43 thoughts on “More cooking show chat

                    1. Oh I saw when I was checking for the commenter who didn’t like emails on comments that I’ve no email subscribers anymore 😥maybe I’ve flipped a switch when flipping out. Can I kiss you better?


                    2. Someone always messes that one up with their non existent strategy. Let’s get lamb and veg and have 10min to cook in. Doh. Thanks for making me smile.😘😘


                    3. I caught up boo. Ray was a doofus, the little Asian girl and inexperienced idiot but the team that lost had chance upon chance to do something else, scrap it and start over and they did nothing. Didn’t try and make a salad with maple bacon or maybe sweet potato fries with a maple mayo dipping sauce there was loads they could do but they all just stood there and stirred a bit. Idiots.


                    4. Michelle pissed me off as she screwed up the great work Sarah and Tamara did lucky they didn’t go into Elimination…… Bettina concept was stupid and even though everyone else had doubts they were like sheep lol

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                    5. Bettina should go but I think the rest of the team were stupid to not get a clue and continue down the path. They could all go and I’d not miss them.


                    6. not yet…. Last season I noticed they had two types of time Auction one where they action for three items against their competitors and one where they pick the pantry and depends on one they pick depends on time in that one they could all use same pantry techically.

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                    7. I’m on the bus heading to the shops and it was stopped outside Godiva and I could see the shop person dipping strawberries in chocolate. Yum. Hungry now, want to go somewhere?


  1. I just read George used to do Ready steady cook. I loved that show when I was a student. A friend went on it once, I didn’t get to be in the audience, but I did when he was on the weakest link.


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