Ocean Blue 17

“First thanksgiving in our new home.” Blue says taking a tray of dinner rolls out the oven. Blue and Gervais have been in for 2 days, Chris and Larry arrived the night before. Blue has been baking since dawn. They only have a few house things and are planning to hit the sales for everything the following day.

“I’m so glad we bought baking supplies.” Chris says.

“Those smell like heaven. I am not going to miss turkey when the rolls smell like that.” Larry says.

“I offered to cook a turkey.” Blue says.

“Nah. Your menu kicks anything else out the park. I always loved your veggie food. You know that.” Larry grins.

“He has been cooking since the minute we got here. That is why nothing else is done.” Gervais says rolling his eyes.

“I think I’m good with that. If Blue wants to cook all day every day, I will hoover and clean the bathroom.” Chris says.

“I might hold you to that.” Gervais laughs.

“Look Chris and I will do the grunt work getting the café ready. We’ll do an Arnold and get out to auctions and get the kitchen equipment.” Larry says.

“You guys need to start making a list for tomorrow. We need everything from beds to towels to TVs to chairs. Chris and I need clothes too. We’ve bought some but need a heap more and we all need boots and outdoor cloths and decent jackets.” Blue says.

“I’ll grab my laptop and we’ll work it by store and check out online deals.” Gervais says.

“Electronics for all of us needs to go on that list.” Chris laughs.

“Sorry I had to get something straight away. One of you can have this one as I need something higher spec really. I can also transfer you all some money. Blue and I have discussed it and we’re making sure you two have savings accounts with a good chunk in and a decent amount in your checking account. I don’t want you to feel you have to come to me for money.” Gervais says.

“Thanks. You don’t have to.” Larry says.

“I do, we want to do everything right here and not be rushing just so we start earning.” Gervais says.

“We’ve got a business account and we’ll get everything for the café and later the B&B and shelter from that. I think you two should spend some time next week visiting local shelters and finding some pets.” Blue says.

“Are we all going to live in this house for now?” Larry asks.

“If you two are okay with that. I’d prefer it.” Blue says quietly, he hated being away from Chris in the safe house and as much as he is happy with Gervais he wants Chris and Larry close too.

“To be honest I don’t see the point in running two houses. We’ll all eat together anyway and then we have more options for the other buildings. I vote we all live here.” Larry says.

“Gervais?” Blue asks.

“I thought Chris wanted his own place. I am very happy for us to create one home here.” Gervais says.

“Then that is settled. You two have grabbed the best room being here a day earlier but I forgive you.” Chris says.

“We didn’t take the biggest one, just the one with the best view.” Blue grins.

“You get the better bathroom.” Gervais shrugs.

“You might regret that view when you spot us at it outside.” Larry grins.

“That’s fine you’re bound to catch us doing it on this table at some point.” Blue grins and they all laugh. Chris loves how Blue can finally share a joke.

“So you two a couple now?” Gervais asks.

“Not really, well we’re free to see others and we’ll see what the level of jealousy is when that happens.” Chris says.

“We haven’t caught feelings yet and we’re both aware it is a relationship of circumstance. But we’re getting on really, really well and enjoying each other’s company clothes on and off.” Larry says.

“So you are totally a couple but too scared to admit it yet.” Gervais grins.

“We’re still figuring it out. We know the safe house wasn’t real life but it is one of those experiences that is hard to explain and it kind of ties us. I mean it is something Blue and I hadn’t talked about until a few weeks ago, not to anyone. Now we’ve shared it with you guys.” Chris says.

“Though Larry and I have not experienced it alone.” Gervais says.

“No but you know what it’s like, the lack of privacy, the boredom, the false relationship with security.” Blue says pulling another tray of goodies from the oven.

“Exactly. You guys have a small insight in and we can talk to you now, totally openly. Blue and I are insanely grateful to you two for coming with us here, for being there for us the last few weeks. For everything.” Chris says.

“We truly are.” Blue says.

“You know I am feeling totally left out of this mind meld thing.” Larry laughs.

“Oh babe, we meld, we meld.” Chris grins and kisses Larry on the cheek.

“Dinner will be about 20 minutes.” Blue says checking his pots on the stove and putting final dishes

“You need some help baby?” Gervais asks.

“Just find some forks and grab the beer. Tomorrow a new refrigerator is top of my list.” Blue says closing the tiny one in disgust.

“Added to list.” Chris grins and they clear some space for the meal.

Blue has baked up a storm and decides there is no need for a distinction between courses and fills the table with sweet and savory treats and they all dig in.

“Now this is your soup.” Larry says wiping his bowl clean with a dinner roll.

“I could live on your soup and cheesecake forever. You have not lost your touch, this is incredible.” Chris says between bites.

“I really enjoyed it. I’m amazed all these recipes are still in my head. I just made everything. I never made this flavor cheesecake before but it tastes so good. I cannot wait to get a veggie patch up and I want lots of fruit trees.” Blue says.

“Then you shall have them.” Gervais says with a smile. He loves seeing Blue being Blue.

“I’m happy to see you eating normally and not moaning about dairy. Seeing you eat with enthusiasm is wonderful.” Chris says firmly.

“You’ve lost weight too. We can graze on the leftovers for the next couple of days. I think as it is cold I’ll start doing overnight oatmeal too, make this place feel like a home, smelling like a home. I’m not trying to recreate what we had, it’ll be different, I know that.” Blue says.

“Bro we all get it. Food is home for you. Your food, your kitchen smells are home for us. Gervais has lived in your house for years with Ocean and it hasn’t felt the same.” Chris says.

“Even when we had banana splits or made oatmeal or soup. Babe I had forgotten these apple dumplings, so good.” Gervais says taking another.

Once they are finally full they clear a space and work on their shopping plan. They all have similar tastes and while Gervais and Blue are more practical than Chris and Larry the pair don’t complain about doing their share of the more mundane shop.

Chris has changed, he isn’t after getting the most expensive brands and Blue relaxes, he is not at all up for a fight over stuff.

They take a good walk around the property in the fading light and pool their plans and ideas. Larry is excited and has lots of good ideas, being brought up on a farm is proving very useful.

Larry and Chris stay out to make use of one of the old buildings and Gervais and Blue head back to the house holding hands.

“You are going to be happy here.” Gervais says.

“We are. We are going to be happy.” Blue says.

“I think so. I hope so. We have options here and we have money in the bank to take our time to decide what to do. Getting the café up and running and getting Chris through his exam are the priority. After that we’ll see what fits.” Gervais says.

“Right we shouldn’t make many choices before the spring. Chris and I need to become ourselves again. Learn to live a more relaxed life.” Blue says.

“Are you with me because of the situation?” Gervais asks.

“You doubt my feelings?” Blue asks confused, he thought things were settled. They talked and talked in the safe house and both agreed this was for real.

“I am still insecure, that original insecurity has come back and I keep thinking once you’re well, you’ll dump me.” Gervais says with a grin knowing it is stupid and irrational.

“I’m not using you as a financial crutch or an emotional one. I love you, romantically. I’m sorry I don’t make you feel it yet, I am very out of practice. I’m not used to speaking to people outside of work. I am adjusting. Please nudge me to do better.” Blue says.

“I feel it. I just don’t let myself believe it’s true. Lets call Ocean. I set up some protections on my machine.” Gervais says.

“I’d love that.” Blue says with a smile.

Blue makes cocoa as Gervais sets up.

“Here.” Blue says handing the cup and puts down a plate of cookies.

“You’re amazing.” Gervais says and enters Ocean’s details hoping he’s home by now.

“Blue?” Robin says as the screen shows Ocean, Garrett and Robin sat around the table.

“Robin, what are you doing there?” Blue asks his eyes wide.

“You would not believe the day we’ve had.” Ocean grins.

“So tell us about it.” Gervais says slightly puzzled.

Robin stares at Blue his lip trembling, not sure it is real.

Blue stares back, his mind flashing to all those nights with Robin in his arms.

“It’s good to see you.” Blue says before Ocean can start.

“You too.” Robin says blinking back tears.

“You look good, really good,” Blue says.

“Blue, Robin and I have talked it all out, I have a recording for you to listen to.” Ocean says.

“We have a po box, I’ll send it to you after. Gervais says.

“Is this Adam?” Blue asks.

“I’m Garrett, Ocean’s team mate and boyfriend.” Garrett says.

“Good to meet you. Ocean you look fit to burst. I best let you tell G about your day.” Blue laughs still unable to take his eyes off Robin.

“You won’t believe it.” Ocean grins.

78 thoughts on “Ocean Blue 17

  1. yay another great chapter and i am glad to see robins side of things, mabe after all this time he realised it was blue who he really loved ?regardless i cant wait to read oceans version of thanksgiving, here is to another 248 chapters of blues adventures 😛

    Liked by 1 person

                    1. I was looking at dell. I really miss my Sony. This is the second time I’ve had an HP that has trouble overheating.
                      I’m at a total loss what to get, been looking for a while but nothing has grabbed me.


                    2. Mine has beats audio too am doing full backup now, it’s on the tile floor upside down and still won’t stay on for long staying it’s too hot. Have been low key looking, now high key looking…

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                    3. I thought seriously about getting a mac air, but I use a windows machine all day at work and it just seemed too disconnected. I use my home laptop for work too much. Plus, I’m not too much of a fan of the IOS ‘structure’ for doc’s, etc – I don’t get it. I love my ipad, ipod and iphone…would never switch, personally…

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                    4. My sister got one a while ago and just didn’t get on with it. Always feels like you’re paying through the nose for a low spec machine. I don’t do any media stuff, I write and manage my business on it.

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      1. I do! I think everyone was so busy with their own lives that they didn’t see there was nobody else to help run the business and Robin stepped in and up to the plate.

        Seems that Ella became a spiteful bitch! Maybe she took her cue from Clara? Meddling in everybody’s lives for her own benefit. It seems kind of weird, Robin was always a good friend to Blue.

        Liked by 2 people

          1. Yeah and she fucked Nick, her brother, and hid Robin’s child from him. Let alone What she did to Larry and Tad. Girl has some skill and Mike is stupid! lol

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