19 thoughts on “Which Thanksgiving?

  1. I think Will and Blue are over, they said goodbey. And i would not get more of the old friends (Andy, Spence, Robin, Will, ….) together. It allways gets Blue in trouble and he’s the one sufering. And Clara, Bea…. forget about those. Blue allways has to pay the price. He needs some peace and happyness.

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  2. This is where I realize how hard of a person I am. When I’m done, I’m done. As much as I loved Will, he and Blue said goodbye and had a last kiss, so I’m over it now and ready to see what’s up next for the four. Haha, I know, Im not sentimental at all and I’m way too quick to shut a door and never look back. My frozen ice heart strikes again lol

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  3. It was a tough decision, I voted for Ocean and Garrett, But I would also like to see a meeting with Spence, Andy and Robin. Just to attempt to re-unify the family. Also, maybe we could also remove Andy’s head from his ass.

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  4. I just really don’t want anything to do with will anymore. Regardless of how good they were together, blue and Gervais always found each other, and Gervais never moved on from blue.

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