Ocean Blue 62

“Has Blue taken the dog out?” Will asks Clara as he grabs some coffee in the kitchen.
“Yes, I think he got up early as he just couldn’t wait. I would never usually approve of giving animals as gifts but you made the right call. I have not seen him so happy in a long time.” Clara says.

“They were instant best friends, did you see him feeding bits of the grilled salmon to Sunny under the table? It was so cute.” Will grins.

“I am certain it will do Blue good to have a focus away from Gervais.” Clara says.

“Blue hates being alone, especially at night. I thought the dog would help. Especially with Gervais away. Not just now, long term. Maybe he’ll realise he doesn’t need a boyfriend right now.” Will says.

“He asked Gervais for a break, and Gervais said no and then fucked off to see George leaving Blue totally disorientated. As he always does. Can I ask Will, why have none of you talked to Blue about what Gervais was up to while he was gone? I find this whole Gervais was a saint for waiting for Blue very distasteful.” Clara says.

“I hate that line too. I waited, and waited and waited, for years. Right until Bea came back and I gave up. I waited a whole lot longer than Gervais. And it isn’t like Gervais gave up a whole lot to be with Blue in hiding. I’d have gone day one given the chance, I’d have given up gymnastics to be with him. I get why he didn’t make me choose and I love him for that. But he would have won. I couldn’t follow him last year because of the kids. He would never respected me if I had left them for him and I couldn’t have done it.” Will says.

Blue listens outside the door and wonders what they mean about what Gervais did. He didn’t think Gervais had been a monk. But he also hadn’t thought the timeline through, that Will had waited too is true. It doesn’t matter. Blue didn’t ask anyone to wait. He has chosen Gervais and that is that.

Or it was until Gervais started acting like a dick. And Will brought Sunny to him.

“I’m back, we’re starving.” Blue says coming in the door, Sunny tearing in past him.

“There is lots to eat.” Clara smiles.

“Good. Want some Will?” Blue asks serving himself some eggs.

“That would be nice. You need to let me make lunch later.” Will grins.

“I will be heading back later. Would you be able to show me your hotel? Katelyn and I were discussing whether it might be a good venue for some of her charities. If you’re open to that.” Clara says.

“Well Spence will do anything for Katelyn. I’d love to show it to you. Our offer was accepted. It is going to be ours. I can’t believe it. It is huge but feels less stressful than the old dairy. Spence, Wyatt and Will are making me feel really supported and no one expects me to take the lead.” Blue says smiling at Will.

“We’re in it together. You’re just the money man for now and I’ll draft you in to teach yoga to my clients when you are ready.” Will says with a smile.

“I am looking forward to it. I have been looking at an instructors course for hot yoga. I think I will do it in a few months when I’m more settled.” Blue says.

“Well that’s a good idea.” Clara says encouragingly and Blue beams, he so rarely gets his mothers approval for his ideas.

“Well lets get going once we’ve cleaned the breakfast dishes. We best take Sunny with us, he won’t want to be left alone so soon.” Will says.

“I love him Will. Thank you a million times for bringing him to me.” Blue grins as he pets the appreciative dog.

“I think he loves you too. Have you shown him to Chris?” Will asks.

“No, can I call him now?” Blue asks.

“Go on, I’ll wash the dishes.” Will says not wanting to dampen Blue’s enthusiasm.

“Chris, bro, I have a new man in my life.” Blue says as soon as Chris answers.

“About time. Who is it and what did Gervais say?” Chris asks.

“You think I should leave Gervais?” Blue asks confused.

“Only kidding bro. Who is the new man?” Chris asks.

“Meet Sunshine, Sunny.” Blue says moving his phone to show off his dog.

“No way. He’s gorgeous. Why did you choose him without me?” Chris asks.

“Will got him for me. I didn’t even know I wanted him but he’s my new bff. And he climbed on my bed last night to keep me company, which was nice with Gervais away.” Blue grins.

“You look happy bro. When are you coming back?” Chris asks.

“I don’t know. I kinda want to stay here but I’ll have to ask Gervais what his plans are.” Blue says.

“Well how about Larry and I come and visit soon. I need to meet that cute fur ball and see your new place.” Chris says.

“Yeah. I’d like that. I’ll call in a few days when I know what G wants to do.” Blue says.

“Well at least show me round your place. I want to see this crazy view.” Chris says.

“Okay. Hey Larry, this is Sunny. You want to see my place too?” Blue asks.

“Sure, I hear it is like here but better cell service.” Larry laughs.

“Yeah that’s right. Smaller but closer to the city. Come see the view from my awesome front porch.” Blue says and shows them.

“When are you getting a rocking chair?” Larry jokes.

“I’ve got some hammocks to put up. I kinda would like a rocking chair but you two would break it having sex.” Blue says laughing.

“We would try old man.” Chris grins.

“I have to go, momma wants to see the hotel.” Blue says.

“Let me say hi.” Chris says and Blue finds his mom and hands her the phone.

“Was he jealous?” Will asks.

“I think so. He wants to come visit. When do you need to go back to start training Ocean and Garrett?” Blue asks.

“3 weeks.” Will says.

“So will you be staying here with me until then?” Blue asks hopefully.

“I don’t think Gervais will like that.” Will says.

“I was listening in to you and momma earlier. You waited and waited while Gervais had fun fucking around and dating and hen he looks the hero when I come back and you’re married.” Blue says.

“I am a bit bitter yes. You can’t base your relationship on it though.” Will says.

“I don’t but I still feel like you’re all judging me. Everyone was happy for us before and I don’t entirely understand what has changed. We have overstepped and he was right to pull me up on it. I did fuck up running off. You all seem to be on my side when I’m in the wrong.” Blue says.

“I don’t think you are in the wrong. He threatened to end your relationship when you asked for the break you clearly need. You so obviously need time for you right now, you can’t be worrying about pleasing G right now. You’re aware it’s taking more out of you than you have to give. Look, how happy you are being here, focusing on you. You know what you need, trust yourself.” Will says.

“Momma said the same. I can’t face losing him forever, not right now. It’s too big a decision. I do love him and we will be happy together, this is just a bump.” Blue says.

“Ready to go?” Clara asks.

“You’re more neutral than me Clara. Do you think Gervais should have given Blue such a big ultimatum, given his current mental state?” Will asks.

“I’m beyond angry with him. Blue knows how I feel.” Clara says surprising Will with her level of venom.

“Momma always roots for the other guy, rarely supports my relationships.” Blue shrugs.

The three talk about the hotel and Will’s business plans on the drive. They all know Blue has had enough talk.

Sunny loves the car ride, sticks his head out the window, tongue out. Coming in when he wants affection. Blue adores him and sits in the back petting him as Will drives.

“Well?” Blue asks after the tour.

“I think it is too intimidating for what Katelyn had in mind. People would be uncomfortable here, however welcoming you make it.” Clara says.

“I did wonder if that was the case. We’re going to offer space to the community though, mommy and baby groups, senior groups, we don’t want it to be a start up fortress.” Blue says.

“Like Cheryl’s old place but opulent.” Clara giggles.

“Exactly and in time maybe it’ll be less intimidating.” Blue says.

“This is the right project for you, Spence, Wyatt and Will. Will Gervais manage to just be a tenant?” Clara asks.

“George is the bigger ego. But they fit and will attract other similar businesses. They’ll get their pick of office space. Oops there’s me overstepping .” Will giggles.

“Nah, you and Wyatt will be running things. It has become clear you and Wyatt have plans and ideas and are motivated. Spence and I love it. Especially if we see the hotel and camp as one business, or set of businesses, like Spence and I do.” Blue says.

“So why isn’t Gervais more involved?” Clara asks.

Blue explains Spence’s view on the Ollie, Andy and Tad situation.

“He doesn’t want you to feel trapped. He is a very good friend to you.” Clara says.

“He is. Sometimes I wish Abby had left Spence in charge of the inheritance and not Gervais.” Blue says.

“Abby wasn’t to know you’d be romantic again.” Clara says.

“Or Gervais wouldn’t get proper advice for you when he found you.” Will says.

“I guess I owe Birch for the Blue house, for sorting things out for me.” Blue says.

“You got Robin to him, I think you’re more than even.” Will grins.

The three eat dinner in the car and drop Clara at the airport.

“I get a bed tonight.” Will grins.

“I liked having a small place so I didn’t have to host but I really liked having you and momma. Well momma invited herself. But it was fun grilling out and it would have been nice if Chris and Larry and Bea had been here too.” Blue says.

“And Gervais?” Will asks.

“Of course.” Blue says.

That evening the three sit on the porch watching the sun go down. Blue sits in the middle, one arm round Will the other on Sunny’s back.

Will lets out a sigh.

“This wouldn’t have been our life.” Blue says catching Will’s feelings.

“I know. You would be running the food businesses and I’d be a florist or something. We’d be busy all the time. But maybe we’d have planned this for our retirement. Maybe in 30 years this would have been us.” Will says.

“That would have been nice. Do you think we’d have lasted 40 years?” Blue asks.

“I’d have tried my hardest. I loved you so much. Maybe we would have grown apart. Maybe we wouldn’t have survived the olympics. Maybe I wouldn’t have made it with you around, too distracting. I like to think we would have though.” Will says.

“I thought of you sexually the other day. Not consciously. I was beating off out the other side of the lake and you came in to my head as I came. You and that pretty pink dick.” Blue admits, not sure why he’s putting it out there.

“I got hard when you called me, you looked adorable fresh from the shower. So relaxed you looked 20 again. I jacked off straight after.” Will says also unsure why he’s confessing. He and Blue were always more than sex.

“I don’t want to lose you forever. You get me, you’re here for me but not crowding me or asking me for anything. You got me a dog. I don’t want to treat you this fucking badly, giving you hope and still being with G. I am such a fucking cunt. I think I locked my feelings for you away tighter than my feelings for anyone else. And being here unlocked them a little.” Blue says.

“I can’t be with you right now, I can’t be with anyone. You have huge fucking what ifs about both of us and you chose Gervais. I think you jumped too fast and I understand things were different when you were in the program. But you’re not now and you have all the options in the world. Not just Gervais, not just me or Gervais.” Will says.

“You still love me.” Blue says.

“I do. I’m falling back in love with you, learning about the Blue you are now. He’s pretty awesome if somewhat volatile.” Will grins.

“I need to end it with Gervais. Not because of you, you’re right. It is too much and I have to be selfish and work on myself. Spend time with Sunny up here, enjoying my freedom. If Gervais sees it as being over forever then he never really loved me at all.” Blue says quietly.

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  1. Glad that B and Clara are getting along. And yup, she hates any of B boyfriend.

    I think I’m gonna go with Team Sunny. Blue needs to be single and just stay at his lake house and find himself. If G doesn’t want that and that he is gone for good. Then that is his decision. Will heal up too. If you and B are meant to be, it’s gonna happen. (Still hoping for a Will endig)

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  2. Sam:

    Another extra perfect chapter!’

    I would love to know what and who Saint Gervais was doing !

    My guess is G was doing a lot more whoring around than waiting around for Blue!!

    I agree with Clara as to why Blue was not told the truth about G!

    I am still betting G tries to screw Blue out of all his inheritance! Bad enough he took half already that was never meant to be his ever otherwise Abby would have done so in her will!

    Team Blue and Sunshine ☀️ forever 🐾❤️🐾🐾🐶🐾😍

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  3. Unlike resident hater JackW8890 I adored this chapter. I felt that you’ve once again allowed your characters to be dynamic. Clara is supporting Blue, Blue acknowledges that he needs time for himself, and Will accepts that Blue might end up with someone other than Gervais and himself.

    For everyone who thinks that everyone is shitting on Gervais and forgetting to acknowledge the efforts he put into restoring Blue, while they admire Gervais for all the positive things he’s done, that doesn’t negate all of the shitty things he’s been doing.

    I’m ecstatic to see where this story is going “Sunny Blue Skies”

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    1. No one negates what Gervais has done in the past. We all know it. However, he ain’t doin it today and that’s the whole point. He has grown. Unless you wanna stay stuck in the past. Hmm then people should hold you accountable still for what you did years ago that hurt people, as I’m sure you’re no saint yourself Logan.

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      1. I think its ironic that you’re telling me that i’m stuck in the past when you’re preaching about Gervais helping Blue out from months ago when he’s treating Blue like trash present day. You should think before you post hunty 😉

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        1. But oh nooo it’s gervais is such trash. He’s mistreating poor helpless crybaby Blue. He’s just sooo giving and sweet ohh boohooo. Clearly someone has had a man walk all over him and your still your feelings. You need to make peace with that hunty 😉

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        2. Disregard the broken post. This is what I really wanted to say.
          And when I said stay out of the past, I was talking about the past where gervais runs off with fergus and such because people still hold that over his head. If you’re talking about his present day negative shet, I never said Gervais was a saint. I clearly said I’m not with the Gervais hate. You guys take his mistakes and drag him through the mud, and never talk about the good he has done but when Will makes a mistake you still ride his dick so hard regardless. Be fair and hold Blue accountable for his mistakes too. I don’t blame Gervais for giving Blue an ultimatum and not wanting to talk to him. None of you think about how he feels, it’s always about Blue. You paint him like he is a demon purposefully trying to make Blue obey when he himself is learning how to be in a healthy relationship too. Therapy teaches you how to get over your past problems. It does not teach you how to be the be a better partner unless it’s couples therapy. Time and communication does that which neither of them are the best at.

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          1. I don’t know if you follow the comment thread through the other chapters, but everyone was initially team Gervais at the start of Ocean Blue as he was amazing for Blue. Go back and look, you’ll see my comments of support and admiration for Gervais. So no we do not drag Gervais through the mud, if anything, Team Gervais drags Will through the mud “Gervais waited for Blue, he deserves Blue” when the reality of the situation is that it sounds like Gervais fucked around. Blue makes mistakes but he’s our protagonist, everyone should be team Blue. At the end of the day this story is about Blue not about Gervais so i could give less of a shit about how he feels because Sam could write him off and I’d still be reading. Kind of like how I’m reading you right now 😉

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  4. I know I’m in the minority, but for heavens sake, how many times is Blue going to have to try and “find himself”???? Every time he gets down, he runs away and then decides he needs to focus on himself and spend time finding himself. yea, he’s had some bad things happen, but good Lord man, act like a freaking man and grow a pair!! I can’t abide the “poor, confused, lost” Blue. And his friends need to quit with the babying, and kick his ass and tell him to grow a hair on his peaches and get on with it! The whiny, bitchy, lost Blue makes my skin crawl.

    But I’m already totally in love with Sunny!! Every boy needs a dog, and in many ways Blue is still a child. It’s perfect for him, and for once he finally has something that is totally loyal and loves him unconditionally. Sammy gets a huge hug from me for bringing Sunny into the story!!! Bravo!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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    1. you don’t get it. that’s blue. that’s the way he is. he is such a giving person, and when he feels disrespected, he has to go away and calm down. I can relate to that. it’s exactly how I am. I have a set,a and a hair. it’s just that some people wish others would treat them the same in return. when they don’t, you have to re-evaluate the relationship. blue ends up forgiving them. I did also, but not anymore. it’s sort of a test,,,like, are you really worthy of my friendship.

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      1. hahahahaha I’m glad you have a set 😂 It’s just different for me to see someone act like that. I could probably learn something from both Blue and you. I tend to dig in and fight back, as opposed to removing myself. Definitely might cause less collateral damage that way. When I get pissed, I bring out the nuclear weapons and play for keeps. Maybe I’ll try it your way sometime and see how it goes 👍🏻😏😁

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      2. I am like Rick. I retreat and re evaluate and often run first from overly aggressive people having suffers from an abusive control freak step monster and father and other family members.

        We forget that Blue had a child like idealic upbringing but with a twisted control freak at times mother but who also taught him community values.

        Blue barely had 4 years as an adult and those were baby steps followed by 7 years of hell- he missed those important years leading up to age 30- I believe he would have been just like Spence!

        Sadly he has many years of therapy ahead and is years away from being a whole person!

        Clara and Will get that and it’s nice to see them working to maintain healthy relationships with Blue!

        Chris gets that as well!

        I am so happy that Sam has let this amazing story evolve as it has ! Highs and lows and the good, the had and the ugly😁

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        1. I just can’t understand the running. Once, maybe. But over and over again? At some point, you have to stop running, buck up, and face the music. That’s what I don’t understand. He’s not a child anymore, and at some point he has to quit acting like one.

          And I agree…..Sam has done an amazing job with this story. I’ve never been so invested or so hooked on a story in my life. He’s one of the most talented authors I’ve ever had the privilege to read.

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    2. I agree with you, so far Blue is just being a little child. He’s had seven years to grow up but he hasn’t. Everyone needs to take of the kid gloves. I hate to say this but Andy would be the perfect person to do that.

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    3. I agree with you because I think Blue takes the running away to an extreme. Running away in and of itself isn’t a problem. It’s good to remove yourself from a situation, calm down, and then discuss the issue in a clearer state of being. Blue runs and lets things fester and then they blow the fuck up. Blue does need to grow a pair and these Will lovers need to hold Blue accountable for some of his actions not blame Gervais for every thing. 🙄

      I like you Oke. Me and you we see eye to eye. ❤️

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  5. hmm!! blue seems a little wishy washy, almost like a love the one your with kinda thing. honestly, I want to see him find someone new and refreshing. will and G both need to let him go.

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  6. Nice chapter Sam. Glad you made it home safely. Love how Blue and Sunny have bonded. Honestly I will always be Team G but I am pissed off at him right now. What the fuck is wrong with that man? Glad Blue is getting some time for himself to heal. Can’t wait for happy times with Chris and Larry.

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  7. So Will gets painted as the hero and now Gervais is the evil villain? Cool.

    So let me get this straight.. Blue is a total shell of himself when Gervais stepped in after Ocean found Blue..took care of Blue because he was also sickly and could hardly function..and went on the run with him..but Gervais is selfish.
    Gervais tries to buy Blue things that he thought he wanted that would make him happy and Blue takes it as being taken advantage of…when no one knows what Blue wants because Blue ain’t even know what he wanted, nor does he speak up.. he just runs off. Gervais is the bad boyfriend.
    Gervais now asks Blue all the time what he’s comfortable with doing and now Gervais is the bad boyfriend for letting Blue make decisions because he isn’t in a place for it.
    Gervais is an asshole for not wanting his boyfriend to be around the ex-boyfriend who shit talks him every chance he gets. What person would? lol

    Gervais ran off to George to be alone not because he’s a jerk, but because nothing he does is ever right. I agree with the fact that Blue should be alone right now. Hell, I’m the one who said what he most wants is freedom. However, I am not a fan of the Gervais hate. He was a good guy to Blue and neither he or Will were perfect angels through this whole thing. He did his best with what he knew because people coming out of witness protection after 7 years is totally a common thing people… 🙄

    On a lovely note, Chris is so adorable. ❤️

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    1. I don’t think G is a complete villain, but he has been a bit of an asshat in a lot of things. Yes, he gets points for taking care of Blue but he’s also causing a lot of the issues Blue is having. He fluctuates between trying to treat Blue like a toddler who can’t take of himself and completely taking advantage of Blue’s generous and loving nature. Also, he has zero room to bitch about being around ex boyfriends. Has Will gone about things a bit wrong too? Yep. Is he acting in a totally altruistic manner? Nope. However, I still G is the worse of the two at the moment because he’s being all kinds of controlling.

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      1. Hmmmmm ok. Clearly I must be reading a different story…?

        Treating Blue like a toddler who can’t take care of himself? I do believe Blue acted like a toddler who could not take care of himself in the beginning. He was sick…and he barely ate any of the foods brought to him nor could he make much decisions. Gervais stepped in and made the best decisions from what he knew at the time to help him. However, Gervais is the porblem…. ok lol

        Taking advantage of Blue’s generous nature? No one asked Blue to do any of the things he has done. He did what he did of his own choosing. He could have woke all of those guys up and got them to help back when they were at the other project. No, he stayed quiet like he always does and bitched in the end when if he bitched before all the work, he would have had help. He also knew he had of an inheritance. Did he ask to go over the inheritance? Nope. Oh was it Gervais place to tell him all about the inheritance now? Is that treating Blue like toddler? Oh my the contradiction o.o

        Gervais has every right to bitch about the ex- boyfriend because he did not bitch about Will. He was always insecure on if Blue wanted Will but he did not talk about Will. You guys find a reason to blame Gervais for everything…Blue is a grown ass man who needs to speak up and handle his own. It’s not Gervais place to stop him from fucking his ex, it’s Blue’s. It’s Blue’s place not to have an orgy. Unless you wanna tell him no and pull him away like a child. Omg again that would be gervais treating blue like a child if he did. How interesting o.o

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    2. Marcus,
      I don’t think anyone is questioning Gervais helped Blue..he has. However, he’s not gotten it right either. He held back money when it was given to Chris and Larry. Bought them cars an left Blue with the clunker. They all..including Gervais, expected Blue to lead them..he can’t. Then, having Blue sleep with his ex-bf and the group thing at the hotel with Spence and Wyatt. My point? Don’t sleep with your friends and your ex if you don’t want it to get complicated – especially after 7 years coming out of witness protection. Blue looked to Gervais in every one of those situations for the ‘go-ahead’. That’s all on Gervais for fucking it up even more.

      What ‘shit’ did Will talk about Gervais? That he should be there for Blue? That he wasn’t a saint? Hmm…we all knew that. What did he say that wasn’t true?

      What Clara was worse and unfortunately the truth. Blue asked for a break to get his life sorted out. Gervais gave him an ultimatum that it’s now or never and then left town. Gervais always relied on Blue to care for him. He can’t reciprocate…I don’t think he knows how.

      I’m #TeamWill, but understand too that Blue needs to heal.

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      1. I think Marcus is referring to how every time Gervais isn’t around he takes that opportunity to point out everything wrong that G did. Yes he may have had a few flings, had sex a few times but he waited while will was getting married and had a family, then immediately when blue comes back all of that is dropped. I think will is a total asshole for leaving those kids. I don’t care what kind of lame ass excuse he had those children are probably feeling abandoned because both fathers really have nothing to do with them and just pawned them off on the grandparents by saying that’s the best for them.

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        1. Jack, we don’t know the story of what Gervais was really up to while Blue was gone. All we know is he was clearly single when Blue came back.

          Maybe you need to go back and read. Will’s marriage was based upon a fabricated story/life by Aled! As far as the kids go, they were biologically Aleds! Not his..as someone who has grown up living with my biological mother and would rather have lived with my adoptive father when they split, kids don’t get to choose and neither did my step father, so don’t put your blame on Will for that.

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          1. Listen I’ve read this story since the beginning and I’m just stating my opinion so please quit telling me I need to go back and read. Furthermore the children do have some say no matter how little I know that because I was asked who I wanted to live with my so called “real” parents or the people who were trying to adopt me. After the fact my sperm donor said I was nothing but a part of his past and wanted nothing to do with me!

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            1. I don’t think Will could work out how to be a single parent and make enough money to raise 3 kids and he knew he’d have to move. He gave the kids stability. If Aled got a new partner it would get messier. He’s not happy giving them up but he thought he was doing best for them.

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      2. Held back money when it was given to chris and larry? It was given to blue as well but somehow there was a mix up. Did Blue speak up about not receiving anything? Nope. He stayed quiet and bitched in the end like usual.

        Bought them cars and left Blue with the clunker? Yes, Blue again who does not say what he wants , but bitches when it isn’t going his way? The Blue that doesn’t care for material but for functionality? Mhm mhm totally gervais fault.

        Expected Blue to lead? Ok you can have that one. That’s a truth.

        Having Blue sleep with his ex and the group thing with Wyatt?
        Was Blue not asked if he wanted to partake in those activities? Did he not say yes? You expected Gervais to drag him away like a kid and say no, you cannot have this thing you want to do? Would that not be controlling. Omg it would. It would get complicated? No shit. I guess Blue should have said no, but it was totally Gervais who should have dragged him away like a toddler which you claim you hate he does so what can gervais do to please ya’ll? Not a damn thing lol.

        Yes Will does talk shit and also plants seeds for his own benefit. Don’t sit here and act like some of all he says ain’t for self gain.

        Yes, what clara said is worse, but does not matter period. Will moved on and Gervais had flings. Means nothing to me because I don’t say it’s cute Gervais waited. I’m actually glad both had more fun in life than waiting on Blue.

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  8. Here’s to hoping Blue sticks to his guns and really just concentrates on himself. I think he needs to get the lawyers to extricate him from G financially (or has that been done and I missed it?) and just be by himself with an awesome dog and visiting friends for a bit. I think Will had it right that Blue needs companionship and Sunny is far better than being in a relationship because he’s lonely. Sunny will give him lots of love and cuddles.

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  9. 😤😤😤😤 Sam this is a first for me but I didn’t like this chapter. Its not because of the ending, I get where Blue is coming from he needs time to work on him. The reason I didn’t like it was because everybody wants to shit on Gervais. Nobody ever respects his and Blues relationship. Its always being undermined by so called friends and family. He is a grown ass man let him have a relationship and be happy he isn’t doing drugs or worse. Hell every time blue has been in a relationship someone bitched about it.everyone needs to back the hell up and let him make his own decisions.

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    1. He’s making his own decisions. He really is. When he was still in protection Gervais was the only option, the first option in years. Now it isn’t the case and of course he’s going to second guess things and others will weigh in. You’re right that someone is always trying to split him and his partners up though. Let’s let him be single for a bit. Let G feel the loss. See if they can live without each other.

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      1. Great chapter Sam! I love the early morning post (at least for me)! I liked the insight Blue was having and the conversations with Clara and Will.

        I loved how Will acknowledges when he steps over the line when giving advice and knows when he’s too close to the situation to really give his opinion (other than their fight).

        How often has Gervais been an attempted instigator or a drain on his time in one of Blue’s breakups?

        Unfortunately, with Gervais’ history and even through his therapy, he can’t seem to help Blue clear his head. The ultimatum wasn’t the best decision he’s made. I think Blue’s too emotional to deal.

        Have a great day/night!

        Liked by 2 people

          1. He does needs some freedom. Right now nobody is right for blue. I have faith that Gervais will understand, but if will tries tyo move in on blue he won’t be able to walk when I’m done. I think blue needs a spa day runs into Andy, they have their words, makeup, and get mani-pedis

            Liked by 1 person

  10. Beautiful chapter Sam! I had thought about asking who Blue was thinking about when he was out by the lake, but as always, you’ve explained!

    Clara…dare I say I liked her in this chapter? WOW! Nice catch up with Chris and Larry!

    Not that Gervais did ANYTHING wrong, but it did previously sound like Will had moved on sooner, rather than later and Gervais was left pining away for Blue to come back.

    ‘Sunny’ seems to be helping Blue’s disposition. I will always be Team Will, if the choice was always between him and Gervais, I love their interaction – it flows and they talk. You wrote it perfectly. Thank you.

    Yes, it may be a complete shit show when Gervais shows up again, but he did run off and clearly isn’t thinking of Blue’s best interest and his recovery.

    I hope your travel went well!

    Liked by 3 people

          1. no last chapter or chapter before I accepted the fate that Blue best dump his ass as Gervais was not being as understanding as he should given Blue delicate situation and seemed hellbent on ultimatums etc snd getting pissed when Blue would make the smallest of decisions on his own something he has not been able to do since he was 20.

            The fact Clara was seething with rage against Gervais was telling as she usually gives him millions of allowances for his actions.

            Liked by 2 people

                  1. when at home over the years had dogs, cats, birds, fish and even chickens over the years. I am a massive animal lover 😘😘😘😘😘😘

                    Why you think I love the zoo so much 😘😘😘😘😘😘

                    Liked by 1 person

  11. Why is G being painted as such a bad guy? I don’t understand I know he’s had his issues but he has literally become the villain and all the characters are against him my heart is broken for him

    Liked by 4 people

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