Ocean Blue 38

Ocean knows he’s going to have to stop earlier today and make a better shelter. He’s exhausted and needs better quality sleep. He can see a dirt road in the distance when he climbs a tree but knows he won’t make it by nightfall.He weaves together various materials he can find to make a basic structure. Lights a fire and tries to relax. He falls into a yoga routine and tries hard to focus and get himself grounded. Being totally alone is doing his head in and he is disappointed he didn’t get to safety today. He is feeling sore and has bruises on his arms and legs appearing which must have happened during the abduction or whatever happened to him after.

He really hopes the road brings people or at least cell service. He eats and has a little water, worried that he is running low and hasn’t seen another stream. He tries to think positive, tomorrow he will be found. He can go home to Garrett and see his mom and everything will be okay.

Ocean sits by the fire in the dark thinking of home.

Spence is angrily riding Andy’s dick. Getting the physical satisfaction he needs and trying to calm himself from filing for divorce.

Andy is enjoying the show of his husband bouncing and moaning. He knows this is a temporary reprieve but is able to switch off their current worries and enjoy himself. His hands under Spences’s ass helping him to bounce, Andy is fully satisfied. Fuck his husband is hot.

“Okay you can have a month.” Spence says lying beside Andy catching his breath.

“What?” Andy asks.

“You have a month to fuck around, chase tail, be a fucking idiot and do whoever you want. When it’s over we use condoms for three months, get tested regularly and are fully monogamous. If you still have an itch then we divorce.” Spence says knowing full well this has nothing to do with sex, with new ass and everything to do with Andy being bored and dissatisfied with work and rejected by Blue.

“And you?” Andy asks.

“I’ll use the time to live out a few fantasies too. Sure, I’m nor going to be waiting home for you. We’ll take a guest room each for the month. No questions about what time either of us gets in, or who with. We can bring guys here just not do anything in this bed.” Spence says.

“So you need this too?” Andy asks.

“No I don’t but I’m not going to sit at home crying. This is make or break for us. I am struggling to like you the way you are right now so I hope you get your fucking act together and work out what you want. I love you but you’re been a fucking cunt ever since Hawaii. I want my husband back. I’ll do anything to get that.” Spence says.

“It’ll be fun. We need a change.” Andy says.

“You need a change. Don’t you dare speak for me.” Spence says.

“Spence, we’re boring.” Andy says.

“I thought when we decided to get married that you were happy with who I am, with what my life would be. I changed my career trajectory to be here full time. I committed to you and our life here and I haven’t wavered. Show me some fucking respect and talk to me about it. Take a month, bust your load and then talk to me.” Spence says and rolls over and fakes sleep.

Blue, Bea and Chris are sat around laughing. They are sharing stories of when they were little. They have avoided all references to their parents and are just telling each other sweet stories from school, from growing up. Bad dates that Bea and Chris had, misunderstandings Blue had when city kids arrived at the retreat for the summer.

“Despite how it ended our 21st is still my favourite birthday. That sundae you made for me helped pull me out of such a low place. I keep telling Steve that I want paella and ice-cream sundaes for our wedding meal and he doesn’t get it. Wants salmon pasta or chicken followed by tiramisu.” Bea says.

“You can’t marry someone so boring.” Chris says.

“You don’t even know him.” Bea says.

“We all crave stability and family and I get that but Chris is right. You cannot marry someone who wants salmon pasta at your wedding. I bet momma hates him too which makes you more determined, we all do it.” Blue grins.

“She likes him, thinks he’s good for me.” Bea says.

“She’s lying to make you dump him.” Chris laughs.

“Look I am happy. I know I am not an easy woman to love and he loves me just as I am.” Bea says.

“Bullshit, he has no idea who you are. He thinks you’d agree with bland wedding food.” Blue says.

“It’s not like I have options. I love him, he’ll be a great dad and he won’t make me leave the lake.” Bea says.

“Would you be okay with us marrying just okay?” Blue asks.

“He is more than okay. And if you are catering my wedding it won’t be bland.” Bea grins.

“We should have a clam bake like I did up at Spence’s beach house. At the lake, get chairs from the school or ask people to bring their own. Have a band playing and dance on the shore. Big bonfires and mounds of food. A huge cake. Beers and wine kept cook in the water. Just like all my high school parties. Just with better wine and food.” Blue says.

“I do like the sound of that. Triple wedding.” Chris says.

“No way are you stealing my thunder. When I get married all eyes are on me.” Bea says.

“We’ll give you away. Walk you down the aisle, one of us on each arm.” Blue says.

“I want that more than anything.” Bea says her eyes swimming with tears.

“I get to be an uncle.” Chris says his own tears forming.

“Yes you will. You’ll be awesome. You need to get qualified as what could be cooler than an uncle who is a vet?” Bea says.

“An uncle who makes ice-cream, duh.” Blue says and the three hug and cry.

Cheryl is out of her mind with worry. The police seem to have no leads. They don’t want her to do a TV appeal or anything that would make her feel like she’s doing anything and she feels beyond helpless.

She’s up early feeding the chickens, it feels right to stay at Blue’s, no Ocean’s house. The garden has always been a great place for thinking and being calm. Gervais made sure Andy didn’t entirely take over the land and the garden feels the same as it did when Blue was here. Cheryl takes some deep breaths and admires her surroundings, calming herself and reminding herself why she came here.

“Cheryl? Cheryl?” Willow calls out.

“Willow, oh my goodness, look at you. Why are you here? When?” Cheryl asks hugging her ex closely.

“I had to get here. I had to. How are you coping?” Willow asks.

“Not at all, those mobsters have taken my boy, my sweet innocent Ocean. I’m so lost.” Cheryl says all her emotions swarming to the surface.

“I hope he’s okay. I am sure he is. No one could hurt him.” Willow says.

“I just feel so useless. No one seems to know where he is or why he was taken now. Or they won’t tell us. Worse than that no one seem surprised. His ex boyfriend spied on him and I wish I had made him come home then. I should have kept him here.” Cheryl says.

“Bea is gone. I take it Blue and Chris have been rounded up as I hear Gervais and Larry are back. My brother is blaming himself, he was less than careful when he saw Blue recently.” Willow says.

“Birch saw Blue?” Cheryl asks.

“Living with Chris, Larry and Gervais, a recent development. Don’t tell Clara, I was told on pain of death.” Willow says.

“My son is gone and she is at the root of it all. I would never tell her anything. Is Blue okay?” Cheryl asks.

“No. Birch says he’s a mess and barely able to look after himself. Chris too. They have only been together a short time. Since Gervais left.” Willow says.

“Poor boys, men, they were men when they left. I don’t think of them as the same age as Spence and Robin. Frozen at 21.” Cheryl says.

“I’m sure we’ll hear something soon.” Willow says.

“Thanks for coming. I can’t believe you’re here.” Cheryl says.

“We all love Ocean. I think we all feel as hopeless as you do. Might as well feel hopeless together. I wanted to see Gervais too. Find out more about Blue and Chris. Not to feed back to Clara but to be able to reassure her.” Willow says.

“Are you and she?” Cheryl asks.

“No, not for years. I have friends and lovers and no one permanent. I love my life up at the lake.” Willow says.

“I love Marsha and I love my life here but you will always be a what if.” Cheryl says.

“I love you with Marsha. We were never destined to be that.” Willow says.

“No, won’t stop Marsha from being jealous though.” Cheryl says.

“I’m sure she’ll be glad to have some support. Lets go see her for breakfast.” Willow says.

Ocean wakes and sighs, it is still real. He stretches and gets going as quickly as possible. He can’t believe he has been gone so long and it is taking him so long to get out of the forrest. He hopes he hasn’t bypassed any homes on his route.

He reaches the road and after a while and no cars he checks the phone. Finally there is service. Police, Mom, Garrett? He isn’t sure. He figures home will be fastest to get to the right people. He dials the deli, glad he knows a few numbers by heart.

“Hello marsh’s deli.” Marsha says.

“It’s Ocean, is mom there?” Ocean asks.

“Where are you? She’s on her way. Wait let me write down your number. Have you escaped? Stolen one of their phones? Are you hurt?” Marsha asks in a rush.

“Please I don’t have much battery.” Ocean says.

“I’ll get the police.” Marsha says calling from her cell as she hands the phone to Cheryl.

“Ocean, baby, where are you?” Cheryl asks.

“I don’t know mom, I don’t know. I’m just so tired.” Ocean says and the line falls dead.

116 thoughts on “Ocean Blue 38

  1. Was going to put this on the thought page about Ocean but It disappeared guess I’ll put it here.

    lol I think it’s hot everywhere it’s horrible xD it’s finally cooling down here where I am the humidity’s finally going down some.

    I can actually see Andy behind abducting Ocean to bring Blue out, He’s been a shit for awhile and nothing serious happened to Ocean, and the kidnappers need a role model who abducts someone then leaves them by themselves (not that I’ve abducted anyone).

    If anyone needs to die kill Gervais the virus set Blue free. Maybe he’s behind abducting Ocean to keep blue locked down he is controlling, so when they came to relocate them Gervais thought they’d be together but it back fired. He feels angry and sleeps with Andy and all hell breaks loose.

    Sorry not been awake long enough to play nice with others yet 😛


                1. How do you sleep???
                  Sorry about yesterday. I finished mkr yay for angry man though I think his sister is the better cook.
                  Watched team challenge sweet week and elimination this morning when I didn’t want to get out of bed.
                  Up now. Gonna go find a magnum or cornetto and maybe kfc for lunch unless you a better idea….😘😘😘😘
                  Thanks for everything.


                  1. with a fan on and wearing little a few times this past summer we overnight lows of 28-30C now that was insane.

                    I masterchef can see why the honey house lost I like sweets but tooo much sugar is not a good thing. For lunch get some sushi 😘😘😘😘😘😘

                    Liked by 1 person

                    1. I thought the honey house looked pants from the outside from sticking the biscuits on. Surprised neither team did any fancy icing or sugar work. But disappointed. But the strawberries looked amazing so they had to win 😂😂😂😂
                      Sushi is too far a walk. I didn’t have dinner last night or anything today and it’s nearly 2. Am hangry.


                    2. And seriously he thought banana pancake was a dish to save him?????? The girl did super well with cucumber which belongs no where near dessert. Thought that was a mean trick even if angry and Amy used it on mkr.


                    3. If you want to carry on doing this, and I’m not sure I should, we could try watching that American show Beat Bobby Flay, that someone mentioned in the comments.


  2. Ugh your killing me Smalls! I need Ocean home safe already. I do love that the triplets are bonding though. And YES to Spence in a hot gang bang. Any way you can get Kai and the boys from the farm to do it?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hahaha! I thought I would get turned on by Andy being a selfish cunt. 😛

      Would be a great time to be a close friend of theirs, and double dip both sides of the fence. (Also, huzzah for mixed metaphores. They really are the bee’s pyjamas)

      In saying that… I think we’re due for one of the triplets to be killed off. Or Ocean. Or Cheryl. I’m not fussy. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Love how Andy attempted to put words in Spence mouth and Spence was having none of that and shot him right down (typical Andy tries to put blame on others for his own dickish actions)

    Liked by 4 people

      1. I agree with MarkOz should just walk away now. I can hope that Andy sees the light and doesn’t do anything but knowing him he will fuck it up totally. There will be sex in that room and that could be all she wrote. Ocean is still missing and Andy is thinking with the small head……again. Asshole.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Giving Spence more to worry about. Spence never found anyone else when they were broke up before, not anyone long term and that broke his confidence some. I hope he’s more mature and confident now that he could find someone and make it work.


            1. Andy has a seven year itch or something. Spence knows it isn’t about him. It’s about Blue never coming back and giving him a new direction for the business and him not being able to set a new goal. Andy takes it out on Spence.

              Liked by 1 person

                    1. Birch the Gossip Queen….. bit like Andy when Blue broke up Birch with Andy gossiping to everyone who would listen they broke up because Blue cheated on Birch (How Blue forgave Andy for that I will never understand)

                      Liked by 3 people

                    2. Exactly when I think about it as bad as G has been in stages overall Andy has been waaaay more malicious in his actions he has not been a good friend over the years has he?

                      Liked by 2 people

                    3. Birch is an ‘artist’ so ofcourse he is flapping his mouth left and right, desperately using anything that can garner him attention and validation.

                      The only thing worse than artists, are people who ruin the ending of a movie that you’re just about to see.

                      And maybe florists.

                      Liked by 2 people

                    4. Florists like cutting up beautiful things… Normally I’d appreciate that and find it a turn on, but I have my butcher for that.

                      So that just leaves florists as being shifty people who like mornings.

                      Maybe it’s not too late for Will to become a butcher. 😉

                      Liked by 1 person

                    5. A friend moved into a place in Sydney to get out the hostel we lived in, promptly moved back as there was a padlock on the freezer and threats if it was touched.


  4. I know I should be worried about Ocean, etc but all I can think of is how hot he must look all dirty and sweaty. I’m a horrible person lol

    Andy better watch it or Spence may end up finding someone a whole lot hotter. Spence is chisled, rich, and gorgeous. He’s every guys fantasy. He needs to let Larry, Will, and Gervais run a train on his ass one night while tied up in the barn


    Liked by 4 people

  5. Sam, what are you trying to do? Another cliffhanger? Seriously?
    I bet the relief on Cheryl’s face was priceless..
    Ocean needs to be home, with everyone who loves him.

    As always Sam, a great chapter… X

    Liked by 4 people

          1. NO. I can see it now. Blue wakes up in his car after the fight with Will and the entire 7 years of his absence was just a dream. NO I SAY NO!!!! 😂😂😂

            Liked by 1 person

  6. Sam i have not had a bit of sleep for the past 36 hours and you give me a cliffhanger? You better be glad I’m bed ridden or I would hop on a plane and ride you til your dick fell off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!but seeing as I am bedridden thank you for the chapter love😘

    Liked by 2 people

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