Ocean Blue 20

“I am always horny after workout.” Garrett says as he and Ocean get back from the gym the next day. Garrett loved working with Spence, he was surprised, expecting Will to be the one he gelled with but Spence was a lot more technical than he was expecting and he felt like they could have a great gymnast, coach relationship.

“Me too. You looked so hot. It is going to be so hard at practice from now on.” Ocean grins.

“Can I get a shower?” Garrett asks.

“Alone?” Ocean asks.

“Uh, yeah.” Garrett says reddening and Ocean cottons on.

“Cool, I’ll use down here. Hey, Garrett, I’m really glad things are good with us.” Ocean says.

“Me too. I’m sorry for yesterday, I think the drama was infectious.” Garrett says.

“Enjoy your shower. Liberty and Nick are out shopping.” Ocean grins.

Garrett flashes a big grin and runs up to the bathroom.

Ocean is excited. Garrett is so hot and it will be fun to push each other in bed, once Garrett is comfortable.

Ocean gets ready quickly and get supplies ready and waits on his bed.

“I suddenly feel super self-conscious.” Garrett says coming in wearing a towel.

“I’ve seen you naked before. We don’t need to do anything. We can just make out.” Ocean says.

“You don’t want to?” Garrett asks.

“Don’t be silly I’m throbbing for you here. I just mean we go at your pace and do whatever happens. Come here and kiss me.” Ocean says.

Garrett jumps onto the bed dropping his towel and runs his hands through Ocean’s damp hair, the water taming his curls.

“I really, really want you too. I want you inside me.” Garrett says kissing Ocean long and hard.

“I want that too. Say stop at any time. And be loud as fuck when it’s good.” Ocean grins and Garrett laughs.

“Shut up and kiss me.” Garrett says.

Ocean takes his time kissing Garrett all over, they take their time, touching rubbing, kissing and biting each other. Ocean needs Garrett to feel fully relaxed and safe.

“You’re really sexy.” Garrett says grinning from ear to ear, happy the day has finally arrived.

“Back at ya.” Ocean grins back. It is so hot to be getting it on with such a muscular guy.

Ocean gets Garrett to hold his legs up as he moves to make a meal of Garrett’s ass.

“Ooo yeah.” Garrett moans and Ocean smiles inside.

“Still want this?” Ocean asks motioning to his body and rolling his hips.

“Fuck yeah.” Garrett murmurs.

Ocean grabs some lube and tries a finger.

“You been practicing?” Ocean asks with a wicked grin.

“Maybe.” Garrett grins.

Ocean takes everything slow and Garrett feels loved, cherished.

Garrett is a little disappointed as Ocean starts, he expected some pain but not the different feeling. Then Ocean slowly begins to move, just slowly to half in and out and Garrett looks into Ocean’s eyes and trembles.

“Oh, oh babe.” Garrett breathes and Ocean leans forward to kiss him and starts to move a little more. Garrett is total putty.

Ocean senses the trust and love and starts moving more, feeling for Garrett’s reaction and letting him lead.

“More, oh god, Ocean, more. More.” Garrett groans as the pleasure begins to take over.

The pair meld together, kissing, thrusting, trembling. It is special for them both when Garrett looks at Ocean for a second before his eyes roll back in his head and he cums hard all over himself.

Ocean grins at his work, pulls out and cums over Garrett’s stomach, leans forward, licks some of it up and kisses Garrett, pushing their shared spunk into his mouth.

“That happened.” Garrett says with a huge grin.

“You okay? Was I okay?” Ocean asks.

“Amazing. I am so overwhelmed.” Garrett says.

“Want to fuck me next time?” Ocean asks.

“Give me a minute.” Garrett laughs.

Miles away Gervais has just pounded Blue into oblivion and now Blue is spooning Gervais contentedly, running his hands over Gervais body.

“I love how as soon as we’re done you turn into my protector.” Gervais says.

“You are so sexy and small and cute. You bring out the tiger in me.” Blue says enjoying a good feel of Gervais ass.

Gervais feels good. Sex with Blue is always perfect for him and this time round the intensity is off the you charts.

“What was your favorite time with me, from before?” Blue asks.

“So many. But that last time in the woods. I was giving you away to Will in my head, and it turned out I was losing for seven years. It was great sex but also showed even though you were in love with Will you still had space for me.” Gervais says.

“It was good, you were amazing.” Blue says smiling at the memory.

“What about you?” Gervais asks.

“Just before you left me for Fergus, in the woods at home. We were so in sync, or I thought we were, given you broke my heart right after.” Blue says.

“When did I hurt you the most?” Gervais asks.

“The first time we kissed.” Blue says.

“What?” Gervais asks confused.

“It was lightning bolts, gospel choirs and fireworks for me. It was the single most amazing moment of my life at that point and you shot me down, said it was nothing, just friends. Nothing you did messed with my head more. It took me years to trust my instincts after that.” Blue says.

“I’m sorry. I was so caught up in my own inferiority that I couldn’t deal with someone like you.” Gervais says.

“I forgave you years ago. What you endured in your teens was more than most could take. I am proud that you used me as a punching bag, that you trusted me so much. We’re still standing. Together and we’ll be stronger than ever this time.” Blue says.

“Sometimes I would have a flurry of dates, telling myself I couldn’t, shouldn’t wait for you. But no one ever understood me like you do.” Gervais says.

“Maybe you never let anyone else in.” Blue says.

“It’s hard without that shared history, isn’t it?” Gervais muses.

“I managed with Will. I liked that he didn’t know me at my worst. He got me as a man, not a bumbling teen.” Blue says.

“I have you as a man now. And I loved you at your worst.” Gervais says.

“I’m close to that now. You make me want to get better.” Blue says.

“I love you and I want you to get better.” Gervais says.

“Thanks for doing a great job shopping. And finding a bed that could be delivered on the spot.” Blue says.

“We have certainly christened it.” Gervais grins.

“And we will day after day.” Blue smiles.

“I hope so. What’s your sex drive like these days?” Gervais asks.

“It was zero before you. Now I want to be touching you all the time. Your ass and your feet. You are just so sexy.” Blue grins like a kid in toys r us.

“You always made me feel good about my body. You did so much for me when you got me in to yoga. You gave me control.” Gervais says.

“You make me out of control” Blue says nuzzling Gervais neck and sniffing his hair.

“I wish we could lie here curled up forever.” Gervais says.

“Okay with me. I love you Gervais.” Blue says sleepily.

Gervais smiles. He knows they are both holding back but he also knows Blue is giving all he can right now. They’re in a good place and moving towards a better one.

Chris and Larry have just finished an epic session in an outhouse, they both love fucking all over the property. They are lying on a picnic blanket the bought that day.

“I cannot believe they managed to get a bed delivered today.” Chris says shaking his head.

“We can gatecrash.” Larry grins.

“Might as well, it’s huge and Gervais is so tiny and Blue and I are skinny right now.” Chris grins.

“Beginning to feel at home?” Larry asks.

“Kind of. Today was fun getting to choose things for the place, not just TVs and things but the bath towels. Everything we chose we were thinking long term and not cheap for now. It meant a lot to me.” Chris says honestly.

“Lets go see what leftovers we can have. I cannot wait for Blue’s kitchen appliances to arrive. I mean he is managing with the small stove and tiny refrigerator but you just know we’re gonna be spoiled when he starts trying things out for his café.” Larry says.

“Oh yeah. Makes me want to get on with the hard graf0t outside to have the appetite for his dishes. That soup yesterday. Man we’ll come in at lunch to that and his bread. Almost makes me not want to go to school.” Chris says.

“No way am I letting you out of that. We’ll be getting your study on and getting you that place. Your dreams count too.” Larry says.

“Thanks. Means a lot to have someone believe in me.” Chris says and kisses Larry.

“Feels like you and Blue have direction but Gervais and I are still supporting players.” Larry says.

“Bullshit, I know you are itching to sell Blue’s food to the world, to one up what they’ve done with the soup and ice-cream.” Chris says.

“Nah if we sell Blue’s food it’ll be fancy and exclusive. Not mass market. You know how the soup just isn’t his soup. They missed him during the full development stage. Unlike the ice-cream, where they had him in working out how to make it in bulk and training Ollie. Ollie is amazing but he is best at sweet not savory.” Larry says.

“See, you have plans. You have ideas and I know we are all going to love getting this place up and running.” Chris says.

“Yeah, I guess, it just isn’t a plan for what I want to be. I was drifting at home too and I feel I’ll be a part of something here. I just need to find my niche.” Larry says.

“Chief ass stuffer.” Chris grins.

“We are sure as hell still compatible there.” Larry says.

“Oh yeah. I was worried you’d be too rough for me.” Chris says.

“I do like going to extremes sometimes. Basically I enjoy being super dominant, super submissive, very loving or a little rough. You seem happy with the last 2 and that is more than enough for me. I’ve not had a boyfriend for a while and I know we’re still working this out but I feel like we are great friends having great sex, the relationship is coming.” Larry says.

“Yeah same. We picked up where we left off. Maybe we would have been something more, maybe not. But it is really nice to have a second chance. We might not have the romance of Gervais waiting for Blue but it isn’t like we found anyone we liked better.” Chris says.

“You still love Andy?” Larry asks.

“No. I held that love alive for a long, long time but he was such a fucking tool to Blue and that killed it stone dead. How do you feel about what Robin and Ocean said about yesterday, about your dad not knowing about what Ella had been up to?” Chris asks.

“I don’t care. He took her side at the time and never reached out to me. Expected me to just be happy with his new family and new life. It’s funny but when he was dating Cheryl I was excited at the prospect of Ocean becoming my step brother and if they had married and he’d changed his will to include Ocean I’d have been great with it. So I know I over reacted due to Ella and her attitude.” Larry says.

“Cheryl would never, ever have whitewashed your mom from the farm. She’s have kept her picture up and would have preserved all your keepsakes. She would also have made you welcome always and would have supported you and Tad helping your dad out with a move to taking over. Cheryl isn’t always right and she’s far too close to Clara but she is good people.” Chris says.

“Yeah she was way more sensitive to us. I miss how my dad was with her. She was brutal in her dumping of him.” Larry says.

“I wonder how long Ella had him in mind as a backup, Funny isn’t it. Nick being into that daddy stuff, and Ella villainizing him for it when she married a man old enough to be her dad.” Chris says.

“I do feel for Nick more than me and Tad. He did nothing to hurt anyone and lost his family.” Larry says.

“We’re your family now. Do you miss Tad?” Chris asks.

“Nah. He and Ollie have been a single unit for years, instant family with Ollie’s siblings. It wasn’t that they made me feel unwelcome, I just wasn’t part of their world. I had to get away. I love being far away from Tad’s shadow.” Larry says.

“I bet you take to the gardening, the growing and harvesting. I think you rejected farming to keep out of Tad’s shadow. Your eyes light up whenever Blue talks about getting fruit trees in.” Chris says.

“Probably. I know the realities of how hard it is. The lean times when there is a bad harvest, bad weather, disease, animal invasions. But yeah maybe I should stop fighting and accept I’m a farmer.” Larry laughs.

“I hope I’m not just trying to recreate the dreams Andy and I had with you.” Chris says realizing he might be pushing Larry into a box he doesn’t want to be in.

“I think you’re giving me the space to be me. It took Blue to get me out of the closet and it is taking you to let me be myself as an adult man. You two have been huge influences on me. I am happy to be here for you and for me.” Larry says.

“I’m really glad you are here. Blue and Gervais include me but they need couple time. Gervais is working a miracle with my bro and I am so glad he doesn’t have to split his time looking after me when Blue needs him more. Not that I’m saying I expect you to deal with me.” Chris says.

“We’re all going to have ups and downs. It’s okay. We’ll get through it.” Larry says.

“I know I’m holding off the dam bursting. I know I want to get a good test score and then I’ll probably let myself go.” Chris says.

“Chris let go now. Don’t hold it in until you go nuclear.” Larry says.

“I’m good and maybe I don’t need to explode.” Chris shrugs.

“You can be real with me. Open with me. Always.” Larry says.

Back in farm country Robin is trying to process everything from the day before. Mike protesting innocence, the support from Liberty and Nick, making up with Andy and Spence and getting to talk to Blue. It is so much and then Mike’s visit through everything out the window.

Robin picks up the phone to call his mom.

26 thoughts on “Ocean Blue 20

  1. I’ll be honest and say that I find OG sex scene so hot. He’s not a baby anymore. He’s a dAddy now.

    Chris is letting out his emotion. I think he is good with Larry. This 4 is a good group. They heal each other and let them grow too.

    Oh and Robin, I Love You.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Holy shit. I just realize why I love Robin. Because my first crush name is Robin. Too much drama happen between us but yeah. And then Robin is the name of the youtuber the I have crush on too.

      Seriously Sam, I feel so attac right now. Stop it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Holy shit, another flashback happened and the connection deepens. Your Robin is straight, my Robin is straight too. But stuff happens and they got involved on gay dramas. Shit! Oh that’s it I’m going to sleep so I won’t remember more.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I worry that Larry has always been a bit soft, outside the bedroom and might not stand up to Chris’s shit should it reappear (though B&G would stamp it out). Are you over Will or waiting for him to track Blue down?


          1. Very true. They’ve both changed though. Yes I am. I expect G to f it up soon with all his comments about never hurting Blue intentionally. He’s given himself an out. Lol

            Liked by 1 person

              1. I think they question each other too much. On opposite spectrums just like when they were in school.

                My personal opinion is that Blue made the biggest mistake of his life by leaving Will.

                Liked by 1 person

                  1. There were plenty of options Blue didn’t take including giving Will a choice, coming back after the trial. Bra and Clara certainly didn’t give up like Blue and Chris.

                    I’m sorry, but I’m just not on the B&G train.

                    Liked by 1 person

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