Ocean Blue 40

Spence leans against the barn wall and groans. He has no intention of going back to the club and just wants Andy to stew for a bit. Holy fuck it feels good. That Andy got instantly jealous in the club means a lot to Spence. His husband still wants him, wants him all to himself. Spence sighs and looks down at his throbbing dick. Spence smiles to himself, his husband needs putting in his place and a good pounding.

Andy is feeling amazing. He is trying to rub his cock against the floor, he’s so fucking horny. Hid mind is flashing to Spence on his knees with all those cocks. Fuck his husband is hot.

“Oh dear, trying to get relief from the barn floor.” Spence says looking at Andy.

“You left me in a bad way babe.” Andy says.

“Pathetic.” Spence says as he loosens the rope and rearranges Andy’s legs for better access.

“I am totally pathetic.” Andy groans.

Spence doesn’t hold back and gives Andy the pounding he’s been craving. Spence is mad that Andy bypassed switching things up and went straight to playing around. Still the guys dressed as cops were fucking hot and it was fun for a minute.

“God that feels so good.” Andy moans, he needs this.

“You’re okay.” Spence says gripping the ropes around Andy’s back and slamming in to him. Spence is never, ever this aggressive in bed and is loving the change. Andy is feeling off the charts good. Everything is right tonight, everything.

“Oh babe, babe, fuck, FUCK, FUCK.” Andy cries out as he cums totally out of control, his first hands free in years.

Spence keeps pounding away, using Andy as his sex toy. He always takes a long time when he tops. Andy is loving it, usually he’s lose interest after nutting but tonight he wants to be everything that Spence needs.

“Fill me babe, use me, fill me.” Andy pants and Spence obliges grunting and growling as he unloads in Andy’s tight ass.

“Oh babe we needed that.” Spence says kissing Andy’s back before pulling out slowly and gently untying Andy.

“We did. I am sorry for pulling you out the club earlier.” Andy says.

“You should be. Come on lets go shower.” Spence says.

They spend an age in the shower kissing and washing each other. They feel like they are reconnecting and Andy starts to fuck Spence slowly under the spray. Gentle and loving, although still athletic as they are standing.

After they dry each other off gently and get into bed, Andy snuggles on to Spence’s shoulder.

“Experiment over?” Spence asks.

“I cheated on you. I fucked up and instead of asking for what I wanted I went elsewhere.” Andy says rolling away from Spence and curling up in a ball, so ashamed.

“Before we went to Hawaii?” Spence asks gently, everything slotting in to place.

“Yes. Things haven’t been great have they? I mean we have been having a lot less sex.” Andy says.

“Because you’ve been too tired. I initiate often and I never say no. Unlike you.” Spence says.

“I know. Sometimes I fucking hate being a full-time farmer. I hate market season and I hate that we’ve grown so distant and I know it was me clamming up, not being open with you. It’s us and I felt I couldn’t talk about sex. Then I saw you tonight living out a fantasy and I didn’t want you to, not without me. I’ve been such a selfish prick.” Andy says.

“You took your resentment of farming out on Blue. Time for a change. But you need to tell me what happened, so I know what I’m expected to forgive.” Spence says.

“It was Tad. I wanted, well I wanted a bit of what we had tonight. I was always happy being in charge in bed, given you were in charge out of it. But the last few years running the business, alone or with Tad, well I’ve had to be in charge all the time. I hate it. And Tad I guess is the opposite, we might be in business together but I get final say and at home and in bed Ollie is in charge and we were talking about it and it lead to an afternoon of fucking and a shit ton of guilt.” Andy says.

“I guess that is why Tad and Ollie haven’t been around, even though Larry has been back. Shit Andy you know better than to shit where you eat.” Spence says exasperated.

“I know. Will you forgive me? I do want this, I love you, I only love you.” Andy says.

“I know you don’t love Tad and I know it was just sex. I am super mad that you got inbetween their marriage. Fucking a married friend just isn’t on.” Spence says.

“I know. I feel terrible. And then I try and fuck us up, asking for freedom. I thought if we both fucked around I’d feel less guilty.” Andy says.

“You are such a dick. But you are mine and I love you, despite your stupid behavior. Taking out your guilt on Blue wasn’t on. It wasn’t his fault you rode Tad’s thick dick. He isn’t the reason you haven’t found a balance with your job here.” Spence says.

“He is. I mean he couldn’t help it but it is his fault for not being here.” Andy says.

“It isn’t his fault he wasn’t here. He would kill to be as unhappy as we have been. He didn’t get a shot at his dream or his man. You must know how badly you hurt him. How much us just being there hurt him.” Spence says.

“You sound more mad at me for what happened with Blue than what happened with Tad.” Andy says.

“It is easier to forgive you for Tad.” Spence says simply.

“We will be okay though. Now Ocean is okay.” Andy says.

“I think it is time we moved on from here. We both want something different.” Spence says.

“Tad couldn’t afford to buy us out.” Andy says.

“So what? He fucked my husband, I owe him jack shit.” Spence says.

“My cheating sets us free.” Andy says with a giggle and the pair are soon laughing together in a way they haven’t in a long time.


“What are you doing here?” Blue asks as Aled walks through the door.

“I wanted to tell you myself what has been going on, why you’re here.” Aled says.

“Is it Ocean? Is he okay?” Blue asks.

“I should have known you’d guess. Chris always said you were smart. He’s fine, his mom and Gervais have gone to him.” Aled says and he tells them what they know so far about Ocean being taken.

“So we can go back now?” Chris asks.

“The kidnappers are still under surveillance. We are hopeful they’ll lead us to the remaining members. You need to be patient. They clearly wanted to smoke you out and we still don’t know why.” Aled says.

“Wait, if Ocean was dropped in the woods, how do you have those that took him under surveillance?” Bea asks.

“They sent out a video and we found them from that. Why they let Ocean go we have no idea, other than to smoke you out, and to spread us more thinly. There were some other incidents. Truth is if you hold tight you might be able to be totally free.” Aled says.

“Please tell Gervais I love him and Ocean too. We’ve all been thinking of him and hoping he was okay.” Blue says.

“Same, tell the little dude I owe him a milkshake.” Bea says.

“And tell Larry, please. Tell him I miss him like crazy and he better be waiting for me.” Chris says.

“I am sure he is.” Aled says.

“Did you love Will?” Blue asks bluntly.

“I do love Will, I will always love him. My feelings were real, the guilt was screwing me up and killing our marriage and we couldn’t have lasted but I love him.” Aled says and Blue nods.”

“So why divorce? Why not work it out?” Chris asks, he hates Aled for what he did but if his feelings are real it seems such a waste to throw it away.

“He doesn’t love me. He never loved me.” Aled says simply, looking Blue in the eye.

“How long are we going to be cooped up and is there a reason I can’t go back? I have a job where kids depend on me.” Bea says.

“I know you’re frustrated Bea, but right now the higher ups are saying no. They took Ocean, they didn’t hurt him but they scared the shit out of all of us. Taking Ocean in broad daylight on his college campus is a huge concern. Bea I know you feel safe at the lake but you have a routine just like Ocean. If they got there, they would get you.” Aled says.

“They’d not get half way down the mountain with her.” Blue says.

“Look I know we all think we’d fight off attackers and set ourselves free but it isn’t always possible.” Aled says.

“He’s not saying that. There is only one route down and it would be blocked by falling trees in a heartbeat if anyone tried to take Bea, or anyone else.” Chris says with a laugh.

“They might not all love Bea up there but she’s my momma’s daughter and therefore no one would succeed in taking her.” Blue says.

“She still can’t go.” Aled says and leaves the room.

“They took Ocean in broad daylight. Why now?” Blue says.

“I feel really uneasy about this and for the first time since they killed our cousins I am thankful to be here.” Bea says quietly.

“Me too. Plus I have you two which makes it a lot more bearable.” Chris says.

“Another game of monopoly?” Blue asks.

“As long as Bea doesn’t cheat this time.” Chris says.

“Well we could play scrabble if you weren’t so dumb.” Bea replies and Chris pokes out his tongue. The three play and squabble and feel grateful for the time they are spending together.

“That was great.” Willow says stretching out like a cat.

“It really was, you have the cutest nips.” Heidi says grinning.

“You have an amazing body. I rarely get to have anyone different to me, its all yoga buffs and skinny artists at the lake.” Willow sighs.

“Calling me fat?” Heidi asks, eyebrow raised.

“Curvy, voluptuous, fucking hot. No insult, you are sheer perfection.” Willow grins.

“I’m a baker, I would never get offended.” Heidi grins back.

“This feels like something. I always get a jolt seeing Cheryl, she’s married and happy and I am happy for her. I am. This feels like more than a distraction.” Willow says looking at Heidi and pushing her hair out of her face.

“You are over her, you are still attracted to her, because she’s your type but you couldn’t be with her.” Heidi says.

“I could be with you.” Willow says.

“I feel the same. Truly. But I have my work here, the bakery, the charity.” Heidi says.

“You could have both at the retreat. Differently, but we could use you. You’d be of value.” Willow says.

“Let me think about it. I kinda really feel it is time to move on. We’ve all been waiting on Blue. Waiting to show him what we’ve done, waiting on his approval. But I can’t do that to him, how cruel would it be? The lake sounds tempting. You are tempting.” Heidi smiles.

“I’d come here for you. If you really can’t leave.” Willow says suddenly wanting to grab this chance at happiness with both hands and never let go.

“I wouldn’t ask that. I’d be insecure about Cheryl and so would Marsha. I’ll come to the lake with you. I’ll try it for a few weeks and if we think this is real then I’ll come back here and sort everything out.” Heidi says and Willow kisses her hard.

“I know it is crazy and a total lesbian cliché.” Willow says.

“Bullshit, we’ve known each other for years. And fuck it, who cares. I like you, we have similar values and goals and you are so hot.” Heidi grins.

“Right back at ya.” Willow says, her face lit up with happiness.

The following morning Larry knocks on Spence and Andy’s door. Andy answers butt naked.

“Sorry, I can come back later.” Larry says staring at the floor.

“Shit sorry.” Andy says pulling on a pair of shorts, he and Spence leave clean shorts and underwear in strategic places incase they need to answer the door unexpectedly. Their housekeeper despairs on the days she comes in of what she might find where.

“Honestly if it is too early.” Larry says making to leave.

“Nah come and join us for breakfast. It is really nice to have you back.” Andy says ushering Larry through to the kitchen where Spence is eating eggs.

“Want some food?” Andy asks.

“Coffee and toast would be great.” Larry says helping himself and sitting down.

“Any news?” Spence asks.

“G and Cheryl got down there okay and Ocean is okay. He has to stay for more questioning but he isn’t much help from his own admission. Aside from bruising and sore feet he’s fine. Totally fine. They even left food and water for him.” Larry says.

“I could kill them.” Andy says.

“Get in line.” Spence says.

“So what did you get up so early for?” Andy asks.

“I figured you’d be up, farmers curse and all that. I wanted to pick your brain on tomatoes and other crops. You still grow the things Blue likes to cook with, and I thought I should get all the tips before we leave.” Larry says.

“Let us come with you.” Spence says.

“What about the gym?” Larry asks.

“I’ll sell it. Or get a manager in. We both need a new challenge.” Spence says.

“You ready to tackle wine?” Larry asks.

“Hell yes.” Andy says with a grin. He loves what he has done with the farm and Tad has been great but it wasn’t the plan. Larry and Spence are offering the plan.

“Will it be weird though, I mean I’m Spence’s ex and you used to date Chris?” Larry asks.

“I trust me and you. Do you trust Chris around my husband? As far as I know Andy is the only cheat out of the four of us.” Spence says.

“I trust Chris completely. He is not the jerk you knew before and he has never been a cheat. Quick to suggest a group thing but that suits me.” Larry says.

“Just me that is a fucking idiot.” Andy says with a sigh.

“What about you Spence?” Larry asks.

“I have to hope there is a college with a vacancy for an assistant coach. If not for gymnastics for wrestling in the vicinity. I am happy to volunteer, even if its just club. Wherever Chris ends up will have some sort of sports.” Spence says.

“Being rich gives you options I guess.” Larry says.

“I am very lucky. I know that.” Spence says.

“How are things with your dad?” Andy asks.

“The same. I don’t need him. Man it will be so cool if the six of us start something together. I will admit extra eyes on Blue and Chris will be welcome. Those two need a lot of love and attention.” Larry says.

“We love Blue, it won’t be hard.” Spence smiles.

“Tell me what food he made at the café.” Andy says with a big smile on his face.

120 thoughts on “Ocean Blue 40

  1. Not sure how I feel about everyone wanting to follow Blue to someplace new. While I do agree with Larry some that it would be good to have help with B I think it might be to soon. 7 years of isolation cannot be fixed in just 4 months. I think the group/family dynamic would reassert itself and Blue would become The Whipping boy again. He isn’t currently strong enough to defend himself yet. Hopefully Chris and Gervias tell them all to fuck off for awhile.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I agree with Spence angle. Other than at the beginning he was never really hurtful to B. Forgot about and overlooked but never really bad to him. The thing with Will was more of a Bro please back off because I like him and let’s see if we have anything.

        Another question. Was Aled telling the truth about loving Will and will that change the way Blue sees anything?

        Liked by 2 people

      1. There were numerous times Blue forgave him when he shouldn’t ie the times Blue was always there when Andy needed a friend ie family problems or Spence Relationship issues yet Andy was nowhere to be found when Blue needed him most ie aftermath of his relationship breakups or the Xmas after the Triplet bombshell hit

        Liked by 2 people

        1. And Andy rarely stood up to Clara when she favoured him over Blue. We also know that Andy (and Spence and Gervais) has not been a good friend to Robin while Blue has been gone. Even though Andy benefitted from Robin’s good business sense.

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Amazing as always!!! I am not really sure who I want with Blue…maybe me!! LOL…I think G has good intentions and truly loves B but there is something there that I feel is just not right and I can’t quite put my finger on it, if it is good or Bad for B and Will I feel he gave up too soon and that if he truly felt the way he says he does about B no length of time apart would of made him move on…so maybe someone totally brand new needs to come into his life to show all the guys how they have been messing up

    Liked by 1 person

  3. why is it considered cheating if you have sex with someone outside the relationship, while doing the same thing during an orgy or 3way is OK as long as your other half is there? it makes no sense to me. sex with someone else is always wrong in my book. it’s an uneccessary test of commitment which can lead to bad things.

    remember, when George wanted in on the orgy and blue didn’t. that spoke volumes and basically ended their relationship.

    either your with only one person or your not. when your not, bad things can happen. it’s simply not worth the risk..assuming there is SOMETHING to risk.


    1. A group thing agreed by both partners is an extension of a couples sex life. Sex with someone in secret in an agreed monogamous relationship is cheating. If they had an open relationship it would have been fine but at that point they didn’t. Spence might forgive, he might not. He’s willing to make changes and address their issues

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m sorry, but I just can’t see the difference. the way I see it is, if your with me YOUR WITH ME, no one else.

        the point is, Spence can’t have it both ways. monogamy is simple… sex with one person, always.


          1. lol, I guess your right about that. but let me ask you this. if you were truly, madly and deeply in love with someone, would you really want to share them?


      1. My baby could never be a tramp. He just has a lot of sexual energy to give and dat betch tad took advantage of him in a moment of weakness mhm mhmm. lol


          1. LIES lol. We all know my baby is very needy and needs lots of comfort in sex and food when he going through some things and tad took advantage of my baby in his time of need. mhm mhmmmmm


                    1. Who is more likely to tell him to back off?

                      We don’t know yet if Blue wants the suite guys in his life full time yet? Will this ignite Chris protection mode?

                      Liked by 2 people

                1. Maybe I read tooo much into it but after Elliott it almost seems like Spence has zero expecations on Andy to remain faithful so is always keeping his mind open that Andy has cheated yet again.

                  Liked by 1 person

                    1. Andy wore hom down to take him back and he pulls this stunt I speculate if they broke up again it would be final as Andy can only be given so many second chances.

                      Liked by 2 people

                    2. Moral and possibly selfrightous MarkOz would say walk away cut your losses and think better of yourself than accepting your beaus flaws as some whore who will spread their legs for anyone while playing up the fake pretenses of being loyal and Monogamous.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    3. Oh and where are you on the sharing and group thing scale? I’m thinking if I finally got you to myself I’d not let you near another man ever but that might be a bit creeepy if it’s because I’ve locked you away in my English castle…..


                    4. While not for me personally I know couples where it works for them big difference is other has to be present during playtine not some kind of playtime without the partner knowing.

                      Liked by 1 person

  4. I love the story line❤️

    I agree Blue will be screwed some how. I think the only one who could stop that is Will.

    I don’t trust G in that he controls Blue with money and is controlling and self centered just like G’s own father.

    Willow and Heidi would be great together and even better if they went with the boys to start a new community and out of Clara’s control as Clara will try to get to Blue, Chris and Bea through Willow and Heidi.

    I would have never thought I would be team Will but I am.

    G is passive aggressive manipulating Blue and his insecurities screw over Blue at every turn. Case in point is Blue sleeping in his car as he did in college and G was so self absorbed he did nothing to stop it!

    I think Blue will see in the end that Will was all about loving Blue unconditionally and I pray and hope they end up together.

    I also hope Bea stays with the boys as she is a better person with them !

    Thanks for continuing the story and I love how you are letting it progress in just the way you are: subtle and unexpected but fit within the story line and with the personalities in the story🌈❤️🌈❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. will had his chance and he blew it, big time, with someone he didn’t even love. g has grown up and proven himself worthy of blue. sure, there will probably be some fireworks in the future with will and g, but I think g will win. he has done more to help blue than anyone, and blue knows it. besides, they have always loved each other even when they were with someone else, including blue with will. if will had ever demanded that blue stop being around g, he knew he would lose blue. there connection is too strong.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Gosh, the boys are so much more forgiving than I’ll ever be.

    I still hate people who cheated while playing tag when we were 6, let alone the harpies that I call down whenever I bump into any of my big-3 ex’s. 😛

    Liked by 3 people

          1. Maybe he could consider it a retroactive Hall pass? Lol

            Kind of like, saying “well I didn’t REALLY cheat on you, if you consider that we eventually broke up anyway, and you were asleep… And in a different room”…

            Or maybe that’s just my desperate logic racket. 😛

            Liked by 1 person

          2. yeah, he did cheat, but he was the bottom not the top, so it’s not like he was wanting to fuck someone other than Spence. and besides, like spence said, it was just sex. Spence knows who has Andy’s heart. they are as right for each other as blue and g.

            Liked by 1 person

              1. extenuating circumstances. they’re still relatively young and learning. alot relationships have to endure that once. when they work it out their commitment is stronger. love holds them together. if you say fuck it and leave, then how much love was really there?


                  1. lol, OK, your the puppet master. but still, shit happens and love endures. but shit can’t happen more than once.


  6. Another amazing chapter. I’m glad to see you didn’t give up writing. You you are completely amazing. I have to admit I was very sad when you said you were stopping.

    That explains why Andy has been such a bitch. Would serve him right to be tied up and punished by all the guys.

    Not surprised everyone is bored and wants to move on. Seems without Blue and Abby the creative dreams have left. Hope they can work it out so they can find a beautiful place to live. Maybe they can find their own mountain and lake to buy and build up.

    Again you are amazing Sam!

    Liked by 2 people

  7. so happy your not giving up on the story. still love your plots. i just have a bit a bad feeling, if you put all of them together again. Blue always suffers in the end and never can fulfill his dreams when all of them are together. they always fuck him over (and not in a good sexual sense) nifff, we’ll see. the original four not a option??? ah, just keeping us on our toes! successfully as allways…. can’t wait for more. 💔💔

    Liked by 1 person

      1. hopfully, fuck off. really, i don’t trust Andy and the “originaly suite-saga rat pack” to not hurt Blue once more. well, maybe Spence but there’s no Spence without Andy, soo not a option. Sometimes I think they are like vampires,,, suck all energie and happiness out off Blue. there’s no one, who hasen’t hurt him at one point off the story, every single
        one at one point, sadly. 💔💔 but knowing Blue he just forgives and forgets and opens his armes for all of them, i couldn’t do that. he doesn’t have self protection at all. 💔💔

        Liked by 1 person

          1. maybe? it’s like a chain reaction, each time blue breacks free, he meets one of the old rat pack and an other one, and an other one…..until they are all together again and get Blue in a bin til he nearly breacks again and gets hurt. i liked australia, when he was on his one, exploring, bilding up knowledge for his vineyard and dream. 💔💔

            Liked by 1 person

            1. It’s hard whenever I drop people, and set Blue off alone everyone wants updates on those left behind.
              I think Blue needs some time to process. Maybe have a summer with Ocean and Garrett helping them out and going camping and fishing.

              Liked by 3 people

              1. yes, he should have time for himself to heal psychologically and physically. And ocean would be ideal. he doesn’t want anything from him than friendship and his big brother. that would be so coooool. nobody but those three!!!!! a lake, a tent, fresh aire and freedome for his soul to heal and enough time to understand what he wants from his live 💔💔

                Liked by 2 people

                    1. really, really, really… you know, it’s not one of my main languages. i try to spell better in
                      the future. (i do feel like wayyyyyy back in school)😢💔💔

                      Liked by 1 person

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