Ocean Blue 19

“Mom how could you be here with them? You know what he’s trying to do.” Ella whines gesturing to Robin.

The older child Quintin has climbed onto Liberty’s lap, unaware of the drama and happy to eat from his Grandmother’s plate. Liberty looks from the child to Robin and back. The resemblance is shocking and Liberty feels a pang of guilt, not for Robin but for his mother and how she has missed out on her grandchild.

“He’s doing the right thing. I’m sorry Ella, Mike, but he is. Q has family out there that he deserves to know, good family.” Liberty says firmly.

“We all know how having huge family secrets work out.” Andy says.

“Quite. I do not want to lose you and I will support you through everything but that does not mean I agree with all your choices.” Liberty says.

“l didn’t know. Robin, I honestly didn’t know. Larry was small until he was seven or eight.” Mike says surprising everyone.

“So two of us conned into marriage.” Will says and Ella blushes scarlet.

“I’ll grab some chairs, there is still plenty of food.” Spence says not really sure if he should welcome them or ask them to leave, everything is so new and confusing.

“I don’t want my children around that freak.” Ella says focusing on Nick now she’s lost the Robin battle and been exposed.

“I have sex on camera, for money with other consenting adults. I’m not ashamed and I’m not a freak and I am not leaving. I’ve been left out long enough.” Nick says.

“You are not welcome if you are going to make a fuss. We’ve had enough drama recently. Sit and eat or go and let us enjoy our meal.” Ocean says firmly.

Spence looks at him and grins, Ocean really is filling the gap left by Blue and Gervais.

“Sit down. The kids should get to know their uncle and brothers and father. Where’s Larry?” Mike asks.

“Apparently, he’s gone travelling with Gervais.” Tad says still confused and hunting his brain for a conversation that might have taken place.

Mike looks ashen.

“Don’t worry about him. Gervais is in touch with Ocean and will pass on any news.” Cheryl says looking at her old flame with sympathy, whatever has happened she knows Mike is in pain over the situation with Larry.

“He didn’t say goodbye to me either, dad.” Tad says.

‘So who did he speak to?” Mike asks.

“To me and to Ocean. Andy and Spence were still away.” Will says happy to help out his friends.

“The travelling is long term, they want to see the world, its why Gervais sold out of the company.” Liberty says hoping to minimize Mike’s pain and worry.


“Well I hope he sends me a postcard and takes lots of pictures. I’m happy he’s doing something positive.” Mike says.

“Missing out on his siblings growing up.” Ella says pointedly.

“You made it very clear he was unwelcome when you destroyed his baby pictures and his mother’s things. You can’t be mad at him for keeping away from you.” Ocean says unable to remain civil a minute longer while she’s still here.

“Excuse me I need some air.” Mike says getting up and heading outside.

The baby starts crying, Ella picks her up and heads upstairs to feed her, needing a break herself.

Quinten oblivious to the drama has stealthily been working his way around the laps of everyone at the table in order to steal the parts of the meal he enjoys the most. He climbs from Ocean to Robin.

Robin instantly stiffens, and worries he should pass him along. But instead of sitting and eating some more Quinten stands on Robin’s legs and faces him and gives him a big grin and pulls Robin’s cheeks.

Robin giggles and pulls Quentin’s cheeks back. The kid squeals in delight and the pair start to bond over silly faces.

“I can’t believe I didn’t see the likeness.” Liberty says.

Ella soon sweeps back down, turns the atmosphere to ice, gathers up the kids ready to leave. Mike hasn’t come back in.

“He will never be yours.” Ella hisses at Robin and leaves.

“You okay?” Garrett asks Robin.

“Yeah, it was so weird but I’m more determined now.” Robin says.

“I say it’s time for cheesecake.” Ocean grins.

“Give me five minutes heat up my sauce.” Ollie says following Ocean to the kitchen.

“Make lots.” Andy calls out.

“I took some pictures of you with Q. I’ll send them to you, think about sending them to your parents.” Liberty says.

“I’ve not felt able to tell them. I feel like such a disappointment. I should have questioned it when I found out she was pregnant.” Robin says upset.

“She had a small baby, we all believed he had come early. I did think recently that maybe she had told Mike you’d dumped her pregnant and he stepped up. But she duped him too, until the paternity test came back and you started legal action. She had to tell him then.” Liberty says.

“Princess perfect is an evil bitch.” Nick says.

“Nick, she is still your sister.” Liberty says.

“No, she hasn’t been for years. Gervais and Ocean are my family.” Nick says.

“Do you know what you are going to do Will?” Robin asks.

“No, I have no idea. The thought of giving the kids up kills me. But it might be best for them to live with their dad or grandparents. I am so torn over what to do. I want to insist on staying in their lives but I don’t want to confuse them. I don’t want them to come to me later in life and I ask me why I didn’t fight for them.” Will asks feeling like Robin going through similar is a small chink of light in the darkness, he’s less alone.

Blue and Chris reappearing and imploding his life has thrown Will into a total spin. He isn’t trusting his feelings or instincts at all. At work or at home.

“Those kids love you. You have been their main carer since they moved here. Aled has always been a backseat dad. If I were you I’d look at moving closer to their grandparents or having them move here. They could live in the other half the barn.” Heidi says. She would hate to lose Will with Gervais already gone, she misses him so much.

“They’re not retired yet. But maybe that’s an idea. Without a fulltime nanny I don’t see how Aled would cope.” Will says.

“Fight for them. Both of you.” Liberty says.

“I thought you’d want me to leave them alone.” Robin says.

“It’ll break Ella’s heart the first time you have Q overnight but she’ll have to get used to it. It is Mike I feel for. Ella knew the risk she was taking, he had no idea.” Liberty says.

“Like Will.” Heidi says.

“Exactly.” Liberty says.

“Dessert is served.” Ollie says bringing in several options with Ocean close behind.

Andy’s eyes are popping out his head at the options.

“Wow thanks guys.” Spence grins.

“This is all sooooo tempting.” Garrett says sweating at the options.

They all start passing dishes around and taking what they want.

Andy has 3 plates in front of him with different options, still worried he won’t get to try everything unless he takes it at the after but after 3 bites of cheesecake he pushes the plate away. Spence looks at him surprised.

“Is it bad?” Spence says.

Andy shakes his head and wipes a tear.

“I don’t know how you did it, I’ve tried a thousand times.” Heidi says.

“Me too. I can’t even get close.” Ollie says, looking up and seeing tears in everyone’s eyes.

“Sorry. He gave me the recipe for this one and I thought I’d try it this year. I didn’t think.” Ocean says unable to eat more than a bite himself.

“It’s like he’s right here.” Marsha says.

“He loved to see people enjoy his food, so I say eat up.” Gladys says.

They all sit and talk about their favorite memories of Blue and his desserts. Andy’s tears go and his appetite returns.

Happy and full Ocean, Robin and Garrett return home while Liberty and Nick head out for a walk to talk about Ella and Mike.

Robin makes some coffee and the three are dissecting all that happened at dinner when Gervais calls.

Ocean tells Gervais all about dinner.

“Gosh that was drama for the year. Garrett, I hope you’re not running a mile.” Blue says.

“Nah, Ocean can’t shake me off that easily.” Garrett laughs.

“Can you guys let us talk to Robin? I know you’ve recorded his words but I would like the chance to chat.” Blue says.

“Of course we can.” Ocean smiles.

“Lets go watch a movie in your room. I am so stuffed from lunch.” Garrett says.

“Sure.” Ocean says and grabs Garrett’s hand.

“Dinner was so full on. I’ve never been around so many gay guys before, outside of a LGBT event.” Garrett says as the flop down on Ocean’s bed.

“Well four at dinner are bi.” Ocean says.

“Who?” Garrett asks.

“Me, Robin, Nick and Ollie. Though Ollie is totally committed to Tad and I don’t think Nick dates girls often.” Ocean says.

“You date girls?” Garrett asks.

“Not while I’m with you but I have in the past. I had a girlfriend through much of high school, you know that.” Ocean says.

“I just thought she was bearding for you.” Garrett says.

“I loved Jane very much and I enjoyed sex with her. I like people, all types of people.” Ocean says.

“Do I need to worry?” Garrett asks.

“About what? When I am with someone I am totally, fully monogamous. I don’t cheat, ever, I barely look.” Ocean says.

“I just think it’ll be hard, I mean if you’re chatting and laughing with a girl how do I know you’re not flirting?” Garrett says.

“You trust me. Fuck, how do I know it’s not sexual when you’re helping someone stretch in the gym?” Ocean asks frustrated, he thought Garrett knew he was bi and was good with it.

“I suppose. I guess I do trust you. But I never thought about it before. I never thought I’d be insecure with you. You’ve been amazing with my lack of experience and you’ve done nothing wrong at all.” Garrett says.

“You pursued me. You wanted me and now it feels like you’re having buyer’s remorse. You knew who I was.” Ocean says.

“Sorry. You’re right. Maybe the tension of the day has rubbed off on me.” Garrett says.

“Honestly, I will never, ever subject you to that again. It isn’t always like that.” Ocean says.

“How did you grow up so stable with all this shit whirling round?” Garrett asks.

“I was loved. Am loved and I was always a happy kid.” Ocean says.

A few miles away Tad and Ollie are also reviewing the day.

“Dad hadn’t told me. I mean I knew the rumors but not for sure, that Robin was going the legal route.” Tad says.

“It looked like your dad didn’t know about why Larry stayed away, that it wasn’t just the will.” Ollie says.

“We know why she destroyed the baby pictures now. So dad couldn’t check how different Quintin looked to Larry as a baby. Throwing out mom’s things meant our baby books were gone.” Tad sighs.

“Sounds about right, what else did she do to you?” Mike asks, neither Tad or Ollie had heard him come in.

“Oh dad, are you okay?” Tad asks.

“Not really. I’ve been an old fool. But I love those kids and she’s been a real lease of life for me. I know the will was wrong, it didn’t take into account what you would have got from your mother. I’m changing it. You and Larry get half from your mom and half of my share between you. I’m sorry. Stupid thing is I know you two would never have let the kids go without, Ella either. I know you are good boys.” Mike says.

“You have been a fool and I don’t give a shit about your will, not now. It was a shock at the time, the way she was gloating about us never getting hold of the farm, losing our childhood home, it hurt. She’s rich herself which made it worse. But for Larry it was getting rid of his things, his photos of mom, things that can never be replaced. Everything compounded and he couldn’t be around here.” Tad says.

“I have a lot of making up to do, to both of you.” Mike says.

“Will you stay with Ella?” Ollie asks.

“I love her, despite everything, I love her and I might still be a foolish old man. And we do have a baby together.” Mike says.

“I’ll still treat Q as my brother.” Tad says.

“Where are your brood today?” Mike asks.

“They’re having a sibling weekend at Pete’s school. Letting their hair down.” Ollie laughs.

“We have the dogs as an excuse for some time alone.” Tad grins.

“Please let me know if you hear from Larry, please tell him I’m sorry.” Mike says.

“I know it isn’t really my business but I think you should talk to Cheryl, she’s always been great for advice to me.” Ollie says.

“I might do that. I want to speak to Ocean first. Find out what he knows about where Gervais is.” Mike says.

“Good idea. Honestly, I had no idea they were going. I’m also sorry for today, I had no idea Robin would be there and totally forgot about the drama between Nick and Ella.” Tad says.

“Ahh time that was over. Nick is a great guy and what he does with his partners is between them. My wife is barely older than my sons, who am I to judge.” Mike says.

“You’re not mad at Robin?” Ollie asks.

“He didn’t know. I believe him. I don’t know why I believe him but I do. And that is what will probably end my marriage.” Mike says and heads out the door.

Back at the farm Robin and Blue are just finishing up. Both are in tears.

“Make sure you talk to Spence.” Blue says.

“I will. I think those two are going to be my friends again.” Robin says.

“Do you want them as friends? I mean they hung you out to dry. I know I did too, blamed you for the business succeeding. So stupid and jealous.” Blue says.

“You’re allowed to be jealous. Fuck Blue it was your baby and we raised it without you and got it into an Ivy League school.” Robin laughs and Blue lets out a huge laugh too.

“I’m sorry for everything. I truly am.” Gervais says coming back into the frame.

There is a knock at the kitchen door and Mike comes in.

Robin instantly switches off the call, hoping Mike didn’t see Robin.

“What’s going on? What is really going on?” Mike asks.

124 thoughts on “Ocean Blue 19

  1. Bit Rich for Mike to suddenly be concerned about Larry I mean he has not given a fuck about him for years….. The fact he allowed Ella to come between him and his boys shows he should have no complaints they don’t tell him what is going on in their lives now.

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  2. Another good chapter. It fits well with previous events and the actions of the characters/players.

    I can not say there were any surprises since it flows so well. And is so enjoyable.

    Chapters without Blue are more then fine since he is entwined in everyone’s life.

    Liked by 1 person

              1. look how gracious the “Socialites” were when they lost in semis its the reason I warmed towards them as the season went on.

                Season 7 we have a gay guy and hos mother team…. really like that team 🙂

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                    1. Look how much the Queensland cousins or were they friends? improved over course of the season when you look at the Blue Cheese Crumble they served up in their first cook.

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                    1. On their way. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂oh and extra 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘for being lovely.


                    2. I like putting honeycomb in with choc when I bake and it goes hard and gives crunch. I also, just for you, make amazing peanut marshmallow brownies.


                    3. I love your public holidays when is the day of the guy who tried to blow up parliament with fireworks or something celebrated that one makes me cackle lol

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                    4. I’m watching the lawyers now, then I’ll get up😇😇😇What about you? Watching anything good today? How cute are you? You deserve 🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫


                    5. I like baked potato soup with bacon and jalapeños, chicken noodle, leek and potato and cream of chicken. Oh and I like hot and sour soup and wonton soup and chicken tortilla soup with beans. But I can make you whatever. ❤️


  3. Aww Sam another hanger come on!! You’re lucky I have a date tonight or I’d be mad! What is a worse word than cunt if you find it apply it to Ella. To have such a pretty name she is so evil! Can we have the mob come and off her?

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