Ocean Blue 31

“Are you okay with me taking another day off? Sorry it lands you in it.” Blue says to Gervais as he packs up some things.“I am delighted. You take some time for yourself, get some sleep, eat some nice food and forget about us lot. I love you and you have been amazing for me the last few weeks.” Gervais says.

“I won’t do anything with Birch. I’m still yours.” Blue says.

“I trust you. You would never cheat on me. I’m going to take Tommy to a movie after school tomorrow. I am worried about any fall out from what has happened. I promised AB I’d keep an eye on him.” Gervais says.

“That sounds good. I do love you. I know we’re on shaky ground and Birch isn’t helping in some ways and is in others. We just need to go slow for a bit.” Blue says.

“We knew it wouldn’t be a straight line. I have probably pushed too much because it was going so well. Call me anytime.” Gervais says and hugs Blue and kisses him hard. Blue stiffens for a second, Birch’s words echoing in his head and then he melts into the kiss. He loves Gervais and sorting out the practicalities isn’t going to stop that. He knows Gervais isn’t the same guy he was and he trusts that he loves him.

Blue looks at Gervais about to tell him about the lawyer and then holds back. He isn’t sure why. Gervais hasn’t hidden the money but he has held tightly to the purse strings and Blue wants the facts before he confronts Gervais.

Birch and Chris come in and Chris heads to the bathroom to wash his face,

“What’s up?” Blue asks.

“I think I unlocked a dam over Bea. I was honest about how she’s been, showed him some pictures and offered to pass on a message and he lost it. He’s fine, he needs to let it all out.” Birch says.

“I’ll go check on him, can you wait?” Blue asks.

“Sure.” Birth says.

“Hey bro.” Blue says. Chris turns and grabs Blue in a hug and resumes his sobbing. The flood waters are truly coming through and Blue reconsiders his night away.

“I have been thinking of her as an ice-cold bitch and let myself think she was nothing to me. But sh’s our sister, our triplet and we might never see her again. She’s trapped, might be a gilded cage but it is a cage and we can’t help. We’re just as trapped.” Chris says.

“We can sort something out via Birch if you want to see her.” Blue says gently.

“No, I have you and Larry, that is two more people than a long time. Gervais too and the guys here are becoming friends. I’m going to be okay. I think we’ll close up today and have a wallow, all of us.” Chris says.

“I’ll get Gervais to help Larry close. You run a bath and steal all my stuff. I’m off to a hotel and I get to have a salt scrub and haircut. I’m looking forward to it.” Blue says.

“Go make yourself look pretty. He’s a good guy Birch. He’ll keep an eye on Bea for us and we can always contact him via his agent if we need to contact Bea, which gives me peace of mind, even if I never intend to speak to her.” Chris says.

“You’ll be okay with me gone? I can stay if you want to talk.” Blue says.

“I’ve got Larry and he understands about missing a sibling. I’m going to plunder your supplies of ice-cream and cookies and watch action movies that you hate on our giant tv.” Chris grins.

“You can let go to me. You don’t need to worry about me breaking, I might be china right now but I have a steel core.” Blue says.

“We’re all a mess, but together. Have a good time and if you like the barber make me an appointment for next week.” Chris says.

“Sure, we’ll be looking super handsome in no time.” Blue grins and gives Chris a hug which sets him off sniffling again.

“Go, go. I will be fine. We’ll have some bro time when you get back.” Chris says pushing Blue out the door.

“He’ll be okay, you all will in time.” Birch says.

“I’m on my way. Thanks for helping Chris today. I expect him to hit bottom in a week or so. He’s really thinking about things now. I had to face things earlier with Will being married and everything.” Blue says.

“Have you really let him go, even though Aled was a fake?” Birch asks.

“I do love Gervais. I always come back to him. Not that he’s my backup but I never fully fall out of love with him. He always keeps a part of my heart and he has done so much for me. I know you’re all cynical about it and you think he’s isolating me but I struggle in busy places. I am always looking over my shoulder and in this area people notice if you take a shit later in the day than usual. It’s like home, a stranger would be noticed. I feel like Chris and I are safe.” Blue says.

“I was super mad at G and Chris, because you’re a mess and then I saw Chris is a mess too and Gervais has just been hit from his past and I am sorry I doubted him over that. I know Larry has been struggling. I’m worried about all of you but I’m not mad at them over you now.” Birch says.

“Did you know Larry? I guess you’ve been around because of the art project with Jeremy and Roe.” Blue says.

“Yeah he was a beneficial friend when I was in town. Jeremy was such a creeper, Roe and I moved the project away from his company with Abby and Spence’s help. I appreciated the showing he got me and introducing all his friends with deep pockets but hell I couldn’t be associated with someone who tried to take dick pics of every young guy in the bathroom. Students of mine and Roe. Ugh.” Birch says.

“I really liked him and Saul but he sure did have a creepy side and he had a thing for Gervais.” Blue says.

“It sucks having to be nice to creepy people with money, lucky for me it is better for me now. I am so lucky that you introduced me to Spence, Magnus and DeShawn. All of them introduced buyers to me who have become collectors and I get to do these tours and show my art with sponsors falling over themselves to facilitate it. I know that meeting you was the luckiest day of my life and I owe you a lot.” Birch says.

“You are talented. So talented. I love everything you’ve done, like ever, even your dark post Joe period. That painting of the lake at home was amazing and it made me feel so much. You know a lot of people got rich off of my hard work and seeds I sowed but I don’t count you in that. I don’t feel like you exploited me and me leaving.” Blue says.

“You’re talking about Andy and Robin and all those soup and ice-cream people? Andy has been a dick for a while. I spoke to Robin a bit recently and he’s not in a great place but he’s happy in his new job.” Birch says.

“I fucked up with him. He did take advantage of me being gone, but I get that someone had to and I’d probably rather him or G or Ollie than anyone else. Is this the hotel?” Blue asks eyes wide, he’d not been with it enough to appreciate the hotels they stayed in over the last few months.

“Yeah my manager said we have connecting rooms. She moved my stuff for me. Is that okay?” Birch asks.

“Yeah, I don’t like to be alone. I was sleeping in my car recently and it was hard. I liked running alone and yoga but waking up alone, well you know I’ve always hated in and I have had years of it. Now I remember how it is to be around people I love it is essential for me to not be alone.” Blue says.

“Here I’ll prop these doors open. We can start out in one room anyway.” Birch says and Blue smiles.

“I love how everyone acts like I wasn’t gone, in terms of friendship I mean. Except Andy. You’re acting like we were friends the whole time.” Blue says.

“In my head we were. I know you didn’t think of me. But you were in my thoughts all the time. It was hard to lose you and not be a part of the inner group so not able to grieve in the same way. Willow and I missed you and we talk about you a lot. You’re everywhere at home.” Birch says.

“Are you friends with everyone?” Blue asks as they lie next to each other on Birch’s bed.

“Pretty much. Robin and I bang occasionally. Ever since that birthday threeway we’ve had chemistry. I know that look, what sexy thoughts are you having?” Birch asks.

“Just before I left we were planning a threesome with me, Robin and Will. Actually G wanted it to be a four way but Will would never have gone for that. I tried to block everything about Will out of my mind, especially after the trial when I wasn’t allowed home. But occasionally I’d be jerking off and that threeway would pop into my head and it was the best sex ever, even though it never happened. Did you fuck Robin?” Blue asks horny and curious.

“No, he still keeps that cherry. He still gives the best head and I love taking it from him.” Birch says.

“I’m jealous. G and I have great sex, we always did but I wish I got to have that threeway. I wish I could have been with Will one more time.” Blue says.

“Tell me what happens.” Birch says pushing Blue’s hair out of his eyes.

“I got everyone to fuck off for the night and invited Robin round. The three of us shared a bottle of Spence’s good wine. I miss that wine.” Blue sighs.

“Lets order up the most expensive bottle from room service.” Birch says.

“Don’t you have an event to get to.” Blue says.

“No, I’ll order the wine, lets get comfy and have story time.” Birch grins.

“You have to spill too. I want to hear about how good Robin’s ass still tastes.” Blue says.

“And how pretty Will’s dick still is?” Birch asks.

“You had Will?” Blue asks.

“No, I would never have done that to you. But I saw it once or twice.” Birch grins.

“It was all pink. He was cut but it wasn’t two tone.” Blue sighs stripping down to his underwear. Blue grins as Birch does the same, this is going to be fun.

The wine arrives and they pour a glass each and settle back down.

“So the three of you are sat at the big table in the kitchen sharing a bottle of good wine.” Birch says stroking himself over his underwear.

“I tell Will I owe Robin a good sucking as we always get blow jobs on birthdays. And Will grins at me and says why don’t we go to our room, he says he loves fucking me bent over the table but he wants to be in our big comfy bed if he’s getting a sexy show. He’s totally up for it which surprises me, we’ve not been in to sharing much.” Blue begins.

“Did you always imagine the full setup?” Birch asks.

“Yeah, I’d edge for hours imagining the whole thing.” Blue smiles.

“Go on, you’ve got me hard already.” Birch says.

“That was never difficult. Anyway we go up to our room and Will strips to his underwear. He has the most perfect body. Always hard to control myself when Will had his shirt off. Robin and I strip each other and I go down on his little dick first.

Never bothered me that he was smaller, it’s a nice disk and so responsive. He never lets me suck him for long, not straight off and he pushes me on to the bed and dives between my legs and licks and kisses the whole area, he’s amazing and I’m moaning gently and looking from Robin to Will and feeling lucky. I move my head and start to tongue at Will’s underwear. He’s smiling and I’m giving him puppy eyes.

He pulls his dick out for me and I’m groaning what what Robin is doing and then I begin work on Will. Sexual contact with Will is always intense for me. I love tasting him, love it.” Blue says breathless for a moment.

“I bet you look hot and Robin is doing a great job.” Birch says stroking his hard dick as Blue does the same to his own, moaning a little, eyes closed.

“He is but I really need to get fucked. I need them. I tell them, beg them to fuck me, they lie me on my back and I hold my legs up, they take it in turns to eat me, stroking me, kissing my legs and thighs, it is so sensual and I am going crazy. I am begging one of them to sit on my face but they ignore me. Will starts to fuck me first and I am moaning like crazy, he puts a finger in too and I yelp in surprise and amazement and then they shift and they’re both pushing in to me and it is crazy. I feel pain and pleasure and so much love, I can’t believe that my boyfriend and best friend are taking such good care of me.

Robin moves up to me and let me eat his ass as Will continues to pump me with his gorgeous cock. I am in total heaven. Will is grunting with eat thrust and Robin is moaning, content, as I eat him up. I have never, ever felt so good.

I start to cum, totally out of control and black out. It is just too intense for me to process.” Blue says.

“And how do they finish?” Birch asks, his dick pulsing in his hand, so close.

“Will keeps pumping in to me, I’m still hard and loving it and Robin moves to fuck Will and I cum a second time as Robin fills Will and Will fills me. Fuck, its so hot. It is always so fucking hot.” Blue says covered in cum.

They look at each other’s sticky bodies and laugh.

“So hot.” Birch says and grabs a towel to clean up.

“This wine is great.” Blue says taking a long drink.

“You say you never fell out of love with Gervais, but it sounds like you still love Will too.” Birch says.


82 thoughts on “Ocean Blue 31

  1. I want that three way. Or you know what my perfect orgy with Blue, Chris, Will, Robin and Birch. Go away Gervais. Or you know what, you can watch but not participating.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. THAT, was freaking hot!

    Also, still #teamwill.

    I can’t help but think of Gervais as a “mystery gift with purchase.” You have to buy in, not knowing what you’re going to get until the last minute. And I’m pretty sure he has herpes.

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Is your name Logan for real real (not for play play)?

        My imaginary future ex-boyfriend that I masturbate to is called Logan. He rides a motorbike and is ambidextrous with a devious tongue.

        Liked by 2 people

          1. That boy is an adorable puppy!

            The top bloke is bloody hot, until I saw the dragon tattoo.

            I love hooking up with a dude that looks so rough and wondering if he’ll choke me and dump my body in a ravine. It’s so romantic.

            Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m glad I’m working from home today after reading that!! 🙈💦💦💦

    I want Robin’s dick!! And his ass. I know some like the big dicked guys but I much prefer the normal sized guys. I can do so much more with them haha.

    My fantasy stories would be of course naughty Public School lads, but also hot gymnasts, or sexy straight Chav boys going at it. And then of course my business men in their suits having to share a room on a business trip. Good grief, I’m turned on by just about anything and everything hahaha. My ULTIMATE fantasy story is an autobiographical story of one of Sammy’s hottest, all-time favorite fucks. Hehehe😍😍😘😁

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Oh holy crap!! That’s hot!!! I can just see the hot chav standing there rubbing the big bulge in his track suit. I’m assuming it was late at night? Those shops seem like they would be quite busy.

        I would have busted a nut just walking past and seeing you with that big chav dick down your throat. Damn….hard again lol 🍆

        Liked by 3 people

              1. It was a rough night last night. He’s drugged up…you know, the medical community does a big disservice – they had given him a nerve block for the surgery…he felt on top of the world and was even walking around 2 hours after the surgery…fast forward 24 hours later when we arrived home, it wore off and he’s in a lot of pain. He’s got a 3 inch incision along his spine, so hey cut him open good. Fortunately he’s got some good drugs! He finally ate just a bit ago..crossing fingers here!

                Liked by 2 people

                  1. Thank babe. exactly…he’s got some comparable drugs, but they make him loopy…the most hilarious thing is he can’t lift, bend or twist or pick anything up over 10 lbs…he can’t work out, drive or any aerobic exercise until his followup – but he can start having sex as soon as he feels like it!!! LOL! I’m such a pig!

                    Liked by 2 people

                1. I hope he is okay! Recovery after a surgery like that takes a while, and pain will come and go, hopefully more of the latter and less of the former. Be patient. Sam’s stories helped me through the rough (boring as I couldn’t move much) times after my neck surgery last summer. He got me hooked on Blue! Haha. 🤗🤗🤗🤗
                  It took 3 years of pain and going from specialist to specialist before I was able to have surgery. Be patient. And…remember…pain meds can make one unstable psychologically/mentally. Be patient…he may say or do things that don’t make sense, hurt, or that he doesn’t mean. Just be patient.


                    1. Well robin will be getting that cherry popped by blue while blue is getting taken by will. Meanwhile Robin is eating out G who is blowing birch while blue sucks on g’s tiny feet.

                      Liked by 3 people

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