Ocean Blue 14

Blue meets with Larry and Chris, Gervais is staying on a little longer to work on the sales. They decide it is better for Blue and Chris to not be seen by anyone else. Gervais will buy a truck and meet the other three part way to their new home.

Gervais has been in turmoil over the sale of the business. Whilst he would love to wash his hands Of it and sell out to one of the many companies who have approached over the years he knows that would mean job losses and he feels responsible. He’s hate to see Ollie out of work and all the kids Heidi has placed.

He sits in the kitchen with Nick and opens up.

“I know I need to sell and as much as I’d like to f over the people at the top I feel like those at the bottom would be worst affected.” Gervais says.

“That is true. I know Claud would welcome it, Mike I assume would like the money but now dad has grandkids he wants to stay here, mom would love to retire and move.” Nick says.

“I’d love your mom to buy it for you.” Gervais says half grinning.

“Oh god, can you imagine? That would f over Robin, Ella and Dad in one foul swoop.” Nick cackles.

“Talk to her. She might do it. I would do it at a fairer price. I just need to check something with someone.” Gervais says taking his other phone outside to call Blue.

Nick giggles and invites his mom over, he wants her to know Gervais is serious and to see her face. He’s pretty certain she’ll love the idea.

Blue laughs aloud at the plan and gives Gervais the okay.

“But also if Claud wants out maybe we could buy his share for Ollie.” Blue says.

“I will meet with Claud later, it might be he sells his farm and share as a package.” Gervais says.

“Oh that makes a lot of sense. I would like Ollie protected though.” Blue says.

“Ollie has a home and a farm and years of experience.” Gervais says.

“You’re right I still think of him as a vulnerable teen not a grown man.” Blue concedes.

“You’re doing okay? Not too lonely?” Gervais asks.

“I’m good. I’ve been swimming in the hotel pool every day and sleeping a lot. I swear I missed like a year of sleep.” Blue laughs.

“Liberty just pulled up, I best go.” Gervais says,

“Good luck. Don’t worry about money. We’ll make more.” Blue says.

“I’m not worried Blue. I have more than we need, if we fail and fail and fail we’ll still be okay. Seriously, Abby left us a lot and I had a lot to begin with. I don’t want you to be ripped off, this was your baby and everyone benefitted but you.” Gervais says.

“Well I’m just saying I love the plan, really love it and want it to happen. Feels right, given Nick put in a heck of a lot at the start too.” Blue says.

“Exactly and he’s changed a lot from how he was. I believe this will be good for him. He has been totally reliable for me.” Gervais says.

“Call me after.” Blue says with a big grin.

“So what is the big news? Apart from Nick moving here.” Liberty asks.

“More a proposition.” Nick says.

“Is it another way to get back at you father and sibling?” Liberty asks.

“Yes.” Nick says with a small smirk.

“I don’t know if this is possible or if you would want to.” Gervais says.

“Spit it out.” Liberty says.

“Could you buy me out of the business on Nick’s behalf? I’d do a good deal. I’m heading off to travel for a couple of years. Blue isn’t coming back, not ever.” Gervais says.

Liberty’s lip begins to curl and she starts to laugh a small giggle and then a huge big guffaw.

“For real? I gift or lend Nick the money to buy you out. He marches in and kicks out Robin. He also has the majority share and gets to tell Mike, Claud and his father how it is. Oh boys. Oh boys it is a plan that Abby would have approved of.” Liberty says wiping away the tears.

“So is that a yes?” Nick asks.

“It is a you have to wait a little while. Arnold and I are in the middle of divorce.” Liberty says.

“What? Why didn’t you tell me?” Nick asks.

“I didn’t want to add to the drama. It is mostly amicable but I am going after Arnold’s share of the business. I bank rolled it, I don’t want the farm, unless you do?” Liberty asks.

“No I don’t want the farm, my cous runs it and I always knew it would be his one day.” Nick says.

“Your sister wants it and your dad might well leave it to her. Will that bug you?” Liberty asks.

“Yes but not as much if you can do this deal for me.” Nick grins.

“Gervais I sense urgency from you. Can you wait until my divorce settlement is confirmed?” Liberty asks.

“Yes and no. I won’t be around but my lawyer can deal with everything. I would like an offer on paper. Gervais says.

“Where will you live?” Nick asks.

“I had been planning to start over somewhere new. Like Gervais I want to travel a little.” Liberty says.

“You are always welcome here. We’ve passed this house over to Ocean so he always has somewhere to come home to during breaks and after graduation. As I’m selling the buildings in the city Nick is going to stay here and look after the house rather than it be empty.” Gervais says.

“Move in now mom.” Nick says.

“I don’t want you to have to take sides.” Liberty says.

“I don’t care what has happened, I have taken your side. I’m always on your side. He hates me. This is about you not wanting Ella to know you still love me.” Nick says bitterly.

“I might not agree with her choices but she is my daughter and I love you equally.” Liberty says.

“Trapping a man with someone else’s baby and throwing out all Larry s things including pictures of his mother were more than just choices. Fraud, theft and criminal damage.” Gervais says unable to keep quiet about his former friend.

“Both those babies are Mikes.” Liberty says unable to deny the rest.

“Oh mom, please. I’ve not even met them and I know the oldest is Robin’s kid.” Nick says.

“Whatever she has done, whatever you have done, you are my babies. Always. But I would love to stay here. I really would but you cannot complain when I visit Ella.” Liberty says.

“She isn’t welcome here. Out of loyalty to Larry.” Gervais says.

“Of course. She will create merry hell when she finds out about you getting the business.” Liberty says.

“She’ll get everything from dad later.” Nick shrugs.

“Yes she will. But she’ll still kick off and so I want this to be entirely between us and our legal team until it is official.” Liberty says.

“One person knows but he won’t tell.” Gervais says.

“You’re not going travelling?” Liberty asks understanding.

Gervais doesn’t need to say a word.

“Thank him for us. We’re going to have a lot of fun. It’ll be more of a joint venture, don’t you think son?” Liberty asks.

“As long as I have a slice of the pie this time. I would love that. I always wondered why you backed off from the business, thought you would have enjoyed a bigger role.” Nick says.

“I would have liked to but I stayed away for Heidi’s sake. When she left it felt too late to be involved.” Liberty says.

“You were just talking travel and retirement.” Gervais laughs.

“Oh I’ll be part time but Nick will need me I am sure.” Liberty says.

“Well I am glad it is settled. I’ll be leaving you my lawyer’s details and I’m really glad this is happening. Please, please can one of you sneakily film the reveal and send it to my lawyer? I would love to see Robin’s face.” Gervais grins.

“We will so be doing that.” Nick grins.

“This means a lot to me. I do need reassurance that Nick gets the share and not Ella. I am sorry if that causes issues but it is very important to me. I also need reassurance that local people won’t lose their jobs and you’ll continue to use local suppliers.” Gervais says.

“You have our word on that.” Liberty says.

“Absolutely, that was always the plan. You have been so good to me, I have your back.” Nick says.

Gervais wraps things up in a couple of days. A draft agreement for the business is drawn up and he transfers some property to Heidi. He has Spence and Andy over for dinner before he leaves.

“You both look so tanned.” Gervais says as they come in.

“It was pretty amazing. Sorry you had to leave early.” Andy says.

“Has Spence talked sense into you?” Gervais asks.

“I won’t be telling anyone anything. I was so hurt I was totally blinded to their situation and I feel so shit that I wasted the time we had.” Andy says looking truly remorseful.

“Good, I have more major news.” Gervais says and tells them about Aled but not Larry or the business.

“Is Will okay?” Spence asks shocked.

“Not really. Not at all.” Gervais says.

“Does this affect you and Blue? Is he going to get him back?” Andy asks.

“No, he gives us his blessing. I guess the boot is on the other foot now, if I mess up then he’ll hunt us down and take Blue back.” Gervais grins.

“He’s not the only one who would hunt you down. I do worry about everything you and Chris have done to him in the past.” Andy says.

“I would never hurt him deliberately. Not again.” Gervais says.

“No you wouldn’t. But Chris? If he has a bad breakup or doesn’t get in to school? Will he take it all out on Blue?” Spence asks.

“You saw him. You saw them and the bond they have now. Absence more than made the heart fonder, those two developed a true twin bond. Chris will defend Blue to the end now. Blue holds all the cards for us both.” Gervais says.

“Doesn’t mean I trust him. He loved me, we were in a great relationship and he turned and broke me.” Andy says.

“I will protect Blue. But Chris needs me too. He’s not in a great place and will likely succumb once Blue is settled. I’m ready and prepared.” Gervais says.

“We will be there for you if you need us. I have been thinking and maybe it is too many spy movies but I think we should create a code. Let’s pick a hotel in a dozen cities and give it a color code. Then when we need to meet we only need to give a date and color. Either of us can get the message to Ocean.” Spence says.

“That sounds good. Yeah. Lets do it. Not all top end places either, a range, we don’t have to stay in them just meet in them. Whoever issues the message books the rooms in that city.” Gervais says.

“You two are crazy but this sounds fun but we should go the whole hog and give month’s fruit or veg. So we know 12 yellow carrots means the twelfth of May in Atlanta.” Andy says with a grin.

“Sure. Lets do it.” Gervais says.

Andy and Gervais drive with all Gervais stuff, including the things Blue wants to keep to pick up Gervais new truck. They load it up and say goodbye.

“Give him a big hug and a huge apology from me.” Andy says.

“Take care of Spence and of Ocean when he’s home.” Gervais says.

“Always do. And Will. Poor Will.” Andy says.

“I hate leaving him but Blue needs me more. Nick and Liberty will help with Will.” Gervais says.

“I love that your house will be lived in. See you for green bananas.” Andy says and kisses his friend goodbye.

Gervais messages Larry and then sets off. He sings along to the radio excited that his new life with Blue is about to begin.

The guys meet at a truck stop and Blue hops in with G. Eventually they get to the meeting point with their new handlers.

“Before we get down to business we need to put in a formal complaint against Aled, James, whoever he is.” Blue says.

“Understood. We are now fully aware of the situation, he self-reported.” The first operative says.

“That he stole my life?” Blue asks.

“Write it all down. You too Chris, however consensual what happened at the safe house was not okay given how vulnerable you were.” The second operative says.

“Gervais and Larry have you brought all your id with you?” The first operative asks and they nod.

They spend time getting everything processed and Larry and Gervais are surprised at just how calm and ordinary each task seems to the people here.

“We need you in safe houses for a week while the property purchase completes. Everything is going well. You can go in pairs, Blue and Chris separate.” The second operative says.

“That’s easy.” Chris smiles.

“I’m surprised you didn’t object.” The first operative says.

“As long as Blue and I are not left alone all is well. We have back up now. 4 gay guys setting up a B&B it just isn’t suspicious is it? For once things are going to look normal.” Chris says.

“We all hope this is the last one and this is your real life now.” The second operative says.

“Any chance all threats are made up by Aled?” Blue asks.

“We’re sorry, we wish that was the case.” The first operative says.

“New life, new start.” Chris shrugs.

“Better this time.” Blue smiles.

“You got us this time.” Gervais says and hugs Chris and Larry tight to say goodbye.

50 thoughts on “Ocean Blue 14

  1. Love it. Good thing Andy is out of his ass now. And yeah go Nick! Fuck em up. But I’m still hoping we get to see some glimpse from Robin, either his ass being kicked, or some redemption storyline. Anyway, I wanna go to that 4 Gays B&B

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Loved this chapter Sam! I liked the twist with Nick taking the share of ice-cream/soup! I wish we would’ve seen Robin’s reaction, but maybe some day we’ll see why he became such an ass!

    I’m glad G got to say good-bye to Andy and Spence too.

    Thanks! Mark
    (Blue and Will forever! LOL!)

    Liked by 1 person

                    1. I am just leaving work! Hubby is at a happy hour for a friends birthday but is on his way home in about 15 minutes. It’s gonna be a quiet weekend, I have to star I am just leaving work! Hubby is at a happy hour for a friends birthday but is on his way home in about 15 minutes. It’s gonna be a quiet weekend, I have to go to Montreal next week and San Diego the week after. It will be a fun filled weekend though! 😈🍆💦😍

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              1. I keep thinking that Ella is the real villain whats the bet she has done something to prevent Robin from being a father I mean the robin we knew loved kids yes parts if him changed but can’t imagine that element changing.

                Liked by 1 person

                  1. Despite how low I think of Robin lately I can’t accept he would willingly shirk his parental responsibilities which makes me think Mike or Ella are the influences…. maybe that is what has caused the current Robin ie from dissapointment one usually throws themself into work.

                    Liked by 1 person

  3. So so happy to see the story continue. Great chapter as usual Sam 😀 can’t wait to see what they get upto and all the new characters u at gonna bring in.

    Larry and Chris could be an interesting couple and it’s good for Chris to have someone else there for him. As for ocean I hope he doesn’t get to much drama just a little to help him grow as a character

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Arnold is a dick! Andy you’ve moved down on my list right now its occupied by Robin and Ella and Alex. Bunch of bitches. It was nice though Sam. Off to another date now


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