Ocean Blue 39

“Ocean, Ocean!” Cheryl cries into the dead phone.

“Where is he? Did he leave his number?” Marsha asks and Cheryl stares numbly at the phone.

“No, he doesn’t know where he is then it cut off.” Cheryl sobs distressed.

“The police or whoever they are are on their way. He’s alive love and he is going to come home to you.” Marsha says.

Before Cheryl can reply the police and program team arrive.

Ocean stares at the ground at his phone in pieces. A car came past, blasting the horn at him, startling him.

“Shit, shit, shit!” Ocean shouts losing his phone and not flagging down the car.

He picks up the pieces of the phone but its totally busted. Ugh. But the car has spurred him on, there are people around and soon he’ll be able to get a message home. He lifts his speed to a jog and gets focused on home.


“If Ocean is safe we can start making plans.” Gervais says to Larry.

“I think we should stay here until Chris has a place at school confirmed and then look for the next place. Do you think Blue would go for that?” Larry asks.

“I think Clara would show up and I don’t think either of them can deal with that right now. You still want it to be the four of us?” Gervais asks.

“Yeah, teething issues aside we were getting along well. We love Chris and Blue and we can’t split them apart now. They need each other, if we live in the same house or just the same city we know they need to be able to see each other a lot.” Larry says.

“Agreed. Do you think Bea is with them right now?” Gervais asks.

“Yeah I think whatever is happening with Ocean they want all three safe. I don’t know if Bea will be allowed back or what. Aled won’t say anything.” Larry says shaking his head.

“He seemed puzzled by Ocean’s call. I wonder if they have surveillance on the guys who took him, or rather the wrong guys.” Gervais says.


Ocean makes it to a restaurant. He goes in to ask for help and is chased straight back out. He looks at himself in the window and understands why, he looks awful and must stink really bad.

Fuck, should he keep walking? Or will someone help him?

He sits on the wall and rests, has some water. Wishes he’d found somewhere less salubrious that might have let him use the bathroom.

“Idiot.” Ocean mutters to himself, he has his wallet with a credit card in it.

“Table for one, please.” Ocean says at the hostess stand.

“No way.” The hostess says.

“Can I at least get an order to go?” Ocean asks politely.

“Your business is no good here. I’ll call the cops if you keep hanging around.” The hostess says.

Ocean walks past her and sits down at an empty table. Clearly making a nuisance of himself will be the fastest way to get help.

“You have to leave, you stink and clearly cannot afford a meal.” The hostess says.

“I know I look a mess and probably stink but I’m not a bum. I really need help from the police, if you could call them, that would be so helpful.” Ocean says.

“Oh don’t worry I am calling them, now get out.” The hostess says.

“Thank you.” Ocean says wishing he’d found the words to make it easier before. He goes and sits outside and waits, hoping she calls them for him and doesn’t just expect him to fuck off.

Ocean sits back on the wall and waits. The place isn’t busy, no lunch rush here. Ocean worries and worries. He’s getting cold now he isn’t walking but doesn’t want to wrap the blankets around him. He tries to think back to what happened the day he was taken. He still doesn’t even know where he is.

“Why are you still here?” The hostess asks coming out for a cigarette break.

“You didn’t call the cops?” Ocean asks.

“No need. You left quietly.” The hostess says.

“Shit. Please could you call them? Or tell me how to get to the police station, if there is one.” Ocean pleads.

“They’ll be here soon for dessert.” The hostess says.

“They eat here every day? Thanks.” Ocean says sighing with relief.

“They’ll be more likely to help you after they’ve eaten.” The hostess says and Ocean nods.

By the time the cops come out Ocean’s teeth are chattering.

“Hi can you help….” Ocean begins.

“We can give you a ride to the bus station.” The COP says cutting him off.

“I need the police station, if you have one.” Ocean says politely.

“We don’t have a drunk tank for you to kip in. The bus station is the best we can do.” The cop replies.

“Fine. Thank-you. Do they still have payphones at the bus station?” Ocean asks.

“No.” The cop says.

“Where are we?” Ocean asks looking for road signs as they set off.

“Do you need a psych admit?” The cop asks.

“No, I’m sane. But as you’re refusing to take me to the police station or let me report a crime I don’t trust you to not get me admitted if I tell why I don’t know where I am.” Ocean says realizing he is screwed.

“Come on give it to us.” The other cop says finally breaking his silence. He’s curious about this polite but stinky kid. It’s clear he’s not some homeless junky.

“I was abducted outside college, I think a week ago now. I woke up in a shack in the woods and I’ve spent the last few days walking down to here. The restaurant was the first place I found and I was, well I was scared to move on as I don’t know where I am or what direction to get to a hotel or motel if there even is one that would take me. Sleeping in the woods is one thing, being on the streets another.” Ocean says.

“What’s your name? I’ll call it in and see if your story checks out.” The second cop says, not wanting to be the cop who let a kidnap victim get on a bus, if it turns out to be true.

“Ocean Salt.” Ocean says.

“Seriously?” The first cop says.

“Seriously.” Ocean says holding up his driver’s license as the second cop talks to base.

Suddenly the second cop goes into high speed and flicks the siren and lights on. The first cop looks at him like he’s nuts and is clearly confused about where they are going. They speed through the streets and on to the freeway. Ocean has a flash of worry that they are fake cops then settles himself, they are real. Finally feeling warm he falls asleep.

Not sure how long he has slept, Ocean wakes as the car slows.

“How you feeling? Have you eaten?” The first cop asks.

“They left me a flat of water and some protein bars. I was really lucky.” Ocean says.

“We’re almost there.” T0he second cop says and Ocean nods his head.

“Has someone called my mom? I called her before then I dropped the phone and it smashed.” Ocean

“I am sure someone has told her you’re safe. You can call her yourself soon.” The first cop says his whole demeanour changed from earlier.

“Thank-you for helping me.” Ocean says.

“Sorry we didn’t make it easy.” The second cop says.

They pull up outside a large police station and the cops get out and open the door for Ocean who finds himself a little unstable on his feet. The cops grab an arm each and Ocean is glad of the assistance.

“My feet are so sore.” Ocean grins.


“He’s safe. Ocean is found and is safe.” Gervais says putting the phone down.

“Oh thank goodness.” Larry says.

“Where is he?” Robin asks.

“Atlanta. He was left in the national park up there and he walked for 3 days straight to get out. He’s one crazy brave kid.” Gervais says relaying the information he has.

“They left him there? Just abandoned him up there to live or die?” Will says shaking his head.

“Lucky for Ocean he knows how to survive in the woods.” Robin says.

“Is he coming home? Are you going to fly out and get him?” Larry asks.

“Cheryl is on her way over. I am going to book us on a flight to him now. Are you okay to stay here? If Blue comes back he needs to know where I am.” Gervais says.

“Of course. I really hope they come back soon. I will call if anything happens. You concentrate on Ocean, that is what Blue and Chris would want.” Larry says.

“Okay. All booked. I just need to pack a bag.” Gervais says heading to his room. He hasn’t really unpacked much since they got back.

Now that Gervais is safe he doesn’t see why they can’t get the rest of their things from the farm. He’ll mention it to Larry. Although maybe they’ll get to go back and sort it themselves now.

Gervais relays his thoughts to Larry.

“I might give Johnny a call now Ocean is safe and ask him to get things done.” Larry says.

“Sounds good. Hope they’ve managed more food than just eggs. Shit I hope they’ve been looking after the chickens.” Gervais says.

“We could have called them earlier.” Larry says shaking his head.

“We could have packed up your stuff and brought it back.” Will says shaking his head.

“We had to get back for Ocean.” Robin says.

“Hey Cheryl, is he really okay?” Larry asks.

“Yeah. Can you drive us to the airport? Marsha isn’t feeling too good. Exhausted.” Chery10l says.

“She’s not going with you? What about Willow?” Robin asks.

“She’s staying with Heidi. She’ll be here a few more days.” Cheryl says.

“Lets go.” Gervais says.

“You think they’d let us move with them? When they go?” Will asks Robin.

“I don’t know. I know you need a fresh start but wouldn’t it be torture seeing Blue with Gervais?” Robin asks.

“I would do anything to have him in my life, in any form. He meant so much to me and seeing him happy would be enough. I know your boy is here but maybe some space from seeing the happy family would help. You’re not super in to your new job.” Will says.

“Ollie has told me to hang around as I’ll be asked back soon. Nick and Liberty don’t have a real clue and things are falling apart.” Robin says.

“Don’t be silly. You hated being in charge.” Will says.

“I was good at it though.” Robin says.

“You were. You deserved better though.” Will says.

“So do you. Working for Spence, renting from Ocean.” Robin says.

“I’m a good coach and Spence is a great boss. Is living him and Andy an issue for you?” Will asks.

“No, they didn’t bother with me and still don’t. They have been my best friends forever but they haven’t really been my true friends for a long time.” Robin says.

“They are struggling but I’ve not had the energy to listen to Spence right now. I feel bad.” Will says.

“They make their own drama. You’re going through too much right now to be able to deal with anyone else.” Robin says.

“You are too but you’ve been there for me. More than anyone. It has been so good to have Gervais back, Larry too, they’re both so lovely.” Will says.

“Yes they are. They have both changed. Is that why you want to go?” Robin asks.

“I missed them. I miss Blue. I love you but this place is a prison for me now. It’s time to go. I’d rather start over with my friends than without.” Will says.

“Sounds right to me too. I am going to see Ella tomorrow and sort this out. I want formal access, monthly visits until he starts school.” Robin says.

“Good for you. I am here for you, if you want me to come with you I’m there.” Will says.

“That would be great, she should trust you to watch the kids while we talk.” Robin says.

“Deal.” Will grins.


Andy is feeling good. There is a fetish night in the city and he’s all dressed in a military outfit. He’s particularly proud of his boots.

“I’d bend over for me.” Andy mutters to himself before entering to the approving looks from the bouncers.

Andy heads to the bar for a drink, he wants to take in his surroundings, there is a lot going on. He’s not particularly late but the night is already in full swing. Literally there are several swings and slings in use.

Andy’s eye is drawn to a group of guys dressed as cops being serviced by a guy. Andy horned up at the idea moves closer.

Spence is knelt on the floor wearing a jock and boots, very similar to the ones Andy has on. A cock in each hand and another in his mouth.

“What the fuck are you doing.” Andy says pulling Spence away.

“Having fun, exploring my fantasy. What we agreed. Exactly what you are here for.” Spence says.

“It isn’t okay. Not in public like that. You’re my husband for fucks sake.” Andy says.

“I am not arguing with you here.” Spence says calmly.

“Then we better go home.” Andy says marching Spence out of the club.

They are both rock hard in the cab home. Spence is super mad at Andy for causing a scene and being a hypocrite but his anger has Spence hard as steel.

Flashes of Spence on his knees have given Andy a rock-hard cock and all he wants is to show Spence that he is better than those 3 cops.

They make their way out to their barn, they have kept one building just for sex. Although they haven’t used it much in a long time.

“No way are you good enough to have my ass after making such a show of yourself and humiliating me tonight.” Spence says as Andy starts to paw at his husband’s ass.

“So, show me how to behave.” Andy says groaning in delight at the thought of Spence topping, he so rarely does.


Spence deftly ties Andy’s hand behind his back while telling him what a disappointment, what a jerk and prick he has been recently. Spence kicks Andy’s foot out from under him and he lands on the floor with a groan. Spence ties Andy’s ankles together and then joins his ankles to his wrists.

Andy is groaning in pleasure and pain. Ready for the fucking of his life.

“Where are you going?” Andy asks as Spence starts for the door.

“Back to the club.” Spence says with a shrug.


50 thoughts on “Ocean Blue 39

  1. Yay! O is safe and sound.

    Will and Robin being friends sends tingles down there.

    And what a hypocrite of Andy. Thinking he can go to that sex club and not his husband. That is the best chapter ending. Torturing Andy.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Poor Andy!

    I’d never leave someone waiting without blowing a load… Unless I’d already cum… Or had something else to do… Or if the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was on… Or my wine glass was empty.

    Liked by 3 people

      1. ROFL, the Sydney one is tragic. I’ve worked with Lisa from it a few times during the publicity junket, and I loved her. She’s a complete sociopathic cunt.

        Having Athena X on the show was a bad choice. Did you hear about them almost getting arrested in Singapore?

        Liked by 1 person

          1. I started with New Jersey, but New York, Beverly Hills and Melbourne are my favorites.

            Its rich women with questionable fashion tastes who have normally been married a bunch of times, acting like cunts to each other in nice locations.

            I fucking love for it. I have people over for viewing parties every week. My 27th birthday was themed as realhousewives, and we all threw cask wine in each other’s faces all night. It was awesome.


  3. I’m so glad that you decided to post this chapter. hopefully, there will be more.
    take your time and dont feel pressured. we can wait. it’s definitely worth waiting for. 🤗

    Liked by 3 people

  4. I love Spence Revenge…… Did Andy expect Spence to sit at home like quiet little housewife why he slutted around town? I mean sleeping around was his idea or was his Idea that he slept around and Spence waited on him to be over his latest phase…… FAT CHANCE. This should prove to Andy if he is not careful Spence has options.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Oh Spence darling you have left me tickled this evening. Hahaha.

    I have a whole new level of respect for Spence for doing that. Like yuuuuusss put him in his place. Sorry Andy babe, you got what you deserved. I’d come over and set you free and lick your wounds, but when a betch lays down the law it’s FINAL! 😁

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Sam you had him two hours away from me and didn’t tell me I could’ve rescued him!!!! That last scene was the absolute best! Maybe robin could wander in and give Andy a good dicking or Will😈😈😈

    Liked by 2 people

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