45 thoughts on “Blue should be with…

  1. I love how we would rather him be alone than with Andy. As for me I’d like to see him have some kind of relationship with Will but would rather he be with Gervais, I mean G wouldn’t move on after Blue left, Will did.

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          1. I do Believe will was hurt. I just think it was out of character after knowing what blue has been through and why he left to move on like he did.

            I do think that will wanted to be chased and found. If he loved blue so much he should’ve tried to find him. I think he was just lost and Aled, whoever he is had an ulterior motive.


  2. If Blue goes with someone new, I’m thinking maybe he should be with a guy who is, oh I don’t know, maybe like 45, a Director in a large company and part time college Professor, divorced with kids, 99% top who loves sex (somewhat kinky) and always up to trying new things. Hmmmmm…who could that be?? 😂😂😂

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  3. yes or the You snooze you lose team…. fact is Gervais is willing to make any sarcrifice to be a major part of Blue life not to mention cares for Blue and wants to help him emotionally also

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  4. I voted for Will & Gervais because with all the shet Blue has been through he deserves all the lovins and protection he can get. A three way relationship while on the run. Hell ur life is already fucked by criminal parents, why play by the rules of monogamy. Live it up lol.

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      1. I actually wanna see that :O. You have my full support on that visual. After they both get finish devouring Blue’s massive pole, they can both bend him over that chair and show him how far they are willing to go. I imagine pretty deep from both parties. -drools-

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  5. I think that as with many readers, we’ve gone through all of the emotional turmoil Gervais has put Blue through in the past on multiple occasions, but we’ve always gave him another chance. I don’t think its fair for everyone to hate on Will for moving on after 7 years. Gervais literally ran away from Blue with Fergus. Team Will 🙂

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      1. He may have done enough to make up for everything he did, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they belong together for life as partners. Maybe as best friends.

        There’s a trust that was broken over and over by Gervais.

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  6. Well first off I don’t think any of your readers want Blue alone. That said we’re not comparing apples to apples here.

    Regardless of how you spin the story Sam, it was very un-character like of Will to ‘move on so quick. Blue was everything to him – he said it constantly. It would have been more like him to search for Blue, especially after the trial and not immediately give up and start new. But I digress.

    I just want him happy- not alone, not dead and definitely not with Andy or Robin. But he should be around his friends. IMO.

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      1. I don’t see it that way, you’ve changed it up with the last land mine. Sure they can move forward and maybe move somewhere else, but that doesn’t mean you need to lose your friends.

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