Ocean Blue 12

Gervais calls Heidi and she happily comes round for dinner, Gervais fills her in quickly on the days events. She and Gervais have been very good friends over the years and she is overwhelmed to see Blue.

“I can’t believe it’s you.” Heidi says.

“It’s us. You remember Chris.” Blue says.

“Sure. Are you back for good?” Heidi asks.

“Just a couple of days. We’re selling up and moving on.” Gervais says.

“Which is in part why we wanted you here.” Blue says.

“I don’t have much money. I plough all my profits into the charity.” Heidi says.

“I know.” Gervais says.

“My share of the soup and ice-cream, Gervais has been holding for me. We want most of it to go to Ocean but also some to you and Ollie.” Blue says.

“Honestly it’s a nice thought but I don’t want to deal with Arnold and Robin. I sold some recipes to them and got out. I am always grateful to you for that G and I appreciate the thought. It just isn’t out business anymore.” Heidi says and Blue nods.

“Should we give some to Ollie or will he want to be free?” Blue asks.

“Give my share to him. That boys works his socks off still and it would piss Ella off that Tad has a share by marriage.” Heidi grins.

“I thought Tad was okay with her now.” Blue says curious at how things have changed.

“Tad makes a huge effort with the kids. Even though the oldest clearly isn’t Mikes. But Ella is cool with everyone. Total ice-queen these days.” Heidi says.

“You didn’t tell us about the kid not being Mikes’.” Chris says intrigued.

“I didn’t know.” Gervais says.

“Oh come on, it is clearly Robin’s kid. Ella is thin but she is tall and Mike, Tad and Larry are giants. The kid is tiny and has Robin’s eyes.” Heidi says.

“You’re right. Does Robin know?” Gervais asks stunned at the revelation.

“I imagine that he does and that is why she turned into a heinous bitch.” Blue says and they all go quiet.

“Holy shit. So much has happened. I’m feeling good about starting over.” Chris says.

“Me too. I finally don’t feel like I lost everything. It feels like here is toxic and we’re well out of it.” Blue says.

“We’re gonna be okay bro.” Chris says.

“You will be. Get back to what you love. Send me a cheesecake when you work out the logistics.” Heidi grins.

“Do you not miss food?” Blue asks.

“The bakery is more than enough. I love it. I serve the best coffee and pastries in town and the best bread for miles. I don’t need the empire I wanted. My charity work is amazing, I love it.” Heidi says.

“We own a few buildings in town. From Abby. We were going to sell, I would rather pass them to you and sell everything in the city. But that leaves Nick.” Gervais says.

“I can’t have Nick around the kids. The parents would have a fit. He’s a great guy and I adore him.” Heidi says.

“You’re not responsible for him. But he could live here.” Chris says.

“Ocean needs someone to watch the place.” Blue says.

“And he will look after the garden for Ocean. Better than having Aled and Will round more.” Chris says.

“I am shocked about Aled. I knew things weren’t great between them. I had no idea that it was all based on a lie.” Heidi says.

“Neither did Will. Will married for love.” Blue says.

“You didn’t get married?” Chris asks.

“No. I date. I have a bunch of men I can take to various charity dinners in the city. A few who I can booty call and chuck out and enjoy my bed alone. Accepting I’m not built for a long term relationship helped so much. I love my life and I wish you had been here. I am going to miss my bestie Gervais so much. He’s the glue around here and since Abby is gone he’s the one who fixes things. Like Nick. Like the house for Will. Even the home for Gladys.” Heidi says.

“You do just as much. You and Cheryl and Martha take care of people too.” Gervais says thoroughly embarrassed.

“I knew you downplayed what you’d been up to.” Blue says smiling and leaning over to kiss Gervais.

“You totally stepped up. Man you told us about falling apart but you took on a whole lot more than Ocean. I am so proud of you.” Chris says.

“You better not take these two for granted. Losing them both is going to have a huge impact.” Heidi says to Chris.

“I’m not that guy anymore. I will be fully contributing. I know that guys like these two don’t come around too often. Both of them. Not many people would work on themselves the way Gervais has. He was almost as much an inspiration to me when I was alone as Blue was.” Chris says.

“Chris that’s so sweet.” Gervais says.

“You need to find a way to let me know you’re okay.” Heidi says.

“Ocean will do that. We have been able to make plans this time. If Spence suggests a trip any time, go.” Blue says.

“Understood.” Heidi says with a wink.

“Lets go for a quick walk. I think I saw some wild garlic you might like.” Blue says and Heidi smiles and follows him outside.

“Those two started all of this. The soup and bread. It doesn’t feel right Heidi not getting more.” Gervais says.

“No but she doesn’t want in. Gervais why don’t you just sell out? I know Blue and Abby saw it as some community venture and Heidi and Blue were outsiders. I just think it isn’t fair to put Ocean in a difficult position. This place is all he needs. He’ll get a job, he can always coach while he looks for something. Spence will see him good too. Sell out. Pull the rug out from Mike and Robin. Have some fucking revenge.” Chris says.

“Revenge for what?” Gervais asks.

“For Blue. You too. You’re the major shareholder and get fuck all respect.” Chris says.

“I don’t give a shit to be honest. Your old self is showing.” Gervais says.

“Yeah it is. Think about it though. Clean break.” Chris says.

“Yeah, I do stress about the right thing for Ocean. But you’re right I have always found my wealth a burden in a way. Too guilty to take a job and not lazy enough to vacation all the time and not good enough to just give it all away.” Gervais says.

“Let Ocean make his own way. Can I borrow your phone? I’d like to call Larry. I know you said he doesn’t always answer.” Chris says.

“Sure. Leave him a few messages and he’ll call back. Here, this is the code.” Gervais says.

“You’re so trusting.” Chris laughs and gives him a hug.

“Ahh I won’t exist soon.” Gervais says with a smile and heads outside to see if Heidi and Blue are done.

“Heidi thinks we should just sell out.” Blue says.

“Chris too. Says I should find an external buyer and get some revenge for you two. And that I should let Ocean make his own way.” Gervais says.

“Sounds sensible. Ocean will flourish whether he has a quarter or a quarter million.” Heidi says.

“We don’t have the time to get it done. I’m giving you the power to do it, legally, I’ll sort it. Can you? Would you?” Gervais asks.

“Hell yeah. Just to see Arnold and Robin’s faces. Ollie will be fine and you were only keeping the share in the business for Blue. Blue doesn’t want it. I don’t want it.” Heidi says.

“I feel bad for Claud.” Gervais says.

“His wife is constantly on about retiring somewhere warm.” Heidi says.

“That is true. You good with it Blue?” Gervais asks.

“Yeah for sure. Fuck all of them. I might be a bitter dick that it flourished without me but a clean break is best.” Blue says.

“Cool. You be okay Heidi? I will miss you like crazy.” Gervais says.

“I’ll be great. I guess we’ll all be sleeping better knowing you are alive and well. You two take care of each other. You deserve happiness together.” Heidi says.

“Thanks. That is what we want.” Blue smiles and Gervais heart leaps.

“You invite me to the wedding. I don’t care how but you get me there.” Heidi says.

“We would love that.” Blue says.

They say goodbye and go inside and run a bath.

“My fave thing. I get to wash your feet.” Blue grins.

“You are incorrigible.” Gervais laughs and feels good. Blue isn’t leaving him for Will not even considering it and hasn’t even been over to see Will.

“These are such cute feet I have to kiss them. Man when you let me massage them at the beach I wanted you so bad.” Blue says.

“You do see me for more than sexual chemistry though?” Gervais asks a little insecure. Everything was slow and now its so fast.

“I love you. I don’t know if I am the right guy for you. Or you for me. But I think we deserve our real do over. We deserve to see if all we have learned makes us right for each other. You are hot, so hot and smart and kind and loving and so, so, so giving. I love you for a million reasons, including sexual chemistry.” Blue says.

“I love watching you come back into your skin. I love you so much. This is a do over and I truly appreciate what this means. I also know you’re in a precarious state and might change your mind at any time as you work through everything. Especially what is happening with Will.” Gervais says.

“G don’t do this. Don’t bring up all your reasons for not diving in. We lost out on each other over and over for that. If we crash and burn, so what. We always made it back to friends again. Always.” Blue says.

“Arrrgh some things don’t change. I will do better.” Gervais says shaking his head.

They have a long soak, cuddle, kiss and just enjoy some time alone. Gervais loves how much more open Blue is being with him. They are comfortable enough to bring up their fears and Blue isn’t getting mad, he’s being so patient. It feels good. But it also feels like an inferior copy of what Blue had with Will and so Gervais knows that his need to hold back is justified.

“You’re going to have to go slow with me tonight.” Blue says.

“We don’t have to.” Gervais says.

“I want you.” Blue says and they run up the stairs nude, everything bouncing free.

While they were in the tub Chris has been pacing around outside. Larry called back and is coming over, says he’s an hour’s drive away and Chris is feeling nervous. He and Larry were never more than a bit of fun but it was really good fun.

“I can’t believe it.” Larry says wrapping Chris in a hug and lifting him off the floor.

“Want to go fuck in the woods? For old time’s sake?” Chris asks when Larry puts him down.

“Too fucking right. Fuck now, talk later?” Larry asks goosing Chris.

“Bang me when you catch me.” Chris says taking off on a run.

Larry laughs and chases after Chris, letting him get away a little so they can get deeper into the woods before catching him.


Blue and Gervais are slowly kissing and licking at each other. Taking their time to get Blue relaxed and ready. Happy with the journey. Both get hit with jolts of surprise at how connected they still are, how much electricity they generate.


Larry and Chris are rediscovering chemistry too as Larry holds Chris’s head and fucks his mouth, Chris utterly willing to do everything asked and thoroughly enjoying the way Larry’s thick cock stretches his mouth, drool is pouring out with every thrust.

Blue and Gervais continue slowly and gently making love where Larry and Chris are all high energy and rough.

Neither couple is satisfied with just once, and round two sees them looser, louder and even more in tune.


Chris is on all fours, not caring about the discomfort of the rough ground, begging Larry to go deeper and harder. Larry isn’t holding back, he is loving stuffing every inch in to Chris, loving his shouts of joy, grunts of pain and determination.

Larry wraps his hand around Chris’s throat and uses the leverage to push in deeper, Chris gasps and chokes and cums even harder than the first time. Larry flips him over swiftly and cums on his face. Chris holds his mouth open to catch as much as he can, groaning and wriggling on the floor.

Larry laughs at him, pulls a blanket from his bag and lays it out.

“You couldn’t have got that out first.” Chris asks.

“Didn’t want you to make it messy. Clean off before you lie down.” Larry says with a tiny undercurrent of ice that Chris finds utterly irresistible. It is clear Larry has refined his game over the last seven years.

“Yes sir.” Chris laughs and wipes himself off before lying down with Larry.

Blue and Gervais are kissing, touching and fucking all night long, just like when they were first together. They nap and then one will wake and reach out and it begins again. They feel closer again, truly close and Gervais tries hard to let all his doubts go.

Chris and Larry talk and talk and talk, they sleep a little, despite it being freezing and then talk some more. In the morning, full of plans they walk back to the house together. They laugh at the scene of Blue and Gervais making a big stack of pancakes and stewed fruit.
“Larry, my goodness. How wonderful.” Blue says reaching out and hugging his old friend.

“We’ll shower then come eat. Save us lots. We worked up a huge appetite last night.” Chris grins and drags Larry to the bathroom.

“They are very cute together.” Blue says with a smile.

“So are we.” Gervais says and kisses Blue gently.

They finish making breakfast and the other two come in and start helping themselves, wolfing it down.

“Larry is coming with us.” Chris says once he has finished inhaling his first plate.

“I love the plan. You guys will need help with logistics and that is what I do.” Larry says.

“That is what you always wanted to do with the farm. You’ll need to pitch in, in a lot of ways.” Blue says.

“I know. But I missed out on doing that here, with my dad or with your business. I’ve a heap of experience and this one has a terrific ass.” Larry says.

“This is sudden.” Gervais says.

“Oh we are just friends with benefits. I don’t want to be invading on your time together too much. This one will keep me company and he really loves the plan. Sorry for not running it by you.” Chris says.

“Are you really ready to give up your family? I know you and your dad are not talking but you won’t see Tad either. It is a lot to give up.” Blue says.

“Chris explained everything. I want to start over. I miss being on the farm. I am a country boy and the city doesn’t suit me. Blue I felt like my luck left with you and here you are like the end of the rainbow. I want in. I am fully trustworthy, you know that, I can’t hide a ruddy thing from you.” Larry laughs remembering Blue sticking his hand in his underwear to out him.

“I vote yes.” Gervais says.

“Me too.” Blue says.

“Hi everyone.  Figured if Mohammed won’t come to the mountain….” Will says coming through the door.

The air is electric with the frisson between Will and Blue, just for a second and Gervais fears run back though his gut and Chris looks from Will to Blue and back and wonders just what his brother should be doing.


22 thoughts on “Ocean Blue 12

  1. Larry and Chris I could work with that. Robin getting what he deserves. Sure I think my crush on him is gone. But it could come back if he returns and apologise and give his ass to Blue.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice smooth chapter. Not surprising that Larry wants a fresh start, or that he and Chris could resume as fuck buddies. No real evidence of romance beyond their chemistry and at least they are frank and on the level about that. It seems that everything is wrapping up, except for Will…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sam, you alone and this story are getting me through my finals season. I JUST WANT TO SEE THE GERVAIS WILL BLUE SEX SCENE and ill be good. Ella is fucking crazy, I can’t believe she managed to get Mike to disown Tad and Larry while having Robins kid. I’m glad that Chris and Larry are reunited, I didn’t want him getting jealous of Blue and Gervais, which is always a possibility. xoxo

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Damn it Sam you ruined the perfect chapter. but it will be good to clear the air between B&W. Chris and Larry are so hot together. Ella is a stupid bitch, if she was smart she’d blackmail that little cheering bitch robin. Oh I was trying so hard to be nice today the whole day! I love it that vindictive Chris is back I did miss him a little. Still love you though😘

    Liked by 2 people

      1. there damn well better be more, or your gonna have a lot of guys really pissed at you. 😎
        it’s great that you included Larry, very smart.

        I think we all know that blue is not going to get back with will. will won’t leave his kids, and he sure can’t bring them along. it’ll be nice though, to see them meet again and make their peace. however, there could still be some fireworks with how blue handles it. and how it will effect gervais.

        Liked by 1 person

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