Ocean Blue 60

“Were you planning on ever speaking to me again?” Andy asks Blue as they run into each other at one of Cheryl’s delis.“No.” Blue says simply. It hurts his heart that he’s lost Andy but he was such a jackass in Hawaii and to Spence that Blue cannot see why he should bother trying to reconcile.

“Two sides to every story.” Andy says.

“Shame you couldn’t be bothered to listen to my side.” Blue says and walks out the store leaving his basket behind.

“Blue, wait. Come on, we used to be family. You really won’t hear my side?” Andy asks.

“You have had ample opportunity to call or email me, it would have been lovely if you had checked in once Ocean was found but you didn’t. You can’t behave like a stranger and then pull the family card.” Blue says.

“Come on Blue, I was going through a hard time too.” Andy pleads.

“Always. And you always take from me and never give. So just fuck off and leave me alone.” Blue says leaving Andy stunned.

“You okay? Where is the food?” Gervais asks as Blue gets in the car.

“Andy.” Blue says.

“Ahh, I guess we can go out for dinner after the meeting.” Gervais says.

“I think we should get going soon. Take some things up to the new place. I want to get settled in.” Blue says.

“I want to see the hotel. If today goes okay we can go first thing.” Gervais says.

“Are you still mad?” Blue asks.

“Yes I am pretty mad at you. Running off and lying about where you were. Frightening Ocean. Asking for a break. Taking Will’s word for everything. Getting Spence to call me to get me here. You’ve been shit to me recently.” Gervais says.

“That’s why I wanted a break to get myself together. I am sorry for running off again.” Blue says upset that he’s the one in the wrong.

“Well we need to move forward, together.” Gervais says.

“New home, new start.” Blue says.

“I’m worried you’re addicted to new starts. Maybe you should think about coming back here full time. Working in the business again.” Gervais says.

“No thanks.” Blue says.

“So I get no say on where we live?” Gervais asks.

“You get to choose everything because you gave up your life for me. Is that it? Fuck you.” Blue says.

“No, Blue stop fucking going overboard. You have this lake house as your bolt hole, which we both agreed you need. We haven’t discussed where our main home will be.” Gervais says.

“The hotel.” Blue says.

“I haven’t even seen it and you are buying it with Spence. Spence has made it clear I can’t buy in to it. He doesn’t want another situation like him and Ollie being in such a mess due to splitting and the homes and businesses being linked. We need a home together and I need somewhere for me so I’m not homeless if we split.” Gervais says.

“You’ve never mentioned living back here.” Blue says quietly, upset that Gervais hasn’t been central to his plans or decision making.

“I’m just saying nothing is decided.” Gervais says.

“Yeah. I got over excited I guess, finally being able to make decisions about my life. I forgot you. Or just expected you to tag along. That isn’t fair. I won’t live here though.” Blue says.

“I’m glad you’re waking up. Lets go to this meeting.” Gervais says.

“Yeah.” Blue says getting out the car. They greet Spence and Wyatt and all go on in.

They go through the hotel deal first and Wyatt and Spence leave.

“I don’t want to bait your ex but can you show me round your place? Just outside?” Wyatt asks.

“Yeah come on.” Spence says.

“Wow this isn’t as nice as Blue’s place but pretty sweet.” Wyatt says as they drive up.

“Yeah, it was home. It sure made making the choice to stay here easy. You want to see the farm?” Spence asks.

“Sure.” Wyatt says.

Spence hopes they do bump in to Andy. He wants to show off his sexy, younger model. Nick might have been hot back in the day but he isn’t now. Wyatt is more than hot, he’s perfect.

“You’re tense babe. It is okay.” Wyatt says as Spence shows him around.

“I know. I am allowed to be here. I guess I thought rubbing you in his face was going to be fun but actually seeing everything he built, I just feel kind of sad.” Spence says.

“You want to go?” Wyatt asks.

“Is that okay?” Spence asks.

“Sure. Lets go take advantage of the empty house.” Wyatt grins.

“Decided to show your face?” Andy sneers stepping out from the house.

“I’ve never hidden where I am. I do want to arrange a time to get the rest of my stuff.” Spence says.

“Who is this?” Andy asks.

“My friend Wyatt. He’s been working on the gym at the lake and has come down to look at another project with me.” Spence says.

“Please I know you’re fucking. Or in love or some shit. Messes up the pre-nup for you.” Andy says.

“Do you have proof? Because I have pictures of your dick inside Nick.” Spence says.

“Fuck you Spence.” Andy says.

“I’ll go wait in the car.” Wyatt says stepping away. Andy is a mess and Wyatt can see he has nothing to worry about.

“Wimp. Not able to face me after stealing my husband?” Andy asks.

“I can face anyone. I just thought you and Spence had things to sort out, things that don’t involve me.” Wyatt says shaking his head and leaving.

“Never thought of you with a younger man.” Andy says.

“We are great together.” Spence says.

“I can see your happy. Fuck Spence did you have to bring him here?” Andy asks.

“You fucked Nick in our bed. I know seeing me happy is hard but you had to know I would move on.” Spence says.

“He’s just a rebound. Just like Nick was.” Andy says.

“Past tense?” Spence asks.

“Yeah I don’t need that kind of crazy around me. That whole family are fucking nuts. They were always so nice, Nick and Ella, but underneath, well they’re like Chris and Bea at their worst.” Andy says.

“Chris and Bea are lovely now. Maybe they’ll change.” Spence says laughing.

“I think we always revert to who we were.” Andy says sadly.

“You can keep the house and the farm, as long as Ollie’s home and surrounding land is given over to him. You don’t claim for anything else. And Tad sells his share of the business for what he put in.” Spence says.

“That isn’t fair on Tad. But I’ll see what I can do. I will buy him out, or Katelyn will.” Andy sighs.

“You use her money and the deal is off.” Spence says.

“Come on. You don’t get to wreck revenge on Tad.” Andy says.

“He fucked my husband. He didn’t give a shit that I gifted him part of the business and gave him a house to live in. He still went after you. Tad has his dad’s farm. Neither of the babies is Mikes. Larry hates his dad and won’t want any of it. He isn’t losing out. Not in the way Ollie is.” Spence says.

“You absolutely certain? You are sure you are throwing everything we had away? That we can’t reconcile. You’ve forgiven worse before.” Andy says.

“I should never have married you. We wanted different things. For a while you thought we wanted the same, you thought you could change but you couldn’t. And I didn’t change, I only wanted you and you broke my heart too many times. I loved you and you loved me, we had a great run but it was never going to be forever. It has been hard. Forgiving myself for giving up. I had to do what was right for both of us.” Spence says.

“I saw Blue before. He looked like shit. Is he okay?” Andy asks not wanting to process what Spence says just yet.

“No, but he and Gervais are together and he’s trying to get better. I don’t know. I think Gervais is the wrong guy, wrong time but they are both so desperate for it to work that they’re both refusing to accept it.” Spence says candidly.

“Gervais is such a fucking dick. Blue was mad as hell at me. I don’t blame him. It was hard to hear what he had to say but it was good too. The real Blue is still in there.” Andy says.

“He is. He’ll be okay and no doubt he’ll calm down and make up with you. Call him. I’ll text you his number. He really, really appreciates people calling him. I guess he went years without ever getting a text or call that wasn’t for work.” Spence says.

“Was it really that bad for him?” Andy asks.

“I think honestly he’s glossed over a lot. Look I’m going to be here for a little longer. Lets get this settlement done. So we can both be free to move on.” Spence says.

“I don’t want to be without you.” Andy says.

“Well you fucked Tad and Nick and so you don’t get to keep me.” Spence says and heads to the car and his new life with Wyatt.

Andy sits on his back step and sobs.

The following day Gervais and Blue pack up and leave. Wyatt and Spence will follow later and Birch and Robin are staying put and Will is undecided.

“This is the hotel.” Blue says as they pull up.

“Wow. This really is cool. So much more than the pictures.” Gervais says.

“I know right? Are you sure you and George can’t press on, maybe still work with Birch?” Blue asks.

“Show me the office spaces. It feels inspiring even undecorated.” Gervais says just staring at the lobby.

“Sure, come on.” Blue says and leads Gervais through to the conferencing area.

“So each of these can be office space, from the ballrooms to the small suites. You know the lobby could double as a gallery. What about the gym and yoga studio?” Gervais asks and Blue shows him round everywhere they have ideas and on up to the living suites.

“So you and Spence would have a penthouse each? And share a pool? Wow Blue, this sort of luxury I expect of Spence but not you.” Gervais says.

“Yeah the private pool is so cool although maybe gross living next to Spence and Wyatt.” Blue grins.

“I’m mad you two don’t want me to go in with you on it.” Gervais says.

“I think we know from the old dairy that we need to keep business, investments and our relationship separate. I am more than happy for you and George to have the pick of space but your company would just be renting space from us. Or not, you might want to be elsewhere.” Blue says.

“Oh please, you’ll give us preferential rates and the location while not perfect, well it is clearly up and coming commercially. You know maybe us having a little space isn’t such a bad idea. I am going to visit George for a few days and try and bash out a business plan. Talk to Birch and if he isn’t in see if any of his or Roe’s students might be up for it.” Gervais says.

“And I can spend time at my new lake house, no I’m going to call it the Blue house, so we don’t confuse it with momma’s place.” Blue grins.

“Blue for you and the water. Beautiful.” Gervais says kissing Blue’s cheek.

“Shall we go to the hotel?” Blue asks.

“Sure and I’ll sort out a flight.” Gervais says.

Blue is a little tearful when he says goodbye to Gervais in the morning. He hates being alone.

He goes shopping for things for his house. It is furnished but he still needs lots. He feels good as he didn’t get to shop for the fun stuff for the old dairy. As he’s shopping Will calls.

“I’m coming up tomorrow. I’ve set up a couple of meetings with coaching contacts in the area. I want to get a feel for the current offerings. How about dinner tomorrow night?” Will asks.

“Yeah at the Blue house. I am going to buy a big ass grill. We can grill a whole salmon and corn and have a feast.” Blue says with a grin, forgetting Gervais would hate it. Fuck it he thinks when he remembers, Gervais only said he couldn’t train with Will.

He loads up his truck and heads for his place, excited.

“Momma, how did you know about this place?” Blue asks as he opens the door, shocked.

“I helped Abby pick it out.” Clara says.

“Is this where you hide out? Why didn’t you tell me about it?” Blue asks.

“I hide in many places, yes this was one. I hope you don’t mind. I knew it was up for sale. I thought you saw my influence and rejected it. I had no idea you didn’t know about it. Blue have you studied the inheritance at all?” Clara asks.

“I was still too fuzzy. I will though soon. I am going to live here most the time. Come help me unpack. Will is coming tomorrow. Dammit there are only 2 rooms.” Blue says conflicted.

“I’m sure you three can share or Will can take the sofa, he isn’t very tall.” Clara says.

“Gervais has gone to see George for a few days.” Blue says and fills his mom in on the hotel and all the other changes.

“I’m glad you are branching out from Gervais and you are keeping this land to yourself. I love the idea of leasing it to Spence and to Will. Love are you and Gervais okay?” Clara asks.

“I asked for a break, I don’t really think I should be dating at all right now. Let alone building a life with someone. But Gervais said no, either we were together or over for good.” Blue says.

“So he’s still dictating everything and you’re walking on eggshells.” Clara says.

“I get why you did what you did, with Gervais back then. No rejecting him, making it clear he was loved regardless of his treatment of me. It hurt like hell back then but I understand more now. I took some classes and did research on attachment disorders when I went back to school.” Blue says.

“Gervais has this crazy hold over you. I was worried about him, still am. But he has had oodles of therapy and is a grown man now. He ought to be able to care for you during this rough time but he isn’t. Is he? I mean he did for a while but he is back to his old ways. Treating you like shit.” Clara says.

“No he isn’t. I have messed up a bit. He waited for me momma, and he dropped his life to follow me in to the program. He gave up so much for me.” Blue says.

“I seem to remember you doing an awful lot of waiting for him. And it isn’t like he was single the whole time you were away. He wasn’t short of company. Gervais didn’t give up much to follow you. Not really. Not in the long scheme of things, not when you think of the number of nights in college you spent rescuing him. The summer you gave up to help him through his grief. You gave up college because he hurt you so badly.” Clara says.

“You always discourage me away from whoever I’m with. You fought against Will, you’re fighting against Gervais now. You have to let me make my own choices.” Blue says.

“So does Gervais.” Clara says.

81 thoughts on “Ocean Blue 60

  1. Andy deserves it but I can’t help but feel bad for him. Anywhore, that’s Andy.

    Clara, you really don’t like B having a man do you? Always hating on them. But I quite like this situation right now; hating on G.

    Spence and Wyatt for the win. Chris and Larry too. Oh and Ella is a slut.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So Saint Gervais is no saint and lied about being single when Blue was gone for 7 years!

    Clara knows a lot more about G than she is letting on and she knows a lot about Blue’s inheritance from Abby. I hope she tells him so he sees the snake that G truly is!

    Blue knows he needs to be single and in therapy yet for all the years of therapy that G had he is still being a control freak and all those years of therapy did not teach him a thing about healthy relationships! G has no true love for Blue and if he did he would have let him go and tell him go get healthy and if are meant to be we will find a way to make it happen when you are healthy!

    Blue needs to start fresh and get his rescue dog and Chris will find Blue a hunky vet for a husband once Blue has gone through therapy.

    I am team Blue!

    Not team G or W!

    Screw them both but if Clara and Will can get Blue free of G then I am all for them doing so!

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Yes I have as vets are caring and loving and Blue loves animals and nature plus Chris always has Blue’s back now and will put Blue first so Blue finds true ❤️ love!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. so much for blues private getaway. not so private after all. and he invited will there while gervais is gone, probably hooking up with George. who knows, who cares.

    I think blue wants will, he just can’t admit it to himself. But I also think will is just as bad for him as gervais is.

    what was the guys name that Spence was with and idolized Wyatt? maybe that dude could hook up with will? was it Craig?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Yayyyy!!! Andy AND Clara! It’s like Xmas!

    I hope Will and Blue have relations… It’s quiet common for people to accidentally stick their penis in another person while they’re sleeping.

    I use that excuse all the time.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. that ontop of realisation he may of lost Blue forever.

        During his convo with Blue shows that Andy has incorrectly assumed Blue has taken sides over the affair when Blue was basing it on Andy treatment of him.

        Liked by 3 people

    1. Same sammee. My baby just reeled me back on in. He needs me. Everyone be nice to my baby. Spread love. I’m perfectly fine you guys directing all your hate at gervais or will or ocean…for you know who lol. My baby needs ass lots of ass to help him over this. Both of you go service him haha. 😁

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Psshh I am removing myself from this war of the Blue, Will, and Gervais triangle of hell. This is just a mess lol. I’m only rooting for Chris and secretly my baby Andy to get it together and come back to where he belongs…..with me XD

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I love chris in an adorable way. Don’t rlly care for larry as there is only one place in my bosom for a dom man and Andy has already claimed it. That’s my baby. We have so much history and he needs me rn mhm mhmm. He just a mess. No worries Andykins yo marky sharky has come to fuck the pain the away. mhm mhmm haha

        Liked by 1 person

              1. You think of everything 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘While Marcus is all tied up with Andy I get to have you all to myself. So get thinking about what you want…..😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘


                  1. Did you solve my dinner dilemma too? Missed you sorting me out. I should be looking after you still. You the super best. 😘😘😘😘😘😘oooo i could go grab a slice of pizza downstairs hmmmmmmmm babe you are the best


                    1. I’ve not cancelled no. Still not sure what to do. It’s busy as it’s a sat night. Sigh. Room service feels good right now. Can I order in a MarkOz from Australia?


  6. What is that bitch up to now? She was in hiding how would she know if G had company or not? I fail to believe that neither Spence nor Will would have mentioned that Gervias was “busy” while Blue was away.
    I agree with Markoz, was expecting a stop at an animal shelter too.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I’m so conflicted over Gervais, I’ve always wanted him and Blue to end up together. But recently I’m leaning more towards Will.
    I loved the chapter, especially Andy getting what he deserves. Spence and Wyatt are an amazing pair! I want them to have the happily ever after so badly. I’m just so confused about Blue’s happily ever after at the moment…..

    Liked by 2 people

  8. I’m so sad, and bitchy at this point I can’t stand Will, he moved on with his life and G waited yet again I feel G is getting pushed out. Blue will get his happy ending I’m sure I think G will suffer and maybe not recover

    Liked by 2 people

      1. That’s true he could have presented his feelings in a better way, with blue so willing to entertain will I’m starting to give up hope with B and G

        Liked by 1 person

                    1. No. I’m still super pale. I don’t tend to burn as I’ve a little olive in my skin. I take a lot to tan, but when I do I go pretty dark. How’s you? Keeping warm? Need a Sammy to snuggle? Feeling a bit lonely today…


          1. Whyy nooot lol. I gave the perfect suggestion because the llama would give bitchy facial expressions every time one of Blue’s hoes says somethin out of line. Blue won’t say it, but the llama will show it haha.

            Liked by 1 person

  9. I think Will loves him and wants to protect him for all that is bad. I think blue and Garvais are just a bad habit nether of them can break. And I absofuckenlutley loved the shit everyone gave to Andy. Blue needs to some how find a way of keeping his mother from popping in whenever she feels like it. He’s a grown man and she needs to back off. So in parting , more sex especially between will and blue, make will fall back in love. Spence and Wyatt are a perfect match, don’t mess with their happy ever after.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 2 people

  10. That bitchy ass dried up old cunt! I loathe that bitch! And Clara! I wonder what kind of bull Will is gonna pull on Blue this time. I’m sorry I’m in a bitchy mood. This was a good chapter Sam I’m sorry for being a bitch

    Liked by 3 people

                1. In both of Blue’s “healthy” relationships Gervias backed off to let Blue move on. He even encouraged it. He tried to get Blue and Will together to begin with (by screwing Spence to get back off Will). Now both Birch and Will feel they need to put down G.

                  Liked by 1 person

                    1. Other than Will, G was connected to the breakup in some way. He told Blue to break it off with the dancer guy, planned to try to get him away from George and was an energy drain with Birch…the first time.

                      What was the other ‘healthy relationship?

                      Liked by 1 person

                    1. Me too. I was so mad at myself when I wrote the fight that broke them up. I wrote Birch to be Blues perfect man and I couldn’t make it work. I suck at all this.


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