Ocean Blue 53

“So, you are saying we buy an apartment block? Use a floor for an office for these guys and I manage a gallery and café on the ground floor? You are a country boy, are you sure you want to live in a city?” Will asks after Blue has laid out his plans.

“Yeah. I want freedom from community and the obligations and expectations. I want to live where no one knows my name except my friends.” Blue says.

“And you would do some cooking for the café but not anything too attention making?” Birch asks.

“You could hire me as a caterer for an opening at the gallery or when your game launches. I know that is a long way off, you might have investor events or something. But yes I’d like it to be just a coffee and cake place for people viewing the paintings.” Blue says.

“No offence, I am happy you want to include me, but how do I make any money?” Will says.

“You’ll get a percentage of art sales.” Birch says catching on.

“I know nothing of art. I enjoy our class but it is a hobby.” Will says.

“Hire some kids fresh out of art school, pay them something and put them on a bonus scheme. You’ll get used to what sells and what brings in the crowds.” Robin says.

“Fresh start for all of us. Somewhere new and fun.” Gervais says.

“I’m half in. I have work here and I love painting here. But you won’t need me all the time. I love the idea of a city apartment, I’ll need studio space.” Birch says.

“I don’t want to say yes. Not without a lot of thought. I love you guys but it doesn’t feel like something for me.” Will says honestly.

Blue’s face falls and he nods. Gervais watches Blue’s reaction intently.

“I guess I got carried away.” Blue says.

“Everyone did the same, planning to join you in a vineyard that you clearly don’t want. I love the idea that it is Gervais and my turn. I like my current job but I want to work for myself more. I love the apartment block idea, gives you guys an income anyway and a gallery and or coffeeshop would be good but it could be any business.” Robin says.

“I’m grateful you thought of me. I need to make my own way. I need to decide what I want to do.” Will says.

“You could still live with us.” Blue says.

“It’s months off. You’re still planning to stay here for the summer? So I have time to think and come up with a proposal for the space.” Will says.

“If there is such a space.” Robin says.

“I have been looking at places that fit.” Blue says.

“You are crazy. I love how you come up with these ideas.” Gervais smiles relieved that Will isn’t quite jumping at the chance to come. He’s clearly letting Blue down gently.

“We should tell Spence. What about Larry and Chris. Are you thinking of buying where Chris goes to school?” Robin asks.

“Spence has his summer camp dream. Chris and Larry will wind up here. Lets go where we want to. For the first time in forever I can and I want to explore and try things. Take a class, meet people, go dancing, have no fucking responsibilities.” Blue says.

“An apartment block is a huge fucking responsibility.” Will says.

“Sorry, it just seemed like a new adventure. Different to everything I’ve always done. And letting Gervais and Robin chase their dreams.” Blue says.

“It’s a good idea, just not for me.” Will says.


“Are you okay?” Spence asks Blue he following day after showing him around the gym.

“I messed up and I did what everyone does to me, to Will.” Blue says and explains the business and building idea.

“As usual I love the idea and I am happy to be a silent partner if needed. I’d back Robin or back whatever business you come up with. Maybe you should have a fitness gym and yoga studio. Will could manage and be a personal trainer if he wanted. And that would be flexible enough for him to go back to school or whatever he wants to do.” Spence says.

“I’d want a roof garden for yoga.” Blue grins.

“Like at school, your yoga by the pool was legendary.” Spence grins.

“I wonder if we can stretch to that. A rooftop pool and garden.” Blue says.

“With hot tubs. Lets make it happen. You and I will go in on the building together. Separate to the game company. I need somewhere to live and work on my camp idea. I like the idea of it being a building of small companies. So each floor having apartments and offices. Studios for artists. Everyone pays towards cleaning and receptionists and security.” Spence says.

“Your Wyatt might make a great super.” Blue says.

“l don’t know that we are long term but yes he might like that a lot in winter.” Spence says thoughtfully.

“And we’ll give Robin a loan.” Blue says.

“Yes. I’ve barely spent any of the beach house money. My trust covered everything, more than I needed really. Andy made enough to cover his needs. I bought the gym but that paid for itself too, Will’s success boosted enrolment and everything ticked over. I’m ready to put my energy in to new things. I know you are not yet, I’m okay with that. You just need to give your input, not do the leg work.” Spence says.

“There are lots of options for Will. He could be a partner too on our side. He’s so good at all that organizing, and with people. Do you think I am leading him on?” Blue asks.

“l think he is fully aware of the situation and I think he is happy to be your reserve right now. When he’s ready to move on he will. I think holding out hope for you is giving him a buffer right now. Are you certain Gervais is the right one? You and Will were incredible together and it is clear you both care very deeply for each other. I love Gervais and I love you together. I just remember what you and Will had, hell how jealous I was, you two lit up the room.” Spence asks.

“Gervais and I need to have our shot. I could never ask Will to wait. That would mean I don’t have faith in Gervais when I do. Honestly, I think Will deserves better than me, than who I have become. Gervais can deal with damaged, he is damaged and we are good together. Will is like a super hero. He’s so perfect. I used to be like that and now I’m not,” Blue says.

“l get you. I do. I think that is exactly why Gervais used to push you away. Maybe I need to change my mind on how you are treating Will. If you are doing to him, what Gervais did to you then you need to stop it. Gervais and Will deserve better than you and Jesse had.” Spence says.

“Oh hell, am I that bad? I suppose I am. Especially trying to run Will’s life for him. Thanks Spence. I’m so proud of you, how you’re pulling yourself through. And you still have time for us. You’re amazing.” Blue says.

“Don’t be too hard on yourself. And thanks. I am excited about this summer. A chance to train a bunch of high level kids. I am loving teaching at the school, just like Will is. Your idea has sparked loads of ideas for me and I am excited. You know how I love to have a home base. I miss my home more than I miss Andy. I hate that I realize how far my relationship had fallen. He isn’t solely to blame for the divorce.” Spence says.

“I know just how caught up in your work you can get. You two always had to pull each other up on it. If Andy told you he was unhappy, you would have made changes. You took him on a spontaneous vacation to Hawaii. Sure, it was to find me, but you did that for him more than you. You were already working on it. Give yourself credit for that.” Blue says.

“And he was jumping in to anyone else’s pants. Thanks Blue. I do tend to give Andy too much slack. He had things rough for sure but he had all of us. He had me, Robin and Jenna get him through high school and all of us in college. But we all had issues. We all had dramas and disappointments and we all grew up to be decent adults. Except him.” Spence says.

“Once the dust settles he will be devastated.” Blue says.

“Has he even called you once?” Spence asks.

“Not at all. Not asked Roe or Momma to ask me to call even.” Blue says sadly.

“Exactly. Can’t even man up and apologize to you in person for what happened in Hawaii.” Spence says.

“I’m clearly on your side.” Blue shrugs.

“I appreciate it. But I’d not be mad if you were friends with Andy again. I’d actually feel better, I mean it would mean the man I loved still existed. That I wasn’t duped like Will.” Spence says.

“Maybe it was you that changed. Wouldn’t stand for his shit.” Blue says.

“True.” Spence says.

“And you have Wyatt now, for however long, he’s hot and clearly adores you. You need that right now.” Blue says.

“He is amazing. I am really lucky.” Spence says.


“You seem happier.” Gervais says when Blue gets back.

“I want to apologize to you, I am not treating you well over Will. I’m yours, all yours. I shouldn’t have included him in my plan like a backup. I need to apologize to him too. I feel like I’m doing to you two what you did to me and Jesse.” Blue says.

“I don’t feel like you are. You’re not promising Will anything. You haven’t told him to fuck off, which I am okay with. I think you need the friendship.” Gervais says.

“I can find new friends.” Blue says.

“Blue, talk to him but don’t dump him out of your life on my account.” Gervais says feeling down that Blue still remembers his own bad behaviour so vividly and is affected by it.

“I’ll talk to him tomorrow. Have you heard from Ocean?” Blue asks.

“They can’t come until summer. I asked if we should go visit but he says he’s fine and busy.” Gervais says.

“We’d have done anything for a parental visit in college.” Blue says.

“Well he’s seen lots of me and Cheryl is his parent.” Gervais says.

“You know what I meant. I still get mad at my mom for not coming when I found my siblings.” Blue says.

“I get mad at my dad for never being there.” Gervais says.

“I get mad at him too.” Blue says and kisses Gervais. They make love gently and slowly, taking time to kiss and smile and enjoy each other.

Gervais lies awake after unsure how he feels. Should he be selfish and stay with Blue or set him free?






69 thoughts on “Ocean Blue 53

  1. This love triangle is making my head spin. Obv im Team Will, but i dont want to hurt G too. But i feel like, G cant stay in a relationship with B for long. There will be a reason for him to break it up. For B&W, its always been outside force/others breaking them apart.

    I quite like the building concept. They are in one place together, but still separated/have their own privacy/section.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m going to be honest here, I feel like Blue’s story is running out. Theres been this consistent debate between whether Blue should be with Gervais or with Will. Eventually the dialogue gets old as theres only so much back and forth teasing you can provide. I’d love to see the story focus more on Ocean’s relationship as the name is now Ocean Blue. The writing is amazing as always, just maybe an adjustment in content.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I will speed ahead to summer soon. Which will bring Ocean and his friends up, and have the guys preparing for their move to the city. I hope the focus will shift. The triangle will persist until it gets resolved by one of them.


      1. yes but doesn’t mean I have to like them especially in Blue current emotional state of late guess I am annoyed that he sees Blue as a toy to play with for a while and pushes aside after a while.

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Sorry for being harsh on him just it seems every time they are in a good place Gervais does sonething I deem stupid to throw it away so guess frustrated he is considering throwing Blue away yet again.

            Liked by 1 person

                    1. Ooooo i thought you were in a grumpy mood but you’re not 😊😊😊😊😊

                      Did you finish Heston week? I’ve not started this week yet. Too busy/tired/stressed.


  3. It’s time to set Blue free! G knows that and he should be the bigger man to do so! Will needs to be set free as well. The 3 of them need to heal and set each other free.

    Blue wants to see the world and Spence will provide him a space to come back to in between his travels.

    Will should be a teacher with Bea and train on the side and find a nice farm boy.

    I see Blue visiting Family at the lake but only when he wants to.

    Blue will be in Australia and South America and Europe but I see him in Australia with his vineyards and on his own terms.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I could see Spence and Blue taking a trip together just as friends with nothing happening. I would pay top $$$$$ to see Andy’s reaction to that news. Make him realize what an ass he is. 😈😈💩😈😈

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  4. this is why b and g are meant for each other and should stay together:

    “Want me to show you some poses?” Blue asks once Gervais calms down again.

    “I’d really like that. I hated every gym class, every wasted Saturday being forced to place sports I hated for four years in school. I never tried yoga so I don’t have the same negative attitude for it and I accept I will need to exercise sometime in my life.” Gervais says, probably the longest thing he’s said to anyone in person in years. He’s feeling pretty proud of himself. Laughing and talking more than he’s ever expected so soon.

    Blue teaches Gervais some basics and the move well together. They talk a little but not too much and Gervais finally feels fully comfortable about a male his own age. Somehow Blue quickly tunes into the level of conversation that Gervais can cope with. Through the movements Gervais relaxes and lets himself enjoy it.

    “We’re talking about replacing the furniture. Do you want to come and look at some with us?” Blue asks once they finish.

    “Not really.” Gervais replies.

    “Okay. Shall we shower up and go get breakfast? It’ll be open in a few minutes. I bet it’ll be quiet.” Blue says.

    “That sounds good. Will we let Robin sleep?” Gervais asks, hoping strongly in his head.

    “Yeah I think so. I want to get to know you better and I’m guessing you’d prefer that to be one on one.” Blue says.

    “Yeah. How come you’re so sensitive towards me?” Gervais asks.

    “There is a yoga retreat in my community, it attracts hippies and fitness and spiritual types but also people who are trying to rebuild their lives use it for the quiet. You kind of have the look of some of them. I guess high school was a rough ride, given what you said about sport.” Blue says.

    “Ahh you’re from a small place and appreciate a chance to a visit the dining hall when it’s quiet too?” Gervais says finding he can read Blue well too.

    “Bingo.” Blue says.

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  5. Thanks Sam for a great chapter, it’s finished my week in Majorca off nicely! Off home tomorrow to make everyone jealous of my tan!
    I’m still undecided on Blue and Gervais….. Part of me still wants Blue to end up with Will and part doesn’t. I think they would be an amazing team together.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. thinking this stuff up must wear you out, either that or your a natural.

    I think the apartment in the city idea is brilliant. living in the city would open them up to more people, options and adventures.

    good stuff Sam. you’ve done it again. 😊😊

    Liked by 2 people

  7. G needs to forgive himself for the way that he acted before he can accept that Blue has forgiven him. The rape, abuse and abondonment by his family would have screwed anybody up but he has grown past that. Blue loves him and forgives him if only he could forgive himself too. Thanks for a good chapter Sam. Blue and Spence talk together was incredible.

    Liked by 2 people

              1. Yes indeed. He needs guidance and direction…and I can fulfill that. All the answers he needs is all inside of me. All he has to do is take plunge…indulge…and explore this everlasting adventure that is me 😁

                Liked by 2 people

                1. I know, but Rick did say hottest richest guy and Spence popped into my head. I would say Fergus but I wouldn’t wish that tool on my worst enemy.


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