Ocean Blue 24

Over the next few days Blue and Gervais work hard filling Christmas orders and Larry and Chris work on getting the other house ready for Ezra’s guys. Good as their word the guys help with the cleaning painting and minor issues around the house.

The heat was in good condition and the water was fine so the guys move in while it is being finished, happy to bunk down in half-finished rooms. They are happy with the bathrooms as they are, once they’ve had a good clean. Blue and Gervais spare a couple of hours to make the place more homely but they will have to wait until after the holidays for permanent furnishings.

Chris and Larry deliver Christmas orders and Blue and Gervais are flat out doing all the collection orders. The gingerbread goes down so well that Blue sells what he was going to use for his own Christmas meal.

Just as they think things are quieting down the seniors group arrive. Blue grins, knowing they are keeping him on his toes.

“Right we only have one soup choice today and less salad options than usual. We can do omelets to order and there is pie and ice-cream.” Blue says with a grin.

“Is there a senior deal on pie?” The man asks.

“I think we can do something.” Blue grins and they negotiate a deal for the group.

“B these marshmallows are delicious. I once had some similar in a ice-cream parlor I visited with my grandchildren.” One of the ladies says.

“I hope mine are better. I love making my own marshmallows and jellies. Next Christmas I think I’ll do boxes of candy with those and marzipan fruits.” Blue says.

“Ooo that sounds wonderful.” The lady says and Blue heads to the kitchen hoping she doesn’t remember him from the parlor, if it was his that she visited.

The group don’t outstay their welcome but it is clear they are going to be regulars which makes Blue and Gervais feel great.

They close up early, no need to stay open for the guys dinner as it is in a crock pot in the house. Chris and Larry have done all the shopping for the next day. Blue has prepped all the desserts and will do the main and sides the next day. He’s to have a full evening off.

“I think we should do gifts now. We’ll be busy tomorrow.” Gervais says.

“Gifts? I didn’t get anyone anything.” Blue says worried.

“Bro you are making all our favorite dishes for tomorrow. We don’t expect anything else.” Chris says.

“And we know Christmas isn’t your thing.” Gervais says.

“You should have reminded me about gifts. It has been a long time.” Blue says annoyed and embarrassed.

“Bro seriously we didn’t expect anything from you and I am sure you can give Gervais something later.” Chris says.

“It just reminds me of college, I’d been looking forward to it for so long and I was open to learning all about how everyone else lived and trying new things. And while I did those things I felt like a circus freak, a zoo animal. I feel like that again now. I feel like I will never fit in anywhere.” Blue says feeling sorry for himself.

“Blue we all love you. You’ve given us a home and purpose. You’re not out of place, you’re not getting things wrong. You’ve been at your lowest ebb and yet all you have done is give. You don’t fit in because you’re the leader, you are who all of us aspire to be.” Larry says.

“That’s true. We want to be able to give you a little of what you give every day without thinking. I hate Clara at times but she raised you with such strong values. Not having Christmas or an equivalent growing up means you don’t hold gifts back. I wish I could be more like you.” Gervais says.

“I am the most material guy you met in college and I’m saying don’t sweat it. Being here with you three is all I need. Dinner tomorrow is something I have dreamed of for years. I swear I would wake from cheesecake dreams more often than wet ones when I wasn’t getting any.” Chris grins.

“But you all got me something?” Blue asks.

“Yes we did. Here.” Larry says handing Blue a box.

“I love bath bombs. I love baths. Thanks so much.” Blue grins.

“I remember Robin buying them for you and you being so happy. Sorry it isn’t original.” Larry says.

“You built the chickens a home, that was a huge gift and I love these. I’ll think of you every time 0I take a bath. Which is kind of weird as you’re fucking my brother.” Blue shrugs.

“Here Larry, this is for you.” Gervais says with a grin.

“Ahh this is for you too babe.” Larry says opening a box of rope, handcuffs and toys.

“G you cannot give that to my brother’s boyfriend.” Blue says shocked.

“It was for Larry, what he does with it is up to him.” Gervais shrugs and winks.

“Grim.” Blue shrugs.

They exchange the rest of the gifts. Larry and Chris can’t wait to get started so head upstairs to shower.

“Come outside I want to show you my idea for your present.” Gervais says grabbing his tablet in one hand and pulling Blue out his chair with the other.

“Which is really a gift to all of us.” Chris says.

The four grab their coats and boots and Gervais leads them out to one of the old outbuildings.

“Your idea about the yoga studio and Chris wanting a jetted tub got me thinking.” Gervais says.

“This building gets great light.” Larry says.

“And it’s away from the other buildings.” Chris says.

“You think its good for a studio? I thought it wouldn’t get enough use.” Blue says.

“You’d use it every day.” Larry says.

“Come look at the plans.” Gervais says.

“A retractable roof, won’t that be expensive?” Blue asks.

“But wouldn’t it be great you being able to do your yoga on a nice floor with mirrors around and the sky above when it is warm enough?” Gervais asks.

“And a lovely outdoor shower and hot tub for after.” Chris says beaming, he cannot wait for that part.

“It isn’t a priority though.” Blue says.

“But bro it is. Your wellbeing has been the priority from the start. And it’s a good added extra if we ever do become a posh b&b.” Chris says.

“We thought you would love it.” Larry says sadly.

“l do. I really, really do and if you can put a big glass window in that end so we have an amazing view whatever the weather it would be perfect. And underfloor heat but it would be a lot of money on something frivolous.” Blue says.

“So what? We have money. Dammit Blue you worked so hard getting that ice-cream business running and didn’t see any of the rewards. Enjoy this, it is barely a gift from us and more one from yourself.” Gervais says annoyed.

“We’ll leave you to it. Blue you’re doing amazing already. Look at how quickly your food got us here, putting down roots. We couldn’t do it without your talent and you need, you deserve somewhere beautiful to do your yoga. Keep you in tip top shape. We’re being selfish, we all depend on you and we need you to be happy and healthy. Let Gervais treat you.” Larry says and pulls Chris away by the arm.

“I hate being everyone’s pet project.” Blue says once they’re gone.

“And so we can’t do something nice for you?” Gervais asks.

“We’ve only been dating a few weeks. It is disproportionate a gift. Give me some massage vouchers, coupons for a foot rub after a hard day. Don’t try and buy me like this. Not yet.” Blue says.

“You just can’t admit that we’re here for good.” Gervais says.

“Always have an escape plan G.” Blue says and walks back inside, knowing he’s being a dick but unable to work out why and just how he’s feeling. Maybe he’s just tired and stressed about tomorrow.

Gervais stands there confused. Things have been good and in his mind marriage was on the cards. Blue clearly doesn’t see him this way, not in reality, just a casual for now boyfriend. Gervais is devastated and has no idea what to do.

Has Blue just been telling him what he wants to hear? Because he would rather be with anyone than alone? Is their chemistry all they have? Could Blue really just walk away?

Gervais sits on the floor of the old building utterly bewildered and unable to work out what to do.

Across the property Chris’s arms are high in the air, tied at the wrists to a rope tossed over a ceiling beam and getting a whupping from Larry.

Larry grins at the reddened cheeks and begins to take what is his.

Kai watches from the door his hand down his jeans. He’s never seen two guys in such an animal state, Larry isn’t saying anything but Chris is loudly responding to everything and is clearly having the time of his life.

Johnny looking for Kai comes over.

“What you doing?” Johnny asks, causing Larry to look over, he doesn’t stop his thrusting into Chris’s ass for one second and grins at the audience.

“You want a turn? He’s very accommodating.” Larry says.

“I’m not gay.” Kai says.

“Boner in your pants says you’re curious.” Larry says slowing his pace a little, making sure Kai gets a good view of his thick meat as it pushes in and out of Chris’s accommodating ass.

Johnny gasps and groans a little, he’s as excited to see Kai playing with himself as he is at the sex show from Chris and Larry.

“You want a try?” Larry asks Johnny and Chris groans.

“I uh, does he want it?” Johnny asks.

“He wants what I let him have.” Larry says.

“I want all the cock.” Chris cries out, pushing back on Larry’s dick.

“He’s begging for it.” Larry says untying Chris and bending him over a bench.

“Look at this glorious hole, don’t ya wanna get stuck in?” Larry says as Chris whimpers.

Johnny unzips his pants as he walks towards Chris. He’s not had sex in weeks, has a girl at home so avoids the brothel trips the other guys go on and well he gets off in the shower thinking of his girl or of Kai. The thought of Kai getting off over his fucking Chris is a huge turn on.

“Take it slow.” Larry whispers as he hands Johnny a rubber.

Johnny nods, his cock pulsing. Chris looks so vulnerable bent over and so fucking fuckable.

Johnny mounts Chris slowly and exhales, scared and horny. Chris is rock hard, a straight guy, or seemingly straight is in him and Larry put him there, this is the best Christmas gift ever.

“Oh yeah that’s tight.” Johnny groans as he begins to pick up speed.  He looks round at Kai who is openly jerking his meat now. The sight of his cute friend getting more and more excited sets Johnny off and he just can’t control himself, a huge shaking orgasm overcomes him and he loses his load.

Chris moans and groans and then sighs and Johnny withdraws.

“Good boy.” Larry says rubbing Chris’s ass. Chris murmurs in delight, but he needs more.

“Come fuck me Kai. I’m way more fun than your hand.” Chris says, knowing Larry won’t be pleased but fuck he needs more cock.

Kai walks over, too turned on now to turn down what is on a plate. Larry kisses his cheek and rolls the condom on for him.

Kai pushes in and groans, looking round for Johnny, this is something they are sharing but can never speak of.

Lust overtakes Kai and all self-consciousness flies away, Kai grabs Chris’s hips and starts to thrust with abandon. He has no finesse but the roughness is turning Chris on more. Larry senses Chris’s total enjoyment and moves him round so he can fuck his throat as he’s being stuffed by Kai.

“So hot.” Johnny mutters as the three blur into one. A mass of thrusts cocks and cum.







90 thoughts on “Ocean Blue 24

    1. Prematurely submit the comment, trying to erase u press sent. Anyway, I feel Blue, I know he’s reasoning. But I also feel bad for G, howeVer, he should know Blue better.

      And that last scene though. Hot. Straight person having gay sex. Hot.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Blue was an ass in this chapter after everything Gervais has done and given up yet Blue treats him like that….. He better suck up big time once he realizes he was in wrong.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. G needs to remember, they all succeeded in life – including himself due to Blue. Sure he was unique because he had money due to his parents death, but he would’ve never had what he has without Blue. Blue doesn’t owe Gervais or anyone anything and don’t worry, I won’t go down my list…. Gervais is looking for the instant happily ever after…it’s almost as if they’ve switched how they approach each other in some ways.

        Hot with Larrry and Chris Sam!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Gervais hasn’t handed over Abby’s money. Blue trusts him and while Gervais has distributed some money between the 4, he holds the purse strings…..
          Glad you liked the end part. Thought we needed a porny fantasy scene, even though ric would hate it.


                    1. I know you’re still mad about Will but it was never going to be a straight path for B&G and I don’t do happy endings. That’s not to say they won’t get married it’s not a for gone conclusion


                    2. For sure. Now, that’s not true…and don’t get mad…Peter and Alexander, Christmas Kisses are both examples of very happy endings as they are/were. I don’t think I would ever root for the two as more than friends personally – Will has/had nothing to do with that – I will always believe Blue blew that one big time. As I go back and re-read as you post to Nifty, my opinion of that grows.

                      Liked by 2 people

          1. I think it is a good thing that G still holds the purse strings. Blue is still a flight risk with the state he is in. Gervias still does say that it is Blues money though. 🤞

            Liked by 1 person

              1. If it were just G I think he would have fled after that scene. I think he knows Chris needs/will need him soon though and that could keep him around.

                Liked by 1 person

  2. Straight boys fucking is so hot!! Time for all of them to grab Blue and tie him up and take turns fucking the drama out of him lol. After 6-7 hot guys have a go at him, he should be over the funk. I am afraid to let myself get too happy with G and B, because I know something always tears them apart. It’s like they can’t both be in the same heart/head space at the same time for some reason. Now I’m sad, and still horny from the sex scene lol. Maybe I’ll jerkoff using my tears as lube Hahahaha 😘

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Maybe I need to get over the desire for a happy ending for Blue and Gervais. I wanted G eaten by sharks for so long, then I finally saw the love he has for B and started rooting for them. But life rarely has happy endings, so I guess I need to quit hoping for the fairytale lol. In the end, as long as they can remain friends I guess that’s really the important thing.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I feel under pressure over not putting fights and breakups in but not everyone meets their soul mate in college and those that think they did often end up divorced. I know it is fiction and you guys crave the romance and I’ll put some happiness in but not all the neatly tied endings that you all crave. Gotta have someone for us cynical and alone people to relate to…..

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Yea, agree. Like I said, I need to quit holding on to the hope of the fairytale and remember what life is. It’s full of ups and downs, beginnings and endings, meetings and partings, love and loss, happiness and sadness. And when we draw our last breath, we can just hope that the good outweighed the bad, and the smiles outnumbered the tears.

            So now I can just enjoy the ride and the sexy times between them all, and not worry if someone is going to do something to break them up. If it happens, it happens.

            For everything there is a season…..😘😘

            Liked by 1 person

  3. Loved the chapter Sam. The sex scene with Larry, Chris, Kai, and Johnny was awesome.

    Re-read the chapter to get my Blue feelings settled. In answer to your question, No, I don’t think the others are trying to “Buy” Blue but are just trying to help him heal. Blue is being Blue, He is the same character that you have written from the start. He does not see himself as anything special or worthy. This is compounded by seven years of shear Hell. He was never materialistic and spending this kind of money on something he believes is “frivolous” is completely in character. He is also the one who always seems to give in a relationship and looses himself as he did with George, Birch and to a lesser extent Will. Lastly it has been at most 4 months since Ocean found him and I think right now he is waiting for someone to show up and “snap his pencils.”

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I think so too, he doesn’t believe it’s real right now.
      Glad you liked the sexytime😈😈
      Blue has a lot of healing to do and Gervais needs to remember who Blue is in reality and help him.


  4. Love love love the Kai and Johnny fucking Chris. The visual I had……thanks for a hot scene. As for a Blue and Gervais, let them finally have some drama free love. They both deserve it.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Glad you enjoyed the cheeky little chapter. I’d bet Kai and Johnny will be enjoying each other soon enough too😈😈😈 I want B&G to earn it, to put the effort in and get over the obstacles together.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Straight bois gone wild!!!! Poor blue, he just can’t accept that people love him and want to do things for him. I can see myself in him with his poor self esteem.this was a good chapter Sam. BTW tried baking cookies and burnt them😭😭😭

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oy told you to take some time to wallow first. Try again tomorrow, my markoz will probs eat around the burned bits.

      Do you think Blue is consciously putting the brakes on? Is everyone trying to control him? Or is it just love from the others?


      1. I like it when you get bossy and britishy. I’m making chili now though!I don’t think its entirely a conscious reaction. I think its more like he is so battered and beaten after seven years he may think he doesn’t deserve to be happy.

        Liked by 1 person

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