57 thoughts on “This weekend poll

      1. Yasss! I can see it in my head. We rent a top down red convertible and Im gonna buy a blond wig to blow in the wind (hopefully not off my head) while we cruise the highway with Emotion playin the background. Hahaha.

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      1. Hey Sam, have fun in Vegas! I’ll be flying over it tomorrow on route from Charlotte to SF. Are you in the fancy part of the plane again? Have fun on holiday.

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          1. We have had a week in the South. Atlanta the South Carolina, so have had some of the best fried chicken, fried green tomatoes, pulled pork and baked beans, so I am a happy bunny. Also managed to fly BA sitting in seat 1A, so all good with turning left when boarding. Have a great break.

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    1. Well, you see…
      Sam’s phone rang, in the middle of the night,
      And then his dad yelled out to Sam “what are y’all gonna do with your life?”
      And Sam’s all like “Daddy, you’re still my number one, but I just wanna have fun’
      Oh Sam just wants to have fun.

      That’s all he really wants.
      Some fun.
      His working life is finally done.
      He just wants a little fun.

      And then some boys, take our beautiful Sam,
      And then try to hide him away from the world
      But he wants to be the one to walk in the 45C Vegas sun.

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        1. I know. Me too. Get out…. get out…..get out.
          (Pounding head agains door frame)

          Nope. Still rattling around in there. Thanks a lot Belly.

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