Ocean Blue 11

“Who is he really?” Gervais asks totally terrified and very confused.

“He’s James, one of my first handlers, he was with me all through the trial in the safe house. Well his name was James then. Who the fuck knows what it is for real.” Chris spits incredibly angry.

“Chris please. Let me explain.” Aled pleads.

“Explain? EXPLAIN! Explain why you stole my brother’s life? Why you are living on my brother’s land in my brother’s barn with my brother’s boyfriend? Does Will have any idea who you are?” Chris pauses for breath and Aled shakes his head.

“So it is a total sham marriage? And what about the kids? Holy fuck they are your kids from your crazy first marriage? Does he know they are your kids? Does anyone? Are you really married or is everything fake?” Chris asks.

“He knows they are my kids, we kept it quiet so people didn’t treat Will differently.” Aled says finally getting a word in.

Will is frozen to the spot in the bathroom. He can’t believe Blue is here and has been far more focused on that than on what Aled is saying. Is he married or not? Shit. Things haven’t been good for a while and Blue’s reemergence has opened Will’s eyes to just how much compromise he made.

Of course he knows he is romanticizing his time with Blue and that they might never have made it. But he also knows that he and Aled have gone from being lovers to co parents and he’s been desperate to know what he’s doing wrong and how to close the gap between them. Now he’s finding out that he has no idea who his husband is.

What now?

“Why are you here? Why steal Blue’s life? You took Will, you used everything I ever told you and used it to steal Will. To con him into marriage. Promising him a ready made family. Did you come here to work, to spy on everyone, make sure we didn’t come back? Doing some reconnaissance? Are Blue and I still in danger or are you just feeding bogus shit back so you can keep the life you’ve stolen? Knowing Will would leave you for Blue in a heartbeat if he could? Well you can go ahead and fuck off, get off my brothers land and go back to where you came from.” Chris says finally running out of steam.


“I am here to protect everyone.” Aled says.

“But you weaseled your way in here, targeting Will, being everything you knew he wanted.” Chris says.

Aled finally has the decency to look embarrassed, a little ashamed.

“I was placed here to protect everyone, after the trial there were worries. This area had been targeted. Yes coming in as Will’s partner was strategic, a way to be accepted.” Aled says.

“Did he know?” Blue asks quietly.

“He doesn’t know. No.” Aled says.

“So he married you for love?” Blue asks and Aled looks at the floor.

“He’s free now thought bro, he was never really married, he doesn’t really have kids. It is all fake. A lie. You can have the life you wanted.” Chris says and Gervais heart plummets.

“He married for love. It isn’t fake to Will. I am going to see Gladys.” Blue says and takes the rental keys from Gervais.


“You have to tell Will. And I need to know how much you’ve been fucking with me and my life.” Chris says determined to give Blue back the life he used to have.

“I’m not that unprofessional.” Aled says.

“Fuck that, you married me. You were beyond unprofessional. It’s tantamount to fraud and rape.” Will says coming in, now that Blue is gone he feels able to speak.

“Will lets go home and talk.” Aled says.

“I need some space. You can go somewhere for the night.” Will says.

“But the kids.” Aled says.

“Will be fine with me. It isn’t like you didn’t leave them with your in laws for months when you were trying to seal the deal with me.” Will says feeling sick.

“I’ll call later.” Aled says.

“To say goodnight to the kids sure. But I need space which means no calling.” Will says.

Aled nods and leaves the house.

“Are you okay?” Gervais asks.

“I’m sorry you found out like that. I was so angry.” Will says.

“I can’t lose my kids.” Will says slumping into a chair.

“You adopted them. You are just as much their dad as Aled.” Gervais says.

“Oh come on. I’m not, am I? I’ve been in their lives a few years not from birth.” Will says.

“I don’t get it. Is he straight? What happened to his wife?” Gervais asks.

“She died, car crash when the youngest was a few weeks old. Or that is the story he told me.” Chris says.

“He told me the same. He’s bi, always been bi.” Will says.

“He certainly loves cock.” Chris says bitterly.

“You were sleeping with him?” Will asks.

“It was really boring in the safe house.” Chris shrugs.

“Do you still love Blue?” Gervais asks.

“I’ve no idea. My feelings for Blue were locked shut long ago. The call the other week was hard, it was closure really. Why are you guys here?” Will asks.

“We’re starting over the three of us. Gervais needs to sort out selling up.” Chris says.

“You’re selling this place? What about the barn?” Will asks.

“Ocean has this place for as long as he wants it. The barn I don’t know. I mean it’s yours but I feel fucking awful about giving Blue’s property to you now. Really shit. A fucking sham marriage? How could you let us all think it was real? How could you let Blue think you’d moved on?” Gervais asks.

“I had no fucking idea.” Will says.

“You must have seen his real name on the adoption documents. The kids must know he isn’t called Aled.” Gervais says.

“It’s his middle name. He uses it instead. Or that is what he said and that was on the documents.” Will says.

“You must have known something.” Gervais says.

“I had no idea. I’m going home the kids will be back from school soon.” Will says.

“What about work? With Spence off?” Gervais asks.

“I worked this morning. Nice to see you Chris. I hope you’re okay. I’m sorry about this mess. I really had no idea.” Will says.

“I don’t blame you at all. I feel responsible. I told him all about you and all about this place.” Chris says.

“I’d like to see Blue before you go.” Will says.

“We can ask him.” Gervais says.

“Thanks. How long are you here for?” Will asks.

“We don’t know yet.” Chris says not wanting any info getting out.

“Call if you need to talk Will. I want to be here for you while I can.” Gervais says.

“Thanks G.” Will says and heads off to the barn.

“Holy shit.” Chris says.

“Did you have to push Will back to Blue?” Gervais asks.

“I just wanted him to have back what he lost. Sorry you know how I get. I suck at thinking things through and how they affect others. I’m sorry. I know you are right for Blue and I fully support you together.” Chris says.

“You are an idiot. I am really shocked about Aled. I was totally taken in by him. I feel so violated and I cannot see how he and Will can survive this. How he could bring his kids here, when we were in danger. Well if he was any kind of parent he wouldn’t have been suck a fucking cunt.” Gervais says.

“Man I hadn’t thought of that. Will should use it to get custody, though it makes him sound like a target.” Chris says.

“Do you think he is? Or was before he got married. Only Ocean and I would be targets now surely?” Gervais says.

“I don’t know. My fucking family. I have no fucking idea.” Chris sighs.

“You ever think about going to see them? You uncle or something?” Gervais asks.

“I can’t. If I requested visitation I’d have to give my current name and likely end up dead.” Chris says.

“Yeah and they wouldn’t know who you were anyway with your stupid name. Who the fuck is Hugo.” Gervais laughs.

“Lets go get some food. Lets have one last lovely family meal in this house.” Chris says.

“You stay here and wait for Blue. Can you clear out the fridge? I didn’t expect to be gone so long. There is ice-cream if you get hungry.” Gervais says.

“Thanks. Fuck I know I wasn’t here long but I have missed this house.” Chris says.

“Me too.” Blue says coming back in.

“How are you honey?” Gervais asks.

“Good. Gladys was happy to see me. I don’t suppose I’ll see her again and that kind of sucks.” Blue says.

“It was thanks to her that you ever had this place.” Gervais says.

“She took me in for walking her home and helped get me into the right place. She was so pleased when I told her I completed college. She asked me to come back and boot Robin out but I told her about the café and animal plans and she was delighted.” Blue says.

“I hate how you missed out on your support system. Are you sure about not moving back here?” Chris asks.

“I’m sure.” Blue says.

“I’m going to get some groceries. Your things are in the small bedroom, you should go see what you want. Also Will would like to see you but we said we’d leave that up to you.” Gervais says.

“Get cocoa and butter and we’ll make brownies.” Blue says.

“Butter?” Gervais asks.

“Fuck being vegan I want to bake.” Blue says.

“Halli fucking lujah.” Chris says and kisses Blue on the cheek.

Blue goes up to look at his things while Chris cleans out the fridge. When done Chris goes up to join Blue.

“Wow, are those Birch’s paintings?” Chris asks.

“Yeah Spence bought them for me when I was still dating Birch. G has some downstairs. We should take them, could keep the wolf from the door.” Blue says.

“And look beautiful in our new home in the meantime. Anything else you want?” Chris asks.

“Not really. Some of these shoes are good though. See if you want any clothes or anything. The things that meant the most to me are my kitchen things and I feel like they belong in this kitchen. I bet Ocean is a good cook and will get joy out of them still.” Blue says.

“We should pack up bed linen and towels and things that Gervais has. Not leave Ocean short but it will help us get started, you know how much of a pain all that is.” Chris says.

“Yeah. Great idea. Fucking sucks all this moving. Though we don’t usually have to deal with packing.” Blue giggles.

“Finally choosing somewhere that is ours makes all the difference.” Chris says.

“We all loved it. An old dairy, suits me, the secret ice-cream king.” Blue giggles.

“Will we go see Robin tomorrow?” Chris asks.

“Yeah I think so. We’ll pack up and be ready to go. I want G to get Heidi to come over. I feel like she’s the one person I want to see.” Blue says.

“Good idea. What about Will?” Chris asks.

“That chapter is closed. Whoever his husband is, he made that choice. He didn’t have to get married or adopt the kids. He could have been a fabulous uncle and daddy’s special friend but he chose to make things legal. Final. Locked me out. I am not mad at him for moving on or getting over me. I wanted that for him. For G too.” Blue says.

“You’re way too nice. You and Gervais going to make a go of it? You had that glow this morning.” Chris asks.

“I always loved Gervais, always will. But what I had with Will was more. It wouldn’t be settling to be with Gervais but it wouldn’t be first choice either and maybe I should let Gervais find someone for whom he is the ultimate choice.” Blue says.

“So you do love Will?” Chris asks.

“I know what I had with him was real but it is over and I don’t want him back. Maybe now we’re more mature G and I might have that. We still have crazy sex chemistry.” Blue says.

“You fight for it bro. He loves you and he is a really good man, selfless and kind. Plus he has that amazing big dick.” Chris says and Blue giggles too.






65 thoughts on “Ocean Blue 11

  1. Wow, I wasnt expecting a chapter over the weekend so I’m just now reading it. What a weasel Aled is!! That’s down right creepy that he moved in and took over Blues life. I’m sure the department he works for wouldn’t be too happy knowing they have a creeper working with the people under their protection. Although….Will is hot, so I guess in a way I can’t blame him lol. Totally loving the twists and turns!! 😍😍😍

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Gervais waited… Will Didn’t Simple as that….

    We know Blue wouldn’t break the rules and doing so could have put everyone in danger…. He never would have done it.

    Sam I say you should continue and write it as you want. I have said this all along. You are the author you control the story. Sure some my share there opinions but that doesn’t mean you need to use them. The story is yours and you control it.


    Liked by 3 people

  3. Ok. My opinion on this is simple. Gervais & Blue together is constant evolution and a constant adventure. Gervais has come a long way and is still growing and with Blue there comes a point when you got to ask the question, “What is it about me that makes everyone wanna fuck me over?” They may have been chaotic at one point, but Gervais has really grown up. What college kid with his background would be that stable? It’s a good thing he didn’t turn into Justin 2.0. (I think that was the crazy betches name.)

    Will & Blue is super cute and super boring. They would have become an old couple at the tender age of 25. I’m sure of it. The guy married a undercover cop and adopted his kids. He is in a rush to be old lol. Will is good for Blue in teaching him how to stand up for himself and to take care of himself but he is wayy lacking in the romancing and dating department.

    Blue by himself is death. I’m shocked he already isn’t dead after being to himself all that time. You could say he did die because he was a total shell of himself when Ocean found him.

    That’s why all three need each other. All three would balance each other out pretty nicely. Blue and Will will give Gervais the family he never had. Blue and Gervais will teach Will there is more to life than settling down. The man needs a vacation and skinny dipping asap. Gervais and Will will give Blue stability and affection because he is rlly needy.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Blue with gervais is a disappointment waiting to happen when Fergus or a Jessie show up – wait he’s dead. Point being G has always wanted Blue when he can’t have him and bores quickly.

      Blue quit college and ran away because no one believed or supported him. Oh and G slept wit Spence. Will was the only one who came through and fought for Blue to grow and stand up for himself. They had a special love. Maybe it’s over, but as Blue said, he didn’t love G that way, but they had great sex. Sex isn’t everything. It’s hot and physical, but… he had a true love with Will.

      The last thing I’ll say is that the Will that was portrayed in the New Blue is not acting like the same person now. The Will Blue was with would’ve fought for Blue, not moved on so quickly. As he said many times ‘ you’re my everything ‘.


      1. I think Will was portrayed as he always has been. He did fight for Blue and Blue did not return (evident in him holding up the sign at the olympic meet). Will loves hard and he didn’t move on very fast. He did wait years. If you think a person has moved on, is choosing not to come back, or is never coming back, would you give up the rest of your life waiting for something that may never happen? Hell no. You’ll move on. He was young too. Those were the best years of his life. The fact that he uses statements such as “you are my everything” shows he’s gonna want that love and if you can’t have it with who you first thought it’d be with, you’re gonna try to find it with someone else. Plus Will’s choice actually flows with their argument before Blue was sent away. He felt Blue was withholding things and not allowing him to truly be there for him as a partner in the drama that ensues even though Blue was just trying to be supportive and not weigh him down with his issues. It’s completely plausible for him to come to the conclusion Blue did this with the witness protection as well, thus the decision Blue was choosing to stay away. I just don’t think it’s fair to think Will would give up his life in how this whole situation was delivered to him. Had he known more, of course he would have.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Also, Gervais & Blue have always had a beautiful bond. Gervais has not done anything like what he’s done with Jesse and Fergus for years. He was young, emotionally unstable, and pretty stupid in matters of the heart. That’s what makes Gervais so beautiful. His growth. His journey in learning to love himself, so he can effectively love someone else. To not be defined by your past, but to let it motivate you towards a better future. Blue was a major part of it and now he can return all that love he was given so long ago to Blue who really needs it now. Gervais has become so nurturing, protective, and stable and very fitting to get Blue back to being Blue. It’s like Karma coming full circle really in a beautiful love story. Though I still root for all three to be together because all that sexiness in one bedroom is an amazing thing haha.

        Liked by 2 people

            1. I did plan on Robin and Grant dating after Blue left but didn’t want the wrath of the remaining Rue fans if someone else popped robin’s ass cherry.

              I like to think Magnus and Grant inherited their grandmothers beach house, DeShawn bought out grants share and Deshawn and Magnus caused low key scandal amongst the wasps for being a gay, mixed race couple.

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  4. So… I like the twist with Aled. Good on that. My heart still isn’t liking where you are going with Blue and Will. I’ve tried, Sam, to warm back up to Gervais, but I still can’t see him as Blue’s love interest. You talk about ‘moving on’, but that is such a bullshit thing. Moving on happens when you let go of something you can’t have or shouldn’t have anymore. That’s not necessarily the case with Will and Blue anymore. If Will wants to leave Aled, Blue should be open to getting back with him. Very open to it. Even with all the complexities of the identity change and all of that… I don’t know. Maybe I’m too much of a romantic, but I can feel romance with Blue and Will and a build-up to a reunion, but not with Gervais. Gervais just feels… well, boringly safe.

    I think the worst thing is that I know my own heart is never going to be satisfied here, so I might as well just give up. The poll was so close – whether for Will, for Gervais, or for a thruple with Blue in the middle… To be honest, I think that would be the best ending for all three. They could all have what they want, if Will and Gervais could keep jealousy under control. I think they are mature enough now that they could do it. Gervais always wanted a gaggle of kids, too. They’d be one hell of a happy family. The boys finally would get the ending they’ve all wanted.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I really don’t know why you’re surprised Sam? How many times have a lot of us discussed how much we love blue and will you completely blew up that storyline and it upset us. We’re just voicing our opinions. It just gets a little old every time blue has to start over while everyone else is living their happily ever after.

        Sorry if you don’t like her opinions or we have upset you.

        Liked by 1 person

          1. We never asked you to. We’re just giving our opinions and thoughts and you don’t like it. You do polls and don’t like the results. Don’t ask if you don’t want to hear the answer we’re giving.

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      2. I really don’t know why you’re surprised Sam? How many times have a lot of us discussed how much we love blue and will you completely blew up that storyline and it upset us. We’re just voicing our opinions. It just gets a little old every time blue has to start over while everyone else is living their happily ever after.

        Sorry if you don’t like our opinions or we have upset you.

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      3. please dont leave it as it is, this chapter in blue’s life is becoming very ineresting andi personally would love to see what happens next. wether it is blue/gervaise, blue/will chris/gervaise or bluie/chris ( ok i am kidding on that one lol)

        Keep i up sam I will be checking in multiple times a day as usual waiting to see the next chapter 🙂


      4. Sam please don’t let Blue get back together with Will. I believe he should be with G. They are finally at a place in their lives were they can build the future they’ve always dreamed of. I think you should let Will go and be with someone else, any body but Blue and Chris too. I don’t want those two together!


              1. Man, you really got bent out of shape about my opining. You can write what you want, Sam. I’ll still read, as long as life doesn’t get in the way. I’m not trying to be the author.


                  1. Sam, calum’s right. I apologize if I got a little overzealous. We all have strong opinions and I love to debate – my husband says a little too much.

                    I’ve always said I’m here for the ride! No offense meant honey! 😘😍😘


  5. Another Great Chapter, Love it!!

    Sign me up for team Gervias. True they have done hurtful things to each other, But the very worse of them was running off to Europe with Fergus. It was shortly after his dad died and he wasn’t thinking clearly. Most of the other stuff was situational. While G was with Chris, Blue was with George, and I think Gervias rationale for staying with Chris after he found out about the twin thing made some sense. The hooking back up with Jessie at spring break was dumb, but honestly they were both free agents, and Blue was after Birch. The sex with Spence was an attempt to get Spence to back off on Will. Speaking of Will, I am still pissed off that the only time he let Blue top was after catching B & G at it during the birthday sexfest.

    On the subject of topping, this was the first time that i can remember Chris being a top in the story.

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  6. See Will sweetie, you’d have not had this problem if you just dated me. I woulda sent you back to Blue when he came in the door because I’d have been tired of you after all those years. Then I would have went after gervais because I mean really he so selfless right now, and protective, and well off, with a huge cock. Gervais is where its at lol. Will was where it was. haha

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I do Sam..please – throw the love of your life away to potentially be with the person who embarrassed you time and time again in front of all your friends and family?

        Blue is in denial.


        1. He’s not throwing Will away, Will moved on and Blue accepts that. For once he doesn’t feel like he’s lost his only chance at love. He was also clear he will try with G but it might not be right and he’d move on f it isn’t.

          Liked by 1 person

        2. Will made that decision when he got married no matter the circumstances that things between Blue and Will were effectively over from a relationship point of view besides that was recent, we can hardly hold things against Gervais he did when was 19/20…. look how much he has grown since.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. First Mark, there is such thing as divorce. Clearly Will’s marriage was a sham all along- Aled wanted in on Blue’s life.

            Had blue been open with Will they may have left together. I get that this Sams way of moving on front the Blue/Will story. Gives Blue the relationship experience that G wanted him to have and now he’s available- but extremely broken.

            I also don’t see them as more than best friends. If you can forgive G for all he did to Blue (the list is long) why couldn’t Blue move past Wills marriage considering ultimately it was Blue who devastated Will. Willwas what 24 or so when he got married? Not that much more mature considering being abandoned by the love of his life.


            1. Blue couldn’t tell Will he was going. That just wasn’t an option and Blue is a rule follower, he wouldn’t have gone against the program, believing it would put others at risk.
              All Blue sees right now is Will got married and it wasn’t a sham on Wills side.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Totally out of character for Will is my point. He was always true to a fault. Blue is getting to the point maybe he needs to be alone. The mans life is a mess and everyone except Abby and Gladys have f’d him over at one time or another. He’s got major trust issues. Maybe he can meet a psychiatrist and get some help.


                1. Will moved on. He let the world know he loved Blue and Blue didn’t get in touch, not then and not after the trial. He moved on and fell in love. I don’t think Will would wait forever, he certainly didn’t wait for the Spence mess to be sorted the first time round.


          1. As far as the poll goes Sam, last I had looked Will was ahead by a bit. It was stacked against Will before it began. You married him off in your flash forward.

            I would have liked to see it if they had both been single. A number of Will fans changed sides when you married him off.


  7. Andy just moved to number 2 on the Cunt List! Who the fuck does that? I mean seriously? Will should sue for custody divorce that bitch and leave. Maybe he and birch could get together. Blue you deserve happiness and you know damn well its not settling getting back with Gervais. Plus like Chris said he has an amazing big dick. Now I got to get ready for my date with Andy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There has been a scandal over here of undercover cops having relationships with women in the organisations they were infiltrating, even fathering kids with them and then disappearing when pulled out of the job.

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