Ocean Blue 63

“No, this isn’t happening. I waited for you. You don’t get to just end it.” Gervais screams at Blue. Gervais has been back an hour, and Blue has delivered the news.

“So what? I waited for you. I waited and jumped through hoops and was a total fucking lapdog to you for years. And you still rejected me over and over. Waiting for someone doesn’t mean shit.” Blue shouts back.

“Is this some kind of payback for hurting you in the past?” Gervais asks.

“No. I’ve told you over and over. I love you but right now I don’t have the energy, the emotional energy for a relationship. I still need a time out. I need to adjust to my freedom and get myself back on track. And I can’t focus on you, on anyone while I’m doing it.” Blue says.

“I asked you to stay away from Will and instead you hole up here with him alone and dump me. You’ve been fucking him all week I bet.” Gervais spits.

“No I haven’t, he slept on the sofa and then in the spare room when momma left. Think what you will of me. If you loved me you’d be supportive. But you don’t love me at all. You just wanted to win.” Blue says.

“That isn’t true. Sure I can’t keep being Florence Nightingale 24/7 for you. But I got you back on your feet and you decided to take us to the next level. I gave you some space, let you see what it’s like without me and you dump me. Fucking backfired on me didn’t it. So I’m homeless and Jobless and alone. Thanks a lot Blue.” Gervais says and stomps out and drives off.

“Just me and you now pup.” Blue says petting Sunny.

“Woof.” Sunny replies and licks Blue’s leg.

“I broke up with Gervais. Come visit any time, I’ll make cake, or ice cream.” Blue says.

“Or an ice-cream cake.” Chris says.

“We’ll come in two days. Just need to sort taking time off. And I’m sorry about Gervais.” Larry calls out.

“Shit, you okay bro? You masked the big news with talk of cake.” Chris grins.

“I am. I decided a few days ago. I’d talked with momma and Andy and I know they’re not exactly impartial but they helped me get clarity. I knew I had to do it. I am not boyfriend material right now.” Blue says.

“How did G take it?” Chris asks.

“Not well. I got mad at him too. It wasn’t pretty. Maybe you could call him later, check he’s okay?” Blue asks.

“Not boyfriend material indeed. Are you sure about this?” Larry asks.

“I need to be selfish again for a bit. I have Sunny and he keeps me busy and will make sure I get up in the mornings. I want to enjoy my freedom, not sexually, I want to be able to just go somewhere, just do something without checking in with anyone and without looking over my shoulder all the time.” Blue says.

“I hear you. I’m the opposite. I like having to check in with Larry when I want to go off on a walk or fishing or whatever. The freedom is nice isn’t it, being able to go the same route every morning, being able to have routine, friends. I love that I can see Bea for dinner the same day and time each week.” Chris grins.

“It is nice. Sunny and I run round the lake, he watches me do my yoga, or chases rabbits and then we swim, every morning, the same. I love it.” Blue grins back.

“Gervais wouldn’t stop you doing any of that.” Chris says.

“He was suggesting we not live here. I don’t think he’d actually be happy with my simple life. I love it here. I’ll come home when Ocean arrives, I want to spend lots of time with him this summer.” Blue says.

“You look good bro. For someone who has just had a messy break up you look strong and healthy and at ease.” Chris says.

“Will said similar the other day. It’s being here. I love it. I love Sunny. I love my big ass grill. My beautiful view. This is the place for me. I’d love it if you and Larry settled here too eventually. Maybe Larry could take on one of the farms or you could at least build yourselves a vacation home here.” Blue says.

“Sounds great to me.” Larry calls out.

“It sounds more than great. Love the idea. Larry needs his own land, he’s learning loads here but he has so many ideas. I’m waitlisted for this year, for the college in your city and two others. The program worked some magic to get me a shot at a start this year. No guarantees but it is hope.” Chris says.

“You could live at the hotel in the week and up here at weekends.” Blue says.

“Stop it. You’re getting my hopes up.” Chris says.

“You deserve some good luck.” Blue says.

“You seem to get all of that.” Chris says not jealous.

“I do, and the shit in equal measure. This time feels different though.” Blue says.

“Well we’ll come see you in a few days.” Chris says.

“I can’t wait.” Blue grins.

He and Sunny take a long walk exploring the area. It is a beautiful warm day and they have a lot of fun together. Blue tries to shake off the break up but when he gets back he feeds Sunny, takes a shower and calls Gervais.

“I am sorry for losing it earlier. I didn’t want things to end badly. I love you so much and I am so grateful for everything you have done for me.” Blue says.

“It was such a shock. It would be easier if you were with Will. Are you certain this is the right thing for you?” Gervais asks.

“I am. I wasn’t being a good boyfriend. I want to be my very best for you and I just couldn’t do it, not right now.” Blue says.

“It really isn’t about Will?” Gervais asks.

“No. Maybe a little. I have some feelings. But he isn’t why I had to break up with you. I just want some time to get it together. I want to fix myself and stop relying on everyone else to prop me up. I know it has been exhausting for you and I know I’m not fun to be around.” Blue says.

“You’re not but I still love you and want us to be together. I don’t care how you dress or what your hair is doing or if you want to stay in and watch movies every night. I can deal with that. I can’t deal with you making huge life decisions without me. The lake house, the hotel, all of that. Now you are out of the program we should have been making choices together. You are deciding things and expecting me to fit in. And that sucks. It shows you don’t think of me as an equal partner or as long term. I love you and I want to be with you and to work it out. But I think you’ve made the right decision for both of us.” Gervais says with a sigh.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t expect you to just fit in. I hate that you felt that way. Are you going back to the lake?” Blue asks.

“No, I will go back to my place. I’ll be buying it back from Ocean and back to my old life. I don’t want to be around you. George will probably move in and we’ll be closer to Birch too as he and Robin are taking on Will’s place.” Gervais says.

“I’m sorry.” Blue says again, feeling utterly rotten.

“Give me some time. Don’t call me for a while.” Gervais says.

“Okay.” Blue says, hangs up and cries.

Sunny nuzzles at his sad owner, trying to lick away the tears which soon cheers Blue up.

“Come on pup, lets go fishing.” Blue says with a grin.

“You okay?” Will asks later when Blue and Sunny get back.

“Yeah we had a rough break up in person and a better phone call when we’d both calmed down.” Blue says.

“If it’s okay with you I’ll stay a few more days, to make sure you’re okay. Then clear off before Chris and Larry get here. I’ll stay with friends in the city and then travel back with your bro.” Will says.

“That sounds really nice. I’ll be out with Sunny a lot in the day, but it will be good to have someone to chat and cook with in the evenings.” Blue smiles and then hugs Will tightly.

“Shall I make popcorn?” Will asks.

“Yes please.” Blue grins.

Blue is snoozing on the sofa, Sunny at his feet when Will comes in with popcorn and iced tea. Blue stirs at the smell and grins.

“Yummy.” Blue says smiling.

“You sure you don’t want to just go to sleep?” Will asks smiling.

“No its movie time.” Blue says with a grin and Will sits down.

They have a pleasant evening together, as friends. Blue feels sad about Gervais, not sure he’s done the right thing for long term but knows it is right for now.

Good as his word Will heads to the city the day Larry and Chris arrive.

“Cool place bro.” Chris grins.

Sunny barks and runs round excitedly at the visitors arrival.

“Someone has lots of energy.” Larry says petting Sunny and feeding him some treats.

“Stop trying to steal my dog.” Blue laughs.

“He is adorable. Will made a great choice. Feed us and then show us this farm.” Chris says cheekily.

“Feed yourself you great oaf.” Blue laughs and heats up some soup.

“Wow, this tastes like home.” Larry says with a grin.

“My brother the gourmet. Honestly this is the best.” Chris grins helping himself to a second bowl.

“Can you tell us more about the land?” Larry asks.

“Momma and I met each of the tenants and we thought we had it sorted who wanted to stay and who wanted to go. We shuffled people around and it looked to be okay. Well the farmer on the largest farm came to see me, turns out his wife was happy they were moving on, their oldest is about to start high school and she was looking forward to moving closer, having more family time etcetera. So you guys get first refusal. They are actually due to leave in October after the harvest. Though I suspect wife and kids will leave in august for school. It’s the red area on the plans.” Blue says unfolding the document for Larry.

“Now that is luck.” Chris says.

“I want to say yes. I’m hoping you’ll be generous with terms as I’m marrying your twin some day.” Larry says.

“And you’re a good friend.” Blue says.

“And there is a property?” Chris asks.

“Big family home, much bigger than here, not as nice a view though.” Blue grins.

“I am a hell yes without even seeing it. Are they okay if we visit today?” Larry asks.

“Yes I said it would probably be this afternoon.” Blue says.

“Say no if this is a step too far. Would you be willing to give me a loan to cover the cost of buying the harvest? I mean so if they do want to leave in August but don’t want to lose any payments. If I can do a deal? I know it’s a big ask.” Larry says.

“Sounds like a great plan, we can all move here full time together. If I said no Chris would ask momma and she’d say yes but give strings and we’d all be on the verge of falling out again. Chris and momma only just made up as it is.” Blue says.

“Thanks bro. I thought we would settle up at the lake but this is a much better option for us, long term. I think Bea and I get on best when we have quality not quantity time together. Same with momma. You I need to be around.” Chris says.

“Same. I didn’t like the idea of us being so far apart but I didn’t want to stop you two from being happy. I have missed you.” Blue says and Chris melts, Blue admitting he wants Chris around for good means the world to him.

The three look round the farm and Larry is impressed but trying to not show it. He’s surprised the family are willing to give it up so he’s a little suspicious.

“Want to walk round the lake?” Blue asks.

“Yeah, lets go play some fetch, this one is bouncing for attention.” Chris grins.

“I’m going to head back, run the numbers, I took lots of pictures, I want to write everything up while it’s fresh.” Larry says.

“Cool. See you late babe.” Chris says kissing Larry goodbye.

“You two are doing great.” Blue says.

“He’s going to marry me one day. Can you believe it? He’s mine forever.” Chris grins, bursting with happiness.

“Everything is going to work out for us. I feel it. I didn’t have focus before but I do now. I’m going to live here, help Spence get his camp running and teach yoga in the city when I’m up to it. Help Will get his fitness business going. It all feels manageable and I can control my involvement. I love Gervais and wish he fit in but right now he doesn’t. Am I wrong sorting out housing and stability ahead of love?” Blue asks.

81 thoughts on “Ocean Blue 63

  1. Love this chapter. I’m happy that the break up because duhh I’m team Will. But I think it would have been better if the breAK up is handled much better. But I guess that’s life. Things won’t be easy.

    My opinion is that this is the good move for both of them. Few chaps back, it was G who is making all the decision for both of them. And noW it’s B who got too excited and forgot to include G on his plan. They need heal, esp B because when he was found after the 7 years gap, he got excited with the idea of having a boyfriend and friend. But what he really need is family. Someone who will take care of him and let him decide but still be there to catch him when he fall. G is not that, he is choking him in being protective and stuff. Yeah they love each other and stuff. But he is not the one he needs right now.

    Love Chris and Larry. I wonder what Larry notice that is wrong with the family 🤔

    Love Sunshine. He brings the light and warmth when the sky is cloudy.

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  2. Chris and Blue are totes gonna bang.

    He’s going to slam him! Aka! Him harder than a 15 year old girl slams her bedroom door after being told by her parents that she can’t go to prom, since she got knocked up and needed another abortion, since she’s such a slut.


  3. I love how strong Blue was in this chapter, after crying a shit ton he managed, with the help of Sunny, to pick himself back up without throwing himself a pity party.

    Liked by 4 people

  4. Gervias I know it was upsetting but that was the wrong response love. You shouldn’t have said don’t call for awhile you should have said I will be here call me if you need me. DO NOT let your man get away!! Send Blue little reminder tokens that you are still out there and when he is ready you hustle your ass back to your hot sexy Blue. Are you listening boy!!!!

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Blue gets criticized for so called bad relationship skills but G has none! His methods are like a sledge hammer to the brraun!

        G cares about money first! Just like his father did!

        G is the ultimate asshat!

        Liked by 2 people

  5. Ohhh I wonder what Larry’s suspicions will unearth?!

    Also, Sunny is the best! So cute. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see how Blue gets over saying bye to Gerbil. Even if it’s the right decision, it’s never easy!

    Hmm… I wonder what each of the characters would get if they took the 5 love languages test.

    Anyways, especially loving the latest chappies! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

          1. I had prepared myself as things you said and things in chapters the writing was on wall my hope is this is temporary thing and they rebuild later on when Blue is in a better headspace.

            Liked by 3 people

                1. Btw if you are still talking to me. I’m in my place catching up on masterchef and enjoying an apple pie. I’ve missed chatting food with you big time. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘


                    1. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘then we can chat and bitch. Just rubbing your belly gently, make you feel nice. 😘😘😘😘😘😘I woke up stupid kids screaming, last day of school tomorrow.


                    2. You need more? Oh okay then 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘🍰🍡🍨🍦🍧🍧🍦🍨🍰🍰🍨🍦🍧🍫🍫🍫🍏😈😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘


                    3. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘then we’ll have a new thread just to talk stupid eliminations, good food and fixes. Then maybe you’ll let me do stuff.


            1. Blue needs an honest to god psychologist. I don’t think he was ever ready to leave the bubble of his mother and the community. He needs a year away from Gervais then by chance they meet up have a catchup session and hot sex weekend. I am glad blue talked to Andy though.

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    1. Oh markkkyyy. Beautiful, sweet, lovely, adorable, wonderful, amazing mmarrkkkyyyy. You should like you know totally like, shower sammy in oooddlles amount of affection. I’m talking turn him into a pile of mush and then take him into your bedroom and show him who love’s him most. He likes spankings mhm mhmm 😁. And like when you’re done and he’s all tired and satisfied with the cheesy grin on his face, you should totally persuade him to make Andy a more active character again. PWEEASSEEEE 🍪🍪🍪💖💖💖💖🍰🍰🍰-puppy dog eyes-

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  6. Great chapter!

    Blue is thinking of Blue for once!

    So happy Chris and Larry will live nearby!

    Let’s not forget that Blue, Chris and Bea were sent away just as they turned 21.

    Blue never learned adult relationship skills and he is still a mess so he has a long way to go!

    G on the other hand has no such reason to be the asshat he is no less living with George ! A crock that G loves Blue in my humble view! G’s actions are to control Blue!

    I pray Blue stays free and clear of G and only friends with Will.

    I would love to know what developed with Andy and how he will fit in going forward!

    Thrilled that Blue has true Blue Spence as his friend and Wyatt as a friend !

    Now I pray that Chris gets into vet school and Blue meets his vet husband to be!

    I pray the farm works out for Larry and Chris!

    And that Ocean spends a lot of time with Blue fishing and bonding!

    Sweet chapter indeed! ❤️

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  7. Yes God it’s over. Run Gervais! Run like hell! Don’t come back until Blue has had extensive self healing. Get you a nice wholesome farm boy and live your life, after a small breather ofc. Anyone would need a little time for self after dealing with all that. Hell he needs a vacation.

    Blue….at least you got yo dog.

    Chris is soo adorable omg. His enthusiasm makes me smile. He must be happy at all costs. He deserves it. See Larry growing on me a tad bit. He keeps this up and I might be one of his fans. 💖💖💖

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I think Chris and Larry will work. They are talking about a joint future and both ready to compromise. Larry loves Chris but is so realistic and down to earth he won’t get carried away, the way B&G do.

      Liked by 2 people

    2. Hahaha Marcus, we are so much alike! A few chapters ago I had said Gervais needed to pack his bags and head to the beach and let Blue play crazy all by himself 😂😂

      I hope G and George strike it HUGE with their company and make more money than Spence and Blue put together. He’s hot, single, rich, and has a huge dick….he needs to live it up!! Oh…..maybe he will end in LA and run into Peter and Alexander hehehe.

      I keep waiting on your Andy to show up and threw a wrench (and a dick) into the mix. I miss sexy, fun Andy!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. OMG I ADORE YOU!! 😍😍😍

        I hope Gervais and George strike it huge too. I like that triple threat. Hot, single, and rich. That’s a good life right there. He needs to swing that massive dick around and have a horde of guys clawing and begging for more. It’s good for the soul haha.

        I miss my Andykins too. We’re gonna have to shower Sam in cakes and cookies and get markoz to lay on the affection heavy so we get him to bring Andy back in full effect. The story needs his sexy mischievous charm mhm mhmm.

        Liked by 2 people

          1. Well, Andy is an antagonist right now for Blue, and there are “loose ends to tie up” 😈 with Andy; Blue doesn’t want any regrets when potentially ending a friendship. But, Andy does need to wallow in his mess he has created and reflect on who he is and what he keeps doing to others. His dick keeps getting him in trouble. When satiated, he is a decent guy. I wouldn’t mind him being sidelined from the storyline for a while, if that is what your master plans include Sammy. 😋

            Another great set of chapters lately as always! ❤️❤️🤗😘🤗😘❤️❤️☺️☺️

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          2. I think if Blue sleeps with Andy he loses a true Blue drone in Spence and a huge mistake for Blue. Please keep Andy gone and Blue in recovery and therapy and close to Spence, Chris, Ocean and Larry and Sunshine!

            Liked by 1 person

              1. I don’t think Blue will either plus Andy really has hurt Blue in the past so better to keep the friendship but I would love to know what Andy told Blue about G!

                Liked by 2 people

  8. it surely seemed to me that blue was very insensitive with G. I’m glad he broke it off, just didn’t like how he did it. poor gervais, kharma can be a cruel thing.

    I bet blue doesn’t stay single for very long, even he though he says he needs his alone time.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Great chapter Sam.
    Blue taking control and putting himself first (with Sunny obviously..) is what he really needs.
    I’ll admit I got a lump in my throat when he told Chris that he needed them to be close. Ioved that Chris was so pleased with it too.
    I do like Gervais and I think they could have been happy but not perfect.
    In the end I still want Blue to end up with Will, I can see them on the porch of the house with sunny at their feet watching the sun set….

    Liked by 6 people

  10. I’m trying to be positive but this was the hardest chapter for me ever. The anger and sadness of Gervais. I think they needed the break but they both could have been a little more sensitive to the other. I’m glad they did calm down and talked. I’m nervous for Gervais though.

    Liked by 3 people

      1. That’s all they ever do is fight to get each other back. Its almost like that’s the only part of being in a relationship they know is the chase. Its like a hunter they catch the prey but don’t know what to do with it afterwards.

        Liked by 4 people

          1. Blue seems in love-limbo right now…but content in that he can work on his own healing without those around him being overbearing and telling him what he should do. He can make his own choices again and I like that. He has never been good at being tied down in a relationship (well, has he ever been actually tied down? I can’t remember if ropes were used. 😈😇)

            Liked by 1 person

              1. I absolutely LOVE the kinky side of Spence hehehe. This hot, sexy, muscle man who likes to be dominated…..such a huge turn on!

                Sticks and stones
                May break my bones
                But whips and chains
                Excite me


                Liked by 1 person

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