Au pair summer 2

For Jack.


Graham my hot daddy boss has been away on a training camp for a week and the boys have been full on. His wife Jackie has been lovely but we are both missing her husband.

“I’m going to take the boys away next week. Graham said you should stay here as he is expecting some deliveries.” Jackie says.

“Okay. Leave me a list of chores. Are you sure you can manage the travel?” I ask.

“It’ll be fine. My parents are joining us.” Jackie says.

“I feel like you’ve not had good value out of me.” I say.

“Rubbish you’ve been amazing. I hope you can babysit some weekends when you’re back at uni. It takes a lot for Graham to trust anyone given his job and he really trusts you and the boys love you.” Jackie says and my heart flips.

“You guys have been amazing. I would love to babysit, anytime.” I say enthusiastic, excited my time with Graham might not be at an end.

I help pack the boys things for their break and once they are gone I do the laundry and tidy their rooms. The cleaner will do the rest. Jackie didn’t exactly leave me much to do.

I go to my room and start to watch TV when Graham phones.

“You have an appointment at the salon tomorrow. I want you nice and smooth for when I get back.” Graham says.

“When are you back?” I asks.

“Tomorrow night. I have people coming over. A new outfit will arrive in the morning. You need to be clean and wearing it by 7pm. I have emailed you the appointment details and instructions for the caterer and florist. Make sure everything is perfect or there will be trouble.” Graham says.

“Yes sir.” I say wanting to do a good job and at the same time hoping for punishment.

“You’ll be a good boy and entertain my guests.” Graham says.

“Yes sir.” I say and wonder what I’ll need to do.

“Get a good nights sleep. Lots to do tomorrow.” Graham says and hangs up.

I groan my dick is straining as always after talking to him. I take a cold shower and check my email. I write out a timetable for the following day and go to bed. I will have to be up early. I’m basically setting up a whole a fucking party tomorrow as well as getting a ruddy wax.

I’ve only ever trimmed before. I‘m kind of scared of the salon but excited to be smooth if that is what Graham wants. I sleep and have so many dreams about what he could do to me, passing me around his friends. I wake a sweaty mess.

I get through my early chores and then head to the salon to get waxed. Hurts like hell but when I get back and the redness is gone it looks amazing. I snap some pics and unthinking send them to Graham thanking him.

“Strike 1.” Graham replies with an angry emjoi.


Oh man I have made a huge mistake. How could I be so stupid? Anyone could have been stood next to him when he got the pics. Oh god what if he blackmails me with them. Don’t be stupid I’m poor and he’s rich. Shit he could make me do stuff. Ha, he already does. Man I hope he spanks me and fucks my mouth.

I get back to my list letting people in and doing all the tasks Graham has asked. With an hour to go I go to my room and shower and change into, my outfit for the night. Graham has sent me a new jockstrap, it’s white and more athletic looking. He has also given me shorts and shirts for his team, long socks and red trainers. I look good. Like a cute little footballer. I hope he likes me in it.

Looking at myself again I wonder what sort of event he is throwing.

I go on up, some women arrive and I show them into a guest room as I’ve been instructed. I check on the caterers. They have been instructed to get everything ready and then leave. Everything looks perfect and I figure Graham will be pleased.

He comes in and glares at me. I look to the floor.

“Everything looks to be in place. Drop your shorts.” Graham says.

I comply and pull my jock down when he motions me to.

“Bend over and spread your cheeks.” Graham says and I do.

“The waxer did a good job. I like it.” Graham says and I pull up my pants.

“I’m sorry about before. I didn’t think.” I say, my head bowed.

“No you didn’t and we will work on your impulses another time.” Graham says.

“Thank-you.” I say.

“Tonight you are one of many here to provide entertainment. If any of my guests touch you or kiss you welcome it. If any of them want more, indulge them. Are you okay with this? For me?” Graham asks.

“Yes, if you want me to. Will it be in front of others?” I ask. I’m very turned on at the idea of being a sex toy for the night, anything to please Graham and I am super horny anyway. I hope they’re not gross.

“It is likely you’ll go to the library or games room.” Graham says and I nod, that makes sense. Football has a long way to go and they will want to be discrete. I cannot believe I am at a football orgy. Holy shit.

“Okay. Are there supplies?” I ask.

“Here.” Graham says handing me a small backpack containing condoms, lubes, wipes and tissues.

“Thank-you.” I say.

“Now take a tray of drinks through.” Graham says slapping as my arse.

“Yes sir.” I say and smile, hoping Graham takes me into his study later.

“They were good pictures boy. But never, ever send them without me requesting them.” Graham says.

“Yes sir, I am sorry sir.” I say and take the drinks in.

My jaw near hits the floor as I see the number of former players, managers and TV pundits. I don’t recognize some of the older men but figure they are from before my time or major sponsors. The whole room has an air of money and entitlement.

Several of the men have women in their laps, it’s kinda gross. A few fondle my arse as they take a drink and one puts his hand up my shorts. I am about to take the empty tray out and get a new one when I walk into a current player. I let out a gasp. So, so hot. He’s wearing shorts and oh my god his thighs.

“You want to get out of here?” Stefano the player asks.

“I need to pass out drinks.” I stutter.

“You need to entertain me. Come on. The girls are handling the drinks.” Stefano says grabbing my hand and leading me to the games room. Stefano keeps looking round as if worried about being caught. I am scared I won’t be any good. I can’t believe he’s gay or at least he wants me.

“Did you wear my shirt to get my attention?” Stefano asks.

“It was a gift. I think I look cute.” I grin.

“Majorly cute.” Stefano says.

“Thanks. You’re hot.” I stutter remembering where I am.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing?” Graham asks in a steely tone.

“He wants entertaining.” I say worried I’ve got it wrong.

“Does he look like someone I need you to keep happy? For fucks sake get another tray of drinks and get back in there.” Graham says.

“Sorry sir.” I say looking down.

“Two.” Graham says and I nod. Happy and sad. Fuck he’s cockblocked me and given me another strike.

“Sorry sir. I’ll do better.” I say.

“You fucking better. And you? What do you think you’re doing trying it on with one of my boys?” Graham asks.

I look at Stefano and see his erection and know from his face that he’s getting exactly what he wanted.

I wonder how many boys Graham has, No wonder he doesn’t pay me that much attention. God how could I be so big headed? Fuck, still he got jealous. Maybe he’ll shut me down again and take me himself.

I get the drinks and head back in. Most the guests are pretty hot and I start to feel pretty intimidated and slightly rejected as no one seems to want me. I guess it is what I deserve. Why would any of these rich men want me, they could have anyone?

I’m about to go and get more drinks when someone grabs me round the wrist and pulls me in to the library. I look up and its an ex footballer who is often on match of the day. Wow.

He doesn’t say a word just positions me where he wants me, unzips my backpack gets what he needs, this clearly isn’t the first time he’s done this. His fingers probe me and then, holy shit he’s big. I grunt and grit my teeth, he slows down at an involuntary yelp.

“Thought Graham would have trained you better. Shut the fuck up and take my dick.” He says.

I bite my lip and start to fantasize about Graham and soon relax.

“Ugh Mmmm Gyyyygh.” I groan as it starts to feel beyond good. He gags me with his hand and pumps away. I try hard to be quiet and enjoy being used.

“Well you’re nice and tight at least. Don’t ever tell anyone.” He says pushing me to the floor and cummng on my face.

“I would never say anything.” I say. Once he leaves I head to the bathroom to wash my face.

“Did you cum with him?” Graham asks in my ear as I come out.

“No.” I say.

“Strike three. You show some respect to my friends. If they give you a treat you show you appreciate it.” Graham says.

“He wanted me to be quiet.” I protest.

“Come to my study in an hour. Three strikes boy and you are making excuses. You should be on your knees begging forgiveness.” Graham says.

“I am so sorry sir.” I say remembering who I am.

“One hour. Pull yourself together and do a better job.” Graham says.

“Yes sir. I will do better.” I say.

Graham just gives me a look of disgust and walks away.

I pass out drinks and canapes and I charm the guests the best I can. None of them want me. I feel rejected and relieved. I wish Graham was in here directing me, ordering me to service these men. I would do that for him. I would do anything.

Stefano is stood against the wall and I look at him and sigh. I bet he’s Graham’s main boy, so handsome and athletic.

“We should go for dinner some time. Just dinner, I don’t think he will permit anything else. I think we have a lot in common.” Stefano says.

“That would be great. But I need to get permission, unless we wait a few weeks.” I say.

“Give me your number.” Stefano says and I put it in to the offered phone.

I go to the study and knock.

“Come in.” Graham says.

He is sat in his office chair pushed back from his desk with two women worshipping his cock. I go red and look away.

“Watch. Look at how they truly please me.” Graham says and I try and look up, I can’t watch them so I watch his face and he stares at me intensely. I try not to smile.

“That’s enough girls, off you go.” Graham says.

The two women make fake complaining noises and sashay out of the rooms.

“Come closer.” Graham says and I walk towards him slowly, unable to take my eyes off his big throbbing, wet cock.

“I am sorry to get so many thing wrong.” I say.

“Yes you need to learn to think and to learn to be selfless.” Graham says and I nod.

“Please teach me.” I say.

“This is going to be intense, once we start we can’t go back. Can you cope? Do you want this lesson?” Graham asks.

“Yes sir. Anything to make me a better boy.” I say and Graham nods.

“Shirt off.” Graham says opening his desk drawer.

I do as he asks.

“These are a reminder that you must always be your best for your superiors. You need to remember what will happen when you disrespect me and my friends.” Graham says he fastens wooden clothes pegs to my upper and lower lip, to each of my nipples and three in a line to a pinch of skin on my belly.

“This doesn’t hurt you much now, but there will be pain when they are removed. This is showing you that your actions will come back to bite you. Now go and stand in the corner, facing away from me and think about what you have done and what you will do better next time.

I nod. Blinking back tears.

As I reach the corner there is a knock at the door.

“Come in.” Graham says.

“I’m sorry sir.” I hear Stefano say.

Soon I hear them fucking and I am so jealous and so stiff. I am not sure if it is the moans Stefano is making or the slap from Graham’s balls that are turning me on more. My jock is a total soaking mess. Fuck Graham will be annoyed.

“Now get out and leave me to my boy. Your loose arse is no good to anyone. How you thought my boy and his tiny dick would do anything for you is beyond me. Don’t ever gatecrash one of my parties again.” Graham says and I realise he hasn’t cum.

“Come on over.” Graham says and I go towards him.

“We need to keep you away from bad influences.” Graham says as he removes each peg from my lips. I can’t yelp but the pain is insane. I gasp deep in my throat and fight the tears.

I scream as he releases the pegs from my belly, each feels like a dagger.

“No I did here you were a good boy and were nice and clean and tight for my friend. Now take your reward.” Graham says.

I sink to my knees and get to work sucking his amazing dick. I don’t care that he had two women slobbering on it or that he fucked Stefano, he’s saved his cum for me and I feel so lucky.

I deep throat to the best of my ability and lick and bite before he holds my head in place to give my face a good fuck. Just as he begins to shoot his wonderful load he reaches down and takes the last two pegs off my nipples. I scream as his cum coats my throat.













6 thoughts on “Au pair summer 2

  1. Will this story be BDSM in its entirety or will there be some romantic encounters? Im hoping Graham is a big softie under it all. Great first two chapters!!

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  2. Well that pesky case of blue balls has been cured! Oh Sam its like you’re reading my mind. Oh the pins on nipples is my favorite😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

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