I don’t know if it’s the heat or the emotional time but I am totally unmotivated to write right now.

I know I left a cliffhanger and maybe writing Ocean’s death is just too hard and that is blocking me. Or not being sure about the right path forward, if there is one. I know I can’t leave it where it is but I can’t write my way out of it right now.

Usually when I write about being blocked I get on and get something done. Fingers crossed.

Thanks for all the nice messages this week, really appreciated it.


Love ya all

Sam xxxxxxxx
Edit sorry for being all attention seeking drama whore. I’d not kill Ocean off. I loves him too. Have written him out and deleted it and tried other options and got bored. Oops.

135 thoughts on “Unmotivated

  1. Also kill me with a boomslang viper! They bite and it stops the coagulation of blood to the point where it begins to seep through every pore in you body. It works so fast no one has survived its bite!

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    I can write his death if you want!? Ive been picturing it for awhile!

    It involves a Columbian drug cartel leader called Francis, who makes Ocean fight a pair of wild boars in a dugout arena, with nothing to defend himself except for those shitty plastic knives you get from KFC with your meal. The event is televised with people being able to bet on it live.

    Miraculously, Ocean turns out to have like, claw things like Wolverine in X-Men, and he manages to not only kill the entire drug syndicate as well as the boars, but he makes it home to his family (I’m thinking he can fly too, not sure yet).

    Going to bed that night after a jubilant reunion with his family, he finds a small, lidded wicker basket sitting on his bed. Having always been curious in nature, he couldn’t resist opening the package.

    A death adder lunges at his throat, injecting it’s poison into his top esophagus, causing his throat and tongue to swell up, at the same time as paralysis eliminates his major motor function.

    The next day, Cheryl walks in to discover her son, a purple swollen mess.

    Then Andy has some great sex.

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      1. I will next week. My brains too foggy at the moment still.

        Also, hints to any of my future lovers, if you ever plan to murder me, PLEASE have it involve an adder in a basket.

        It’s sooo romantic.

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                  1. Not yet. Haven’t tried to be honest.

                    I think I might this weekend, but it’ll just be light stuff. Anything jarring still hurts worse than rewatching Grwyneth Paltrow’s Oscar acceptance speech.

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                    1. Bionic leg for a while. Awesome. I miss the days of sick pay. Now I go to work most the time when I’m sick, infecting others along the way. Still I get paid a fuck ton so can’t complain.

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                    2. I’d normally never waste a sick day on being sick, personally, and I work best through hangovers and come downs.

                      Now, feel free to send through your application for the status of sugardaddy.

                      Although to be honest, Ive always been rather shit at assuming the position of boytoy. There’s only one submissive bone in my body at a time. 😛 and I’m far too old now.

                      (Side note, does anyone remember the cartoon the Bionic 5? I loved it! They flew around on a private Concord that could lad/take off from Forrest’s somehow lol.)

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                    3. Omg I loved that show! My older brother had tapes of it, and got me hooked on that, and Voltron.

                      And then my Sailor Moon phase kicked in, and it was regrettable for everyone involved. I went as Prince Darian/Sailor Moon for Halloween from ages 15-22…

                      I’d never do that now that I’m, like, totally super mature…

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                    4. You’re missing out!!! Not a fan of costume parties?

                      I have a costume party for my birthday every year. (Although some years the theme gets pretty lame if I can’t be bothered. “Shit shirt night” wasn’t my finest)

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                    5. Not a fan of parties. I accidentally went to a fancy dress party in Sydney, a bloke was dressed as Rambo and threatening the fresh off the boat dickhead I went with.


                    6. For my 8th birthday, all I wanted was a 12 inch Jason Power Ranger action figure.

                      The day came, and I started to unwrap the paper to my present (I don’t like ripping the paper for some reason. Still don’t.) And then I saw the Power Ranger logo on the box as I began to pull it out of the paper! I was so excited and screaming! I remember thinking I was going to throw up!

                      Finally getting it completely unraveled, I realised… It was fucking Billy!

                      They got me the fucking blue one! To say I was pissed would be an understatement.

                      And I still have that stupid fucking Billy peice of shit sitting on my desk right now, next to a zoid, a beasts are transformer, a night elf archer, and 4 troll dolls. Lol. I can’t bear to chuck any of them.

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                    7. I worked in a shop that sold power ranger toys at the height of madness and the women would mark up all the stock reserved the day it came in, leaving only white ones for the public to buy. I’d rip their grubby signs off and send em out.

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                    8. Oh wow! What a bitch!!! The white one was almost as bad as the yellow ranger. No-one had time for that!

                      One year I got a Furby, that I never ever wanted. I shouldnt complain about a present, but it’s still in its box in my storage. That’s how into I was.

                      I wanted make up damnit!

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                    9. I know how you feel. I have the cake toppers from my birthday cake that were Power Rangers!.
                      BTW billy was my role model he was the nerd I could relate to. Blue was always my fave color anyway.
                      But how about it your birthday and you see that you little brother was getting presents too. Except he got all the ones you wanted and kept them. He even stole my damn Buzz Lightyear action figure. I’m still pissed about that😭😭😭😭


                    10. See, this is why you should be able to legally sell off your siblings.

                      I’m sure that the courts would understand if they heard more affidavits containing the harrowing experiences you’ve described!!!

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                    11. This whole thread between you two has me rolling 😂😂😂

                      Belly, I didn’t know you had surgery. Hope you’re healing well. I would certainly volunteer to come by and sponge bathe you and blow you each evening til you’re well. 😎 Sam I can’t wait to see how you resolve the Ocean situation now haha. But I’ll definitely be watching for any wicker baskets sitting around!!

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                    12. And I’d easily pounce on that offer. A dude Ive hooked up with from Grindr a few times (he’s as ugly as a hat full of arseholes, but his little penis is perfectly formed for my badonka-donk.) And I asked him to give me a sponge bath since he’s a doctor. And then he got on his soap box, saying that stuff like that was beneath him, and that’s what nurses are for.

                      What a fucking douche bag. The first time we hooked up he mentioned no less than 3 times that he gets told that he looks like superman all the time. In my mind at the time, I could only fathom that it was if you were comparing him to a post-humous Christopher Reeves, after being injected with all the stuff that Kirstie Alley had sucked out of her.

                      So yes. I still need that sponge bath. 😛

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                    13. Oooh, I’m totally vibing southern twang at the moment. Ive been watching True Blood, and those accents make me go off like a frog in a sock.

                      And nah, I’m cut, but I’ll get some rashes of bacon, and he won’t notice anything in the dark. 😛

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                    14. Well I love cut just as much hahaha. i don’t have a huge accent, but if you’ve ever listened to Blake Shelton speak, I would say my accent is very similar. We’re from the same State. I have the whole doctor/patient fetish so I would totally give you a sponge bath (with my tongue) anytime you need one!!

                      Sam, you know I love sexy time in your story so I can’t wait to see what Andy is up to next. 😈😈😈😈


                    15. What the slut!???!!! You don’t think Blake Shelton has a prominent accent!? That’s literally my favourite accent. (Ireland, you’ve been nudged down a spot in recent years)

                      And I totally relate to the doctor patient Thang as well, but I always fantasize about being the naive patient. Unfortunately, my doctor now insists I don’t need a weekly prostate exam…

                      You may need to shave me before the tongue lashing though… Hairballs and all that. 😛

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                    16. I say we all meet at Blues barn one weekend. Just be prepared for a few rope burns, and some silk ties to be used. One of you dressed like a prep school lad, one dressed like a rugby player and the other dressed in a suit. All my fantasies come to life!! 😈😈😈😈

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    1. Nope! My baby likes live animation so he knows and everyone else knows how much he turned u into his dirty lil slut. Ya’ll gonnna stop using my baby as fodder 😒. Belly, I’ll come give you a sponge bath. I got a nice new toaster oven gonna make it soo warm and toasty for u sweetie. Literally the most electrifying bath you’ll ever have. haha 😈

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      1. Ooooh! It’ll be just like that summer my parents had me institutionalized.

        I still think dad overreacted. If he didn’t want me to stick things up my arse, why did he buy me those puppies?

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        1. They do say dogs have the cleanest mouths and they love to lick you so I can totally see why you want those pups up your arse. Direct access to your prostate by the some of the best ass lickers around. haha

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            1. Funny story: was having sex with a guy at his apartment, and his dog ended up on the bed which I didn’t notice. At least not til I felt him licking my butt 😱 I was like whoa there fella….maybe this is normal for you but I’m not about that life lol. I was afraid he was going to try and mount me and I got all worried and lost my boner. Needless to say, I was on my way home in less than 3 minutes lol. Outta there! 🏃💨

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              1. ROFL!!! That’s brilliant! I’m completely comfortable getting fucked on stage by a bartender, but if my cat/dog looks at me during sexy times, I’m riddled with shame…

                And I’m not even getting rimmed, like you were. 😛 Ive heard about your funny southern customs…. 😉

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  3. Hi sam! Been a reader for quite a while. Is it weird that my first comment would be an appeal not to kill off Ocean? 😆😆…take a break from writing by all means, (i mean you had breaks before)…please dont kill off Ocean..Lol…please?! 😊

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  4. your having writers block because your having bad ideas. forget about letting ocean die, instead, let him survive in a very heroic way. that could be a catalyst to bring everyone back together. though, that could be temporary, at best.

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  5. Does he have to die!? Can’t he be near death, paralyzed, contract an almost incurable infection? He is THE ONLY character that everyone loves in the story and beyond the fourth wall. How about his mom? Everyone would be devastated, but could move on. I already feel cheated that I didn’t get to “see” him grow up. He was my absolute favorite character. How about he kills someone behind his kidnapping and it triggers an episode or something!? He becomes depressed, angry, loses his memory, becomes evil? ANYTHING BUT DEATH!😭

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  6. It would be kind of macabre if you killed ocean but its your story. You do what YOU feel is right. Killing a character is hard but sometimes necessary to facilitate the point of a certain storyline. But Sam I love you no matter what you do you’ve helped me out these past couple of months than any other so called friends do.😘😘😘

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          1. Ooh I haven’t had noodles in a while. Things are going good I takes to Danny and we’re gonna remain friends he got a little controlling. Having a heatwave here making both of us bitchy😘😘😘

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                    1. 😘😘😘😘😘😘I also like Bryan on masterchef and thought he was going to be bottom 3 whatever he did, they’d made their minds up prior to challenge. Watching elimination now. Having a fish sarnie for tea and yellow label profiteroles for dessert, if you wanna share.


                    2. I think pressure got to him after seeing his Invention test I mean he had a million elememts which means more difficulty to balance out sweet, tangy, tart and sour elements etc

                      Yes will join you for an english breakfast 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

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                    3. Yes he did too much and didn’t listen but others had done crap too. Did you watch elimination?

                      Ooo me and babe on the balcony looking cute with brekkie 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘


                    4. Net is capped at moment so taking longer to download but that one and celebrity challenge are currently downloaded….. I have watched Team challenge and Benjamin elimination however and I can tell you overcooked Banana is not very enjoyable.

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                    5. I has uncapped net, fibre, I’m on the cheapest slowest plan but it’s super quick. If I can’t entice you here with my body maybe I can with my broadband….


                    6. On the mkr front I saw beardy boys saved controversially, I know the midwives were out of their depth and were due to go but doing 3 mousses was dumb and would have got anyone else eliminated.


                    7. It came down to overcooked fudgy chocolate cake if it was more fudgy and less cooked they would be saved…. on upside getting closer to their elimination.

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                    8. I like Valerie and Courtney their food must be good as other teams rarely criticize tje food.

                      Sorry for spoiler just wanted to lift tour spirits on the team you hate don’t win 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘


                    9. Things are better now on that front. And it’s Friday, and I really ought to be in the shower.
                      How’s you doing? Cuddle time?


                    10. We are never at end 😘😘😘😘😘

                      Hope your next role is less stressful 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

                      I may need cooking show suggestions off you soon 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘


    1. UH UHHH! NO it ain’t. Not my baby. Them’s fightin words right there. Somebody better get him and the likees of this before I get to slicin x.x If he dies everybody diesssssss. lol

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