What is your fave cooking show?

MarkOz and I talk cooking shows all the time. I love masterchef (watch UK, Aussie and US versions), Hell’s Kitchen and Bake off. I can also sit with shows like Saturday kitchen on in the background happily.

I love having these shows on while I’m writing, probably why there is so much cooking in my stories. The ice-cream factory idea came from an episode of Australian Masterchef.

Which shows do you love? Who are your fave contestants? Which chefs do you love?10 What show should I watch next?

Are you a great cook? Have you fucked a great chef?

I’m super excited about Hell’s kitchen take over Serendipity 3 in Las Vegas  my fave things mixed.

Finally thanks for all your support this year. I know I’ve been very up and down and the quality hasn’t been consistent. I’m on to my last 2 months at work and the relief and fear is beginning to kick in, which isn’t helping my mood stay stable so apologies in advance.

Love you all





30 thoughts on “What is your fave cooking show?

  1. Favorite cooking shows: Barefoot Contessa and Beat Booby Flay.

    Favorite “house” shows: established show… Fixer Upper. New show… Nate & Jeremiah – By Design. Fourth episode is tonight.

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      1. In Beat Bobby Flay, two chefs cook head to head with a mystery ingredient that Bobby picks, the judges pick a winner and that chef challenges Bobby to a dish of the challengers choice. A different group of judges, usually food critics judge the two dishes. I have to say though, I liked his show Throwdown better than Beat Bobby Flay.

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      2. 30 minute show. Two parts.

        First part, two chefs compete against each other to go against Bobby Flay. Bobby picks the main ingredient they have to cook with. They only get 20 mins to prepare their dish. This is the first ten mins of the show. Two celebrity judges have been brought in, and they pick which challenger will get the opportunity to dethrone Bobby.

        The newly crowned challenger gets to pick their signature dish, and Bobby has to make that. They get 45 mins to cook that sig dish, and that is the next 15 mins of the show. The guest celebrities each go back and forth talking with both the challenger and Bobby. It’s great fun.

        At the end of the 45 mins, the dishes are given a blind taste test with three skilled judges. Bobby wins like 90% of the time (or more). He’s an amazing talent and the show is fun. Makes me want to eat every time I watch it.

        If you haven’t checked out “Nate & Jeremiah- by design”… I encourage you to try the new show. Nate is Nate Berkus (of Oprah fame) and Jeremiah is his husband, Jeremiah Brent. They are cute together, and the hour long show moves well. They do some neat stuff… but I don’t want to spoil it for you. It’s worth a try.

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  2. I usually have food network on at the house. Chopped is an awesome show. Like diners drive-ins and dives too. Thought I would like the naked chef, but it was false advertising. 🙃


    1. I’ve watched a couple of Diner, drive-ins and dives but not many. I used to love man v food too.
      Sounds like I need to give chopped another go.

      My ex and I used to watch the naked chef, back when he was a watchable cook and not a social engineering cock.


  3. I’m not a chef at all. I rarely cook. Lots of take out and a lot of heat and serve in my house haha. Probably due to my childhood. Growing up, the kitchen was just a very large weird room that we never visited. LOL!!

    I’m a sports junkie, so my television stays on some type of sport most of the time.

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              1. I cook on Sunday’s for the week! He’s very good at a lot, but cooking is not one of them! We got one of those hard boiled egg cookers, just so he can have breakfast! LOL!

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  4. I watch Chopped. Otis interesting to see what strange thing they are going to throw at the Chefs.

    I am a pretty good cook. My nephew was a Chef under Mario Batalli at Bobo. Mario loved him. My nephew asked me to cater his rehearsal dinner. Lots of Resturant people, I was asked several times where I cooked… my kitchen. Lol

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    1. That’s awesome. What are your fave things to cook?
      I tried chopped once but only managed a couple of episodes. I think I should jump to a later season when the format is probably more solid.


      1. I love doing BBQ. Tri-tip, pulled pork, smoked pork chops, and ribs.

        I am also a baker and come up with new cakes, or improve on one I found on line.

        I go through phases where I will do Asian fission, casserole with a twist(not grandma’s ),Greek, Mexican..

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  5. I loved watching old reruns of Julia Child. Another show I love is worst cooks in america. It is hilarious to watch these people especially when they have to devein shrimp or make pasta. Paula dean is one of my faces as well as Bobby Flay.


      1. Yup..one of those shows your dad watches! I also like a show flip or flop – you’ve possibly heard of it – the slutty blonde and her weird hubby that are in the news for their divorce..


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