Ocean Blue 54

“Stop it G. He loves you. He has apologized and he has offered to cut Will off, for you. Listen to him. He isn’t holding a grudge about your past. He has long forgiven you for everything. Accept that he loves you and wants to be with you.” Spence says.

“Its true. Don’t try being all noble. You don’t need to. He has been really clear. We have all suggested he dump you for Will but he loves you.” Birch says.

“And he always did. He and Will were amazing but they might not have survived Will’s training. Did you ever think of that? Remember how crazy the time before Rio was.” Robin says.

“And if it doesn’t work out. You can survive him dumping you. I’m not sure he would deal with you walking away right now.” Spence says quietly.

“So, you all okay to go to the city next week? The kids are on break here and the gym equipment is another week away.” Robin asks.

“Yes. I’m looking forward to it. I can’t believe the plan Blue has but I love it.” Birch says.

“Same. He wants a real fresh start. No more farms and foods.” Gervais says with a small smile.

“It feels so right. It has taken us both a long time to come back to the idea that we want to do this for a living. I think we’re ready now, we’ve both been getting our skills back in different ways. Birch is the missing piece.” Robin says.

“George wants in. Thoughts?” Gervais asks.

“We could use his skills. Can he afford it?” Robin asks.

“Yes.” Gervais says.

“Good with me.” Spence says.

“And me. As long as he’s nice George not uptight controlling George.” Birch says.

“l think you’d keep him in line.” Robin says with a grin.

“We can get started up here. George has to tie things up where he is anyway. And it will take a while to find the right building.” Gervais says.

“Blue and I have a bunch ready to see. We have narrow options as we don’t want renovations to take years but we also want what we want. We’re looking at hotels, projects that ran out of money and ones that are complete but lost buyers. You guys are all neutral on location? Blue wants a place with a view within a couple of hours drive.” Spence says.

The guys look at Spence’s options and discuss locations for a while until Wyatt returns from work and Will and Blue get in from class.

“Wyatt will you be able to come with us? I’d really like your option on work that will need doing.” Blue asks once they are all caught up.

“We’d cover your costs.” Gervais says.

“Seriously?” Wyatt asks. He has never really been around rich guys before.

“We want your professional opinion. So we can pay you for your time too.” Blue says.

“Spence?” Wyatt asks.


“You’ll only get paid for the time looking round the buildings and any evaluations you write after. You won’t lose out from not being here for work. But I won’t pay you for hanging out.” Spence says.

“I don’t know that I want to be with Spence much longer but you guys seem like you need to hire me for longer than just this trip.” Wyatt says. Spence feels chastised and delighted all at once.

“We always work best with each other, learning as we go. If you are up to project managing any building work, the job is yours.” Robin says speaking for them all, knowing he can.

“For real?” Wyatt asks not sure of his luck.

“Spence said you’re saving to go back to school. This will pay better than up here and you’ll have somewhere nicer to sleep than the bunk house.” Blue says.

“We’ll fire you if you’re shit.” Gervais says.

“You guys are so weird.” Wyatt grins.

“We are happiest when we’re all friends and looking out for each other.” Spence says simply.

“We fuck up a lot. But now we’re all back together we don’t want to be apart. Since everything went down with Blue we are pretty distrustful of outsiders. If you are secretly part of the mob and here to spy on Chris, Clara, Bea and Blue then get the fuck out, but if not then feel privileged that we are letting you in.” Birch says.

Blue grins. Right now, Andy aside all his friends love him and are looking out of him. They like his plan and they are going to be living close to each other, but not in the same apartment. So Blue won’t end up doing extra housework. Spence is always happy to throw money at something rather than expecting Blue to solve it. Things are good.

“I am nothing to do with the mob. I would never have ended up in a bunkhouse if I were.” Wyatt grins. These guys are his ticket to the next stage of his life and he can’t believe his luck. Damn he needs to cum.

“Good.” Spence says.

“Come on lets go. I need to abuse that slack hole of yours.” Wyatt says making Spence blush and stiffen. The pair make a hasty exit.

“Those two are so cute together.” Blue says.

“The casualness of the sexy put downs from Wyatt are so perfect for Spence.” Birch says.

“l thought Andy and Spence were an odd couple that worked, once they were married but seeing the way Wyatt and Spence look at each other and the spark they have. I kind of forget that Spence was ever with Andy.” Will says.

“l am so jealous. I really want a boyfriend.” Robin says.

“Seriously?” Blue asks.

“Yeah. My hetro-romantic, bi for sex identity has shifted and I’m just bi now. And I really want to try dating a man and see where it goes.” Robin says.

“l am so proud of you.” Blue says and kisses his friend’s cheek.

“l would totally date you, if it wouldn’t cause an earthquake here.” Will says.

“l would be so okay with it. Two of my best friends dating. If you’re both ready.” Blue says quietly.

“Seeing Spence get back on the horse has inspired me out of my funk. Robin, what do you say? Want to go hiking tomorrow?” Will asks.

“I would love that.” Robin replies and it is Birch not Blue who has the flash of jealousy.


“Get your dick out.” Wyatt says as soon as they are in the car.

Spence complies readily.

“That’s right, show it some love. Yeah that looks good.” Wyatt says approvingly.

They get to their place and Spence makes to zip up.

“No way are you putting that away.” Wyatt says and Spence smiles.

Wyatt is horny as fuck. He just needs to get off.

“Bend over and spread.” Wyatt says and Spence groans the second they get into their room.

Wyatt takes what he needs and Spence gladly submits.


“I love you.” Gervais says to Blue when they get to their room.

“I love you oodles. You are looking so sexy tonight.” Blue grins.

“I feel good.” Gervais says and kisses Blue.

They kiss and kiss and kiss, undressing each other slowly before Blue makes a meal of Gervais cute ass.

“That feels so good.” Gervais groans, all his insecurities fly away as Blue shows how turned on he is.

“You’re so sexy, I love this ass and your back. Your soft skin is everything.” Blue says stroking and kissing all of Gervais skin before heading back to the booty.

“My turn.” Gervais says.

“Give me your dick then.” Blue says maneuvering them into position.

The sound of slurping fills the air. They take their time, loving every moment. Gervais sits up and throws Blue down and pushes in. Blue groans and smiles up at his boyfriend, who he loves more than anything.

“Feels good babe.” Blue smiles, his dick stretching and bouncing as Gervais pumps away.

“Yes you do.” Gervais grins down at Blue. Loving watching his big dick bounce, loving his hairy body and the muscles that have been returning.

“Ride me.” Blue grins.

“You bored of my dick?” Gervais teases.

“Wanna see you ride me.” Blue pants groaning. He loves Gervais inside him but he wants a change too.

Gervais pulls out and sucks Blue’s dick for a minute before positioning himself on it and taking him slowly.

Blue holds Gervais hips to help him steady.

“Yeah babe, love your big dick.” Gervais smiles when he gets half way down.

“Nothing hotter than watching you ride me.” Blue says stroking Gervais big dick a little.

“Then I best get bouncing.” Gervais says.

He bounces and rests, Blue bucks up and they groan and moan and love every second.

“More, more, more. Fuck, fuck, FUCK.” Gervais groans as he cums wildly, heath thrown back taking all the dick he can.

Blue pulls Gervais too him and kisses him hard as he fills Gervais with hot cum.

“l love it when that happens.” Blue smiles.

“Me too. That was a lot of fun.” Gervais says.

“l am looking forward to our trip. Are we having a big ass suite? I want to be LOUD.” Blue says grinning.

“l think we can do that. This project has given me back my Blue.” Gervais says.

“l need to show you that you are my number one, my only. I want you to be happy and secure and in tip top shape before you start this project.” Blue says.

“l am Blue. I am. I had a major wobble a few days ago, thinking I should give you up so you can be with Will. But I get it now, you’ve the option to be with him and you are choosing me. I feel pretty good. If anything was going to happen with Will it would have, you have had the opportunity. And I watched you tonight when he said he would like to date Robin and you didn’t flinch, your face didn’t darken. You really were okay with it. And I knew you were mine.” Gervais says.

“After this trip, maybe we could stay away an extra week. Go to the beach somewhere. Just us.” Blue says.

“Mmm yes please. Lets go somewhere exotic. Hawaii was a bust in the end. We’ll hit Aruba or somewhere.” Gervais says.

“Mmmmm yes I want that. Anywhere with a nude beach.” Blue says with a big grin, pulling Gervais on top of him to cuddle tightly.

“Naked, loud Blue. My dream vacation.” Gervais says.

“Naked, sexy, Gervais. I dreamed of being back with you for so long. I missed you so much. Everything is right now. We are having a break and then we have a new project. I love you so, so much.” Blue says.

“I know, I know you do. Your face when I was on your dick, you just looked into my eyes with love and it wasn’t just the sex. You made me feel amazing and I remembered all the good times. I focus on the fuck ups a lot and forget how good we were too. I often feel I don’t deserve you, that I messed up too much. But I know that you love me anyway. Even though I messed up at Christmas. You keep choosing me and not Will.” Gervais says.

“I love you because you fucked up. You are human, just like me. I fuck up too. I am so proud of you for fighting everything and becoming who you are today. And you love me. Despite my heart turning to stone and my lack of focus and ambition. You love me. And you still find me attractive. I still fancy you like crazy, just as much as I always did. I love all of you, mistakes and perfections. This isn’t convenience. This isn’t the romance of you waiting for me. The is no holds barred full on sexy love. I love you body, mind and soul. You are my man.” Blue says and Gervais can’t hold back the tears.


190 thoughts on “Ocean Blue 54

  1. Sad that BG is sticking for now but I’ll be okay following their adventures.

    Will and Robin together? That’s not fair! I want them wih me in the middle. But damn, their sex would be so hot. Both flexible, Gymnast and Cheer. Sam give me their address and I wanna watch them do it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I still see B going his own way- their group history is he always get stomped on feelings wise so I see him
    Going his own way and I pray he does.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. 😭😭😭

    Hi Sam, just know that even though I am #teamWill (4ever and always), I will still follow Blue and his adventures until it’s time for him to lay to rest. Yes, am a bit disappointed (and a tad sad) but oh well, who am I really to make you change the story! 😁 To be honest, am not really a fan of Will and Robin – but I do see that they can be together, seeing how both would love to have kids and both are acrobats (gymnist/cheerleader).

    Also just wanted to extend my thanks for your great effort to write the series ❤

    Liked by 3 people

          1. Not really… I can see it work, but am not feeling it the same how I felt when Will was with Blue. Like Spence said, when they were together they lit up the room. IDK, to me it was a healthy relationship. Not only did they compliment one another, they also fill one another up. They fought, yes, numerously too but it was for the better. Except when Blue had to leave of course. It’s just my opinion but that’s how I aspire my relationship to be like. Of course it became so after reading this series! Thanks BTW! HAHAHA

            Liked by 2 people

            1. It was healthy and Blue learnt so much about being in a relationship from Will. I have no doubt that he loves Gervais but I also think he’d be scared to get back with Will, in a what if it isn’t as good as it was, kind of thinking.

              Liked by 3 people

      1. Will was always much better and the story never gave them a chance. His friends wouldn’t have left him. Sorry, but they’ve all done MUCH worse – his new partner is at the top of the list.

        I know B&G was always the end game, but you’ve got quite the contingent – some could say more for #TEAMWILL that G based upon your polling.

        I don’t think Will and Robin are realistic either,but Robin has become quite the bottom! LOL!


            1. haha TBH i don’t think the poll for who Blue should be with matters 😛 Its clear Sam is G and B end game (Cause in every poll team Will does better hehe) Dont worry we all love you Sam

              Liked by 2 people

  4. I love you body, mind and soul. You are my man.” Blue says and Gervais can’t hold back the tears.

    that is true love. most especially on gervais’ part.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. gervais has never, ever, in his entire life , had someone truly love him. loving him as he is, with all his faults. that must be a really unique, special feeling. and I am pretty sure that he recognizes and appreciates it to the fullest. he should also recognize that he is a very, very fortunate guy….to have THE Blue as your man.

      Liked by 3 people

                    1. YYUUUSSSS!! -grabs all of the chocolate chip cookies leavin only the peanut butter. – These for me. The rest for u and sam. I LOVE CHOCOLATE!! 😍😍😍😍 And this makes up for me gettin no kisses.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    1. I did do work yesterday and I’m doing a bit today. Just a bit. Babe you look so funny in that paper hat. Still handsome though 😍😍😍😍😍there are brownies, cookies (double choc) gingerbread men, jelly babies, skittles, rice Krispy treats and pretzels, help yourself.


  5. DAMN DAMN DAMN!!! YES YES YES!!! Absolutely perfect. B and G finally confessed their true love for each other. THEY TALKED!! Really talked…from the heart. and that love scene, shit that was HOT. Thank you thank you thank you.

    Liked by 3 people

          1. Im just joshing with you by the way Mr.

            Living for what you’re doing with Spence. I literally squirmed in my seat reading the implications this week.

            Not saying that I’m desperate at the moment… Ok, I’ll admit it, I’m fucking desperate, bored and medicated.

            Thank god for entertainment and commentary from cam4.

            Liked by 1 person

        1. While you don’t feel B&W there are a lot of us who just don’t trust Gervais and never will.

          You need to remember you wrote the Blue and Will love story that we all fell in love with. It was magic. B&G have always had too much hurt.

          It’s funny, in the end, Blue did exactly as Clara foretold…she told Will Blue would end up with G.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I give up. I get it you hate what I’ve done to the story. I can’t write the story you want or not at the pace you want it. It is so hard not to just say I’m done. This chapter is a pretty happy ending.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Sam, no one is writing the story but you. I simply responded to a comment that many other people feel the same about. You’re not going to make everyone happy and I never expected you too. I’m simply giving you my opinion. Heck I can’t even like a comment!

              Liked by 1 person


    P.s. I am sooo here for Robin & Will. The acrobatics that will be happening in that bedroom…😍😍😍

    Liked by 4 people

                    1. Not seen anything after Heston. I will lend you my big furry blanket while I’m on hols and the low will be 27. I’m going to need you to mist me with cooling spray 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂you might be right. I might be in a very cheeky mood 😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😗😗😗😗😗😗🍑


                    2. You love it when I’m cheeky, even when it scares you off. Coz you are picturing me smiling and bouncing around. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘


            1. I agree with Sam, you have the sweetest bone in your body!

              If I write it, it’ll be a bunch of references to shitty pop culture shit thats outdated by about 10 years.

              If Marcus writes it, it’ll be full on buggery and fisting to a soundtrack of industrial German techno while hobbits are piercing the skin with oversized fisherman’s hooks sterilised with yak piss and the sexy scene from Ghost is being described in sign language…

              Actually, if Sam is passing the buck, I vote for Marcus to write the gym scene.

              Liked by 1 person

                  1. And in the end all I had to do was click my heels together in my fabulous red platforms and say, “there’s nothing like a 150 IQ. my head is full of shet, just like u. ” 😜

                    Liked by 2 people

        1. Lol oh noooo. Writing is not one of my strong suits. You see all the grammatical errors I make in my comments? Imagine typing a story…. I was happy to get out of writing classes in college. Haha 😧

          Liked by 2 people

              1. Because that is waayyyy too much work annnnndd I hate following the rules. lol
                Imagine my teachers grading my papers in school before everything had to be typed? haha. And my handwriting is horrid! 😁

                Liked by 2 people

          1. Will he have grown up a bit, or will he be the same juvenile asshole who will blame everyone else for his problems and run crying to Clara that he is being excluded?

            Liked by 2 people

              1. Kind of what I thought. Thinking with his dick instead of his head. I hope the all tell him to fuck off. Maybe Justin is out of the psyche ward by now and he could hook up with Andy. 😂

                Liked by 1 person

        1. I know not of this beau u speak of. I am currently single and looking for a new man to put my pompoms up and cheer for in this story. I thought it would be Wyatt but I’d slap him for the insults to Spence even if they are jokes for sexual arousal lol. He’d get slap many times a day.

          Liked by 2 people

            1. If I don’t hear from my man in 24 hrs I assume he’s getting good cock and I don’t wanna be left out so I text break up so I look like the innocent one here while I go partake in a hot night. 😁 haha

              Liked by 1 person

  7. Oh my god. This chapter was perfect. The talks, the sex and the couples. LOVED IT. Thank you Sam. Did I mention it was perfect. Made my day.

    Working today in a town along the Niagara River and pinging off of Canadian towers for cell service. Glad I could find a small corner to pick up at&t to read before I got home.

    Thanks again Sam.

    Liked by 3 people

  8. Marry me Sam! This chapter was perfect! The birth of Wobin! Spence and Wyatt are awesome together. The Sex yes baby! 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

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