102 thoughts on “What now?

  1. I voted for Australia and knowing Blue would never dump G the way G dumped Blue.

    I am for either Team Will or the hot Aussie who took such loving sexy care of Blue.

    Blue could create his vineyard and he loves Australia 🇦🇺

    Plus Larry would go wherever Chris is.

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                    1. Never! I’m revirginizing as I type this!

                      My egg timer will ding any second now!

                      In saying that, I find incest icky 99% of the time… But twins don’t count. 😛

                      Unless they’re female twins.

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    1. But now we know Will is as flawed as Gervias. Not only did he get “married” but now Blue knows it wasn’t for “love”. Rattling around in Blue’s (and our) mind is why he did it if it wasn’t for love?

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  2. I figured I’d answer the question posed at the end of 42 here to keep the discussion going.

    I’m not mad that the vote seems so high for dumping G. If you total up the other votes for together and beach house I think it is closer to a draw. I voted for B and G and the vineyard. Although I could see some time away at the retreat or beach house to reset and get a new focus for the group.

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            1. Yes from the start. Actually the original premise was Blue would meet his dad who was a professor at college and find out he had a twin. But then I changed it to triplets. I knew from the first chapter. I didn’t know how it would play out.

              You having trouble sleeping?


      1. Sounds good. A little r&r for the boys and Sammy too.

        By the way. Are you doing ok with all the shit going down over there across the pond?
        Worrying about you😙😙

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  3. Blue gets trafficked and sold into the white slave sex trade, discovering fame again, known as”Bangkok Blue!” His owner is the Russian ambassador, who smuggles secrets to diplomats, by putting a cryptex inside of his pooper.

    Andy becomes homeless, and ends up being the regional bum who tries to bum everyone, but he secretly has a plan to release a poison from a satellite that he’s been working on from alfoil cans.

    Gervais gets eaten by his 13 cats after he becomes a hermit.

    Aled becomes Trump’s security personnel officer, only to be distracted by a terrorists bulge, and ends up allowing Trump to be killed.

    Robin dies from girl germs.

    Chris gets fired by a bull in Spain, after trying to milk them, during The Running Of The Bulls.

    Bea suffers a fate worse than death. She gets married and has children, and remains a teacher.

    Birch overdoses. Thank god. One less ‘artist’

    Spence creates the gay version of the Playboy mansion, and ends up with 15 loyal Twinkle husbands.

    And Will eventually gets over Blue after he bumps into a dashing Aussie lad called Belly. He falls madly in love with him. Belly treats him like shit, and gets pissed off with how amazing and perfect Will is, when all he wants is a decent screaming match, and an anger fuck. They grow old and miserable together, but they never get herpes.

    (I voted for Blue and Will) 😀

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          1. 3 dicks, 5 seperate days.

            One of the guys has come back twice to help me shower. He’s so helpful. He’s back tomorrow too. If he wasnt a ginger, I think he’d be a keeper. I’m tempted to have him waxed…

            (I don’t actually need help, I have a walk in shower with a ledge, but a dicking is a dicking. He literally bounces on my lap like his ass is made of elastic.)

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              1. Lol he has a slight dusting of freckles on his shoulders, and access the bridge of his nose. He looks like a skinnier version of the ginger Pitt Crew dude from RuPaul.

                And my sanity is definitely waning. I jacked off about 9 times yesterday, watching Sense 8. I had to switch hands.

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                  1. I have like, 40 chapters worth of shit, but its all pretty rough.
                    Rereading the shit Ive put up already, the grammar is humiliating. I’ll spend some time fixing it up, but while I’m on painkillers and drinking like a clergyman, I have to go over everything 10x.

                    And I think I’m getting a gut. Fml. Fingers crossed I get dissentry soon.

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      1. Ooooh! Just saw the one for G and Clara being the murderers! I love it!

        Maybe he is seeking revenge, because Blue happened to run over Gervais’s father the summer before, so now he has been dressing up as a fisherman with a huge hook and killing people off, and framing it on the mob.

        Ofcourse, the twist is that he can only achieve this because Clara is funding it, and is the mastermind behind it. It turns out that Gervais’s father, was the guy that Clara was trying to get spermed by, and she was resenting Blue for not only the miscarriages, but the death of her cuckold fella.

        It also turns out that Blue has a nasty habbit of drunken hit and runs, that make Halle Berry look angelic.

        You could call it, “I know what Blue did last summer…”

        Completely original, right? 😛

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          1. For a dollar a day, it’s all yours. Cancel that child sponsorship, and I’ll cut out a chunk of brain for you.

            Would Amnesty international ever offer you that?

            Those selfish bastards.

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