Ocean Blue 55

“More?” Robin asks and Will laughs as he lies back panting.

“You are utterly insatiable. Bet you wish you’d been broken in years ago.” Will says.

“Nah, I appreciate it more now. You are amazing. I love how strong you are and your stubble and the way you fill me right up.” Robin says with a grin.

The pair have been fucking all week and they both know it is just sex. They are enjoying every second of it but are under no illusions that they are in a relationship. They are both short, strong and flexible and they match up really well in bed.

“Birch has been flirting again. You going to put him out of his misery?” Will asks.

“No. We had a lot of fun a couple of years ago and I have always been attracted to him but we’re going to be working together and I need to sort the custody stuff out with Ella. He’d be a fun boyfriend but not a serious one. He has changed so much since he became famous. I can’t talk to him about the custody issues the way I can to you, Blue, Spence or Gervais.” Robin says.

“It is kind of a shame we’re just fwb. We’re going through so many similar issues.” Will says.

“But we can’t just turn on those feelings. Hell at least we’ve both had those feeling in the past, so we know this isn’t it.” Robin says.

“Spence and Wyatt have them. I see Wyatt looking at Spence all googly eyed and then putting on his

“I don’t care if it is rebound or forever, seeing Spence so happy is wonderful. We’d not hung out much the last couple of years but I’d see him around and its only now I can see how miserable he was. Andy is such a fucking tool.” Robin says.

“He could have left sooner, or made changes. Andy messed up a few months ago but before that it was salvageable. I feel responsible a little. We both lost our way at the gym, Ocean being blackballed really got us both down. We both wanted him to make it, probably more than Ocean wanted it.” Will says.

“You were miserable in your marriage too. Not just at work. Maybe you and Spence fed off each other.” Robin says.

“I offered to leave Aled the first time I spoke to Blue, when he was with Ocean. I knew then it was over, it took me a while to see how long it had already been over. I have to think that if I had got off my ass and ended it when it started going wrong that I might be with Blue now.” Will says.

“Gervais will fuck up. He always does. I love them together, always root for them but history is what it is.” Robin says.

“He apologized you know? Blue, he apologized for keeping me dangling the way Gervais did to him when he was with Jesse. I’d never thought he was doing that. Sure we’d talked a few what ifs but he was always clear he was with Gervais. I’m choosing to hang on and wait for him. I just can’t give him up.” Will says.

“It is so hard. He loves you both, always has. One of you has to lose.” Robin says.

“I know. I’m not in the right place right now for anyone. Hopefully I’ll get over him again. I don’t want him to go through another break up, not after all he’s been through. I care for him too much to see him in pain again.” Will says.

“Well this trip should be fun. We can go a bit crazy and find our next adventure. I really hope you work out what you want and join us.” Robin says.

“I don’t think it would be healthy for me to be around him for the next stage of my life. I’ll stick around for the summer and make sure he’s okay, then it will be time to go my own way. You ready for more?” Will asks.

“Mmm I am always ready for dick.” Robin smiles.


“Hey bro.” Blue says as Chris opens the door.

“Hey stranger.” Chris says.

“It’s you who has been hiding.” Blue grins.

“Sorry, I have been super busy. Larry told me about your plan. I love it.” Chris says.

“It’s clear you two are going to make a life here. I will visit often and you will come to me.” Blue says.

“Yeah. Now we’re friends I don’t have a compulsive need for you to be right there.” Chris says.

“You and Larry seem very happy. He fits up here.” Blue says.

“He loves it. Everyone asks him about his old firm and want help negotiating new deals.” Chris says.

“I hope he is charging properly.” Blue says.

“He is. He’s overhauling the garden at mommas too.” Chris says.

“Good, it needs it as she’s away so much.” Blue says.

“Yeah. You’re not mad and feeling pushed out?” Chris asks.

“No, this isn’t my home. I want you to be happy and being here and being with Larry makes you happy.” Blue says.

“That is true. I can’t wait to get to school and get back here. Larry is the one for me. I owe you big time for getting us together.” Chris says.

“I didn’t do anything. You both seized the opportunity that presented itself. You’re good for each other and it has been lovely to see what you have blossom into true love. Larry is a great guy, deserves someone lovely and he is lucky to have you. Despite your past you are a loyal sucker.” Blue says and kisses Chris on the cheek.

“Thanks bro.” Chris says.

“I best get back to G. See you in a couple of weeks. We’re off to Aruba after the city.” Blue says.

“Send a postcard.” Chris laughs and hugs his brother goodbye.

“Hey babe.” Larry says kissing Will as he comes in.

“Marry me.” Chris says, knowing in the moment that Larry is the one for him. Larry pushes him sexually and supports him ambitions. When he needs it the roughness is gone and Larry is as loving as can be, gentle and sweet. Chris knows Larry loves him and he wants it to be forever.

“Not until you graduate from vet school.” Larry says.

“That’s a long ass engagement.” Chris says.

“I’d be very proud to call myself your fiancé. But I want to wait to get married. We’ve been around too many divorces and breakups recently. I love you, you are the one for me but I won’t marry you until we’re in a stable place.” Larry says.

“I love you even more for being sensible.” Chris says.

“I love you for asking. It is a yes, but it is also a not now.” Larry says and kisses Chris gently making him gasp.

“You are mine forever. That is enough for now.” Chris smiles.

Larry smiles, kisses Chris again and then picks him up and carries him off to bed.


“This is a kick ass suite. What is the setup?” Robin asks.

“A two-bed suite, adjoining room and the one bed suite the other side. If you and Will are sharing you can have the second room in this suite with me and Gervais. Spence and Wyatt have the one bedroom and Birch the middle room.” Blue says.

“That sounds awesome. Thanks guys this place is incredible.” Will says with a grin looking round.

“I swear it is way too posh for me. I feel like I need to shit elsewhere.” Wyatt says with crude honesty.

“I feel like that sometimes.” Blue admits.

“Me too. Whenever I’m on tour or at an event I wonder what I’m doing there.” Birch grins.

“I have shipped some wine in. I’ll call down for it.” Spence says.

“That’s good. I think I need to get to know you lot better.” Wyatt says.

“Lets go freshen up then have wine. I brought cookies and cheese puffs.” Blue grins.

“Blue you are a marvel. I’ll order some room service too.” Robin grins.


“Babe I told you I wanted to be loud, why are we sharing the suite?” Blue asks Gervais once they get out the shower.

“I do not want to hear Spence and Wyatt.” Gervais grins.

“That’s fair. I can be loud in Aruba. Are we planning on sharing tonight?” Blue asks.

“I’m open to it. Whatever you want babe. I am always happy just us but I always love to see you sexually happy.” Gervais says.

“Same. Well I get jealous but turned on too.” Blue grins.

“Tonight we will have fun. Then it’ll be just us.” Gervais says.

“Yes. I love you so much. So much.” Blue says kissing Gervais as he dries him gently.

“I love you too babe. My Blue Sky.” Gervais says gently kissing Blue.

“I love being me again.” Blue says.

“I love that I can shout from the rooftops that you are mine. No more secrets.” Gervais says.

“No more secrets. Big loud loving.” Blue says giving Gervais a loud smacking kiss.

“Ugh you two are sickeningly cute.” Robin says as Blue and Gervais come in holding hands wearing matching pajama bottoms.

“We are.” Blue grins.

Will looks at the pair and tries to be happy for them. Birch looks at Robin and Will and wonders how together they are and if it is just a way to hide Will’s clear feelings for Blue. Damn he wants to cum in Robin’s ass.

“What do you want to know?” Blue asks.

“What was everyones first gay experience?” Wyatt asks. He is curious how this group found each other. He’s never been around so many out men, especially hot ones.

“Well I skyped a few guys to jack off. But in person it was a total disaster.” Blue says and tells the story of his attempted hookup with Brad.

“Shit that sucked. I mean it was hot and I might have just gone with the threeway if it were me.” Wyatt says.

“I was scared. And grossed out. I count my first kiss with Gervais as my real first experience. Though he denied we were anything other than friends after it. Said it was nothing special. My first few experiences sucked.” Blue says and Wyatt looks at him surprised.

“Mine was with Spence, if we don’t count sharing a bed with Blue. At wresting comp, he and Andy had split and we jerked off, switching hands, totally hot.” Robin says moving conversation swiftly away from Blue’s disasters.

“It was so hot. My first was blowing a senior when I was a freshman at boarding school. The only good thing that happened all year. Everything else first was with Andy.” Spence says.

“You two really jerked off together?” Wyatt asks turned on.

“Yeah, everything else first was with Blue, or Blue and Birch.” Robin says.

“I remember you watching us and jerking off one time. You were so never straight.” Gervais grins.

“I just didn’t want to fit the stereotype. I loved that I was tiny and camp and straight and Blue was a big gay lumberjack.” Robin shrugs.

“So you and Blue dated?” Wyatt asks.

“No, I have dated Gervais, Birch and Will. Fooled around with the others.” Blue says with a grin.

“My boyfriend sounds like a total slut.” Gervais grins.

“You guys have all fucked? So jealous. How did a chump like Spence end up with such hot friends?” Wyatt asks making Spence’s hole twitch.

“Blue, Gervais, Robin and I were suitemates freshman year. I worked with Will one summer and then he dated Blue.” Spence says.

“And I met Blue through Willow. Fucked around with Spence’s ex for a while then dated Blue. Robin joined us a few times. Taught him to suck cock like a pro.” Birch grins and Robin smiles back.

“Not just Blue that is a ho then. What was your first experience?” Wyatt asks.

“I lived in a commune growing up. Nudity was all around. Nothing dodgy, I swear. I always knew I loved cock and ass. I came hard in my underwear just touching another guys dick when I was about 13. We fooled around a fair bit.” Birch says and all the guys smile.

“For me I had a best friend at gym who I did everything with. We sucked each other off at about 12. It was crazy, we were way too young and totally clueless. I rarely had boyfriends and was only fully out to everyone when Blue came in to my life the second time. Falling in love makes everything before nothing.” Will says.

“That is so true.” Spence says feeling a wave of regret over Andy.

“Yeah I like that, my first times topping and bottoming sucked. I mean the sex was good with Elliot but the way he cut me down after just killed it. It wasn’t until Gervais finally agreed to be mine the first time that everything made sense.” Blue says.

“What about you Gervais, you’ve not said.” Wyatt asks not caring for the mushy stuff.

“My first experiences were not consensual. Boarding school sucked and I didn’t even have the redeeming episode Spence had.” Gervais says.

“I wish I had done more for you.” Spence says.

“We were kids. But anyway my first consensual stuff was at summer camp. I had a huge crush on my counselor one year and its kind of fucked up but he let me suck him off and would jerk me off after.” Gervais says.

“You never told me.” Blue says.

“I was embarrassed. What about you Wyatt?” Gervais asks.

“What I count was this footballer.” Wyatt begins and tells the locker room story.

“But when did you get your dick wet?” Blue asks stroking himself through his pjs at the hot story.

“A couple of days later it was raining. I braved it and asked him for a ride home. He said sure and I told him I thought he had a hot cock. I have no idea why I said it but hell it was true and the worst he could do was kill me at practice right?” Wyatt laughs.

“Did you suck it in the car?” Robin asks as he nuzzles against Will.

“Nah we went to his place under the excuse of playing videogames. He sucked me and begged me to top him. I was a lot smaller than him back then and so surprised but I went for it, he came three times and it was incredible. I became a badass top from that minute.” Wyatt grins.

“So hot.” Will says not hiding his stiff dick.

“What else do you want to know?” Blue asks.

“Is it true you are huge and uncut?” Wyatt asks.


57 thoughts on “Ocean Blue 55

  1. I knew it, Will and Robin would be so hot together. I wanna join and take them both.

    Yay for Chris and Larry getting engaged. They deserve each other. Heal each other’s scars. I don’t know about the other pairing though, coughs BG.

    Ooh an orgy. Guess it’s gonna be hot one but there will be a drama after that. I feel it.

    And the comment war with BG and BW. Wow. I’m loving it. brings out popcorn

    Liked by 1 person

              1. Well let’s not call your writing stupid. Yes it is crazy but that’s the kind of writer you are/story this have. And yeah, sometimes peoples will have different opinion. But I’m glad things are okay now.


  2. It’s so fun hearing about the first times, and how much they’ve changed and grown. I love that Spence has found someone who really gets him. He’s a good guy and deserves happiness. I’ve never cared for Birch. Still not sure what I think of him. He’s kind of an odd man out in the mix.

    As I’ve said before, I have no preference between G and Will. I was part of the original Rue gang, and always will be lol. I know, I’m a hopeless romantic. 😍

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Good chapter. A nice wall down memory lane. Gervias handled his past pretty well. Was a bit concerned as they were asking the questions how he would react to reliving the past abuses. He has grown up so much. Will is echoing G about not being ready for a relationship.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. What would you have done if the love of your life just left you with no contact. As G had said. He dated until Will married. Wonder if there’s an unknown reason. G has never been innocent and has a list of transgressions a mile long

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Hi Jack, while I agree with you that Gervais waited and Will did not.. As someone who just found this story about a month and a half ago, (and am very grateful Sam! I’m pretty well versed in the two sides of the equation….let’s see:
        – Gervais and Blue met…Gervais told Blue he could never date him…he was worried of Blue leaving him once he found someone better.
        – Gervais started dating Jessie, but told Blue he loved him, but would never be with him.
        – Gervais stayed with Jessie and continued to torture Blue
        – Blue dated Austin…Gervais told Blue to leave him.
        – Robin’s psycho girlfriend physically abused Blue, but Gervais had no time for him when he went for help, but played the martyr.
        – Gervais and Blue were in love!!! Blue did everything for Gervais when his father died and Gervais left Blue in a heartbeat for Fergus.
        – Gervais dated Blue’s twin Chris – oh and cheated on Chris with Blue.
        – Gervais and the gang tried to break up Blue and George, I think more than once.
        – Gervais stayed with Chris…until it was convenient- continuously hurting Blue.
        – Gervais and crew forgot about Blue for Christmas.
        – Gervais got back with Jessie, to screw with Blue when they were at the beach house..then broke up with Jessie to have sex with Fergus.
        – Gervais was the reason for Blue and Birtch’s break up the first time…he’s needy, but never gives anything back.
        – Gervais was the reason that Blue left the first time…he slept with Spence!
        – How many times did Gervais utter the words…’I just don’t think about him when I want something’
        Gervais withheld information about Blue’s inheritance from Abby from him…a control thing. Yes, Gervais loves him, but does that mean after the list above, and I’m probably forgetting a lot..they should be together? I love Gervais as Blue’s friend, but I don’t care how much time has gone by, there’s a pattern here.
        I thought Gervais had a shitty life, but isn’t that more than a second or third chance? I have liked Gervais’ acceptance of his faults, but I question the new Blue. I’m a young gay guy….maybe I am too romantic, but I don’t think Blue nor Will have dealt with the anger each of them feels, I think.

        To what I think is the point Mark made above…Blue left Will, of his own volition or not, he was gone and didn’t come back. Yes, Will married, to fill a hole in his life.. Who would you choose, based upon the list above? Time does not change a person that much…as is evident from Gervais’ latest episode at Christmas.

        You can argue what you like. The scale is a little lopsided.

        Liked by 4 people

        1. Whoa did you literally make a list of every bad thing he did. I’ve been where Blue was a few times. I’ve been heartbroken by a guy like Gervais did to blue, I’ve been cheated on, ghosted, and even cheated myself, I’ve done hurtful things but maybe after those seven years that blue was gone Gervais realized how much he loved Blue and missed him, I personally think he has changed, he is letting Blue control his own life, unlike let’s say George who was crazy when with Blue. The scale is definitely lopsided but above you only mentioned the bad things I have not yet seen where some has said anything about the good things Gervais did for Blue. Who always has his back when it comes to Clara and the duo formerly known as the hellspawn. I’m a romantic too but wouldn’t you rather have a guy who loves you and waited on you or the guy who moved on? Let’s not forget the argument they had before blue was forced to leave. No one forced will to move on and get married he made that choice, just like Gervais chose not to give up.

          Liked by 2 people

        2. You say that you are very well versed in the two sides of the equation however, only chose to mention all of Gervais’s fuck ups? We all know what Gervais has done…and everyone knows Gervais’s past. If someone tells you they had a troubled past and you choose to pursue them, do not get too pissed when you get burned. I agree that Gervais in many ways strung Blue along with certain things he said while doing other actions, but at the end of the day Blue made his choice to continue to pursue Gervais. Therefore, Blue should definitely take responsibility for his own part in it as well. He could have chosen to walk a different path and this would be an entirely different story if he did.

          Also, that is some very conditional love you are spouting. I did not know people only fell in love with what you do to them in terms of actions. Sooo sorry that Gervais could not make Blue’s happiness his priority 24/7. I could have sworn he had his own life to live and his own problems to deal with as best he could from what he knew. I’m not condoning anything he has done, but some of the most beautiful people come from the most troubled pasts. It’s because of all that adversity that makes you want better and he has been doing better. Give him an actual chance to show how much he has changed over the 7 year gap just like you should give Will a chance to show how much he has changed as well. He just might not be the best fit for Blue after all.

          P.S. All of us are entitled to our opinions. While many of you think Will is so amazing, I find him incredibly boring. The only thing I find sexy about him is the way he supported Blue. To me, a Will ending would be over in one chapter. They got married with kids and became an old couple young in life. Will proved me right with when he got with Aled. lol. Look at him, he’s totally lost on what to do now without a husband and kids.

          Liked by 3 people

        3. Blue often goes back to Gervais. They went through a lot together and Gervais did get therapy and does own his mistakes now. Blue loves him, always loves him and right now Gervais is who he wants. That doesn’t mean it’s the best/right/healthy choice. Nothing is forever in my story. I’m not a one true pair or endgame writer, I just don’t think that far ahead.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I think that everyone who’s team Gervais still after this exhausting list of examples is blinded by his constant victimization of himself. I don’t give a fuck if someone says they’ve changed, at the end of the day the past can’t be unwritten and he’s done a lot of shitty things. The only one argument anyone of team Gervais has against will is that will didn’t wait for blue. Imagine how will would have felt knowing that blue chose Gervais to be his confidant for the entire shit show. It would have ruined anyone. I’m sorry that everyone on team Gervais hates will for putting his happiness first when clearly everyone else is okay when Gervais does it. What a double standard. Ignorance is bliss but at some point you’ll recognize team will is where it’s at.

            Liked by 3 people

            1. Gervais was a victim. He has attachment issues due to his mother dying in childbirth and his dad not stepping up. He was raped and bullied and no one stepped in. His dad had a second family and he was a real father to his stepson and not to Gervais. Yes he took all of that out on Blue because Blue was the first unconditional love he ever experienced. He saw that he was wrong, he got therapy, he stayed single and worked really, really hard on himself. He took on Ocean and managed to be a good dad despite his background. Gervais has done good and Blue knows how much he has changed and loves him for it.

              Liked by 3 people

              1. And to me, that is the perfect example of it does not matter what you have gone through, or where you have been, you can get to where you want to be and be who you truly want to if you really desire it. That is why I like Gervais.

                Liked by 3 people

            2. Maybe you need to take those will tinted glasses off to see the whole picture ie Blue told Gervais for one reason being Will and Blue were in a massive fight at the time and despite Will perceived loyalty there have been examples of him unable to keep secrets and flap his gums shut, could Will really be trusted to keep this a secret from everyone based on how he exposed Blue on TV at Olympics. While Blue has told things to Gervais that Gervais has never exposed even when fighting.

              Liked by 3 people

              1. I love that you’re all passionate on both sides and there are neutral people too. We all project our own disappointments and desires on to the situation Blue is in. Now clearly I have some hard work to do to redeem Blue when I had no idea he was hated. Sharpens fingers, switches on laptop….


                    1. I wonder how most would come out of a life always looking over your shoulder, having your life turned upside down repeatedly, a life with no friendships or close contacts as you knew deep down it would be futile as eventually your life would be turned upside down yet again and would all have to be given up….. Who would not be bitter and jaded and a changed person after having that for 7 years of your life especially when this started as a late teenager.

                      Liked by 4 people

                    2. We both get pretty bitter and down at times. We both disappear and hide when we need to. I don’t know if you were less jaded when younger but I was, a bit anyway. We all change. Blue needed to be selfish but maybe it’s the time for him to be a better friend to his friends again. He is there for Chris and Spence and I think he is trying so hard with Will but I’ve maybe kept it in my head and not on paper.


  4. I like the new Blue. No one can push him around. He speaks up now. Still not sure if I’m for Will or Gervais. Blue rolled over for them both, but Will never hurt him. As a matter of fact, Will is the ONLY one who hasn’t (excluding the senior ladies and Ocean).

    Liked by 2 people

    1. He’s different. Not in a good way necessarily either. He’s become selfish. Which he needed to in a way, but he’s definitely damaged. Just like G was.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Chris has become Blue like: the Blue we loved and Damaged Blue is sad: he needs a lot of therapy and a 12 step recovery program- he needs to find the old Blue who was such a sweet loving soul- more Ocean like- he needs to spend time fishing and camping with just him and Ocean.

        Blue needs a rescue dog to look after so he focuses on healing.

        I don’t like this Blue-it breaks my heart.

        Orgies lead to hell if in a relationship- let’s hope this one leads to hell and B and G ending and Blue goes on his way and far away from them all- they are at a toxic level.

        Chris and Larry are what I want for Blue with someone like the Aussie guy who is like Larry a dream of a sweet man.

        Chris is like the old Blue and Blue is on the road to being the old icky version of Chris:(

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I’m sad people don’t like Blue at the moment. I think he’s working really hard to stay on an even keel and can’t do much more than that right now and Gervais is his safe space, he can retreat into his world with Gervais when he can’t cope with anything else.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Precisely why B should not be with G as it’s not healthy and authentic as a safe space is not a healthy relationship.

            Blue needs serious help and G is not the answer for that help.

            It breaks my heart that Blue is in pieces and no one is stepping up to make sure he gets help.

            Liked by 1 person

  5. yeah, this is about to get very interesting. an orgy, with will involved, I presume. I have a feeling that’s gonna cause some problems. and Wyatt, being the new guy, could change things also between Spence and he. see, thats why I don’t like orgies if your in a relationship…unnecessary risk of fucking things up.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. You know I kinda agree with that. Yes everyone the hoe is not into the orgy if you in a relationship. The only thing I’d be worried about is Wyatt and Will or Robin and Wyatt getting attached and devastating Spence.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I kind of think Wyatt is more in than Spence right now. Spence is going through a divorce and has had his forever end. He’s developed a new shell and isn’t as trusting as he was. His expectations are in check. Spence is going to be okay.

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Fairly new reader here, first time commenting. I loved Blue and Will together. Will needs to leave and be happy, Blue doesn’t deserve him. He and Gervais deserve each other. I see so much of Gervais in the new Blue. I hope he’s on the mend. Will was right a few chapters ago. Blue has changed and not for the better.

    I didn’t comment on the chapter Sam, but I hope Andy catches something. He hopefully has lost Spence forever.

    Thanks for the story Sam!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve had steak and a couple of glasses of red. Yes Robin, like Birch is kinda team Will. Blue and Gervais are about to have an orgy, buy a building and then go fuck in Aruba for a week so I don’t think they care 😂😂😂😂

      Liked by 2 people

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