Ocean Blue 58

“Sorry about that.” Spence says.

“I love how you care about your friends. That Blue is hot but a kook.” Wyatt says.

“He was smoking back in the day. Look.” Spence says showing Wyatt some pictures from college.

“Were you rivals? The two muscle guys?” Wyatt asks.

“No, we clashed over things and Andy had a crush on Blue for a while but we have different tastes.” Spence shrugs.

The pair settle on the bed to watch a movie all snuggled together. Spence feels good, happy. He hasn’t felt this relaxed around a guy in a long time.

Wyatt is happy too. He likes that Spence is happy with low key nights, even if they are in a fancy hotel suite. Spence is so much more down to earth than he ever expected.

“So we have discussed every fetish we have, every fantasy, every scene. But we are yet to discuss vanilla.” Wyatt says as the credits roll, kissing Spence between each word. Wyatt is feeling totally loved up and wants to share the feeling.

“I can do vanilla.” Spence says kissing Wyatt back.

“Can you cum from it?” Wyatt asks.

“With the right guy, I’m not all sub all the time. I love it, I love all we’ve done but you can mix it up any time.” Spence says.

“Good because I love you and right now I want to show you how much, just me, Wyatt, not sir domination.” Wyatt says kissing Spence more and making his stomach flip. Wyatt loves him. Holy shit.

Spence starts to kiss Wyatt back and slowly they kiss each other all over. Wyatt takes time to worship Spence’s muscles with his tongue and Spence enjoys the attention, the Pair enjoy the change of pace, the chance to explore and worship all the other has to offer.

“Don’t cum yet.” Wyatt says when fucking Spence good, both close to the end.

“What?” Spence asks bewildered.

“I wanna try something.” Wyatt says grabbing his phone.

“So good babe, fuck me harder. HARDER.” Spence groans, grabbing at Wyatt’s ass to pull him in deeper.

Wyatt slaps Spence’s hand away from his dick and picks up the pace, shooting his big load into Spence. He kisses Spence on the lips then pulls out and switches his camera on.

“Now do it.” Wyatt says.

“You’re filming?” Spence asks.

“I need a real reminder of this. My hot boyfriend jerking off as my cum dribbles out of his hole.” Wyatt says and Spence grabs his dick and groans, knowing Wyatt is going to use this vid over and over he does his very best and shoots all over himself groaning.

Wyatt throws down his phone, straddles Spence and fucks his throat, giving a second load. The sight of Spence was too much.

“You’re amazing. My didck will fall off if I watch this back as much as I think I’ll want to.” Wyatt says showing Spence the recording.

“I look hot.” Spence grins, happy to be making Wyatt happy and trusting him

“You are so hot.” Wyatt says, proud.

“I love you too. I do. I can’t believe you said it already.” Spence says.

“You are hot, willing, kinky, care about your friends, ambitious, not a snob though you’re rich as can be. You’re all I could dream of. I don’t play games. I love you, want to be with you. Sure I bitch you out and jerk you around a bit, but that is because it gets you hard.” Wyatt says.

“It does. You are amazing.” Spence says with a smile and then goes to clean up.


Blue stares and stares at his phone, willing it to ring or ping with a message. Suddenly he decides he can’t stand it any longer and dials a number.

“Oh Blue I am so sorry.” Will says.

“Where are you?” Blue asks.

“Airport hotel. I couldn’t change my ticket as it wasn’t on myh credit card and after I calmed down I knew I couldn’t let Ocean and Garrett down. I had a lot of points to use up and got a room until mhy flight back. It isn’t so bad.” Will says.

“Days inn or holiday inn?” Blue asks.

“Holiday inn, why?” Will asks.

“Me too. Want to chat in person?” Blue asks.

“Lets meet in the bar. Neutral ground.” Will says.

“Race you.” Blue says smoothing his hair and looking round for his keycard.

“You’re on.” Will says grinning down the phone.

The pair hug and order a beer each.

“I am so sorry, it was wrong place, wrong time.” Will says.

“But not the wrong words?” Blue asks.

“No, you’re here alone. Gervais is with Ocean. I get that he strode off to be the hero and get you. But it clearly didn’t work.” Will says.

“How do you know what Gervais did?” Blue asks.

“I spoke with Robin and Birch, they are both worried about you.” Will says.

“Not worried enough to call. Only Spence called.” Blue says.

“Gervais hasn’t called you. Why did you call me and not him?” Will asks.

“I’m still mad at him for not calling. I guess since I calmed down and I spoke to Spence I couldn’t be mad at everyone and you were next on the list. You hurt me but you had a point and Gervais has kind of proven it.” Blue sighs.

“I should never have left you in such a mess. I honestly didn’t think our friends would leave you alone all night. They do all feel bad about that. Robin especially.” Will says.

“Just not enough to call.” Blue says.

“What are you thinking about Gervais? Is it over?” Will asks.

“I can’t talk to you about it when I haven’t spoken to him. I need to understand what is going on. I’m going to give him the space to decide.” Blue says.

“I am sorry babe. Honestly, I think he can’t deal with how much you need right now. I mean your dynamic has always been you taking care of him. He knows it is his turn and he’s trying but he just isn’t suited to it. Not long term. Whether you stay with him or not or take a break, why don’t you let me take care of you? Platonically. I really, really mean that. You leaving and Aled being a fake have left me with serious trust issues.” Will says with a half smile, putting his arm around Blue and giving his shoulder a squeeze.

Blue starts crying.

“Sorry. It’s not anything you’ve said.” Blue sniffs.

“What is it?” Will asks cuddling Blue close.

“This, the hugs and the shoulder squeezes. I missed out on that physical contact for so long. I guess Gervais not coming to bed made me worry that I was being sent back to that forever. And you squeezing my shoulder, just I don’t know. Shit I am so fucked up.” Blue sighs wiping away his tears.

“You need me. I need you. We’ve been doing good in our art class. But you need a bit more than that.” Will says.

“I don’t want to. I don’t want some therapist telling me why being with Gervais is a bad idea. You know he wanted to take care of me, platonically until I was ready for more. Do you know what it meant to me that he waited for me? That he gave up everything to be with me?” Blue asks.

“And yet he kept Abby’s money from you to keep you trapped and took half of it from you when you were vulnerable. I mean dress it up as you giving it to him but he should have said no. He fucked up letting you sleep in your car. Blue do you even get how seriously fucked up that was from someone who is meant to love you? And now he is too busy fucking his friends to notice you’ve gone.” Will says as gently as he can.

“Or call me. I still love him though. I still want to fix it.” Blue says.

“Why? So he can hurt you again? You get off on him hurting you then crawling back?” Will asks.

“If I’m not with him it doesn’t mean I’ll be with you.” Blue says not willing to think about what Will is saying.

“I know and Blue we wouldn’t work right now. I want us to stay friends. I would turn you down if you asked for more. It was fucked up when we had sex. It was super fucked up that Gervais okayed it.” Will says.

“You know how I like challenges. Every flaw you point out has me working out how to fix it. It is fucked up but it is me.” Blue says.

“Maybe you can’t fix him.” Will says.

“He worked so hard, all that therapy and he is so much better now. He just has a selfish streak and I have to learn not to take it so personally.” Blue says.

“Well I am going to be here for you. Be your hug monster and punching bag. I am going to make you breakfast and get you to the doctors and do your laundry.” Will says.

“Sounds like a slave.” Blue says.

“Sounds like you.” Will says and Blue goes quiet.

“I could really use someone to hug me.” Blue says and Will holds him close again.

“You know when I retired I thought I would go nuts with food. I didn’t care about getting fat. Not really. But I couldn’t do it. Maybe it was part of missing you. But I did enjoy a thick slice of bread with loads of butter for breakfast, Heidi’s bread until I learned to make my own. No more avocado or nut butter or careful amounts of fats and protein. Thick bread and lots of butter. It was amazing. You’re not going to change overnight but you can let yourself have an indulgence. Let me take some of the load.” Will says.

“In Hawaii, I couldn’t even choose what I wanted from room service. Gervais has done a lot for me.” Blue says.

“I am sure he has. That doesn’t negate the bad.” Will says.

“I am not an easy boyfriend right now. He puts up with me.” Blue says.

“He is an adult now. He has had a boat load of therapy and he has had years to stop being a dick to you. He isn’t that anxious kid you helped in college. You can’t keep making excuses for him. You are the one with excuses now and you are difficult because you are in pain. You are not inflicting pain.” Will says.

“Thanks for being straight with me. I needed that and I can hear you today. Do you think I should call him?” Blue asks.

“You know I am going to leave that up to you.” Will grins and kisses Blue’s temple.

The next morning Will and Blue share a cab to meet Spence for breakfast. Will holds Blue’s hand. He isn’t sure how things are going to work out and he isn’t entirely sure what he can do for Blue but he knows it needs to be more than the art class and he knows that giving Blue a lot of physical contact helps him. Platonic contact.

Will has done a lot of soul searching and knows he cannot be with Blue now, not the state Blue is in. Blue needs solid friendships and a lot of unconditional love.

“Hey Will. I can’t believe you two ran away to the same hotel.” Spence grins hugging them both.

“Where’s Wyatt?” Blue asks.

“He is enjoying some alone time and room service. He told me he loves me. He said it, he said it first.” Spence says with the biggest grin on his face.

“Oh Spence. You deserve every happiness. I am so happy for you.” Blue says.

“Me too. You are a totally different person to just a few months ago. So confident and just happy. I love seeing you like this.” Will says.

“Thanks. I know it is too soon and it might not last but I am enjoying the ride.” Spence says glowing.

“Isn’t it funny. You and Andy broke up at the lake because you couldn’t see a future with him at the lake or in the country. And now you are spending the next few months there and with a guy from there and you’re happy.” Blue says.

“I compromised a lot for Andy but it was never enough. I was never enough. Wyatt is so sexy and so dominant, he is this super top dog type who people flock to and I am enough for him.” Spence says as if he can’t believe it.

“We were like that once. Not dominant in bed but we were uber confident and comfortable in our skin. We had loads of friends and hangers on. We clashed like crazy too. Until guys knocked our confidence.” Blue says.

“I wish I’d known you both then.” Will says.

“Nah, I was an asshole. The way we’ve changed isn’t all bad Blue. We’re good men, smart, handsome. We deserve the best. Always.” Spence says looking at Will rather than Blue as he says it.

“What are we looking at today?” Blue asks changing the subject but making a mental note to think through what Spence has said.

Spence gets out the details of 3 properties and then they head off for their first appointment. Wyatt joins them for lunch and they discuss the options.

“I could see me turning one of the conference rooms into a yoga studio at the hotel.” Blue says.

“And as it was all suites it lends itself to being apartments. The conference facilities and the ballrooms will be offices. It fits far better than the other two.” Spence agrees passing the details to Wyatt.

“I know I said I was out but that pool and like Blue said a yoga studio. I could totally run a wellness program for the workers and outside clients. I could see myself doing it. Small scale, very selective.” Will says.

“And you could get started almost straight away and make changes incrementally as you need to. I would love to project manage for you.” Wyatt says.

“I think we can get the price down a lot.” Blue says.

“Agreed. Lets leave it a couple of days, take time to be sure.” Spence says.

“So what is this place you want to show us?” Will asks.

“It’s a small one story home, lakeside, option to buy the lake area, I do not know what that means. Without the lake it has an acre of land. It looks like it would suit me. Only two bedrooms so you can’t all land on me and expect full hotel treatment.” Blue grins.

“People do that?” Wyatt asks surprised.

“People did that, to you? Just landed on you and expected a bed and food? Holy shit and I liked your friends. What cunts.” Wyatt says shaking his head and making Blue giggle.

“Sounds manageable and an hour from here means you can come in and take class a couple of times a week when you’re up to it.” Will says.

“Yeah I like that idea. A lot less work than the café was, that was full on long days. Yoga I can come in, warm up take class, answer questions and be gone.” Blue says.

“Lets hope it is the one as I would love to have you around and you would have one spare room for when Wyatt and I need to visit for al fresco sex. I promise we would bring groceries and clean out the chickens.” Spence grins.

“Lets go.” Wyatt says.

As they get close to the place Spence notices the huge real estate boards advertising farmland for sale as well as the lake. He can’t help but worry the lake is toxic or about to be part of a compulsory purchase.

The four look around with the realtor and end the viewing out on the deck taking in the view of the lake.

“I know we should play it cool but this would be a kick ass home Blue.” Will says.

“Room for an addition.” Wyatt says.

“And this killer view. What are the other land parcels and why is everything around here for sale?” Spence asks.

“Come inside and I’ll show you the maps.” The realtor says.

They follow her inside and sit at the table.

“This whole area was bought up by this eccentric millionaire woman. All the farms were tenanted. This place was used for fishing trips. The lady died and her estate is selling.” The realtor says.

“How much for everything?” Spence asks and Blue grins he can see Spence’s mind turning for his camp and land for Blue should he want it later.

The realtor explains everything and Spence takes loads of notes.

“We’ll be in touch.” Spence says.

“The house will be a yes but we need to talk on the rest first.” Blue says.

“So this place or the hotel?” Wyatt asks in the car.

“Both.” Blue and Spence say together.

“I need to talk with my lawyer, get Andy’s settlement nailed down. Blue you need to do the same, get your assets liquid ready.” Spence says.

“I know. Will and I are going back to the farm and to see my lawyer. I guess you two should come too. See Andy and get all this sorted.” Blue says.

“And will you be inviting Gervais?” Spence asks gently, he’s tried so hard not to bring G up all day.



97 thoughts on “Ocean Blue 58

  1. This is why I love Will and why I’m Team Will. He make sure that Blue realise things about people and himself too. He doesn’t hold back. He just wants the best for B. He knows it’s gonna hurt B but he needs to know. You don’t sugar coat anything.

    And daMN, I need to find a rich, thoughtful and kind man. I’m jealous with all the money this guy’s have.

    And ooh I hope Wyatt show Andy what a dom should look like and hoW to love and dominate Spence.

    Liked by 1 person

            1. I’m off on a trip this morning. You be good and don’t do to much and I’ll check in on you later. Hope your weekend was good before you got sick. Missed you loads, got so grumpy I wrote this chapter. 😂😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘🍡🍏🍰🍭


  2. To be honest, I never saw Gervais not moving on with his love life as him waiting for Blue… I always felt it was Gervais being picky and comparing everyone he dates to Blue… Someone who he can control… But that is just my opinion!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. And I look forward to see what happened with Will and even G as to what he was doing.

        It still bothers me G took half of Abby’s money meant for Blue- and he did so when he didn’t need it as he has said for years he had more money than he ever needed which is why he didn’t work so as to take a job from someone that needed it.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I think itd be super hot to have Wyatt dominate Andy when Andy comes back into the picture. Show Andy how a real man treats and respects his partner. Ps Did Andy sign a prenup?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Blue wants alone time, runs away always, is a slut and always crying for the lack of attention when hè splits. I call that sending out mixed messages💔 Gervais is doing right, when Blue is putting his hart at boring will, hè don’t deserve better! Nevertheless Sam great writing and love to see a brutal Andy-Spence-Blue Wyatt clash.😄

    Liked by 1 person

      1. No, he’s being selfish. He wants blue but the fact is that the entire time blue was gone, Gervais waited, will didn’t. Yes Gervais has fucked up a bit but he’s not the monster Will is making him out to be. And most of the drama is coming from blue not letting anything out, holding it all in, still having issues from hiding. Will should seriously get on with his life and fuck off. If he found Aled, even if that was fake, that proves that blue is not the only one for him, he just wants the easy way. Gervais never found anyone else.

        Liked by 4 people

        1. I like you I’ve said the same thing. Will is a great FRIEND for Blue, sure they had a nice go at it but it is over and I think will is like denying that blue left he clinging on to the hope that Gervais will fuck up. Everyone always assumes Gervais is going to fuck up the relationship. The way its going it looks as if blue is the one going to do it this time

          Liked by 2 people

          1. Was Gervais ever a friend though? 😛

            Since I’m an expert in healthy relationships, I’m completely comfortable in saying that G isn’t capable of fostering a healthy peer based mentality. 😛

            Liked by 2 people

      2. Totally. I like that he’s the only one sensible enough to see through all Blue is going through. After Aled, I wasn’t sure how having Will back in the picture will benefit Blue, but I’m reminded how he really is the only one who can really get through to Blue even if it means to hurt him for a little bit.

        Maybe not yet a partner for Blue at this juncture, but a stable friend. Maybe Blue needs to be single for a while still……..

        Liked by 2 people

          1. That’s why I think Will is a good match. It’s because he’s not afraid of Blue in the way that the suite guys are cautious. That’s just me though. I’m really excited on the next chapters. Greetings from the Philippines! 😘😘😘

            Liked by 2 people

  5. I usually don’t comment and I’ve been following for quite some time but are you writing B and G off? We haven’t gotten G’s side yet but I’m sure he has to be fighting for this?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, but then you hear about all these new fads these days, and I’d just assume they’re doing it to fuck their washing machine without contributing to the drought.

        …not that I’d ever fuck a washing machine…

        Excuse me, I suddenly realised I have some urgent laundry…

        (And also, it’s offensive to offer a gay man breakfast. It’s like, the rules of feminism.)

        Liked by 3 people

      2. That would hurt my feelings lol. He would do my laundry and make me breakfast, but not pleasure every inch of my body? What a jerk.😡

        Jk haha.

        He had his sweet moments, but that slave comment would have earned him many slaps…though it’s true..tis why he would get many slaps. haha

        Liked by 1 person

  6. I really enjoyed this chapter Sam! I think that you’re doing a good job with making all of the characters dynamic and not static. Growth is important for the story. I’m glad that Will can acknowledge that Blue isn’t for him right now, but still shows how much Blue means to him as a friend. I think you nailed it when Blue described how he likes challenges and every flaw Will point out has him working out how to fix it. I like where the story is headed, just don’t want to have to deal with the Andy shit show

    Liked by 4 people

        1. This is literally the scene I’m looking forward to the most!

          That and Andy v Blue!

          I’m not ready to write Andy off.

          I LOVE Spence more than Andy, since he’s pretty much the perfect bloke…

          But I find Andy the endearing and entertaining one! He fucks up continuously. But he admits he does. He normally doesn’t try to hide his shit. He’s a blatant cock hound. (One of the reasons j found the fidelity clause in the prenup strange)

          I’m not sure if its because he isn’t ‘clever’ enough, but he’s pretty transparent. Which is one of the reasons why I think Spence is slightly to blame for their relationship.

          Cling to a drowning ship, youre going to drown. Andy is overtly obvious.

          And his super Chlamydia could be worth millions!!! Phizer would be all over that!

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Spence and Andy would have played around but only together. The prenup clause was for secret sex, which Andy thought he could give up, and did for a good few years (that we know).


            1. I’m not sure if a prenup could include that! 😛

              Fidelity clauses are contentious at best, unless you have evidence. Being able to prove what’s secret or not is automatically hearsay, and unprovable. Unlike the prenup which I’ll have…

              Why is it so hard to find a super hot, rich, masculine dominant older man that will let me put his dick in a cage when he isn’t with me?

              And I think I want him to chew tobacco too. I saw it in a movie recently, and the guys looked arrogant as fuck… Sooo hot.

              Liked by 1 person

                  1. You’d have loved it all the mutilated bodies without skin and cross sections of hearts, lungs and livers. The heart bit was cool. There were foetuses in jars, I dunno if real or not. Grim. So many genitals without skin. Blurrrrgh


                    1. The ultimate circumcision!

                      I love that stuff. My first job was at a funeral parlour, and I remember feeling weird about feeling nothing… Then I loved the job. At least the corpses didn’t bitch.

                      And I could work on my awesome singing skills (which were companies to Rosanne)

                      I want to take a holiday to see Rasputins cock

                      Liked by 1 person

  7. I must have read a different story than most of you lol. Blue is such a little bitch. I don’t know how his inability to deal with life became the failure of his friends? He got fucked because he wanted it. G let him do it because he was supporting him. It’s not like he was charging $50 to get in Blues ass…..Blue gave it away willingly.

    Looking forward to seeing what comes from the lake property and the hotel!! So many possibilities! And I hope you’re having a blast on vacation! I’ve seen where it’s like hellacious hot there. Keep the sunscreen close 😘😘

    Liked by 5 people

  8. YESSSS! Go Will!

    If Will hadn’t of pushed Blue to his limits, Blue wouldn’t have been open to listening/seeing the truth.

    Sometimes, you have to break a bone again for it to heal properly. 😛

    Not entirely sure how I feel about Wyatt yet. I get the feeling that he has a secret wife and kid locked away somewhere, in a basement, that he feeds remotely via an iPhone app. Although he may use Android?

    Have you had any winnings yet?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes! GoT soon!

      I want my wedding, GoT themed.

      You know, getting marched down the street naked, while nuns ring a bell screaming “Shame! Shame! Shame!” at me, only to have my brides throat slit, half the guests poisoned, and the minister blown up in a fiery death.

      It would be so romantic.

      Liked by 4 people

  9. Sam I can see something in the works. Blue has matured and he can deal with G. Will just doesn’t like it he’s not #1 anymore. You always have a plan. I’m actually hoping for an Andy/Blue faceoff so we can be rid of county mcgillicunty cheating bitch. I really hope WyaSp works out

    Liked by 2 people

  10. I am a Will fan, but I do not luke this Will. He’s bad mouthing. Still Team W just… It feels like someone else?

    Spence and Wyatt sex scene though!!!

    Thanks Sam for writing ❤❤❤

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I love This Will! He hasn’t changed at all. When people tried to manipulate and take advantage of Blue, he was always the one to tell them to sod off. He’s encouraging someone he loves to see people for what they are, and hold them accountable for their actions.

      Unlike that selfish Ocean. I mean, he chose to get kidnapped. We should all hate Ocean. 😛

      Liked by 4 people

        1. I’m still working on my “Ocean is the cause of Global warming” argument… But you better Rue the day that happens! 😛

          Also, I swear betch, you always get pokie machines that pay out!

          Ive won once! Ever! Dolly is the one that cashed out for me, and it was like, $13 dollars.

          Liked by 1 person

            1. Nah, your opinion is wrong. 😛

              You secretly hate him too :p

              Look deep down for the hate…

              And if that doesn’t work, look deeper…

              And if that doesn’t work… Umm..

              Ocean would totally be a Trump supporter to razz his mother.


        1. What’s more sophisticated than waking up in your own vomit in vegas?

          Are you implying that the entire cast of Entourage, TowiE, Jordie Shore, and every Real Housewife of New Jersey aren’t sophisticated?!?!

          You prostitution whore!!! Engaged 19 times!!!! – Theresa Judice

          Liked by 2 people

          1. “I’ll just have a cheeky Mimosa for breakfast… hold the oj, I’m counting calories… And I want one every 4 minutes for the next 2 hours.” Said every gay man waking up in a hotel on a sunday.

            Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve given up on G. I’m still not team Will, though he is a great friend to blue, as is Spence.

      for some reason, I can see Wyatt falling for blue. I’m sure that won’t happen, and I hope he stays with Spence. even though Spence is the biggest horndog ever, I like him best right now.

      I think blue needs professional therapy. he is still suffering from the effects of Clara. plus all the other drama he has experienced is too much for him to handle.

      Liked by 1 person

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