Ocean Blue 26

“So how can we fix this?” Gervais asks as Larry and Blue come in to the house.

“Sell up and split the money four ways.” Blue says.

“You have to stop running sometime bro.” Chris says.

“I would rather live alone than with you three.” Blue says.

“So, we buy you out.” Gervais says wondering how far and how hard he should push Blue.

“Fine, you have 30 days.” Blue says.

“No. No, we agreed we’d stay together.” Chris says.

“The novelty of being around people I know has worn off. This joint venture isn’t what I want. I don’t want to be making coffee and cake all day for forever. I don’t want to be cleaning up after you because we have different standards of cleanliness.

You guys supported me when I was at rock bottom, I appreciate that, I really do. But it feels like you only did it so I could be ready to work here. I left a job where I was working all hours and barely existing outside of it and I didn’t expect the same here.

What I got is worse. 7 days a week and not 6 and cleaning up after you guys on top of it. Then you tell me I’m not doing enough and have to teach yoga on top of that but make out like you’re doing me a favor. When I don’t act overjoyed I get dumped and lumbered with Christmas dinner, and all the clean-up and you didn’t even save me a plate, or apologize.

I’ll never get a boyfriend with Gervais living here, never have a life of my own without you three knowing all about it. This arrangement does not work for me. I am getting nothing out of it. I have less freedom and less money. It sucks.” Blue says laying everything on the table.

“No one asked you to teach yoga and I didn’t dump you over that. You weren’t the only one working long hours.” Gervais says.

“But I was the one without choices. What did I get to choose for the house? A bed, which I had no choice over and the kitchen equipment, because you all expect me to cook for you. Who didn’t get to choose their car, or phone, or even underwear? You all treat me like a toddler and your mother at the same time.” Blue says getting more wound up.

“What are you talking about?” Larry asks.

“You three went out and bought yourselves nice new cars, and left me with the rust bucket, no discussion. I wasn’t worthy of a new car, because I wasn’t going anywhere.” Blue says.

“You don’t care about cars.” Chris says.

“That’s right I’m the runt who brings in the money and keeps you comfortable and shuts up. I will not live like this. Being dismissed and treated as lesser. Not even included in the discussion of budget, I don’t count.” Blue says.

“Gervais gave us all money to get started we used some of that to get the spec we wanted.” Larry says.

“So, you three discussed budget and getting cars and left me out. Who decided that it was me to be left with what we had?” Blue asks and is met with silence.


“Seems to me you all see me as the employee and not a full partner. And Gervais dumping me has reinforced that. I quit. Like I said you’ve 30 days to buy me out. I’ll work the early shift in the café until then and then I’ll be gone.” Blue says.

“Gervais should go. I’m not losing you.” Chris says.

“Gervais is bank rolling you.” Blue says rolling his eyes.

“We can get jobs and support ourselves.” Larry says.

“Can you two leave us alone to talk?” Gervais asks quietly.

“Just get him to stay.” Chris says getting up.

“You’ve re-written history and you know it. You couldn’t make a decision about socks let alone a car or anything else. I was by your side most of the time and we had down time during the day without customers. Yes it got crazy and yes we dropped the ball and I’m sorry you feel marginalized but all our focus has been on you.” Gervais says.

“It was and I didn’t expect it to stay that way but you did all cut me out. You had time to cut me out, the cars, the studio and the other Christmas gifts. I didn’t get the same down time that you three did. Dress it up as being essential if you want to but you deliberately cut me out of major purchases and minor.” Blue says.

“We won’t do it again and you can get a new car.” Gervais shrugs.

“The problem is, I don’t want to go cap in hand to you when I want a car.” Blue says.

“l never thought you’d get this hung up about money.” Gervais says.

“When you’ve lost everything you ever had and your chance to ever replace it your perspective changes. It isn’t about the car, I don’t care about the car. I think what you three bought was a huge waste of money and I dislike that I was cut out of the decision. You dumped me out the blue and cut me off.

Sure I was keeping away but you didn’t once get up early to talk to me while I did prep or make any attempt at an apology before you summoned me over Tommy and AB.” Blue says.

“You said some really hurtful things and I needed some space to process them. To work out where we were headed.” Gervais says.

“And you decided on nowhere and forgot to tell me.” Blue says.

“You disappeared.” Gervais says.

“I’m horribly unhappy and alone again. Disappearing is what I do when I don’t have anyone to pull me back.” Blue says.

“You overestimated my strength.” Gervais says.

“So we’re done. I can’t stay here and not be with you. You could travel and go home, no harm done. You could get on with your life now you’re not waiting around for me.” Blue says.

“You think it’s that easy?” Gervais asks.

“Sorry I’m being so selfish, of course I messed up, I should be the one to start over, with no money and no friends but I’ll be okay.” Blue says sarcastically.

“Blue that isn’t fair.” Gervais says.

“l don’t know what you want me to do. I can’t stay if you stay. I need some money to start over. But you don’t seem to want to buy me out of here. I guess I need to sell my paintings.” Blue says and suddenly feels a little better. He has an asset he can sell and get going now.

“So, you’re leaving? I can’t get you to stay?” Gervais asks.

“You don’t want me. I’m not your dream Blue, I’m the defective version and you don’t want me this way. You ended this. You left me alone. You left me.” Blue says trying to blink back the tears.

“You pushed me away. You hurt me. You belittled our relationship. You ruined us.” Gervais fights back.

“So, let me go.” Blue says.

“Fine. 30 days. I will buy you out in 30 days.” Gervais says.

Blue gets up and stretches and heads to the bathroom. He soaks in the tub for a long time. Not caring if he’s using all the water. He knew this would never last. It was stupid to make plans, to have dreams. Dark thoughts cross Blue’s mind as he dips his head under the water but he shakes them away, gets out and dressed with clothes he’s been keeping in the bathroom cupboard since he no longer has a room or bed.

“Where are you going?” Chris asks as Blue heads out of the house.

“To bed.” Blue says.

“Where? A hotel?” Chris asks.

“l have no money for a hotel. I can afford one more tank of gas and I’ll be stone broke.” Blue says.

“Gervais gave us all money.” Chris says.

“Not all of us. And I’m not being paid for the café work, not even all those Christmas pie orders. 30 days and I’ll be free from this slavery.” Blue says.

“You won’t stay for me?” Chris asks.

“What have you ever done for me?” Blue asks.

“l changed. I changed for you.” Chris says.

“Thing is, I changed too.” Blue says and heads out to his car.

“Why hasn’t Blue been paid anything for the Christmas orders? I thought we agreed that we would split the profit. It isn’t fair that you gave us money and not Blue, even if you were in a fight. And you didn’t give him the start up cash. Why not? Why didn’t you tell us? He’s hurting for gas money and we’re swanning round in new cars.” Chris says realizing the extent of what is going on.

“He’s lying.” Gervais says.

“Blue doesn’t lie. He exaggerates and he misrepresents things but he doesn’t lie. He is sleeping in his car because he can’t afford a hotel. You are holding the purse strings and he has been working for nothing, he hasn’t even got a roof over his head or a bed since you dumped him. You have lied to us and it isn’t fair. No wonder he went postal.” Chris says.

“What’s up?” Larry asks.

“Scrooge here hasn’t given Blue a penny since we got here.” Chris says.

“Why not? Well that explains the rage. I know we’re not exactly minting it from the café but you gave us money from the pies. Why not Blue who did all the work?” Larry asks.

“And the money from Abby, that is his money. You can’t give it away to us and not let him see it. You are warped in the head and I am losing my brother over it.” Chris says angrily.

“l did give him the money. Both lots. I’ll call the bank tomorrow and find out what went wrong.” Gervais says feeling awful.

“You better.” Chris says.

“Did he say much when you went to find him earlier?” Gervais asks Larry.

“No he was pretty hostile. I felt bad that I’d not bothered before. We all know he’s in a bad way and we’re leaving him to freeze every night. We could have bought another bed for him. We could have taken him coffee. We all talked about this, that we couldn’t expect him to just suddenly be better and he isn’t and worse still it turns out all these slights are not just in his head.” Larry says.

“I’ll go and get him. It is no issue for me to sleep on the couch, it’s plenty big enough for me. You’re right we should have been watching out for him doing this, for him finding any excuse to do it.” Gervais says and heads out.

It doesn’t take long for Gervais to find Blue parked up at the lake. He’s taken the spare clicker for the car so Blue can’t keep him out.

“Babe I am sorry about the money. I had no idea the transfers hadn’t worked for you. I will call the bank first thing. You need to come back to the house. You can have the bed, the soft id comfy for me.” Gervais says gently, all his anger and hurt from before is gone.

“I like waking up out here.” Blue says.

“Your back will prefer waking in a bed.” Gervais says.

“I guess.” Blue says.

“You have to talk to me, to all of us, you can’t let things build up. We should have behaved better, all of us and let you tell us when a decision was too much and give you the option of being included. We don’t know you as well as we did and we have to stop thinking we know best. Whether you stay or go please talk to us. Please.” Gervais says.

“It all feels too late.” Blue says.

“Come back to the house. We’ll shop for a bed tomorrow. Me and you, we’ll have a nice day, lunch out and a movie or something.” Gervais says.

“We’re not friendly enough for a date like that, but it sounds really nice. Thank you.” Blue says and squeezes Gervais hand.



69 thoughts on “Ocean Blue 26

  1. And now everyone can see just what happens when there is no real communication. EVERYONE is at fault.

    It does not help a situation, like this one, when individuals to not even pay attention to what is really being said. In the heat of an argument it is easy to miss hearing what is being said; and when one reads chapters of a story when tempers and feelings are somewhat explosive what is really being said is missed.

    Communication makes a huge difference in what happens and the outcomes of various events. Think back to many other chapters and the argument and commentaries were mostly due to a lack of honest communication. Which means everyone is at fault.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mark- exactly!! I swear they have to work at it to sling it that far!! And then to just walk away knowing it’s everywhere….HOW CAN YOU DO THAT?????

    Sam- hahaha, well being single does have its advantages. If you don’t feel like cleaning, then you don’t have to. I just can’t rest if there is clutter. It honestly makes me nervous to see clutter. I don’t mind their desks being cluttered doing homework, but once finished, then everything should go back to where it belongs. I’m like how do you stand this??? I once found a plate under the pillow on my sons bed. My mind can’t even wrap around that. Or I’ll find a sock in his bed (I know what it’s for, but damn son the hamper is two feet away….put your kids in there!!!). Don’t get me started on my lawn haha. Has to all be cut in one direction with perfect lines. I know….I need help😩

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Same here with the lawn!! My son cuts the lawn when he’s here for the summer. One time he went around the edge and worked his way in. When I came home from work I lost it! 😂

      Liked by 2 people

          1. Working on my lawn is my therapy time ha. I love being outside, digging in the dirt, planting flowers and shrubs, cutting the grass. I always have 2-3 new projects waiting for me once I complete one. That type of dirt doesn’t bother me. It’s “Gods dirt” so it’s ok hahaha. But, you can bet I make a dash for the shower once I’m finished!

            Liked by 2 people

              1. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻. Any time!!!

                I miss my yard work. I’ve recently had all my floors replaced, so I’ve spent days trying to get my house back into order. I can’t stand it when it’s not organized. My home is small, but when you have 2,300 sq ft of floors redone, I would swear it is 10x that. Where did I get all this stuff?!?!? My house isn’t big enough for all this crap 😩😩😩

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  3. Great Chapter, Many issues coming to the fore and explaining a lot of hard feelings. While I can see a lot of wrong being done on Both sides I agree more with Marcus and Jack that Blue is really being a dick in this situation. First, If the money is not in your account, Say, Where is my share of the pie money, and Abby’s money? Second, I thought they said the yoga studio was for Blue to do his personal yoga in, and classes in the future “if he wanted to.” Third, don’t B and G, and C and L have separate bathrooms attached to there bedrooms? Why is B cleaning C and L’s bathroom anyway? But the lines of communication are finally opening, lets see what happens in 30 days.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Aww it was going so well Blue finally stood up for himself then Gervais the virus had to sweet talk his way back in sigh he’s a controlling abusive person even if he doesn’t know he is, He’s abusive to blue mentally, he controls all the money and everything that blue made for them all. he still hasn’t given blue Abby’s letter to him (which might come later?) and won’t share profits from the cafe or anything else that’s a type of mental abuse. It’s sad people are like this a friend of mine was in a relationship like this they both worked but their husband controlled all the money and she was forced to live off cup of noodles and didn’t have money to buy a 50 cent soda the solution was send money and told them to leave and they did they filed a divorce and moved out took a while to get back to normal but everything is better now, so please people don’t let others control you like this, and its probably subconsciously why I defend blue and hate Gervais

    Liked by 2 people

  5. I really don’t like the whiny bitchy Blue. You can’t run every time life gets hard. He’s acting like a spoilt brat. He’s blaming everyone for everything and once again never accepts responsibility for his own situation. He felt himself falling in love again and he can’t deal with it so he’s going to once again shit on it and run.

    G has more patience with him than I would. I would have told him to go to hell and fuck himself. G has done everything he can to make life better for him, he didn’t have to leave or didn’t have to fund their dream. He chose to and now Blue is being an ungrateful little toad.

    I love how you can produce such strong feelings in all of us lol. I swear these people are real!! 😍😂😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think Will is the problem too, he’s upset about the loss…he knows that G is toxic, but will still take him back, because he’s self abusive. While he is being bitchy…but minus G’sparents money, his big money is all on Blue’s back.
      The others are letting Blue do all the work man!

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Blue works as much as he wants. He was able to set the limit on pies, and cheesecakes he would make for Christmas. He was able to determine how many soups he wanted to sell. He’s the one who decided the school function had to be elegant and not just cookies and coffee. He’s the one who wanted to expand breakfast options in the cafe. All the work he is doing is work he chose to do. He made up the Seniors discount and lunch options too. It’s all his idea to expand and to offer so many choices. If he can’t handle it, then he should have said so and not pouted like a little baby after the fact. He needs to own his issues and not blame everyone else. He may be working hard but I don’t remember anyone telling him he had to do it all. They all trusted him and when he said he wanted to do something, they supported him. He’s just being a drama queen at this point. If any of this bothered him, he had months to say so, but he didn’t. He bottles it up and then explodes like a two year old child that needs a spanking.

        Liked by 2 people

  6. Whilst i agree blue is right that they need to do more and clean up after themseleves he also needs to remember that whilst he was working in the cafe, Chris and Larry was ou scouing local farms/ pricing up chickens/ making he chicken run etc so they could all start on the next phase

    Also as for G and Blue they have always had issues communicating and that is something that they will have to work on if they continue to try to make the relationship work.

    I also think this is going to be the start of Chris losing the grip on his own issues and we may start to see him crack, seeing his brother meltdown and trying to get him back on his feet he may forget to keep a lid on his own emotions etc.

    Either way its an ejoyable read and I am looking forward to seeing where you take them, oh and the possibilty of seeing Birch again could also provide Gervaise with some jealousy issues mwahahahahahahaha

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Oh I never thought it would be plain sailing where is the fun/drama in that. If it all went well people would get bored of the story after awhile.

        The struggles the twins went through will take ages to heal and I get the impression we haven’t even started to scratch the surface of what happened to them

        Liked by 2 people

  7. I might be the only one, but idc if I ride solo. Blue is being a whiny brat about this. This all could have been resolved if he had the balls he has right now to say what he felt from the start. Gervais took care of him when he was a sickly shell of himself and he turns it around like Gervais is an evil control freak when all he did was step up and make the decisions Blue himself was too much in a dark place to make. Like get ya head out ya ass. Gervais has changed. It is Blue who needs to learn to stop running and sitting quietly like people want to actually hurt him. Newsflash, Gervais already has the money to be set for life. He does not need you to make more, so whatever he does clearly is meant to be what he thinks you want to do. So tell him what you really wanna do. Don’t expect someone who doesn’t know what’s best for you to go out and buy food and then be pissed if they get something you’re allergic to. Ain’t nobody got time to invest in hurting Blue purposefully, all of them are trying to figure out their own lives as best they can just like he does.

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  8. noooooo, not again!!! don’t go back there, Blue. of course G can explain everything away. please B stay strong, no more G. he’s sooo bad for you. the chapter started so strong. B with backbones! and than he lets himself get roped in by G again. no, just, no, don’t do this to Blue. Blue needs new focus, new friends and a new older boyfriend, a hot and caring one.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. whatever you like, just not beginning with G, C, L, R, A, W, B, N. hope didn’t miss any of his old friend starting letters. just choose from the rest of the alphabet 😉


  9. Blue is depressing the hell out of me. Plus he is being a little bitch. Look at how much Chris wants him around. Chris wants a relationship with his brother and he gets pissy because of a bit of money. If blue wasn’t so damn caught up in his little pity party and talked it out with everyone he wouldn’t be in this mess.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Or Blue could have told them he’s cleaned up after them enough, clean your own shet. He chose to do it. He chose not to say anything about anything until it blew up. While his points are valid, he has to take responsibility for his own well-being first and not sit alone in a car in negative energy constantly thinking bad thoughts that aren’t true. That is what poor communication does, prolong misunderstandings. You can’t expect people to know what’s best for you, you have to say what’s best for you.

        Liked by 2 people

    1. I’m sorry, but Blue is pretty much in the right here. G, C and L ALL had money, bought fancy new cars, etc. without discussing it. Blue had nothing in his name. They are counting on Blue to move everything forward and it sounds like he’s at his wits end.

      I’m sorry, but G had to notice (as much as his type checks his bank accounts) that the money didn’t go through…I personally think that it was his way to control the situation – why did Blue need money if they were together and G would just pay. CONTROL!

      Shame on all of them! Should Blue leave – maybe. They should have all stepped up and done their fair share. Blue shouldn’t need to have a melt down for everyone to ‘see the light’.

      Will had an insight to Blue that no one you’ve ever written has had. He knew when Blue was doing to much or people were taking advantage of him. AND he called Blue out on it! G will never be able to do that – it’s not in his nature.

      Part of my issue Sam with these ‘blow-ups’ is we do get connected to the other characters…now investing in new people all the time – especially central characters is tough. We miss our ‘friends’.

      Liked by 2 people

        1. Good to know. Sad that G hasn’t really changed. Blue keeps going back though, hopefully he’ll learn some day. The original guys always want to control the situation with Blue…shame as they all owe him their success in one way or another – not just money wise either. Other than Spence I would say, he seemed to understand how much Blue gave them all in one way or another.

          Liked by 1 person

            1. I don’t know…you would’ve thought after losing Blue to Will and then to the mob he’d have learned.

              He may have tried to atone for what he had done in the past, when Blue moved the first time, but he hasn’t learned how to be an adult with Blue. He did for everyone else, but Blue. UGH!

              Liked by 2 people

      1. exactly the way i feel. Blue has to blow up and in the end he even get’s blamed, that his so called friends did take advantice of him again. they just have lame, bad, sorry excuses for the way they behaved and treated Blue. Blue not having any moneymwas definitly G way to control him.

        Liked by 2 people

            1. True! The cleaning issue reminds me of the last summer when they lived in Blue’s house. Remember what slobs G, Robin and Spence were? G more than anyone should’ve remembered that.

              Liked by 1 person

                  1. I don’t know how they can stand to live in filth. I know I’m OCD, but I can’t handle messy houses. My housekeeper has told me several times she feels like she’s scamming me because there isn’t much for her to do because the house is always clean when she gets here. Oh and God forbid something not smell good. Smells kill me!!! My sons sports kits, daughters gymnastic gear…..all have special places in the garage, and special hampers for laundry. Do NOT bring stuff that stinks inside 😂😂 My kids probably will need therapy when they’re older from living with me Hahahaha. 😳😬🙄

                    Liked by 2 people

                    1. Me either! Kitchen and bathrooms are the worst for me. I wipe down the counters constantly! My husband thinks I’m weird that way! My son is a slob though – I think it’s his way of rebelling against my OCD. LOL!

                      Liked by 2 people

                    2. It’s my grandmother’s fault..I can also iron like no one else ever! When I vacuum my area rug it has to show the marks just right (no carpet ever)! I’m such a mess!

                      Liked by 1 person

                    3. Yes, I’m home thank God! Hubby has his surgery next Wednesday, so I’m not traveling until June. We did find some good news, he doesn’t have to stay overnight in the hospital. I’ve got a shitty day and I’m so ready for this week be over! Yay for you! Where are you going, anywhere fun?

                      Liked by 2 people

                    4. Right there with you! Kitchen and bathrooms are the worst for me. My kitchen is spotless. Well, I never cook so that helps lol. But I can’t go to bed at night if there is even a dirty spoon in the sink.

                      I have yet to figure out how kids get more toothpaste on the sink than they do in their mouths!! Both of their bathrooms are like Normandy for me. I go in fully prepared and ready for battle! And they are teens!! Late teens actually! Grrrrrrr

                      Liked by 2 people

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