Ocean Blue 51

Blue and Gervais have had a quiet week, avoiding everyone after Blue blew up at the dinner party. Gervais is still processing what happened. His insecurities were heightened after the dinner but Blue doesn’t seem to be backing off or showing any more interest in Will.

Will has moved into Birch’s room in the main house while he’s on tour. He needs space from Blue and the others. He’s not entirely sure why he’s there but also doesn’t want to leave. He loves knowing Blue is safe and well and just can’t bring himself to leave.

The gym is coming along well and will be equipped soon. Will is helping at the school with Spence, both are happy to take PE but also other classes like biology. Will wonders if teaching is a route he could take. But knows the tiny mountain school with its flexible learning and small multi age classes isn’t what he would get at home.

Leaving the gym early on Friday, Spence has sent them all off early as he has a date or something. Will takes himself down to the lake and sits on a dock with his feet in the water. He loves to imagine Blue growing up here, out on his boat.

“What ya thinking?” Blue asks sitting down.

“About you as a little one, out on the water and how I would never have let Aled’s kids sail on their own. Where’s Gervais?” Will asks.

“He and Robin are doing a café shift. It’s a nice day so I came here to do what you’re doing.” Blue says.

“Robin seems to be doing really well up here.” Will says.

“Yeah he gets his work done early and helps momma out. He’s enjoying his work and being up here. Are you okay?” Blue asks.

“Kind of but not entirely. It was always going to be weird me coming here.” Will says.

“l am glad you got to see it. We never had a chance to see where each other grew up, I barely met your family.” Blue says.

“We never had a chance.” Will sighs.

“No, we didn’t. If things had been different this might have been us, taking a short vacation, visiting my momma and fishing.” Blue says, slipping his arm around Will.

“l wish it was.” Will says leaning his head on to Blue’s chest.

“Me too sometimes, sometimes I do too.” Blue says quietly.

The pair just sit in silence watching the water in the spring sunshine. Comfortable. Blue knows that Gervais would hate this but he can’t seem to stop, to pull away.

“l feel like a total creeper being here, but I like to know you’re safe. Especially after Ocean.” Will says.

“l think that is why I encouraged everyone to come. I like knowing everyone is safe and not too far, even if I am not up to being social. I really want you here, but know it might not be the right thing for you.” Blue says.

“Knowing you want me here is enough. It’s hard you know? I don’t do well being around you and not with you.” Will says.

“l think we can be friends. I think when all the hurt is gone you’ll be happy to be my friend. We’re good for each other. You still think of being a florist?” Blue asks.

“Not specifically. I don’t see me being an agent either. I am burned out from being a coach. I’ll do the summer for Ocean and Garrett and then be ready to move on I think. I won’t just follow Spence doing clinics or whatever, or the summer camp. I mean I might coach summer camps if I need to but I won’t make it my main plan. I couldn’t survive on the pay anyway.” Will says.

“l can help you, if you want to retrain. It’s my fault you are in this mess. All of it is my fault.” Blue says quietly. Years of blocking off thinking of Will, Gervais and the others meant he couldn’t think about what they were facing, that they might have been in limbo too.

“l can’t ask that and I can’t risk getting inbetween you and Gervais. I’m enjoying teaching here but I know the school here isn’t like real life.” Will says.

“Gervais doesn’t have a real plan either. He wasted time too. It does seem romantic him waiting for me but it is a lot of pressure on me.” Blue says.

“But you do love him and he will take care of you.” Will says knowing he has to stay neutral.

“l do love him. I worry he’s wasting his life with me. But I know it is his choice and I’m in no position to push him away.” Blue says.

“It is probably best we’re not together. I’d probably do the same, just be so happy to be with you, I wouldn’t pursue my own dreams.” Will says.

“You think that is what happens with Gervais? He just gets swept in to my dreams and ignores his own?” Blue asks.

“He’s a grown man and knows his mind.” Will says.

“Sorry I get that you don’t want to talk about him and me. I don’t want to talk to you about Aled. Even though he isn’t the monster I cast him as, and he was really great getting us 3 the help we needed.” Blue says.

“Because my marriage was fake it makes it seem like I wasted more time than I did. It is only now we know it was a waste of time with him.” Will says.

“He said you never loved him.” Blue says.

“l would not have married someone I wasn’t in love with. You know me better than that. The man I fell in love with, he was a fantasy, an experiment. And he disappeared after the honeymoon. I had to work hard and keep going because of the kids.” Will says.

“That’s what he said. You’ve had a horrible time recently. I want to make it better for you.” Blue says

“Be happy, be safe and be yourself again. I’ll find something I want to do. We were on the right track with being a florist. Small business in a small town would be ideal but might not be practical. I sank most of my savings into my wedding, the kids and house.” Will says.

“And no divorce means no financial settlement. And you don’t own your home so can’t sell it. I should give you the money back that you spent on it.” Blue says.

“No, you owe me nothing. My rent was minimal, doing work on the place was the deal. I was careless and thought my marriage was forever and never thought about leaving or doing anything else. I am still young, I have my health, a degree, an Olympic medal. Doors will open if I knock hard enough. I just need a rest to get up the strength to start knocking.” Will says.

“There you are. I guess we are at the same stage, functioning but not trusting our choices.” Blue says.

“That’s a good way to put it. Maybe we should take one of Roe’s art classes together.” Will laughs.

“The talking one where people paint and bitch about their exes and things? If you don’t have classes or have to be at the gym. Lets go see Roe now.” Blue says.

“l was kind of joking.” Will says.

“It would still be fun. Gervais and I are probably spending too much time together. We love it but we need some time apart. Like today him doing the shift with Robin. I think we need some friendship time. We were friends as well as boyfriends.” Blue says.

“Lets go see Roe then. Do you have a car?” Will asks.

“No, I came on my bike.” Blue says.

“We can put it in the back.” Will grins.

“Thanks Will, for trying to be neutral. I need friends right now.” Blue says.

“Me too. And you can be as biased about Aled as you like.” Will laughs.

“Did Gervais encourage you to get married?” Blue asks needing to know.

“l dove right in. Once I decided to date I was all in for a relationship. I didn’t need anyone to say go for it, Blue isn’t coming back.” Will says.

“But he didn’t discourage it?” Blue asks.

“No, no one did. Not really. Well maybe Birch.” Will says.

“Birch tried to break me and Gervais up but his heart was in the right place. Other than you I think Birch knew me best.” Blue says.

“Not Robin and Gervais?” Will asks.

“I’m closest with those two, but I think you and Birch knew my character better. Birch messed up with me, big time but when I saw him a few weeks ago he knew how to help me and was honest with me. I can’t quite explain. He messed up too, exposed me to people around me but he really stepped up too.” Blue says.

“He was incredibly worried about you. I think that is why he told Robin and me where you were. He thought you needed more support. He didn’t really think it all through.” Will says.

“He wasn’t to blame for Ocean, that plot had been in the works for months. Us being taken away had nothing to do with him. He was right I needed more support, not just me, the others did too. We messed up.” Blue says.

“l don’t think you did. I think it sounded like you were a success, a big success. Too much too soon.” Will says.

“I don’t want to do it again. I want to make wine as a hobby. I want to write and paint and live somewhere with a great view. Throw great dinner parties and host my friends. Can I retire when I’m 30?” Blue asks with a laugh.

“Yes. You could do worse than look at some of the things your momma does. Be an investor, a business angel, whatever. You’d win some, lose some and it might make you feel like you were

working. Katelyn does it too. I guess Abby did in her way. For sure, travel and paint and grow your wine and spend your money on yourself, goodness knows you rarely did. But in time think about using it too.” Will says.

“l am a lot more like my momma than I realize. And I was right about you knowing me well. You didn’t tell me to make cheesecake.” Blue grins.

“It would give Gervais a role too. He could source companies for the two of you to invest in. He has real estate experience too.” Will says.

“l don’t know if I can manage even that level of stress. I crumbled fast at the old dairy.” Blue says.

“You don’t need to do it all at once. I’d never suggest that. I meant over time.” Will says.

“That might work. I need to learn how to pace myself.” Blue says.

“Yes you do. Come on lets see Roe about this class.” Will grins.

Having made up they all, minus Spence have dinner together at Clara’s place, all pitching in. No major expectations.

Blue and Chris are dressed almost the same, same shorts, tshirts the same pattern but different colors. They are looking more alike day by day.

“If you had brought them both up would you have dressed them the same?” Robin asks.

“Uh with two shopping trips a year, Chris would have pinched all the new clothes, left Blue with the worn ones and Blue would barely have noticed.” Bea grins.

“That is so true. We’re only dressed alike as I shopped for us both. Blue wasn’t really up to it.” Chris says.

“And I don’t mind what I wear. I do try and take more care for proper dates but otherwise I am happy being me.” Blue grins.

“I remember taking you shopping first week of school. You were so clueless and so easy to dress up and make hot. I was super straight back then but I loved that I had a hand in making people’s heads turn to look at you.” Robin says.

“It was really fun.” Blue grins.

“We signed up for an art class with Roe today.” Will says.

“The bitching session one.” Blue grins.

“Is that a good idea?” Clara asks.

“Like fuck are you going to break his pencils again. I treasure those pictures Blue drew.” Gervais says.

“Will and I have a lot of feelings to get out, neither of us can face therapy, not really.” Blue says.

“I am going to bitch about my husband and Blue is going to cry about missing us all.” Will grins.

“I think it sounds perfect. Gives me a chance to get started on a project with Willow.” Gervais says.

“And means you don’t have to listen to Blue’s sob stories so often.” Chris laughs.

“True, true.” Gervais grins.

Blue feels perfectly relaxed. His friends love and support him. He is getting on okay with his mother and his army are making sure she can’t get under his skin. Everything is good.


84 thoughts on “Ocean Blue 51

      1. yes especially when Blue talked art to Clara and Gervais is like and don’t even think about breaking his pencils haha

        Loved how Chris bought blue clothes and were dressed similar it was a nice touch on how similar they are now

        Liked by 2 people

                    1. Date with Cole? 😂😂😂😂😂😂you are super super cute. Bet people are checking you out as you go through the checkouts. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😜


    1. I loved this chapter too, but in the fine words of Charlene…

      But I, I took the sweet life and never knew I’d be bitter from the sweet
      I spent my life exploring the subtle whoring that cost too much to be free
      Hey lady, I’ve been to paradise, but I’ve never been to me”

      It’s like, when you get accustomed to masturbating while someone sends a low current sporadically shocking your nipples.

      It feels amazing, but when you do it all the time, wanking without it feels empty and lacking, and forces you to act out urban legends with your sorrority girlfriends.

      Next thing you know, you’ve ran your University Lecturers wife off the road, and he swears a blood oath to get revenge on you and your family, killing each of them in a gruesome yet poetic way until you and your sorrority sisters are forced to fight it out in a mud Pitt topless.

      …wait… I totally had a point… I think.

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      1. I don’t think it’s that they don’t read it. Some people might be like me. When the chapters are more at ease, I just don’t have a comment for it. So afterwards I just leave. If I see a interesting comment I might respond, but yeah when there is no drama I mostly don’t have anything to say. And im too lazy to type good job after ever chapter so I send my love in spirit haha 😁

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Maybe yeah there are more visits with more comments but most people don’t comment. The page views go down with happy chapter. Some sex chapters get reread later (Alexander makes a movie was a very popular one, once upon a time) and while 50 has low views so far I expect it will grow) so the views bump but the drama filled ones, especially when shit happens to Blue get the most views early on.


              1. Relaxxx Bunsen Burner! It’s hot enough as it is in here with all the hot air you’re blowing out ya ass. This is why we can’t have nice things people. Belly over here takes flaming homo too literally. Haha 😜

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  1. I feel like a major shit-storm is brewing after reading that last sentence hahaha. I love all the boys being happy. Is andy totally out of the story. Ow? I can’t help but wonder what he’s up to and who he’s in to lol.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. For Blue that is getting along with Clara: he is starting to deal with her as an adult and this really is his starting development as an adult. They all have a long way to go not just Blue. Except Spence who already is one!

    Great chapter and we can see the drama coming which will be gobs of fun!

    In the end I see Blue with neither G or W but maybe Birch : but don’t think So or even a new fellow or his Aussie hottie but don’t even see that.

    Someone where Blue settles down with all of them around him.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I agree! Blue should recover some independence from Gervais before he chooses Will! 😛

        He hasn’t had a chance to be properly single for the better part of a decade. Even when he left town to restart his new life, he was being overshadowed with the betrayal of the one he loved, and then the one he loved raped the refuge he had created for himself.

        Blue needs to get his money from Gervais, and chill out on a beach, smoking some pot, smoking some cocks, and sipping on champagne.

        I have to admit, when you said the other day that you felt the story was close to winding up to an end, I was thinking your writing tone was agreeing with that.

        This chapter made me think you’ve rekindled something. That may just be my Will-bias being hopeful. 😉

        And you still have all the twincest to get to… Unless you actually expect Jack and I to do it? Just a warning, that could get nasty and graphic. 😛

        Liked by 3 people

          1. Step 1: unmask your identity after teaming up with 3 other crime solving youthes and a clumsy dog and finding a way to make an Ascot seem fashionable and not completely effeminate.

            Step 2: …

            Step 3: read the twincest.

            Liked by 1 person

          2. P.s. and yeah! He totally needs a Homebase that he can retreat to. A sanctuary. He’s had the purse strings dangled over his head his entire life.

            The money others made is in a large part his. And it’s still being loaded over him.

            Financial independence and his own space would be a big stepping stone for the bloke. Having automatic marriage where starts off as wifey/slave is emasculating and demoralising.

            Liked by 2 people

              1. Bahahaha! God! Imagine getting set up with either of them! It would be like being a double beard.

                I can’t picture them being sexual in any way(I’m not convinced that they have genitals), but for them to pretend to be interested in anything other than their own mirror image? 😛

                There aren’t many famous twins that are real men, now that I think about it… They all resemble 13 year old lesbians.

                Also, you should play the Google browser game today! You can make fun cute music!

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  3. but…how long will everything be good? glad that blue and will made up, neither needed the stress. I suspect Spence was relieving done stress with Wyatt, snd maybe Craig also, lol, such a slut, jk.

    Liked by 1 person

        1. lol, your right about the self esteem. I had my days too…a long time ago. now I don’t need self esteem cause I just don’t give a rat’s ass.

          Liked by 3 people

        2. I hope by slut phase you meant to type “waiting for marriage” :p

          You need to keep your precious flower until you find the right guy… And if that guy is concious when you give it to him, it’s a bonus. Just make sure he is married.

          Liked by 1 person

  4. Sam why don’t I like that last sentence? Gervais sounds like he’s ready to slap the hell out of Clara! Will and Blue being friends is a good idea. That class of Roes sounds fun!


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