Ocean Blue 21

Two weeks before Christmas the guys are ready to open their café. They are very much feeding on Heidi’s bakery model, with the emphasis on dessert and not bread. They have a simple lunch menu, which they will expand as their customer base hopefully grows and they get growing themselves.

Coffee and lots of cakes and desserts planned.

Blue and Gervais have experimented with making the room look smart for events and have created a photo book and website for hosting events. They know it’s the wrong time of year but are hopeful that they might become the backup plan for events that run into double bookings over the holiday season.

Blue and Gervais have been baking up a storm, pies and gingerbread house kits for the holidays. The sign is up on the road and they are excited. They plan to be open for a few days to see if they can pick up any passing trade and then are having a holiday promotion day.

Larry and Chris are advertising on as many local sites as they can and they’ve leafleted the neighborhood. They are ready.

“It has been a long time since I’ve celebrated the holidays.” Chris says as the four of them put up

Christmas decorations and decorate the tree.

“l only did twice in my whole life.” Blue says.

“That big dinner at your place was amazing, that was my best memory after losing mom, finally felt like I was part of a family again. Like my family existed again.” Larry says.

“We get to make our own traditions now. Blue and I have none, and you two can introduce what you loved to us.” Gervais says.

“As long as there is cheesecake.” Chris grins.

“Gingerbread houses are my tradition.” Blue says.

“This display is incredible.” Larry says motioning to Blue’s gingerbread Christmas village with a sleigh and tree.

“l know I’m spending a lot but I want this in people’s heads, we need something for people to photograph and share and get people in here. Get them back next year to order one for themselves.” Blue says.

“For big bucks.” Chris says.

“This is key for all our other businesses. We need to get this right and I’m not concerned about it making money for a while. It isn’t a vanity project per se but it is a mental health project, get all four of us feeling useful and wanted and connected to the community.” Gervais says.

“I remember how Blue and Heidi attracted all the construction workers that we didn’t even know existed. It was their families who were booking kids parties in the parlor.” Larry says.

“Well I feel like we’ve had some Blue luck here, just like I did when I met Gladys and things started falling in to place. And this reminds me of the lake, it’s bigger and better equipped than our community coffee shop but it feels similar.” Blue says.

“It does. I loved that place. I never, ever thought I would work in somewhere like that but momma

made me do shifts and it was fun. Plus cake.” Chris grins.

“What soup are we having tomorrow?” Larry asks.

“Pumpkin for one and a bean chili for the other. We might not need both but they freeze well and I know you guys will happily make a meal out of them in the future.” Blue smiles.

“l can speak for us all when I say we will happily eat leftovers every day, even if it is the same thing. We have all missed your cooking, we all love your cooking and the biggest problem you are going to have is stopping us eating it all before the customers.” Larry says.

“You sound like Andy.” Blue grins.

“We all thought it before, he was just the most vocal. You have a talent and we appreciate it. We’re going to be doing physical work and are going to enjoy every calorie we inhale.” Larry says.

“You seem to be taking the gardening plans to heart. I love the ideas you have on the fruit trees and summer fruits. I’ll be able to use all you can grow.” Blue says.

“We’re going to get some glasshouses built in the new year and we’ll have all the salads and herbs and berries you need. I’m excited. I’m literally planning the sort of project Andy and Tad work on and I don’t care. I am getting to do this without being in their shadow, without them telling me what I’m doing wrong, without dad telling me a crop isn’t commercial. We have space here to experiment and as you are my customer and have a knack for turning whatever you are presented with into something delicious. I don’t have the same worries. I also don’t have the same ambitions as Tad and Andy. Small is good for me. I am dreaming of your summer soups, of salads with plump tomatoes, pies over filled with plums. The idea that I could grow a barrel of potatoes and a few pots of chilies and you turn them into something so tasty is crazy exciting for me. I finally get why the farmers loved being on the board as much as selling in markets. Seeing their produce transformed into one of your creations was like magic.” Larry says.

“Not feeling so useless and out of place now.” Chris laughs.

“No I’m not. I hate the back breaking work of farming all weathers of fields of crops. Tending small volumes, getting the timing right so we have a longer harvest period to keep Blue in fresh supplies. That will be fun and interesting.” Larry says.

“l want to work with you on the math of that. There is lots there for me to keep track of. I see me as supporting all of you.” Gervais says.

“You are more than that, look at all you’ve done. You’re leading us, you’re not in the shadows.” Blue says.

“Hear, hear. You’re our problem solver and motivator and you do your own projects. You’re the glue here.” Chris says.

“Remember when I dated Birch and I decided to focus on enabling his talent and totally lost myself? We do not want that for you.” Blue says.

“Though I do appreciate your help in getting my study timetable sorted.” Chris says.

“Thanks. I do feel appreciated and useful. Don’t worry about that.” Gervais says.

“l am so glad you insisted on getting the wood burner in here. It really feels so lovely.” Larry says looking around at their work.

“We’ll need to keep the tree well-watered.” Blue says.

“Smells so good, the gingerbread, the tree. I really hope this week goes well and we have a successful start.” Gervais says.

“Took Heidi a good while to get going at home, and she had the amazing bread and Abby behind her. We’re starting from scratch here. We know no one.” Blue says.

“We can do it. Somehow I believe in us.” Chris says.

“And if it fails we have the other ideas in the pipeline. Abby did us a good turn remembering us in her will and I feel like this is for her. She’d have loved it.” Blue says.

“She really would. You best make some of those cookies she loved.” Larry says.

“Our main problem is going to be remembering our new names.” Gervais says.

“Hey at least we got to keep our initials, Gary.” Larry grins.

“Yes Leo.” Gervais smiles.

“Ugh at least it isn’t as bad as Bartholomew.” Blue sighs.

“l get off lightly with Connor.” Chris smiles.

“We need name badges.” Larry says.

“I sewed them on to our aprons.” Blue says.

“Turn out the main lights. I think we’re done decorating.” Gervais says switching on the tree as the room turns dark.

“Perfect.” Blue grins and kisses Gervais sweetly.

“Let’s have a toast to new traditions.” Larry says.

“New traditions.” They all say raising their mugs of hot chocolate.

Blue takes a last walk through the kitchen checking the prep for the following day. He doesn’t expect any customers but wants to be ready. They will find somewhere to donate any excess baking, there is bound to be an elderly home or homeless shelter somewhere that would take an impromptu gift.

Blue makes a mental note to ask the others to investigate.

Blue is happy that he is allowed to do his thing here without needing to create an empire or worry too much about anything other than creating a space that people want to come back to. He knows most ventures like this fail and he knows he is lucky they have very deep pockets. He also knows if their cover is blown they could lose it all and every start over is harder.

He looks at the walls where they have hung Birch’s paintings, the ones that Spence bought Blue and a few Gervais has bought or been gifted since. They all know it’s a risk hanging them and will claim they are copies if anyone asks. They have an alarm system but not what they want, that was the one thing that they have to wait for.

As the fire dies Blue turns off the tree and the four head back to the house to sleep. Gervais lies awake as Blue sleeps wrapped around him. He’s surprised that Blue fell asleep so quickly, though understands he’s exhausted.

Gervais isn’t worried as such, he knows if they can get people through the doors that they will return and if they have a bowl of soup or slice of cheesecake they will tell their friends. He is just worried they won’t get anyone through the door and how Blue will deal with that. How Chris will deal with Blue being disappointed.

Blue stirs in his sleep and pulls Gervais tighter making Gervais smile. He always feels safe and loved with Blue. There is still a gap between them, they are solidly in a relationship but it isn’t all encompassing as it was before. He wonders how much the ghost of Will is with them and if he’ll ever measure up.

Gervais tries to shake it off. He knows Blue still isn’t fully himself. He’s happier than he was but still quiet and not eating an awful lot. More than before and more variety but not at his old hearty levels. Not the way Chris is now.

“Stop worrying baby, things are good.” Blue murmurs waking and kissing Gervais ear. His hands instantly moving to Gervais cute ass.

“Sorry to wake you.” Gervais says kissing Blue and enjoying feeling desired.

“You want me?” Blue asks gruffly.

“Yeah.” Gervais breathes, stiffening at the thought of Blue’s big dick. He’s enjoyed it a few times recently.

“You turn me on so much, your ass is amazing.” Blue says his finger already exploring.

Gervais smiles and melts against Blue letting him take the lead. Blue is sleepy but super horny. He continues to play with Gervais ass while kissing and biting around his neck and shoulders. Gervais lets out a series of light moans and rubs himself back against Blue. This is the exact relaxation Gervais needs.

Blue move Gervais around and lifts his legs eyeing the prize. He lightly pushes his big head against Gervais tight hole and Gervais tenses for a moment. Blue rubs Gervais belly and kisses his feet.

“You want more?” Blue teases, rubbing his head up and down Gervais crack.

“Fuck me babe.” Gervais grins up at Blue, wiggling his toes.

Blue continues to tease and slips a toe into his mouth.

Gervais smiles up at his sexy lover and arches his back. The movement sends shivers through Blue, so sexy.

Blue teases a little more and grins as Gervais wriggles with desire, he loves how adorable Gervais looks with his big cock pulsing, wanting him.

Blue lets Gervais out of his torture and begins to ease inside. They melt into one as they kiss and fuck and roll over the bed taking turns who is on top as Gervais rides Blue’s big cock giving Blue the show he loves before submitting and letting Blue fill him up all the way.

Exhausted they lie next to each other panting.

“You always make me feel better.” Gervais says.

“You’re mine. I need to make you feel better. Always have. Killed me being away from you, not knowing how you were doing. You did pretty great. But I need you near me, always.” Blue says and Gervais eyes prick with tears.

“For a while I did pretty awful being away from you. But I had hope that I’d find you.” Gervais says.

“You found me.” Blue says kissing Gervais neck, feeling good.

“Is some of the crack because I managed without you?” Gervais asks.

“No, no, no. I am glad you found a way to cope, to go on, to thrive. I wanted that for you. We mostly fit, we just have gaps to fill but we have time to fill them. I want to. I want us to be as close as before.” Blue says.

“Me too. I love you so much Blue.” Gervais says.

“l love you too. Lots and lots.” Blue says kissing Gervais heaps before yawning and drifting off.

Gervais smiles at his sleeping lover before snuggling up and falling asleep with a big smile on his face, his worries forgotten.

74 thoughts on “Ocean Blue 21

  1. A very chill chapter but all this business talk makes me worry for their fit day. I don’t expect them to be sold out but I done want it to be no sale for them. Ugh.

    Anyway, love this versatile couple. Either can be the top and the bottom. Now I want Chris to join and DP someone, Blue maybe? Yes!

    Blue’s name though. He could have Barry or Bart as nickname. Hehe

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved it. Blue and Gervais are actually really great together. I’ll have to call off the sharks from eating G…..for now at least 😏

    Totally love how Blue gets so turned by his little feet. So sexy!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I hope the sexual chemistry isn’t too much of a band aid for underlying issues. But they both have their eyes open and are giving themselves time to work on it. They know they are worth working for.
      Chris and Larry are nice and supportive of each other too. I think we’ll have some fun with them soon….

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ugh I forgot G was based on that Noah guy. Soooooo sexy!! Even adding a decade to him won’t age him. I can totally see why Blue can’t shake his feelings for him lol. And I’m so happy they are all doing well and working together. Seeing them all succeed together will be so nice!!! I hope this new venture is 10x more successful than the last one. Secures their future so they can focus on loving each other, healing, and finally enjoying life. If you can’t tell, im extrememly happy with where the story is headed Hahahaha.

        Liked by 1 person

                    1. yes 😘😘😘😘😘

                      I am on Blue and Chris brotherly train if you get what I mean 🙂

                      Anyone who tries to compromise that will feel my wrath 😈😈😈😈😈

                      Liked by 3 people

                    2. I best be careful with the things I do. As a general question is everyone okay with blue succeeding again in his business? Or is that too unreal? Has he had enough not written heartbreak in the last 7 years to mean another success feels earned?

                      Liked by 1 person

                    3. I think we all want Blue to be successful and happy. I wouldn’t suggest doing a drop and run again though, it would get old. That’s just my opinion though. Next time if he leaves there should be some type of conversation confrontation etc.

                      Liked by 2 people

                    4. Agreed. I think dilemmas around that are on the horizon but once Chris is in school they won’t move. Glad people happy with success. Maybe not all the ventures will work out but I think we all believe in Blues soup and cheesecake.


                1. Proved… it would just be another level of her manipulation of Blue and the other twos lives. Maybe Bea figured it out and that’s why she went back.

                  Liked by 1 person

            1. I don’t chat much. But I used to talk to Noah and his friend Sam a bit. Mansambam has a list called stuff that has loads of porn people on. I don’t read it all the time but it’s interesting, to me sometimes.


  3. Where the hell did you Bartholomew? Leo is fine I’m a Leo. Nephew named Gary. And Connor is cute. Please call him Bart or Barry. I loved how easily Larry meshes with the others. Loved this chapter

    Liked by 1 person

  4. MarkOz is responsible for tonight’s chapter, he set my head straight and the chapter popped in to my head.
    Sorry to those waiting on Robin/Mike/Ella stuff but that will remain unvisited for a bit.

    Liked by 3 people

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