Ocean Blue 66

Blue and Will are at the south side of the lake, as they often are early morning. Blue is doing some yoga while Will plays fetch with Sunny. The three will swim together once Blue is done. They enjoy their early morning routine, its sets them all up for the day.

It’s a lovely warm day. Mike has arrived and has been going over the farming options with Larry and Chris. Blue and Will have been trying to give them space.

After the swim Blue starts to fish and Will suns himself on the shore. They don’t need to talk. Sunny happily alternates lying beside Will and sitting with Blue.

Blue looks over at his dog lying with Will, Will’s fallen asleep and looks utterly adorable. Nothing has happened between them. Blue is healing day by day. He feels stronger and happier and free. Will has been keeping an eye on him, giving him space and being the shoulder to cry on he needs. Will has been great at working out exactly what Blue needs and when.

Chris has been concentrating on Larry and supporting him seeing his dad again. Blue has enjoyed seeing his twin in such a caring, compassionate role. Larry has taken great care of Chris and Chris is more than happy to return the favor.  The pair gel so well and Blue can’t wait to see them married.

Blue gets up and stretches. He smiles at the sleeping Will. Will hasn’t tried to get in his bed, or share the same sofa even, with Mike here. He’s not done more to Blue than hug him or kiss his cheek. Blue isn’t sure if he’s pleased or insulted.

Blue is missing Gervais. He isn’t as heartbroken as he expected to be. Maybe as he hasn’t seen or spoken to Gervais since their final phone call. His feelings for Will lurch between friendly and a huge sexual crush.

Blue walks over to where Will is sleeping and he can’t help it, he lies down next to Will and snuggles close. Will automatically turns and pulls Blue closer, subconsciously moving to the position they used to sleep in. Blue drops off too, feeling safe and secure. When Blue wakes he sleepily kisses at Will’s neck. Will jolts awake and pulls away.

“Am I that repulsive?” Blue asks sadly.

“You know I don’t want that.” Will says gently.

“You hugged me close.” Blue says.

“I was asleep.” Will says.

“It felt really good.” Blue says.

“It really did. Blue, you just got out of an intense relationship, one you wanted just a break from not a full breakup and I’m just out of a weird non-marriage. I don’t want to be with you right now. I am not the guy you fell for and you are not the man I loved.” Will says.

“I think you are better. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have tried anything. You’ve been clear you don’t want anything from me and it has only been a few days. I just fell so much better that it seems like I’ve been here longer.” Blue says.

“Once Mike goes I need to head back up to the lake. Get ready for Ocean and the guys coming.” Will says.

“I will be there too. I’ve tried calling Ocean a few times but he’s busy. Or hates me for dumping Gervais.” Blue says.

“He’ll get over it. Blue it really did feel good and it would be so easy to fall into something physical with you. But if we ever try again I want it to be right. I want the full relationship this time, not just instantly living together. I want it to be a real choice, not just falling in to it. I also don’t intent to be the rebound.” Will says.

“I want that too. I really do. But can we cuddle for a bit longer?” Blue asks hopefully.

“Come here.” Will says opening his arms. Blue dives in before Will can change his mind and Sunny jumps in too, never one to miss out on affection.

“I’m going to take him on a walk. I’m sorry for pushing things Will.” Blue says.

“It was lovely. It’ll never be easy to turn you down. That isn’t an invitation to keep trying.” Will says.

Blue turns and hugs Will one last time before heading off at a jog with Sunny, needing some alone time to have a think.

Will watches him go and then walks slowly back to the house. When he gets there Chris is hoovering.

“Gosh, what happened?” Will asks.

“I know Larry and I are not so good at cooking, figured we need to pull our weight, especially as we have an unexpected guest.” Chris shrugs.

“It’s awesome. Blue will really appreciate it. Not to one up you but I was thinking of washing the windows.” Will says.

“I’ll help, no problem. Blue on one of his walks? Everything okay?” Chris asks.

“Yeah he’s fine, a bit of thinking to do. Being here, being away from Gervais you can see for yourself the progress he is making. The joy every day as he pets Sunny and when he cooks. When you help with the cooking prep, he loves that. He’s talking the future, Larry’s farm, my business. Things that were unthinkable a few weeks ago.” Will says.

“He is getting so much better. Being truly settled here, having a real home makes a big difference and you getting Sunny for him was a genius move. I really hope I get to go to school here. I’ll probably need to live at the hotel a few nights a week. Larry is okay with that he says.” Chris says.

“How is Larry doing with Mike here? Is the farm okay?” Will asks.

“The farm is fine. Mike has ordered some soil surveys or something but he says it is just for reassurance and so they know the starting point. Mike has taken Larry round a bunch of suppliers today, see what can be bought locally and what needs to be ordered further away. Build up contacts, get his face out there and all that. Larry is excited and you’ve seen how proud Mike is. He’s offered to pay the money for the harvest, rather than Blue. I’m really pleased they’ve reconciled.” Chris says.

“Mike was like a dad to Blue when he first moved. I’m glad that man is still in there and not the asshole he became when Ella entered the picture.” Will says.

“Me too. This place feels so right. The dairy felt good but it was going to be a lot of work, a lot of work from Blue before Larry and I could do much. Here there is a big job for Larry and Blue can just count his money if he wants to.” Chris laughs.

“He is holding back. I know his instinct is to do more. But he is making himself hold back, letting Wyatt and Spence work on the hotel. Not interfering with Larry. He has been looking at buying some boats and kayaks. He is properly settled here, or will be after the summer.” Will smiles.

“I love the idea of living just up the road, from him. Having Spence on hand all summer too. I guess it’ll be me and Larry hosting, pot luck dinners all summer long up at the farm. Won’t that be something.” Chris grins.

“I can see it. Larry growing corn and tomatoes for us to eat, Blue bringing up bread and dessert, Spence bringing his wine and Wyatt or you bringing the seafood in from the city to chuck on the grill.” Will grins.

“Or you. You’ll be invited too, whether you’re with Blue or not. Your boot camps and gym clinics.” Chris smiles.

“I hope so. I really do. I am so fired up about this. Talking with friend who have gone the sports psychology route or are already personal trainers. I can’t wait to get going and be able to expand and bring others in.” Will says.

“You’ll do it. You’ll be a celebrity trainer in no time. You and Spence are both so hot, have great bodies, you’ll get the straight women ogling you and men wanting to be you.” Chris grins.

“I hope it works out. I think it will. I think everything is going to work.” Will grins.

“I think so too. Now who wants chocolate cake? I have a craving?” Blue asks approaching

“You never, ever have to ask.” Chris says kissing Blue on the cheek.

“I will hose off the dog, what on earth have you been running through?” Will asks as Blue and Sunny stand on the deck covered in muck.

“Yes I suppose I best shower first.” Blue laughs.

“You finish up, I’ll deal with the dog.” Chris laughs.

“You guys cleaned the windows, it looks amazing, thanks so much.” Blue grins.

“Chris cleaned inside too. He’s done a great job.” Will says.

“Thanks bro. Wow, this place really is magic. Chris doing chores without being asked. Well I never.” Blue grins stripping off his muddy clothes and walking in to the house nude.

“That was for your benefit.” Chris laughs.

“I hope it wasn’t for yours.” Will laughs.

Chris washes off the dog who is somewhat unimpressed, he quite liked his muddy coat. The three sit on the deck drinking iced tea when Larry and Mike get back looking awful.

“What’s wrong?” Blue asks concerned.

“I have to get back right away.” Mike mutters heading inside.

“Babe?” Chris asks gently.

“Arnold called dad. There has been an accident, Liberty, Nick and Ella.” Larry says.

“I’ll drive you to the airport. Chris call Robin and let him know.” Will says.

“Should we all go?” Blue asks.

“I’ll go with them. You two stay here with Sunny. I’ll call if we need you.” Chris says.

“I’ll pack some things.” Larry says.

“I’ll call Heidi. Let them know you’ll be delayed going back.” Blue says.

The guys are a hive of calls and packing.

“You be okay here on your own? I’ll be a couple of hours.” Will says.

“Yeah. Thanks Will. I don’t want Chris driving when he’s worried about Larry.” Blue says.

“Why don’t you wrap up that cake and let them take it.” Will says.

“Yeah. I will.” Blue says.


“I wished her dead.” Tad says crying sat at the table.

“He just said an accident, it might not be anything.” Gervais says.

Robin is calling Arnold to see what is going on.

“It’s not good if Mike is coming back.” Birch says.

“Arnold is coming over.” Robin says.

“Did he say what was happening? Was he with them?” Birch asks.

“No, he’s coming over.” Robin repeats.

“Maybe it is okay, if he’s not with them.” Tad says brightening up.

“I’m going to call Ollie and get him over too.” Gervais says.

“Thanks G.” Tad says.

Ollie and Arnold arrive at the same time. Arnold looks awful.

“They’re gone. All of them.” Arnold says.

“Oh Arnold, I’m so sorry, why were you home alone? You could have called us.” Gervais says getting up and holding Arnold as he breaks down.

“No, no.” Tad gasps.

“Ella was taking some time out. I’m sorry for the way we protected her. I didn’t know until this morning that the younger one wasn’t Mikes. I honestly didn’t know. I found out, there was a copy of the dna result in the drawer. I called her and gave her hell. Thing was she was on her way to collect Liberty and Nick. She was angry, drove straight off the road, over a cliff. All three of them gone.” Arnold says.

“What do you need us to do? Can we make calls for you? Arrange a flight up there? I can go with you.” Gervais says gently.

“There’s no point. Not yet. I need Mike and Randolf. Liberty and I were divorced and Ella is married, I’m not allowed to decide what happens to them. I don’t deserve to, it was all my fault.” Arnold says.

“No, it wasn’t. It was an accident. You supported Ella through so much.” Robin says.

“It wasn’t enough.” Arnold cries.







91 thoughts on “Ocean Blue 66

  1. Im so happy that Will is distancing himself to B. I like that. They need to heal from their previous relationship and they dont want to be each others rebound; and this two gets it. Yay.

    It is such a delight to see that C and W really cared for B. I really like this separated group. This group that is on B side is very healthy. They are the ones who need to heal up, and this group help each other with that. However this accident will sure stir things up. It is sad to read that Liberty and Nick are the casualties of the downfall of Ella. They didnt deserve it. But i guess, this is the storm that they have to endure to reach the rainbow at the end.

    Liked by 1 person

          1. Well you cant be a perfect author, you need to have a flaw. 😈

            But as a consolation though, your sex scenes are hot. Oh and the triplets-mafia twist is great too.

            Liked by 1 person

          1. oh dont be sad. i know it is stressful to write stories. i know how hard it is to please people with your work. there will be people that will disagree with what you do. just let the stories write itself, dont put yourself down.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. I’m on a more even keel these days, put less pressure on myself to make every chapter amazing and doing one every day. The world doesnt end if my views go down


              1. you betcha. you write because you love doing it. if they dont love it, well its their opinion. just do what makes you happy and healthy.

                Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, poor Liberty and Nick. Now I didn’t care for Nick at the end, but growing up with a sister that would kill them all from being yelled at their dad must have been something. 😛 she cray!

    And I’m so happy with how you dealt with Blue and Will. I was like… oh no…. don’t have sex! Don’t fall into something quickly! Also, Will’s explanation would work with doing the whole falling in love slowly and honeymoon period that Blue wants. Maybe one day. For now, he needs friends and uncomplicated sex, from elsewhere. 🙂

    Do you know what he thinks of exactly when he fishes or goes on his long walks?

    Anyways, great chappie! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mostly on his walks Blue relishes his freedom, not having to look behind him. He’s counting his blessings a lot and working out what he needs to do to get better and be a better Blue. Also hot guys.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Wow totally what I was thinking. I love how Will wants to have traditional start to their relationship instead of just jumping in again. Its been 7 years, they’ve both changed and have a lot to discover about eachother.

      Liked by 3 people

  3. What’s better than breakup sex? Wedding sex!

    And what’s better than wedding sex? Funeral sex!


    Great chapter too. That holiday must have lit a cracker up to but, because your story has been tight!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow!!!! I can’t say I’m sad because I was never really invested in those three. Sammy just whacked them like the Grim Reaper 😳😂😂😂😂. Love it!!!!

    And Mr. Perfect Blue up there trying to get into Wills pants…..little hoe bag lol. But then again, if I were sitting next to Will and he was all naked and sweaty from the sun, I would be totally tempted too.

    Wonder if G will end up adopting the little kid? He would be upsuch a great dad, and he could have a family that he’s always wanted.

    Great chapter Sam!!!!!

    Liked by 3 people

  5. Wow. Nice chapter. Nick Ella and Liberty. All at once. I assume we have bodies and it is not some disappearing plot??? Everyone all back together at the wake and funeral. Maybe some drama?

    Liked by 2 people

  6. -GASPS!-

    Did Blue just….? Omg! I wonder what creative way they will blame Gervais for Blue’s choice to try and sleep with Will now? Looks like all that “badmouthing” holds a bit of truth because they would totally have fucked if Will didn’t say no lol. 🙄

    Oh Ella and them died? How horrible. Saddening. So back to that hoe Ocean, what is he up to? 😁

    Liked by 4 people

    1. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Right????? All the anti-G people talking about him being so horny and jumping from man to man, and poof, it’s actually Mr. perfect Blue that’s the one who is actually the hoe bag 😂😂😂.

      Liked by 4 people

        1. Oh I’m all for both he and G getting some. They aren’t together any longer, so nothing should be holding them back. Funny how some judge G by one standard, then judge Blue and Will by another. Unless someone is in a relationship, then all is fair in love and war. I love hearing about all of their sexy times, so I’ll never be one to throw stones lol. Unless they are in a relationship. I don’t abide cheating. But single…..go get em boys!!😈😈😈

          Liked by 1 person

        2. He’s too emotionally and mentally unstable for sex. He needs to fish, play with sunny, do yoga, and become a monk so that he can heal mhm mhm. Sex with ex and orgies are forbidden even if they do give release. He is an angel. We cannot sully his good name with tawdry horny acts in moments of lust and weakness lol. 🙄

          Liked by 4 people

            1. I’m thinking a handsome (or not so handsome) stranger. Or a revisit from the guys at the old dairy, maybe making a new start as a couple and looking for work…


              1. a stranger. who is passing through and has car trouble and has to wait a few days for his ride to be repaired. someone extremely small and cute!! a will and gervais replacement?????

                Liked by 1 person

    1. Damn Sam you act like you didn’t just kill three people! Technically you’re a serial killer as you’ve killed like six throughout your stories so….. To all Will friends I extend an apology for passing judgement on him so harshly. Poor Arnold and Tad. Well, at least we know Robin gets Quint now. Maybe mike will take care of the second one. I for see a big giant hugfest coming Sam. Lots of crying, apologies, and re connections. I’m not gonna hope for a BG reunion because they are doing well on this break, which is what Blue wanted, G thinks their over over, but blue never specifically said that has he?

      Liked by 3 people

    2. Missed it! It was raining here, so we had an afternoon of cuddles on the couch – all would’ve been well, except I was forced to watch the latest Mutant Ninja Turtle movie…ugh!

      Liked by 1 person

                  1. Yes You get to enjoy the sport and the bodies at once. GB didn’t have the best results in the diving but you lot have pinched some coaches and lots of events for the rio medalists and downtime etc etc.

                    Liked by 1 person

                    1. After Australias poor performance in Rio decisions were made on changes so guess poaching coaches was part of the plan 😂😂😂😂😂

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. Yeah understandable as Gold Coast commonwealth coming up. Our people were slow to get offers out too, only Tom Daley’s coach got a national post or something and he won, it’s been a bit of a scandal here.
                      Who should I watch out for in the pool?


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