Ocean Blue 32

Birch wakes and stares at Blue who is sleeping naked on top of the covers. They didn’t need the extra room. Blue has severe morning wood and Birch licks his lips wishing he could suck and ride. Last night was fun. They got off and talked a lot about the last few years.Birch found Blue so easy top talk to, it was almost like before they got together when they were kinda dating. Bitch stares at Blue’s body and winces a little. He was so built and hot when they were together with glowing skin. He’s not unattractive now, he never could be but he isn’t Blue, not even an older version.

Blue wakes and stretches and laughs at his dick as it bounces.

“I’m gonna pee and try not to hit the ceiling.” Blue says getting out of bed.

Birch admires his high tight ass as he walks away. Rolls on to his back and sighs. How did he fuck that one up so badly. Not just their break up but after. Man he was a cunt back then.

Blue comes back, at half mast and flops back on the bed.

“Tell me about being with Robin. Or how you saw Will’s dick. Or both, is it both together? It’s still early we have time.” Blue asks eagerly getting back to maximum stiffness.

“My favourite time with Robin, I feel such a submissive slut telling you this.” Birch grins.

“Sounds good. I still have days where I want to go to a leather bar, drop my pants and bend over the pool table.” Blue grins.

“I had no idea, damn me for us finishing before we explored beyond vanilla fun.” Birch grins.

“I remember good sex with you. We were satisfied.” Blue grins.

“I know I was. So I was meeting Robin and his assistant waved me in to his office and he was on a call, pacing about headset on looking like a douche from a movie. He was wearing a charcoal grey suit and a white shirt, his tie loosened, he looked fucking hot.” Birch says.

“Ties, at my business. I bet he looked good.” Blue says.

“Robin liked to dress the part. Anyway he perched on the edge of his desk and gestured for me to get on my knees. Who was I to refuse, I was down and had my nose buried in his crotch in seconds. I was sucking and licking him, tugging on his balls and totally enjoying myself. He was carrying on with his call like it was nothing, not a moan not a wince or hesitation.” Birch says remembering.

“Sounds good.” Blue says his eyes dancing.

“It was. He finished the call, undressed me and bent me over his desk, he was in control, totally and I was more than okay with that. He spread my cheeks and started to rim me. He is good at it, he’s so good at it and I was growling with excitement and groaning. He got another call, stuffed my underwear in my mouth to keep me quiet and entered me as he started negotiations with a new coconut supplier. He was standing and fucking me bent over his desk, again without skipping a beat on the call. He was so fit and man it was good. He ended the call, grabbed my dick and timed our cumming perfectly, he finished in me and licked me clean. I had never had that before. It was so hot. I was so satisfied and at the same time so ready for more. We went to his place and had a great night.” Birch says looking over at Blue, he’s not done but close.

“And Will?” Blue asks.

“Quickly?” Birch asks and Blue nods.

“Yeah.” Blue pants.

Birch rolls on his side to face Blue, stroking his own pulsing dick.

“The week before Andy and Spence’s wedding there was a lot of sex, a lot, loads. I mean those two had bachelor orgies for days.” Birch says and Blue laughs.

“Without me, you bastards.” Blue says with a giggle.

“This is the short version. I was with Larry, Robin and Spence up in one of Mike’s barns. We’d been fucking and sucking in various formations, then Larry was getting rough with Spence as Robin and I sixty nined. All was good. Larry started fucking Spence and his ass looked to good, so I went over and pushed right in, Larry grunted and turned and kissed me so I knew it was good. Robin entered me to make a proper train, I turned to kiss him and Will was stood there jerking off watching us fuck. So hot.” Birch says feeling his climax rising as he remembers the scene.

“I bet Will went and pushed into Robin, joined the end of the train and Robin loved it and filled you with his load.” Blue says breathlessly as he cums an impressive load covering himself and the headboard behind with thick sticky jizz.

“Then what?” Birch asks quietly.

“You and Robin and Will come to my bed and we all fuck all night long.” Blue says.

“Sounds like fun.” Birch says.

“I missed a lot didn’t I? Ocean showed me wedding pictures and the video but it isn’t the same. I didn’t get to make the cake.” Blue says his eyes brimming with tears.

“You better make my cake. If I can find someone fool enough to marry me.” Birch says.

“I will. I best call G before we go.” Blue says getting up.

Birch heads to the bathroom and soon they are ready and at the spa. Birch can’t stay long but gets Blue checked in and makes sure to buy a huge gift card to cover anything Blue might want and a return visit.

Blue feels awkward during his first treatment but as they morning goes on decides he really enjoys the pampering and relaxes and had treatments head to toe. As he’s getting dressed he takes a good critical look at himself in the mirror and gets why everyone is so worried.

“Can I book in for another scrub and wrap treatment and also a haircut for my brother?” Blue asks at reception.

“We could do 6 treatments for the price of 4, say once every two weeks?” They suggest and Blue suddenly agrees. He needs to take care of himself to look his best for Gervais, after all he loves the shape G is in, his soft skin and cute hair. Gervais deserves a man who takes care of himself too.

Feeling good Blue gets into the car that Birch has sent to take him to the appointment with the lawyer.

“Hello Blue.” Randolf says ushering him in.

“How did you get here. I thought you were travelling with your family.” Blue says shocked.

“I knew you’d been in touch with Nick, he was so cagey. Birch messaged me and I hopped on a plane. I was very surprised you’d not been in touch once you’d found Gervais. He’s coming in in an hour. I wanted to spell everything out for you first.” Randolf says.

“G told me about the will and the money. He’s kept hold of it for me but with the program and my name changes it is hard to sort things. It’ll take time for everything to get moved into his new name.” Blue says.

“He should have called me. Look here is the will read that then I’ll go through the investment information and what is left of the rest of the estate since Gervais went on his selling spree.” Rudolf says.

Blue cries as he reads Abby’s message to him and gets a headache going through all the financial information. Gervais comes in and looks sheepish. He and Randolf share a heated exchange.

“For fucks sake Blue was close to the edge, the last thing he needed was the means to run off and buy loads of drugs and live alone self medicating. Once he was better he would have had all of it. I have not spent one penny. Not one. The money I have used has been my own. I never spent any of Abby’s money or any of the money from the business or house. It is all here.” Gervais says and takes Randolf through every account.

“I trust Gervais. I was mad he left me short at Christmas but he is looking out for me. He does know me better than anyone and he saw what a state I was in. He dropped the ball for sure for a bit but he did the right thing. Even keeping me short worked out as we didn’t know how close to the edge I still was and how I still couldn’t cope with stress or conflict. I know now and I know what to work on. I don’t need anything. Knowing it is there is enough. I should have asked him for money when I needed it.” Blue says.

“I should have realised you hadn’t been paid for the Christmas things or the start up money and I was very wrong not to include you over the cars or make you aware just how much money Abby had left you. Maybe I was trying to keep you close.” Gervais says.

“You were worried and I would have taken off. It is fine. We worked it out and we won’t fuck up again. But you should not have used your money to buy the farm. You should have used the money from the business.” Blue says.

“I knew it might not be the place for you long term. I didn’t want to waste your money on something Chris and I wanted when you were not ready to make the choice for yourself. I also didn’t want Chris aware of just how much money you had, I guess me keeping it and me giving him money made me feel like he wasn’t scamming you.” Gervais says.

“You don’t trust Chris.” Blue says.

“He’s the only person to hurt you more than I have and he sued his own parents which got us in this mess in the first place. I could see him taking you for millions, stealing your identity and fortune.” Gervais says.

“I love you, I trust you. Make sure he replaces his inheritance with money from the business and we split Abby’s money in half. I want it kept safe though so if I have to change identity again I have access to it. Also I need to make a will myself.” Blue says.

They spend a while sorting through everything. Blue is happy with Gervais and Randolf confirms that Gervais hasn’t spent any money and has invested wisely.

“Will you join us for dinner?” Gervais asks.

“No I have to get a plane and it would be dangerous. Blue the program isn’t lying. There is still danger.” Randolf says as a warning.

“I am sorry for not trusting you and not sorting this before.” Gervais says.

“Why didn’t you call Randolf at the start?” Blue asks.

“I had my own lawyer, I was handling things, I thought. Sorry.” Gervais says.

“Other than the car which I don’t care about that much, which you know and not being paid at Christmas I’m not mad anyway. I’d have taken off and felt shit and been alone for ever or dead. I would have been overwhelmed. Look how wound up I got over the café, how I took it all on myself. Too much. You need to be firmer with me.” Blue says.

“I was overwhelmed too and I wanted you to have success again. I wanted you to have the big hit like before, I thought it was what you needed. When what you needed was to laze in bed and have fun. We won’t fuck up again. We’ll talk and decide things together not for each other.” Gervais says.

“We will. I jerked off with Birch last night and this morning. Not together, together, hands to ourselves but we shared fantasies and stories and I came and came.” Blue says.

“Sounds like you needed it. I jerked off in the shower last night and imagined I was sharing you with Robin. Just popped into my head and I went with it.” Gervais says with a grin.

“I love you. How was Tommy? Is school okay?” Blue asks.

“We had a nice time at an early movie and had ice-cream before he joined his friends to go bowling. He is fine, he is popular and is more popular now, hero status for ending the perv. There were hidden cameras in the freshmen bathrooms. That was what he was caught watching. He was grooming some lads, one he’d tried to get to do more and that boy had been too scared to tell. Had been crying in the sick bay all weekend.” Gervais says.

“Poor kid. Thank heavens AB acted on it straight away. That he came in to our place.” Blue says.

“You were amazing. You knew who he was and what he’d done straight away. AB says there is a bigger investigation going on, others who did the same might be investigated.” Gervais says.

“Good. Wouldn’t it be something if they all got what they deserved.” Blue says.

“It would. I never expected it.” Gervais says.

“You’ve not had to live in fear since you graduated, until now. What do you think Randolf meant?” Blue asks.

“I expect he has a team of private investigators who keep an ear out, for the sake of his family and curious its about you. I’d trust him and I am worried we’re getting to exposed.” Gervais says.

I think we’re okay here. I was telling Birch that we live in a tight community and other than that cop people like us and will watch out for us.” Blue says.

“I think so too. Lets get Chris in to college and then re-evaluate.” Gervais says.

“That sounds like a plan. I think we’re all treating the farm as temporary more than we realise. Not doing the b&b, me turning down the studio, Larry half hearted about plans for spring planting. Lets get Chris through his exam and lets talk to the other two. Maybe we got it wrong.” Blue says.

“I want a view. A real view. Ours is okay but I want to open the shades and go wow every morning.” Gervais says.

“Me too. Now I know we can afford a beach or lake view I really want it.” Blue grins.

“I owe Birch a shit load. You’re looking good and making real plans, no you’re dreaming.” Gervais grins.

“I feel good. I needed the push to make myself look better. I am sorry you’ve had such a scruffy boyfriend. You always look so sexy and I have made no effort.” Blue says.

“Love you anyway. Love you today and yesterday and tomorrow.” Gervais says and Blue looks at Gervais and for once doesn’t see what he’s missing, what he might have had or what he might lose. He sees the man he loves, who loves him. Right now things are really good.

17 thoughts on “Ocean Blue 32

  1. I still don’t like you G. Look at Birch, one meeting and he knows what B needed. Be considerate of your boyfriend. I know you have your own baggage but isn’t what relationship though. Helping each other unpacking and lightening the weight of it.

    That Ron sexcapade though. That’s hot. Use me Robin.

    Now I want B to pop R cherry. I want it in detail.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great chapter Sammy. That scene of Birch and Robin in the office was 🔥🔥🔥🔥. I’m glad Robin is so accepting of his gay side now. Means maybe he’s ready to finally take a dick!! Or….maybe he already has??? 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Beautiful chapter. Blue is dreaming now yay! I regret talking about Birch the way I did a couple of chapters back. He had been looking out for blue. I like the new Chris but I’d believe he probably would have re douchebagged if he knew how much money blue had.

    Liked by 2 people

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