in. I am ready for some grease and carbs. I really want noodles and nasty sugary orange chicken and egg rolls.” Will says.

“Anything for you babe.” Blue smiles and pads through to the kitchen to grab the menu and order.

“Sorry.” A stunned Brian says as Blue comes through in all his glory.

“What are you doing here?” Blue asks not embarrassed. Will comes through hearing voices.

“Hey Brian, didn’t know you still had a key.” Will says.

“I should go, you’re clearly having time alone.” Brian says.

“You clearly need somewhere to say. We’re ordering Chinese. Join us and tell us what’s going on.” Blue says and Brian visibly relaxes, grateful.

“Blue will put shorts on while you decide.” Will says laughing at Blue.

Blue grins and does as he’s told.

“So how long have you been here? I don’t mind, it’s actually good someone has been here since I’ve been gone.” Will says.

“I hoped you wouldn’t mind. I would have asked but I felt so stupid, I knew you’d be away for a bit.” Brian says.

“What happened with Norm? I thought he found you somewhere to live?” Blue says.

“I was living with him and he helped me find a job.” Brian says.

“What happened? He get too rough? He was pretty aggressive with Gervais.” Blue says.

“No, man he had a thing for Gervais.” Brian says.

“Is that what ended it?” Will asks.

“No, I liked that, it was weird but I liked it, fit with the type of humiliation I enjoy. No it was the night you went out for Gervais birthday and Nick stayed over after. Norm really liked the look of Nick and Nick was up for a threesome. It was great, good fun, Norm was in control and we both loved it. Nick hung out for a few more days after work. I came home to Nick sucking Norm off, whilst Norm was looking at pics of Gervais no less.” Brian says.

“That’s brutal.” Will says.

“That wasn’t the end. Norm turned that into a whole thing and I forgave them. What I couldn’t forgive was getting up from a nap and finding Nick in Norm’s lap and them talking all daddy and bubby shit. It was creepy as fuck and all the attraction for Norm was gone.” Brian says.

“Are you still friends with Nick?” Will asks.

“Not right now. I mean he pushed me out of my relationship. It would have run its course soon enough, the Gervais obsession would have got to me at some point.” Brian says.

“Is it okay if I tell Gervais? Not everything, that is private but the obsession part? You know what happened to our friend Jesse? That a guy obsessed with Gervais killed him? Plus Gervais thought that Jeremy took a pic of him in the bathroom the other week.” Blue says.

“I’ll tell him. We were pretty close for a while and I hope we can be friends again. I should have told him already I did know about Justin and I didn’t really think about how similar this is. I am certain Norm would never do the same but Gervais needs to know.” Brian says.

“Sounds like Jeremy could be equally obsessed.” Will says.

“Yeah, he bought an art gallery to make Gervais stay in his job and offered a job to Robin even though he seemed to hate Robin before.” Blue says.

“I always thought it a weird friendship between Jeremy, Saul and Norm but maybe they have always had similar tastes.” Will says.

“Saul and Norm are more similar than you’d think. We had nights where we uh, swapped.” Brian says blushing pink.

“Be a bit weird for Nick if that happens. Being kind of Saul’s boss.” Blue says.

“No way would Norm share Nick with anyone. Nick will tire of it soon anyway. He’s totally in love with Andy.” Brian says.

“Really?” Blue asks.

“Yeah the three of us had one night together and it was the best thing ever and Nick has been hooked ever since. I think his crush grows as Andy becomes less and less available.” Brian says.

“You could totally get your job back with Jeremy now. I mean you know he took a pick of Gervais and he knew there was a possibility something would happen in the workplace with Gervais and Norm, had Gervais been more willing.” Will says.

“I like my new job, it might not be as cool but it isn’t as dull as my old job and I like the people. Less of an office divide too between so called creatives and coders.” Brian says.

“That’s good. I am glad you’re happy. You are welcome to move back in properly. I didn’t want you to leave, I was mad at you for cheating on Larry and I am the one who told him. But you didn’t have to move out.” Will says.

“That would be a huge relief. I really want Larry back. I miss him so much. It was one moment of madness.” Brian says.

“He’s been fucking my brother but I think he really misses you too.” Blue says.

“Call him.” Will says and gets up to open the door for the food.

“Yeah you should. Apologize big time and I bet you can work it out.” Blue says and Brian nods feeling a lot more hopeful than he has.

“So what else has happened? I saw the news about the arsonist being caught, Nick said you knew one of the people behind it too.” Brian says.

“What?” Will asks.

Blue turns white, then red, then takes a deep breath and fills Brian and Will in on everything.

“And you didn’t think to tell me any of this because?” Will asks angry.

“There was nothing you could do. Andy and I decided not to tell you and stress you out.” Blue says quietly.

“I don’t want to be a part time boyfriend.” Will says and Brian seeing the row brewing grabs his bowl and goes to his room.

“You’re not. I just didn’t want to stress you out, the training and meet were so important to you. You knew something was wrong when we didn’t come out.” Blue says.

“I thought you didn’t trust leaving your siblings at your home. That is what you said and I believed you. You lied to be outright and you hid all this. Trying to be the big man with the world on his shoulders. Being a martyr is not attractive. We are in this together or we are not in this. I have told you countless times that you come before gymnastics. I don’t want you leaning on Gervais and using him as a substitute for me.” Will says.

“I can’t change for you. I can’t be who you expect me to be. I am going to lean on my friends and let them be there for me.” Blue says.

“This isn’t about your friends finally giving a shit. This is about you shutting me out and excluding me in favor of your friends. If you want this relationship to work, to really work you cannot decide to selectively let me in.” Will says.

“I am all in this relationship. I don’t know how you can doubt that. Me wanting the best for you and not wanting to burden you is part of that. You couldn’t have done anything, what would the point in stressing you out have been?” Blue asks.

“It would have meant that I would actually feel like your partner.” Will says.

“I’m not wired that way. My instincts are always to protect people. You know that. You know I am trying to let you in but I do not think I was wrong this time.” Blue says.

“I just don’t see where we go from here. I honestly don’t see a future with a man who doesn’t trust me. I need to be the first person you call, the first person you think of.” Will says.

“You are. You are always the person I think of. I always worry about how all these thing affect you.” Blue says.

“I just need you to share with me. To trust that we can work things out together. Not have you do all the worrying and then filter what I can hear. I don’t need protecting. I’d love to protect you from all of this, to hide you away and keep you safe but I can’t. That wouldn’t be living. You need to give me some time.” Will says.

“No. We don’t do well apart. We can’t fix anything apart.” Blue says.

“You don’t even see you’ve done anything wrong. You don’t see how much you have hurt me, I have put up with a lot for you. I love you and I have stood by you. I have welcomed your exes into our home and had to deal with them being in your bed. I have compromised so much because I thought you were worth it. I am just not sure you are.” Will says.

“Is there someone else?” Blue asks.

“No, how can you even suggest it? I love you. I just wish you loved me back as much. I was willing to wait, I thought we were making progress but we’re back where we were. I need some space tonight. Please Blue. Tomorrow we can talk and work out how to move forward. I need some thinking time.” Will says and Blue nods, tears streaming down his face.

Blue slowly gets dressed and gets his bag. He sits in his car and sobs. He had no idea his relationship was at risk, it could all be over so easily. He’s been looking forward to Will coming back so much, to being able to share everything and to have Will back in his arms.

Blue wipes his face and contemplates going back inside to beg Will to reconsider, to let him sleep on the couch so they can talk first thing when his phone rings. He’s about to reject the call then sees it is from Randolf.

“Hi Randolf what is it?” Blue asks.

“Where are you?” Randolf asks briskly.

“In the city at Will’s place.” Blue says confused.

“Can you get to the third street police station right now?” Randolf asks.

“Sure. What is happening?” Blue asks.

“Just get here Blue.” Randolf says. Blue wipes his face again and drives off.

“You okay bro?” Chris asks looking at Blue’s tear stained cheeks as he walks through the door.

“Fight with Will on his first day back. I suck. What’s going on?” Blue asks.

“No idea, Randolf picked us up and we’ve been waiting for you.” Bea says.

“Where is Lana?” Blue asks.

“Not seen her all day. Roe was going to take her out for the day.” Bea says.

“Did anything happen?” Blue asks.

“Bro we know as much as you do. We would have called if something had happened. Lay off.” Chris says and Blue sits back annoyed wondering where Randolf has got to.

“Come on through.” A policeman says and the three get up and follow him.

“What is going on?” Chris asks as they sit down next to Randolf.

“Your parents have been arrested. The police believe you are in danger.” Randolf says.

“Which parents?” Blue asks and Bea can’t help but snigger.

“This isn’t a laughing matter missy.” A policeman says and Bea gives him a withering look.

“We have three parents and were raised apart, it is a legitimate question.” Chris says.

“Lana and Paul.” Randolf says.

“What for?” Bea asks.

“You parents are suspects in an organized crime ring. We are not able to give you further details. The arson was a small side job, a smokescreen for other issues. You three inadvertently gave law enforcement several breaks with your thorough statements.” A detective says.

“Are we safe?” Blue asks worried.

“No. Bluntly no. Lana’s parents, your grandparents have also been picked up and are seen as major players. We need to get you three to a secure location as soon as possible.” The detective says.

“Where does burger girl fit in to this? Was she part of this from the start?” Blue asks.

“To try and get you out of school, quite possibly.” Randolf says.

“How long have you known? Did you know when Lana came to stay with us? When we put her in a house with Katelyn and Ocean?” Blue asks Randolf angrily.

“You know that I reported back all your questions and suspicions. We all suspected Paul at least was involved with the arson and none of us totally ruled out Lana. I had no idea it was so much bigger.” Randolf says.

“So all Paul’s failed businesses were money laundering and he just milked my mom for cash as grandpa was tight.” Blue says and the detective looks shocked at the insight.

“I really rocked the boat with that lawsuit.” Chris says.

“And the magazine stuff.” Bea says.

“Haha we were just separated at birth and made a killing, imagine what we can do as mafia kids or whatever it is we are.” Chris laughs and Blue smiles. The detective looks terrified.

“Don’t worry, we’d never do it. Though we have ironically bigged up our mom and panned our dad for some new articles. When its her who got him into the mess.” Bea sniggers, everything is so unreal now that the three just have to laugh.

“So how long is this for? I have businesses to run. I can’t go away.” Blue says.

“When is the trial?” Chris asks.

“Will we be separated?” Bea asks.

“Shit yeah we’re pretty recognizable thanks to these two. And Jett.” Blue says his blood running cold.

“What do you mean and Jett?” Chris asks.

“I guess it was him not that girl who did the article about me.” Blue says.

The detective nods.

“Man, no wonder that girl was terrified.” Blue says.

“Was the way we were pushed an early try to discredit Blue should this come out?” Bea asks.

“We’ve been being played for years, our whole lives.” Chris says shaking his head.

“Which is why it isn’t just a case of going away until the trial.” Randolf says.

“I have businesses, a life and I am nothing to do with their parents. I can’t leave all this.” Blue says.

“All your assets will be liquidated on your behalf. You won’t lose everything financially.” Randolf says.

“Are you saying this is it? We can’t even say goodbye? Why can’t I just go home to the lake? What about momma?” Blue asks.

Chris puts his arm around his twin wishing he could take away his brothers pain. He and Bea have no real ties but Blue has a home, boyfriend and business. It is a lot to give up. Too much.

“I am so sorry Blue. This is all my fault, your momma warned us to keep away from you.” Bea says.

“Will and I are in a fight. I need to talk to him. I’m not going anywhere without Will.” Blue says.

“You can’t have Will with you. Or not without him giving up the gymnastics, he wouldn’t even be able to coach.” Randolf says gently and Blue sighs knowing it is true.

“I don’t see why I can’t go to the lake.” Blue says.

“Lana knows where it is now. Your momma is moving herself on. She wishes she could be with you. Blue she offered to buy your share of everything and give it to Gervais and Cheryl, so no one has to know there has been a sale.” Randolf says.

“No. Give Gervais and Spence the option first. Under the condition Cheryl and Ocean always have somewhere to live. I can do that right?” Blue says.

“It would be better if it is just one person. If it is your momma then no one else need know.” Randolf says.

“Gervais. Just Gervais. He will keep the secret and he has to know. It is important as he has no family and I cannot abandon him again. He can then sell to Spence if he needs to. Can I really not say goodbye? Why can’t I stay?” Blue asks.

“You can’t stay and put all those other people at risk. You’ve been lucky no one was killed in those fires, treat them as the warning they were. We are leaving in twenty minutes. Work out what you are doing with your lawyer, get it signed and we’re off. We will brief you on the rest on the way. You all need to leave your phones and id here.” The detective says curtly.

“Can I please call Will?” Blue asks knowing it is futile but wanting to be sure he has tried his best.

The detective shakes his head and Blue’s world feels over.

The next morning Will arrives at Blue’s house. He’s calmed down and is ready to put things right with Blue. He knows Blue was under tremendous stress and didn’t act maliciously.

“Hey Robin. Is Blue still in bed?” Will asks.

“No I thought he was with you?” Robin says.

“Did he not come back? We had a fight.” Will says.

“I have not seen him for a couple of days, he left while I was asleep yesterday for the bakery.” Robin says.

“Is Gervais home?” Will asks.

“He just left five minutes ago.” Robin says.

“And Andy and Spence are in their love bubble somewhere. Chris and Bea?” Will asks.

“I’ve not seen them. I’ll call Blue in case he isn’t answering for you.” Robin says.

“Thanks. I’ll try Cheryl in case he’s over there.” Will says.

“It is saying number not in service.” Robin says feeling worried. It isn’t like Blue to disappear, not any more, not again.

Robin tries Bea and then Chris and gets the same message and feels scared.

“He’s not been there and Lana left yesterday morning and Bea didn’t go home from work.” Will says.

“I’ll call Andy, you call the police.” Robin says.

“You think I should?” Will asks.

“Phones don’t just go out of service if they are thrown away. Something is going on.” Robin says.

Across town Gervais is in Randolfs office bawling his eyes out. Randolf hasn’t told him exactly what is going on but Gervais has a good idea and can guess who is behind it.

“He can just have the money. I don’t need to own anything in exchange. He gave me a house.” Gervais says.

“His name needs to quietly be moved off of everything. He asked that Cheryl and Ocean always have somewhere to live.” Randolf says.

“But he’s safe?” Gervais asks.

“I hope so. This is his best shot. You won’t be able to tell anyone.” Randolf says.

“Will has to be told something. And Andy, his business partner. They will probably be calling the hospitals and police already.” Gervais says.

“The police will deal with it.” Randolf says.

“And I really can’t say anything?” Gervais says.

“No, you boys are not stupid, they’ll work it out. You need to stop them from looking though, for your own and their safety.” Randolf says.

“Will Will be safe? Will he not be a target? Will l?” Gervais asks.

“If you ever feel unsafe call the police and then call me.” Randolf says.

“What about Clara?” Gervais asks.

“She has exiled herself. She isn’t seen as a direct target but she isn’t stupid.” Randolf says.

“Do you believe Lana is truly involved? Is it possible she couldn’t leave because of her dad and not Paul?” Gervais speculates.

“I believe that all those years ago Clara found out something. I think that maybe her business sale wasn’t as legitimate as it seems. I believe she didn’t know that until much more recently.” Randolf says.

“I know she was concerned about some of her business contacts knowing where she was. That is why the lotto story was never debunked, not even to Blue and she was so mad at Bea and Chris for spilling in the press. The retreat was a hiding place for her and Blue. I wouldn’t put it past her suspecting, but I also like to think she really wouldn’t have left the other two if she knew for sure. I bet she tried to get them over the years, get them away. It is no coincidence that is where Blue ended up for school, she was so strict on where he could apply. Are we safe to talk here?” Gervais asks suddenly paranoid.

“Yes the FBI already did a sweep. They have apparently been checking me out for weeks. I am going back to boring contracts for sure.” Randolf says.

“You should do what Clara suggested, volunteer a little for the women’s center or homeless shelter.” Gervais says and Randolf blushes.

“I think I will. I take it I have your business?” Randolf says.

“I have a lawyer, my dad’s lawyer and I’ll use him for this deal to make sure it is legitimate for Blue. I want to make sure it is all done right for him. But going forwards of course you do. Spence’s too I expect.” Gervais says feeling a little better.

“If I hear anything. If there is any chance they can come back I will let you know. If you need anything just call. All of you.” Randolf says.

Gervais goes home with a heavy heart. Not sure what to say to Will, how to not break his heart.

“Gervais, have you heard from him? We had a fight and he’s disappeared.” Will asks scared.

“The police just say he isn’t a missing person and his whereabouts are known. Adults can just leave.” Robin says.

“I’ve not seen him. If he’s gone again then he’s gone.” Gervais says.

“Chris and Bea too. And Lana. Do you think they’re playing happy families somewhere?” Will asks.

“I doubt it. I expect Blue has just done a Blue and fucked off again.” Gervais says brutally, feeling guilty.

“It’s all my fault.” Will howls and the three let the tears flow.

85 thoughts on “A new Blue 95, the end.

  1. Let me use this last chapter of A New Blue as my first comment evahh. I know I’m a year late, but I don’t care. Anywhore, you Sam is a one crazy writer.

    This chapter alone is one crazy roller-coaster ride. It started sexy; then creepy with G having another stalker and the roleplaying; then sad with the lovers quarrel, I’m not sure which side I’m on since I haven’t got a bf; then super duper cray cray with the crime ring (sam, did you have this idea from the very start, if yes, ur 1 crazy twisted smart person); and heartbreak at the end. Dammit. I didn’t sign up for this when I saw this story first on Nifty.

    Cant wait to start the next book of this one hell of a crazy universe Sam created for us.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. In a way this is worse for Blue enotionally with starting over as last time he started over was in contact with Cherryl and Ocean which kept him in a good headspace on an emotional level.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. That is a heartbreaker for sure! Ocean doesn’t deserve to be cannon fodder in all of this. Such a sweet kid. But it is what it is. He is a tough kid and I am sure he will manage…just as he has managed through the recent turmoil with Cheryl.

        Liked by 2 people

  3. I’ve honestly been in emotional turmoil all day regarding this chapter. It was so arousing at the beginning with blue and will’s reunion but transitioned into a complete shit show once the police got involved. Can’t believe the triplets have been manipulated this whole time, but i can understand now how Clara’s baby food business became so successful. Its been extraordinary reading your work and living vicariously through the boys. If you do return to the story or write an epilogue, I’d love to see a happy ending for everyone, for peace of mind and heart. xxxxx you’re the best

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Now I’ve ended it of course I have a million ideas and want to get them out but I’m going with Ben and Rob first then the number crunchers and then I’ll be back.
      Clara’s baby food I think was legit, it was a crazy boom time and she sold her parenting site for millions and millions and disappeared. I think Paul thought that the family were involved and that is why he went for child support, he felt her money was his money. And he was always kept short by his father in law, or his perception of short.


    1. actually, if you really think about it long and hard….it is the perfect ending. he left it so that we could use our own imagination as to the future of the suite guys.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow……😭😭😭😭😭

    Biggest surprise of all was my first thought being “he can’t leave Gervais again, they can’t survive without each other”. How’s that for a total 180 in my feelings for Gervais hahaha.

    Poor Blue…..had to leave those he loves and gets stuck with the two hellspawns. This is totally a “Who shot JR” kind of ending…….great job!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. If he couldn’t have Will with him I don’t see the 3 of them together. They’ve been on magazines all over the place and we’re recognized wherever they went. Maybe they’ll end up on Alexander ‘s island. Or he’ll be alone again.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. that is sooo depressing as in his formative years was often lonely got a bunch of good people around him and suddenly has to be alone again because of LANA THE FUCKING WHORE 😡😡😡😡😡

        Ok Frustration gone now…. I just really hate Lana 😡😡😡😡😡😡

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Wow. So sad now…. I really wish you would have just stopped at chapter 94. Blue isn’t blue without his friends he found that out when he left o start over this time he eventually let them all back in and even his siblings.

    Everything was going so well too I can’t believe they would end up this way. I think Blue will just come back regardless seems something he would do.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You will have a part 3. But, for now you need a break from this saga and refresh yourself with different writings.

        I will admit the twist you added was brilliant since it was not expected by anyone. But even more important it allows for such wonderful and exciting developments in the future.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Thanks. Sometimes I don’t always know how things will come together. I just trust they will. It happened before with Peter that once I knew his dad was having an affair with Aaron’s mom everything I’d written fitted.
          With the crime family once I knew it everything fitted, the grandparents, not being able to see their cousins, paul staying with Lana so long, their mixed attitude to Blue….


      1. Not at you, at the POS parents of theirs, hopefully you can continue the story at some point as I know you need a break from it, (totally understandable by the way) only because I feel we were left hanging off a cliff lol and I am one that needs to know how everything got a long afterwars

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I planned to go to 100 but once I finalized the arson story I brought the end forward. I feel bad that the foresome didn’t happen but the Blue/Will fight started and it felt like the right time for Blue to get the call. making it more tragic that they ended on a fight, I am so mean.
      I think I need a trip to the zoo next.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. how do you even think up this stuff? I mean, damn!!

        it has been a great ride. I want to thank you again for everything. it is sad though, that such a big part of all of our lives is over.

        it’s time for you to take a much needed break. but please, please, don’t stop writing. and please announce via Twitter when you have something new.

        Liked by 1 person

  6. I’m crying now. I don’t know how Will and Gervais can survive without Blue. I never would have thought of the criminal ring. Blue didn’t pull a blue this time though he had no choice. Take you nice break you deserve it I know I’d need a break after all that writing too. 😭😘

    Liked by 3 people

          1. I just can’t believe that he left will. I’m stunned, no other way to describe it. I don’t agree that G should now and not Will.

            I hate that blue has to give everything up all the time.

            If I were Will, I don’t think I could ever take Blue back. Even if everything clears up with the wack jobs.

            Especially if I were to find out that G knew and I didn’t

            Hopefully we find out someday what happens.

            Stunned Sam, just stunned oh! I already said that. LOL.. Not happy, but I love you.


              1. Would he have? Especially after they had the fight because blue didn’t share with Will what had been going on. I don’t think he’d make that mistake again. But, Blue is selfless. He also doesn’t know when to ask for help. I hope his life isn’t a lonely existence.

                I’m a sap though. I love a happy ending.

                Liked by 1 person

                1. Yes Will has repeatedly said he would give everything up for Blue and I think he meant it. Likely it would have been discouraged as Will could also be recognised. Its going to be hard enough to hide the three.


                    1. But Blue moving on is more plausible than Will disappearing and while men’s gym has few followers being on the national squad there’s more people to tell. Blue just had his momma.


                1. Yeah, but he’s starting over without Will and his friends…again. If he can even…my God..poor guy..he never wins long term…he’s always the one to have to give up. Sorry…just done with Blue getting beat up and losing out.

                  Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow. You definitely gave this story a good ending! Lots of loose ends tied up quickly, and definitely better than the “Blue gets up and jumps” ending (I know I am not alone on that). I know you have had a battle with the story line lately, and with all the ups and downs, I am glad I have been able to be a part of the ride! Thank you again for your hard work Sam! I will keep reading whatever you write. I for one, did enjoy all of the stories you started up recently with new characters and new plots…any of them will keep me reading! 😊😊😊😊😊😊😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗👏👐👏👐👏👐

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