Ocean Blue 61

 “I’m going to take a walk, do some yoga by the water.” Blue says once they have finished unloading the car.

“That sounds a good idea. I’ll make some supper from this feast you’ve bought. I take it the fish is for tomorrow.” Clara says.

“Yeah. And Momma, thank you for finding this place. I guess Abby knew I would need somewhere. Why did she do it? Do you know? Why she did all this for me?” Blue asks.

“She loved you as her own. You rescued her town and she felt terrible that you didn’t benefit from any of it. As time went on she knew you wouldn’t settle back again. That it would hurt too much. She wanted this for you, her thank-you.” Clara says.

“I wish I had seen her once more. It is so hard being back. Every day I am reminded of more things I missed out on. I cried when Will squeezed my shoulder the other day, reminded me of all the years where no one touched me at all. I am struggling so hard to be normal and I just can’t do it.” Blue says.

“You were never normal son. You are so strong. You can find your new self. Everything that happened has changed you, you need to let go of who you were.” Clara says.

“Thanks momma. I guess that’s true. I need to do some more thinking.” Blue says.

“Don’t force anything.” Clara says and Blue heads out thinking.

Blue walks round the lake until he’s out of sight of the house, he stands on the spot and turns around slowly taking in the view. He can’t help but grin, this is what he needs. This place will heal him.

He takes some deep breaths, strips to his shorts and stands on the shore to do yoga. His head clears and he feels good. Grounded. He takes a moment to just stare at the sky and breath.

Blue is horny, he’s not had sex or any release since the orgy and as he starts to feel good he pushes his hand down his shorts and begins to stroke. His mind empty he just enjoys the physical sensation.

He feels good, on his land, somewhere he doesn’t have to share, he doesn’t need to make a living, he owes no one. He beats away at his big dick and sighs. He looks to the water and grabs himself with both hands, falling to his knees as he cums. A little surprised at the image that fills his mind as he releases all.

He rinses off in the water and then strips off and swims for a few minutes, not a care in the world. He floats on his back blue sky starring down at Blue Sky.

Blue gets out, shakes himself off and lies on the shore for a short while to dry off a little before heading back.

“The hot water work?” Blue asks.

“Everything here works, water, electric, internet. You’re good to go. We thought if you came back like Bea did you’d have somewhere to go.” Clara says and Blue hugs his mom tightly.

“Get in that shower, you reek of lake.” Clara laughs ruffling Blue’s wet hair.

“Food smells good.” Blue says as he gets out.

“Twenty minutes.” Clara says.

“I’ll go make a call.” Blue says and Clara nods.

“Hey Blue didn’t expect to hear from you before tomorrow.” Will says.

“Momma is staying here a few days. You might want to bring a sleeping bag, as you’ll be on the sofa.” Blue says.

“No problem. You look so cute with your hair all wet like that. Been swimming?” Will asks.

“Yeah, I just showered after. It was nice. I feel good.” Blue says.

“It really shows. You look like you’ve turned a big corner.” Will says.

“I feel a bit like I did when Abby first showed me the farm house. I was somewhere I could be happy, somewhere I could build a life. I feel that here. It feels mine. I feel a really strong connection to Abby here.” Blue says.

“I wish she’d told us about it.” Will says.

“I think she and momma hoped I’d leave the program like Bea and could live here. So it had to be secret.” Blue says.

“Well you have it now. All the paperwork done?” Will asks.

“Yes I just need to talk to the tenant farmers. Some who have been given notice will have to go as they use land earmarked for Spence but others can stay if they want to. I need to work out what is best.” Blue says.

“Can you manage that? I can stay and go with you.” Will says.

“Momma might be able to help. I think she knows them all already, this has been one of her hiding places, keeping it ticking over. She thought of me Will. Not just Abby, momma did too.” Blue says his lip quivering.

“Yeah it sounds like she really did.Blue you are going to be okay. Once you stop the drama it is going to be fine.” Will says.

“Momma told me I am never going to be who I was. It was very freeing to hear. I don’t have to be that perfect hero guy. I can just be me, I don’t have to fix myself right now. Not all at once. It is going to take time and I am okay with that. The only issue is Gervais and I can’t talk to you about that. I don’t want us to fight again. You’ve been a great friend, even though you are going through so much.” Blue says.

“You’re there for me too. Thanks for calling. I need to go and pack.” Will says.

“See you tomorrow.” Blue says cheerfully.

“Was that Gervais?” Clara asks.

“No I called Will. We had a big fight recently and I feel bad for adding to his stress. I wanted to make sure we were fine before tomorrow.” Blue says.

“He and Spence have been good to you. Gervais too in his way. Funny how things work out. That it isn’t Ollie and Andy who are looking out for you.” Clara says.

“They’re going through divorce. It isn’t exactly a great time for them. Anyway Andy is a shit.” Blue spits.

“He has had a bad year. Lost direction.” Clara says.

“It is what he always does. Spence grew up, turned into a really great guy and Andy couldn’t keep up so he fucked up.” Blue says.

“Just remember you all have patterns of behaviour. You should call Gervais after dinner.” Clara says and Blue nods.

Back at the farm Spence and Wyatt are having an evening in with Ollie.

Ollie is on his knees worshipping Wyatt’s cock and balls as Spence makes muscleman poses for Wyatt.

“Fuck yeah, you’re both so hot.” Wyatt groans as he holds Ollie’s head down.

Ollie is loving it, he hasn’t met anyone like Wyatt, he does remind him a little of Andy, the sexual confidence, the air of control and fuck it, right now Ollie needs someone else in control.

“Prep me up.” Wyatt says scooting forward so Wyatt can better access his hole.

“Really?” Ollie asks.

“I heard you were mostly a top, now rim me good and get ready to fuck me. Keep up the moves baby, we all know you don’t need so much help getting ready.” Wyatt says and Spence’s cock bounces.

Wyatt leans his head back and groans. He is in heaven, a cute skinny twink is about to dick his ass while he fucks Spence’s sexy muscle butt.

Wyatt groans again as Ollie begins to finger him. He feels so lucky at how open Spence is to experimenting. Wyatt has been able to try out fantasy upon fantasy with Spence and still have the gentle romantic times he sometimes craves. Spence is by far the best lover he’s ever had and the first he’s felt such a strong connection with, both romantic and sexual.

“Come on babe, get over here, let Ollie show your hole some love too.” Wyatt says and Ollie looks up and grins. Spence has the most perfect, thick and muscular ass, he cannot wait to dive in.

Wyatt look at the pair and can barely control himself. He loves seeing Spence in pleasure and pain.

“Ready babe?” Wyatt asks slapping Spence’s ass.

“Always for you.” Spence replies.

Wyatt is soon the meat in the Spence, Ollie sandwich and loves it. He loves being topped by a smaller guy, and Spence is perfect. Wyatt controls the speed moving back and forth, enjoying the full length of Ollie and depth of Spence.

Ollie pulls out and moves to give Spence a facial, guessing it is what Wyatt would want.

“Beautiful, beautiful load. You want some more babe?” Wyatt asks and Spence nods, delirious.

Wyatt fucks Spence full on for another minute then pulls out and drenches him has Spence tugs away at himself adding to his covering.

As Blue expected Gervais is not happy about Will’s impending visit.

“You should have said no.” Gervais says.

“Momma is here too. Fuck it Gervais you are going to have to get over it. Will doesn’t want to date anyone right now, including me. We’re over our fight, you need to let it go too.” Blue says.

“How would you feel if I was around my exes all the time?” Gervais asks.

“I trust you and I want Chris around. For fucks sake, Will and I have been over for years.” Blue says exasperated.

“He offered to leave his husband for you the first time you spoke and he is trying to break us up. I can stop you spending time with him but I can be pissed about it.” Gervais says.

“I love you. I don’t want you to be mad. But Will is non negotiable, just like you were, when I dated Will. He hated it but accepted you. You two were good friends when I was gone.” Blue says.

“He’s bad for you.” Gervais says.

“How is it going with George?” Blue asks changing the subject.

“Good, we have ideas, Birch is back on board. He wants Robin to have a creative role too, and we agreed. I’ll be back in a few days.” Gervais says.

“Why not sooner?” Blue asks.

“I need more space.” Gervais says.

“Have fun with George.” Blue says and hangs up, mad.

“What’s up?” Clara asks.

“I’m being unreasonable. I am feeling like Gervais always gets his way and always stops me. I know it isn’t true but it really feels it right now.” Blue says.

“You’re forging ahead making big plans without him and so he is trying to control the small things, so you feel conflicted. Be careful.” Clara says.

“He won’t hurt me again.” Blue says.

“He’s making you second guess yourself, just like he always did. Remember your instincts are usually good.” Clara says.

“Thanks momma. I’m going to get some sleep. Early start visiting the farmers tomorrow.” Blue says.

The next day Blue and Clara visit all of the tenant farmers and most are happy to work out a deal. Blue feels a huge amount of relief.

They get back and Will’s car is already there.

“Who is this?” Blue asks as a chocolate Labrador greets him.

“This is your new best friend Sunshine, Sunny.” Will says.

“For me? How? Where does he come from?” Blue asks kneeling down to pet the excitable animal.

“I was visiting Gladys and one of her friends was worried, their son had taken on their dog but was moving to New York City and into an apartment that doesn’t take dogs. I offered. Explained it was for you and that you had land. I showed them pictures and before you know it I have a dog, bed, food, everything you need. I’ve written down how much they eat and when and their routine but I am sure you will work it out.” Will says.

Clara stands there smiling, watching the pure happiness on her son’s face.




74 thoughts on “Ocean Blue 61

  1. Blue can’t ask for a break with G but G can have more off days to clear minds. Wow. I know its different but still. Wow.

    And yay for Sunny. This dog will brighten up B for sure. And it’s a plus that it’s W who brought it in.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lately I really sort of hate G. I don’t like their relationship cause I think G is being a controlling asshat. I think Blue needs friends but I don’t think he should be in a relationship with any of these yahoos.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Thank you Sam! Hot session with Ollie, Spence and Wyatt!

    So, Blue couldn’t take time to get his head together, but Gervais needs space?!?!

    Loved Will bringing Blue Sunny! #TeamWill forever!

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Christopher: now that says it perfectly yet again! I hadn’t thought of your excellent point! G pressures Blue not to have alone time so he can get himself in a healing path yet G gets to do just that!

      So much for G even understand yoga which is to keep body and mind healed! Never mind G not understanding therary which he did for years!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. G is taking space but they are still in a relationship, Blue wanted a full break. But yes not very understanding and it is annoying Blue. Best thing is that Blue was able to tell his mother that, sure he played his feelings down but he admitted them out loud.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. What a great chapter Sam! I loved Blue’s conversation with his mom. I was a little surprised, she thought Ollie and Andy would be there for him – Ollie yes, but Andy? He’s always left Blue in a lurch and was never really there for him…all the times he hurt him and never really apologized…oh well.

    Gervais isn’t in a very good place….other than him thinking that Will will undermine their relationship – is that why he doesn’t think Will is a good friend/there for him?

    It was interesting in the previous chapter that Clara felt Gervais wasn’t really waiting for Blue..that he had ‘moved on’, but apparently was available at the time? Hmmm..

    I love Will and Blue as good friends right now..neither of them is in a great place for a relationship. It was sweet that he was the one to bring the dog. Clara loved it too!

    Safe travels!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. short but very sweet chapter. judging from the comments. it seems that harmony has arrived. blue is in a good place. and Clara is just so damned smart. she exactly what to say to blue, and more importantly, how to say it. I guess everyone has changed and Clara for the better.

    Sunny is gonna work wonders for blue…becoming his best friend. and G is gonna be soooo pissed off that it was will who brought the dog. btw, sunny is a he. I mean, blue has got to be able say ” come here boy”.

    this chapter really started my day off right. I FEEL GOOD. 😄😄😄

    Liked by 3 people

          1. I am hoping Blue is able to see past trends/history at this point and can see what the next steps will be for him to be happy. He definitely needs time to reflect on his own away from the drama that he inflicts on himself and others. Hid handsome puppy dog will be one to share some non-judgemental time too.

            Sunshine and blue sky…who could ask for anything more beautiful! 🖼❤️😊

            Liked by 3 people

  6. Thanks Sam🐾🐶🐾

    A sweet dog to help Blue heal!!

    Sunshine to light up Blue’s life😍🙏

    I am team Blue and Will did this as a friend !

    G is a manipulative a hole!

    Clara for once is being sane and helpful! She is being A Mom for once and guiding Blue to find his way by adding the right support for once!

    All I care is that Blue is starting to heal and I feel he will leave G and W and find his own way!

    I can’t wait to see more of Blue and then I look forward to seeing Chris back with Blue and with Blue healed he gets his hunky vet❤️🙏

    And G and W are clearly out of Blue’s personal life!

    Let George and Gervais be together! They deserve each other!

    Will will heal and move on with someone and stay friends with Blue but not a central friend!

    Spence will be a true Blue friend! Chris and Blue as great twins who always have each other’s backs!

    Great chapter!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Well since Blue said, “For me? How? Where does he come from?” I would assume it’s a boy lol.

        Annnnddd I mean who is Sunshine gonna sleep with when Blue is fucking and don’t wanna be disturbed lol. He wants fun too haha.

        Liked by 1 person

  7. YES!!!! We have our dog. Sunny ☀️ is the perfect name. Tomorrow morning Blue will go for a run and do his yoga and Sunny will go with him and watch. Thanks Sam.

    Liked by 4 people

                    1. Oh babe. You the best. You’re a cutie. I’m just getting a burger and tots. Want some? Did you see the pizza I had today omg sooooooooo good. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘🍫🍦🍧🍨🍰🍡🍵you all better now?


        1. G would never have thought to do this! G is a control freak like George! I long for the day Gervais is out of Blue’s life and he better give back to Blue all his Money and land!

          I am waiting for that fight and I see G refusing to do it and screwing over Blue leaving Blue with nothing!

          Liked by 2 people

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