Ocean Blue 45

“So what are our plans?” Chris asks in a chipper mood as Blue and Gervais serve up stacks of waffles and pancakes.

“Can we have ice-cream with breakfast?” Robin asks looking in the freezer.

“Get it all out.” Chris grins.

Will comes in looking tired and grey.

Blue puts another stack down and gives Will a big hug.

“Has he gone?” Blue asks quietly.

“Yeah this morning. I asked him to go. I thought I could manage being friends but I hate him too much right now.” Will says hugging Blue back tightly.

“You guys have some legal things to sort out before you can go to the lake, right?” Spence asks.

“Yeah we have to wait for our history to be all tied together, make sure we don’t get stung for taxes or anything.” Chris says.

“And get all our accounts sorted into our new names. We’re kind of on our own this time so it’s harder and slower. Best to stay here with access to the city until we’re done.” Bea says.

“Right then I have time to interview coaches, rework the gym timetable and get my divorce rolling. Then I’ll come up with you to the lake and see how things are going. Help you get setup.” Spence says.

“Blue and I were going to go to the old dairy farm and pack everything up and sort the sale ourselves. Explain to the guys what happened. Then we’ll drive up to the lake.” Gervais says.

“Can me and Will come? Give you a hand and share the driving. We kind of liked your place when we saw it.” Robin asks.

“When did you see it?” Blue asks confused.

“We arrived just after you left. Birch spilled the details.” Will says.

“You came to find me?” Blue asks.

“Yeah. I know we’d spoken on that call but I wanted to see you for myself and talk properly and so did Will.” Robin says.

Blue looks at the pair and grins.

“Sounds like we have a road trip to plan.” Gervais says trying to sound upbeat.

“Did you ever make these waffles before? They are amazing.” Spence says helping himself to more.

“1 don’t know. I made a different sort for the parlor. I like these better, they’re chunky and a bit eggy. I was vegan for a while and have really been enjoying having eggs again. I know these are not like proper waffles but I like them.” Blue grins making Gervais smile at how happy Blue is.

“l love them. We’ll all pitch in this summer but the days you are cooking we’ll all be eating more.” Spence grins.

“I will love it. Cooking for just us, Larry, Ocean and Garrett will be great fun. Just don’t badger me if I don’t feel like it.” Blue says.

“We would never. We all had to become better cooks without you around and Heidi is up there already. I am sure we can barter some Pizza dough from her for some fish we catch.” Spence says.

“You hated the lake back in the day. Are you sure about this?” Robin asks curiously.

“Andy and I were in another bad place, Clara was being a total b to Blue. Bea was at her worst, it was cold and I was being a dick.” Spence says with a grin.

“You’ll have focus this time, training the lads.” Will says.

“Right. And I have lived here for years. I’m not the same guy who spent thousands on shoes.” Spence says.

“l guess. I just remember you feeling so hemmed in but I guess that was as situational as it was geographical.” Robin says.

“I remember we had some fun.” Blue grins.

“We did.” Spence grins back at the memory.

“You two? Really?” Will asks shocked.

“It was a brief moment of lust.” Blue grins.

“Mutual therapy of the sex kind.” Spence says.

“I’m so glad you were there for Blue that time. There for each other. I love everyone here and I know that everyone is going to be going through something over the next few months. We need to agree right now that we’re going to watch out for each other and step in when someone needs help, whether we’re close or not. If I see Bea is a mess I’ll be there. Robin will be there for Chris, Will will be there for Larry. We’re all going to be there.” Gervais says.

“Thanks babe.” Blue smiles at his man.

“Sounds good to me.” Chris says.

“I feel like Ocean happy having all his brothers around.” Bea says.

“We are all going to be okay. None of us want to be here anymore. We stayed to wait for Blue. Then we lost Abby and it got harder to be here. We tried to put down roots. We tried to fill the gap but we were all rooted to the spot. Paralysed. Waiting for you.” Will says.

“That sounds like a big waste of your freedom and a lot of pressure for me.” Blue says.

“We didn’t know that was what we were doing. Not entirely” Robin says.

“I thought I was here, compromising my career to support Andy. But I was waiting for you. Sure I wouldn’t have wanted to leave Ocean, I love Will, I trust Will as a coach but I wasn’t going to leave him feeling he had to stay for Ocean. We were waiting for you and we were raising and training Ocean.” Spence says.

“We’re able to unpause now. We all thought we were living, moving on. This place has been the best and worst for me. For all of us.” Will says.

“It’s the same for us bro. We were waiting. Existing. Floundering.” Chris says.

“And now we’re going to wait some more. Get you into school and then think and visit places and not hide.” Blue says.

“Together. You can tell us all to fuck off but I figure there is a reason we’re all here today. Sure we might swap Bea for Larry, no offence Bea.” Robin says.

“No offence taken. I will be settling at the lake. I will be hosting you all for Christmas every year. I mean Blue will be cooking and it might be better if it’s Christmas in July due to the roads.” Bea grins.

“You all want this? College was a long time ago.” Blue says.

“Like Robin said, we need to be together. We fit. Will and Larry replace George and Andy.” Spence says.

“I always thought it was me being shut out. I know Andy is being a dick right now and we are all team Spence but are we really replacing him?” Robin asks.

“Yes we are. He was a fucking cunt to me in Hawaii. He cheated on Spence and disrespected Ollie’s marriage and he has been using my garden for commercial purposes. Not just the fields. My garden that I planted to feed me, to feed us, that hurts. I can’t explain it but it hurts.” Blue says.

“When did he start doing that?” Gervais asks.

“When Ocean left for school. I told him not to. I’d forgotten about it, seems like such a minor fight now. Blue I am sorry about the way we profited from you and abused your hospitality. I’m going to make it up to you. We’re going to find the perfect place to live and we’re going to be there for you as much, or as little as you want.” Spence says.

“I know Spence. You, Will and Robin are as much family to me as Bea, Chris and Gervais. You’re all right. Somehow, we’re all together and it we need to stay that way. You guys cannot function without me.” Blue says and they all laugh.

A few weeks later the house is all packed up and Bea, Spence and Chris set off for the lake. Will, Blue, Gervais and Robin head to the old dairy farm. They have sorted out all the money, the remains of Abby’s property. Bea, Blue and Chris exist again and all is well.

Blue and Gervais slept outside every night. Blue needed the air, the space and the time alone with Gervais. Making love under the stars every night and some nights they would talk until dawn. Just talking about everything and nothing.

Blue is happy, very happy with Gervais. He loves his friends but the nights outside, just the two of them is time Blue truly cherishes.

The four chatter away on the flight and have a good time. There is no awkwardness between Gervais and Will, they are both working really hard to keep it that way. Blue has been back to his old self and neither wants that to change.

After a long, long cab ride the guys end up at the old dairy and Blue and Gervais show Will and Robin around properly. They’re all tired and hungry. They get in the truck and head into the city to eat and stock up on groceries for the next few days.

The guys get back and shower and gather in the kitchen in front of the fire wrapped in their towels ready for a drink.

“I have the hottest friends.” Blue grins looking from Robin to Will to Gervais as he passes out glasses of wine.

“The absolute hottest.” Robin says.

“I am so glad you finally got around to liking boys.” Blue says.

“Still hasn’t taken a dick though.” Will says.

“Really? Why not?” Blue asks.

“Well I always thought it would be you. You were my introduction to everything. I never met anyone I wanted to do it more.” Robin says.

“But you and Birch.” Blue says.

“Had a lot of fun and he was my first male crush and I have great chemistry with him.” Robin says.

“Blue totally has my permission to fuck you.” Gervais says surprising everyone.

“You can totally fuck me, if Blue is fucking Robin. I figure banging it out might be good for us.” Will says.

“I need another drink.” Blue says not sure if this is real.

“I thought if I got Blue back I would never, ever share him. But I am so hard right now.” Gervais says.

“Robin? Do you actually want this? In reality? I am not small for a first time.” Blue says pulling his towel aside.

Will takes a good long look. Blue hasn’t the body he had but it is still beautiful and that shlong. Man he loved watching that big dick bounce as Blue rode him.

“I do. I don’t want to get to 30 and not have at least tried it. Who knows maybe I will love it. I have very, very rarely had bad sex. I was hung up on being small, you guys being my friends is pretty intimidating but I learnt that just like with women I can satisfy a man with what I have.” Robin says.

“Yes you can.” Blue grins.

“Anyone have condoms?” Gervais asks.

“I do. I was planning on hitting the city and getting some before we left.” Will says sheepishly.

“Well I have two types of lube so we are all good. Now pour me another.” Robin grins.

A few drinks later and Blue and Gervais are making out on the couch.

Will and Robin figure why the heck should they miss out.

“Babe, I don’t have to do this.” Blue says.

“Yeah. I want all this out our system. We need to exorcise these ghosts to move forward just us.” Gervais says.

“Well if you want me to stop, you say so. At any time.” Blue says.

“Babe there is nothing hotter than watching you rim someone. The way your dick twitches out of control and you get lost in it.” Gervais says.

“There is no finer ass than yours.” Blue says.

“I love you Blue and tonight will strengthen everything.” Gervais says.

“I love you so much. So much. Now I’m going to eat Robin’s ass.” Blue grins.

“Do a good job and be gentle.” Gervais says.

“I am going to get you good and ready. You need to be one hundred percent ready and comfortable. This is not going to be like ripping off a band aid.” Blue says.

“Fuck you are so sexy when you’re being earnest.” Robin grins.

“My first crush. My first best friend.” Blue smiles and kisses Robin.

“My first.” Robin smiles and kisses Blue back.

“You’re being the cool boyfriend tonight.” Will says.

“You were on Blue’s 21st. You let us get us out of our system. He neds that now, knowing Robin was waiting on him would have eaten at him in a way.” Gervais says.

“Yeah. He loves you. You’ve no need to be worried.” Will says.

“Not about Robin.” Gervais says.

“I wouldn’t do anything.” Will says.

“As long as you’re around, you are an option for him. You don’t have to do anything.” Gervais says.

“I don’t have to come to the lake.” Will says.

“You do. I’m just saying I know things are not a done deal with me and him.” Gervais says.

“I love you both. I want him to be happy. Just like you did when he was with me.” Will says.

“I know. And that is why you have to come to the lake. Keep me in line.” Gervais smiles.

“Oh I am going to keep you in line.” Will grins.

“Let me suck you.” Robin groans as Blue’s tongue delves deep.

“I don’t need any help.” Blue says, rock hard.

“You don’t have to stop, lets just switch positions.” Robin says.

“You wanna sit on my face, sit on my face.” Blue grins and wriggles in to position.

Fuck he’d forgotten just how good Robin is at sucking dick. Mmmmmm feels so good.

Blue smiles to himself, pinches both Robin’s cheeks and gets back to work. When he can’t take any more of Robin’s deepthroating he lifts Robin down and lies him on his back and grabs the lube.

“Tell me to stop if anything doesn’t feel good.” Blue says gently kissing Robin’s nose.

“I will. This so hot though.” Robin says.

“It is. Are you okay having an audience?” Blue asks.

“Babe you know how much I love to show off.” Robin grins.

“I remember.” Blue grins. He strokes Robin’s soft skin with one hand and moves the other to Robin’s ass and begins to play.

Robin takes in a sharp breath and then relaxes. Blue spends an age alternating between licking and fingering Robin. Robin is feeling amazing, he always wills safe and sexy with Blue and is happy that a new world is about to be opened to him.

“You ready?” Blue asks.

“Oh please. I want to take your cock.” Robin groans feeling so turned on he’s floating on air.

Blue grabs a pillow to put under Robin’s ass and adds more lube as he rolls on a condom.

He teases Robin a little while longer, running his dick head up Robin’s crack and gently kissing him. He begins to push and Robin tenses. Blue waits and waits some more until Robin relaxes and tries again.

“Okay go.” Robin says nodding.

Blue pushes a little more and Robin winces again.

“Wanna ride me? So you can control it?” Blue asks.

“Yeah. That would be hot.” Robin grins.

They switch up and Blue supports Robin as he lines himself up.

They take their time and soon Robin is riding just about a third of Blue’s cock, still taking it slow but loosening up and beginning to enjoy it.

Blue looks at Robin and grins at his sexy friend. Robin smiles and nods. Blue moves Robin back onto his back and kisses him gently as he begins to push back in.

“Feels good. More.” Robin groans holding his legs high, his cheerleader flexibility still present.

Blue begins fucking his friend, loads of eye contact and kisses and as he hits Robin’s spot Robin cries out in delight.

“More, fuck Bliue, more.” Robin cries and Blue watches as Robin’s dick comes back to life.

“I’m gonna cum.” Blue groans everything becoming too much.

He pulls out and jerks his big dick spraying all over Robin who is finishing himself and groaning.

“Man that was fun.” Robin groans. They lie next to each other and look at Gervais slamming in to Will.

Waves of jealousy fly through Blue, Will rarely let him top, not that he wanted to but fuck. Blue pushes the feelings right down as he watches the show of Will’s gorgeous dick cumming hard.



106 thoughts on “Ocean Blue 45

  1. Good everyone is done with Andy.

    And my gosh, dreams do come true. Blue fucking Robin. Hot 🔥🔥🔥 Now I want an orgy with them 4. BRWG. I’ll include G for now.

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  2. Psshhhh it ain’t Will Gervais has to worry about, Robin should be his worry. His first dick from Blue and he was Blue’s first crush. Also Robin is goin man hunting now…..

    I say they should just be a 4 way couple now mhm mhmm. They all love Blue, Blue loves them. They can swap and everything haha. Share the love with everyonneeee.

    Liked by 3 people

          1. They can share the same rung which is crazy as Nick came from nowhere to get that slot as I always felt sorry for Nick then tjis happens and realise Sympathy is wasted on that whore and best saved for those that try and improve themselves despite setbacks

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            1. I’ve put a fire in your belly. Invest feed you ice cream but first I get extra hot kisses 😘😘😘😘😘😘I’m gonna be very demanding today. No running off and being shy. Come here…..


                    1. I updated it, but it’s even more rubbish. No orange blobs to say I’ve comments etc can’t get to edit without going to WordPress dashboard. Basically you’re going to have to get in a life with me and let me feel you up to make me even start feeling better…..


                    2. Trying to distract me from your sexy body with food? It’s lunch time but I’m taking my dad for food later. I’ve 3 hours of freedom so be nice and very sexy


                    3. Oooo what did you think of that result? Talk about a lack of team work! Though those sweet potato crisps looked good, wagamama used to do them with a yummy dip.


                    4. Yeah I might have to check further back as I might have mentioned it when Blue found out she was out the program and at the lake. But if you don’t remember no one else is likely to complain 😂😂😂😂


                    5. Correct team won and was glad that team won as Sammuel seemed very arrogant and cocky that challenge acted like because they had a strong team on paper they deserved to win more.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    6. They were a stronger team on paper and the liabilities were all on the other team. Callan’s lack of leadership did him a huge favour as they got on with it and he could just tell them if it tasted good. If he’d left off the bad bread it would have been a landslide.


                    7. yep and adding Sweet Potato chips and the dips at last moment was good decision as the extras made em win I think?

                      I didn’t mind Callan in that episode he seemed more down to earth in that episode 🙂

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                    8. He was out of his depth but he didn’t pretend otherwise which was nice. It was an easy challenge in a way not massive numbers, no meat or fish so no real worries about over/under cooking or timing.


                    9. I was so happy she finally went. Still like Sarah best and feel she’s overlooked a bit now, great comments but not picked. No one is super stand out for me yet though. The post team challenge elimination any of the group is a potential winner.


                    10. They seem a little more well rounded this time. How is your Monday going? What’s for dinner? I had beef pie last week and thought of you. Did you read the chapters? Am I being too needy? 😘😘😘😘😘😘


                    11. I think of something different to say then but I liked the chapter just didn’t want to seem repetitive by posting what had been said


        1. Not so related, the bar I used to drink at when I was underage was called ‘The Retreat’ and it was all hippy and alternative, with a permanent pot-cloud and Tibetan peace flags everywhere.

          It’s all I can picture when it’s written about. Lol. Lots of grass and trees, with unshowered hippies and underage Jono’s, listening to far too much Bongo music.

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            1. Have you been there? It looks beautiful, but I seriously can’t handle yoga/health retreats without stimulants.

              Who the fuck are they to tell me I can’t suck the alcohol out of my deodorant!? And then those stupid benzine baths turned my hair green. My beautiful natural(shuttup) blond hair!!!

              They’re pretty to look at though. Make for a great screen saver. 😛


            1. Oooh that’s so homely. That’s definitely one thing Europe has over Australia.

              Established homes that seem a part of the country side. Our older country homes generally look much more utilitarian. Even the farm houses with bullnosed verandahs are much more weatherboard styled.

              The house I grew up in was bluestone, and it was nice in winter, but a fucking nightmare in summer. It took weeks for the house to cool down.

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  3. Great sex scene Sam! One of the best you’ve written.

    Not gonna lie though, you made me feel things. I think some people call them emotions(not sure how to pronounce that word properly though…).

    I may have felt a touch of discomfort and jealousy…

    Liked by 4 people

    1. OK, I have more to say, lol. first, I’m glad your writing like this again. more sex and less drama = more fun for us , but especially for you. it reminds me of the suite days. those were good times.

      however, now that it’s done, gervais needs blue all to himself. there is ample opportunity for lots of sex action for the others, almost unlimited possibilities. but I know how you think… more drama ahead for blue and gervais. whatever!!!! but, please, double please, let there be bliss for all the guys, with their new lives at the lake before the shit hits the fan. Pretty please!!!😜😜😜

      Liked by 2 people

        1. I hear you gurrrrl. My all time favourite moments of my seclude have either been embarrassing, hilarious, or gross. Trying to replicate that in writing comes off as either sadistic, crude, or (still) gross. 😛

          When you get it right though Sam, you definitely get it right…

          Liked by 1 person

                    1. Lol. You simply must!!!! Boxers are the foundations of today’s society. No great man ever did anything great without first stepping to a pair of tatty old frat boy boxers…

                      …what are you wearing? 😛

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                    2. Oh, I forgot, its still early for you. Stay nekkid. 😛 it’s summer for you after all. 😉

                      Haha, I sleep naked too, unless I pass out… So 50/50

                      Although I’ve been living naked and in a robe lately… I need a new one. Santa better be reading this post.

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                    3. I LOOOOOVE robes. And I used to love my onesies in winter.

                      Lol, mine is some supersoft grey thing I paid a small fortune for, but it’s lost its shape, and the remotes fall out of my pocket holes.

                      And ginger santa won’t be around for too much longer. He’s far too young. Even if he is older than me.

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                    4. Mark, he’s all yours. I’ll try to remember to stab some airholes in the box BEFORE I deal him in it for shipping.

                      And I’d never wear onesies in public. Would rather wear a jock. My favourite one has a bum flap, which I think is intended for the WC, but it’s in no way practical at all for that…

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            1. I think it’s impossible for you to get it wrong. it just is whatever you make it to be and we accept it and, as always, look forward to the next chapter.

              Liked by 1 person

  4. Finally!!!!!! Robin is finally a proper gay lol. I’m so glad Blue was his first. Perfect chapter!!!

    I can’t tell who Blue is jealous of. Is he jealous of G getting Will, or jealous of Will getting G? Those three are so tied together. Someone is going to be left out, and that’s sad. but I know they will work it out between themselves.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. My RUE feelings are bubbling up in me this morning. I read the sex scene again today (definitely helped me relieve my morning wood) and Blue and Robin are so sweet together. There is, and always has been, something very real between them.

        Blue is loving every bottoms dream. He has three hot, sexy tops in love with him.

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  5. YAY SEXY TIMES!!! I’m excited for when Blue fucks Will and Blue realizes he loves Will still. I don’t mind polygamy as long as it involves Will and blue hehe

    Liked by 2 people

        1. Hey boo I slept super good after you were so nice and feel a lot better today. Despite more stress being piled on me yesterday. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘🍫🍪🍦🍩🍮🍧🍡🍢🍣🍱🍨🍭🍕🍟🥓🥝🍇🍉🍏


  6. We all knew Robin wanted to ride the Blue train. Blue if you ever need a willing bottom I’m here unless Gervais is free then you’re on your own. Sam this was a great chapter considering I haven’t had an ounce of sleep and the fact that I am happy after not getting any sleep

    Liked by 1 person

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