Ocean Blue 70

“Are you stalking Will now?” Blue asks as he sees Ocean on the shore.


“I just came out for some air. You two are such fucking liars.” Ocean shouts.


“Gervais and I broke up because of me. Just me. I have too much baggage, too many hang ups, need too much work to be the boyfriend Gervais deserves. I was holding him back. I asked for a break to get myself together, so I could be better for him but he didn’t want that. I tried my very best but it wasn’t enough. I’m not good enough for Will either. He doesn’t want me and a hug at lunch is the most I’ll ever get from him. You’ve no fight with Will, he’s just looking out for me. If that is too much for you then I’ll leave tomorrow. It won’t make any difference to me and Gervais, we’re over for good, that was his choice.” Blue says.


“You can try again.” Ocean says.


“I can’t live at the farm, I just can’t. Gervais doesn’t want to live at my place by the lake. Someone would lose and resent the other. This way is better, cleaner, he can find someone who is everything he needs, who loves him more than enough.” Blue says, tears streaming down his face at the realisation of the life ahead without Gervais or Will. A life alone.


“You’re just a coward.” Ocean shouts and leaves.


Will shakes his head and wraps Blue up in a blanket and tries to calm him.


“I have to leave. I’ll had back tomorrow.” Blue says.


“You don’t have to. But it might make things easier. You don’t need this level of stress. I never thought Ocean would turn on you. Man if he had any idea of the stunts Gervais has pulled, he’d never be on his side.” Will says.


“Yes he would. Gervais gave him a home and stability.” Blue says.


“You created the home for both of them. Give yourself some damn credit.” Will says.


Blue’s sobs subside and he dresses and heads home.



“What are you doing here?” Spence asks Ocean the next morning in the gym.


“What?” Ocean asks confused.


“I’ve not had an apology, Will hasn’t had an apology. You might wish yesterday had never happened but it did. So man up or go home.” Spence says.


“I’m sorry for being a dick yesterday and I’m sorry for being unsafe.” Ocean mumbles looking vaguely from Spence to Will.


“Just don’t do it again. Goes for all of you, respect and safety come first in the gym just like any other.” Will says and all the guys nod.


“We’re coming too bro. We’ll take two cars but we’ll stop loads together.” Chris says bounding in to the house during breakfast.

“Because we have great news.” Larry says nudging Chris.


“I’m in. I get to be a vet, or try to.” Chris says the pride brimming out of him.


“Congratulations. Oh I am so proud of you, look how far you have come. Are you sure you can’t all stay and celebrate?” Clara asks.


“I need to get back, I want to study and be super ready to go when I get there. Sorry momma, lets make this a celebratory breakfast.” Chris says.


“I’ll call Bea. Congrats little bro.” Blue says squeezing the life out of Chris.


The family are soon tucking in to pancakes and eggs, with Sunny trying to move from person to person for his portion.


“Take care of yourself. I’ll visit as soon as Chris and Larry are settled.” Clara says when it comes to leaving time.


“Me too, though I want to stay at the hotel and get all the spa treatments.” Bea grins.


“Come any time. Both of you. I’m going to miss you.” Blue says.


“You’re going to be okay. There is better out there for both of us.” Bea says hugging Blue.


“There better be. Chris can’t be the only one married and fat.” Blue grins.


“Right.” Bea laughs.


The guys get back eventually. Sunny is happy to be home and runs around in mad circles. Andy hasn’t turned the place into a sex den but the possibility is still there when Deke arrives a couple of days later.


“Uh ever since I found out you were divorced I couldn’t get you out of my head.” Deke says sad on Blue’s deck, the other three are out with Sunny.


“It’s good to see you.” Andy says honestly, he always enjoyed spending time with Deke.


“Seems a bit crowded here. I’m teaching here next semester. Blue and Spence said I can have a room at the hotel. It would be good if we could have a beneficial arrangement.” Deke grins.


“Chris, Larry and I move up to the farm next week. Spence and I have sold our place, Robin and Birch have bought it, they will lease the land to someone, probably Tad and Mike. I’m going to work with Larry until somewhere comes up for me here. We’re going to have a weekly market at the hotel, Sundays. So I’ll be around.” Andy says rubbing Deke’s thigh.


“Spence and Wyatt are pretty great together. That must sting.” Deke says.


“It does. It fucking kills. But I accept that he’s set me free. I love him and I would be happy to be with him forever, if I could have a few flings on the side. I can’t be fully monogamous, I was for several years but I cracked when things got rough.” Andy shrugs.


“But you lived the dream for a while, own business, hot husband.” Deke says.


“On a farm which you never wanted.” Andy laughs.


“The city is hard. I mean it was okay in college but tough after. I thought you guys were mad living in each other’s pockets but I was jealous as hell too. I can’t believe I’ve ended up with a bunch of you.” Deke grins.


“And we’ve left the dramaqueens behind. Spence and Wyatt are cool. Chris is totally changed, he and Larry are awesome together. And Blue is still Blue, sweetest guy in the universe, no clue how amazing he is and utterly broken.” Andy says.


“I didn’t really see him at home but mom mentioned he didn’t look well. Said his cooking was still amazing. She managed to somehow snag a tray of brownies and froze them. Amazing.” Deke says.


“Worst thing is, he is a lot better than he was a year ago. He’s gaining weight and can hold a conversation now. And he loves that dog.” Andy grins.


“You two together?” Blue asks as he gets back.


“We’re discussing terms.” Andy grins.


“Well that will stop you trying to jump me all the time.” Blue grins.


“Is it okay if I crash for a few days?” Deke asks.


“There really isn’t the space. I can give you a tent and sleeping bag.” Blue says.


“That sounds great.” Deke grins and Blue smiles back.


“We get our place end of the week. If you help us move you can have a room until the hotel is ready.” Larry says.


“Cool. I’m happy to work the land too. I kind of miss farming. I think it was just my brothers that made it hell.” Deke says.


“Assholes. I love your sister though, she’s awesome.” Larry says.


“She is a spitfire.” Deke grins.


Chris surveys the scene and worries. Having Andy around has been good for Blue, they’ve been having fun. With Deke arriving that makes Blue the odd one out again. Chris knows Blue is a lot better than he was and getting better day by day. But he is alone.


Blue misses Will and Gervais. Andy is great but Blue misses having someone to talk to that doesn’t need filling in on the gaps. Every day he thinks about calling but doesn’t pick up the phone. He isn’t sure Gervais would answer and Will is in the gym long hours. He calls Blue a couple of times a week and Blue makes do with that. He talks to Spence every few days but contact with Robin has fallen away.


Andy and Deke move up to the farm with Larry and Chris and Blue visits often but feels himself detaching.


In mid July the whole group meet up to watch Ocean, Garrett and the others compete at nationals. Spence has bought a big block of seats for everyone.


“Wow I can’t believe so many people from home are here.” Blue says as he takes his seat.


“I’m combining it with college visits for all the high school aged kids, and almost every other kid is here with their family. The gymnasts have been a great source of interest all summer.” Bea says.


“That’s so clever to combine with college tours. You’re expanding their world. I wish I’d had a teacher like you.” Blue grins.


Blue goes to get some drinks and snacks before the competition starts and finds he’s sat next to Gervais when he gets back.


“Ocean doesn’t want you here.” Gervais says without even saying hello.


“I’m here to support Spence and Will.” Blue says quietly.


“Leave. Please just go. This isn’t about Will and Spence, it is about Ocean and him having the best possible environment to do well.” Gervais says.


“Okay.” Blue says a little choked up. He gets up, passes the food and drink to Bea, claims a headache and leaves.


Clara comes in and sits next to Gervais.


“You okay?” She asks.


“I just miss him when everyone is here.” Gervais says.


“Me too.” Clara says. She’s been standing at the back, pretending the empty seat next to Gervais was filled by her son. Making up conversations that he might have had.


“He would have been so proud.” Gervais says.


“Yes he would. Of all of you. Thank you so much for including me.” Clara says. Looking round at the group of friends Blue amassed in his short life. If only she could have stopped him jumping from that roof.




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  1. Im not gonna say too much to this chapter because im confuse as hell with the ending and the comments. i dont want to dig through it. Im just gonna investigate (click the next part) and see what i can find. That ending is very shocking.


      1. i notice that too that is why im staying away from it and i just tried to find if there was a do over. well it’s obv theres gotta be one if theres an ongoing sequel. now im reading it.

        hope everything is okay now 😙😙😙

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    1. Rick I may rewrite the chapter and carry on at some point. I’m going to give the number crunchers a good go for now as I’m finding it more interesting. But I’m thinking it’s a finite series not a long player like Blue.


      1. Ok did I miss something, I’ve read all of the suite saga and now all of the new blue. When did blue kill himself? Or was the end of chapter 70 supossed to be a shocker. Not that I haven’t enjoyed every single chapter, but it just ended like out of nowhere. Besides being heartbroken that it has ended its like having the rug pulled out from under you.😪😪😪😪😪😪😪


  2. Sam

    Thanks for the thousands of yours you have spent weaving this story for us to enjoy.

    I am an engineer and cannot imagine having the skill to paint such amazing scenes, personalities and relationships with words.

    When your stories take a painful turn dies it hurt you also? I think of you and the story charictors in your mind as constant companion. Do you ever feel empty when you end a story?

    I would love to see inside your mind and how you are doing. I hope you are well.

    I do love the plot twists and turns and love you for having the imagination and skill to share with us. Even the jerks that hate your ending



  3. One thing about Blue and his character is that I always felt that Sam may have been a bit Freudian.

    I may be wrong but Blue seemed to choose boyfriends who tried at one time or another tried to control him much like and that was similar to his mother. Freud always said we choose a partner who is like one of our parents. Blue seemed to choose boyfriends that had shades of Clara in their personality.

    I do hope we all stop fighting as Sam hinted he may return to the story so my 🙏 are being said that he does🐾🐶🙏.

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  4. I started this story from Nifty and I wish I would’ve just quit reading at that fucking suicide chapter. Mansambambam you should delete all chapters from Nifty beyond the fucking suicide so you don’t waist there time like you did mine. Fucking pathetic.


      1. Sam: this is one of the best stories ever ending notwithstanding! A shame we fought too much so it ended as it did. I will miss it and mourn its ending and the story ending.

        I will read your work forever !

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                  1. 😘😘😘🍪🍪🍪🍦🍦🍦🐶🐶🐶🍫🍫🍫🧀🧀🧀🍧🍧🍧🍷🍷🍷🍔🍔🍔🍰🍰🍰🍹🍹🍹🍕🍕🍕🌞🌞🌞🌈🌈🌈

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    1. No one forced you to do anything. You chose to read the story. It’s up to the Author which way the story goes. You didn’t like it, to bad. Don’t read his next story. But for me it was many hours of enjoyment. I was shocked by the ending, but I’ll get over it, and will continue to read ALL. Of Sam’s stories. There are thousands of other stories to read on Nifty take your pick. Hopefully those authors won’t disappoint you! Happy reading!

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      1. I read it because it was interesting and I liked it. It was a bitch move on his part to be a drama queen and take the easy way out. If he can’t deal with feedback then he shouldn’t ask for it. Unless your kissing his ass he don’t want to hear it. I won’t suck his dick like all of you. I won’t be back so go ahead and bitch about me all you want but at least I told him the truth.


        1. It’s not the truth, it’s your opinion! So you didn’t like the ending! How many chapters did you read to get to the ending? Probably over 300! So you got a lot of enjoyment out of all off those chapters! Sam doesn’t owe you or anyone else shit! He is doing this for FREE, and his own enjoyment! You must have really been into the story to be this upset at the last chapter. So I think you got something out of it too. But instead of thanking him for the good times that you got out of his stories, you call him names and treat him like SHIT. Grow up! Your acting like CLARA, and we all hated her. If you’re that unhappy about the story find someone else to read and leave ALL of us in peace. ALL of us who are thankful for the free entertainment, and appreciative of his hard work and dedication to the story, are thankful that he does write these stories! I know that I am. Sam is the only author that I’ve been able to chat with back and forth, while he is still writing these stories. He didn’t have to answer feedback but he did because he is nice and considerate. He is invested in this story TOO. Probably to much, and he’s getting crap from you! Not necessary. Just move on and bother other people.

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  5. Wow. I am confused. Blue was talking to Gervais and he told him to go? Was that like a ghost blue? I didn’t see it ending this way.

    What chapter in the original suite saga did he jump so I can re read it to remind myself?

    Thanks for the stories – I’ve enjoyed them and like other people have said, it’s your story no-one else’s so you write how you feel.

    You didn’t see JK Rowling bowing down to the readers of Harry Potter and writing every little thing for them. These people who are supposed to be your friends need to grow up and act like an adult.

    Anyways thanks for the stories, I shall look out for your new stories 🙂

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        1. Thanks but it appears that was the real death and end of story and per Sam the rest was imagined nonsense which confounds me to no end but that is my stuff to deal with.


  6. Loved it!

    Teach that cunt Gervais a lesson!

    I feel like I missed something in the comments section though…

    Enjoy your break babe. Hopefully it will prove fruitful for you, you ol’ fruit!!!

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  7. Okay to everyone I have offended I am sorry. When people say things like calling my friends pathetic I go into lion mode and protect them. I tend to use repulsive language, so any ladies here I apologize, to the gentlemen we’re men and we say downright dreadful shit. I take partial blame for Sam’s predicament. I am laying down my arms and calling a truce, I’m not gonna call anyone anymore names. Mark, Christopher I apologize for my atrocious name calling. And I was serious I would like it if more people read my story😘

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  8. I don’t see anyone else trying to write stories and entertaining all of us. I’m saddened that readers feel the need to Attack an author who gave us so much happiness, sadness, hope, and love. I support you and will If you write more. Don’t loose the writing spirit and know that a majority love what you write!!

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  9. Sam – Thank you for the fun ride. I am looking forward to reading anything else you write. Have a great day and read you soon!!!

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  10. I don’t understand why everyone is hating so hard on Sam. At the end of the day, Sam put in years of work into this story and it gets difficult when authors feel the need to appease their audience. Thank you Sam for your time and dedication. Enjoy the ride and imagine the ending you want.

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  11. Sam I’m going to say this for everyone to read I love the way the story ended. Why because now blue has never met will, never had the chance to be heartbroken again and again. But I love it because you wrote it. Some people who read this story don’t know how hard it is to write a story and cater to the readers. The shit is exhausting. People want to bitch and moan about how you ended your story. That’s just it it is YOUR story. Not Christopher’s, Not Marks, nor is it anyone’s who wants to be a total fucking asshole. Thank you by doing right by killing blue off. He can finally get some leader and hopefully you can too.😘

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  12. Sam, I’ve loved reading your work.
    Been with you through it all.
    I really am gutted with the ending but respect that you feel that’s where the story ends.

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      1. Lol, nothing planned until October… How will I cope until then? At least then it’s only 3 weeks until I go away again in Nov…. Such a chore, all this holidaying… Xxxx

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  13. So I’m sad, but wow, that was a beautiful, if tragic last paragraph. Thanks for sticking it through and sharing all these chapters with us. Sorry that we’ve made you feel like you had to write the story we wanted. I look forward to reading any other stories you write in the future. 🙂 bisous bisous from a big fan!

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  14. Sam not the ending I expected but it was a wonderful story. Not matter what anyone else thought. There’s gonna be hater everywhere don’t take it personally their just bitter.

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  15. Wow, that was unexpected. I’ve enjoyed the ride and can’t wait to read what other stories you come up with. I’m sure people are going to be angry, but remember that you are an amazing writer and have given so much to so many of us. So ignore the negativity and continue writing if that makes you happy. Thanks for all your hard work 😘

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      1. Some people are grateful of what you have shared, some people are angry. These feelings are 2 sides of the same coin. Ignore the haters, and you do you. Any vitriolic comments says more about the them than it does you, so don’t take it personally. You have touched a lot of lives with your writing. You have given countless hours of entertainment, discussion, laughter, and tears. You are an amazing writer, and have helped more of us get through shit times than you know. I personally have had days where your story was the only bright spot. So again, thank you. I hope you keep writing, because right now the world needs the escapism that you provide.

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  16. Loved every word in every chapter, I feel I missed the “dream jump” will have to reread all of blues chapters, haters gonna hate keep up with yur writing very talented and so. etimes you have to kill a character to end a story most of us get it

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  17. He jumped again? I guess the dream jump was a premonition? Interesting how Gervais turned into a seething backstabbing douche after the breakup. It is what it is. Thanks for all the hard work writing what you have done Sammy! I have appreciated the distraction, and I have enjoyed all of your talented writing thus far.
    PS: if readers are calling you bitter and are not wanting to read any of your stuff again (definitely not myself included in that lot) after this ending, then so be it. Don’t beat yourself up or take any of it personally. You are a talented writer and everyone should appreciate the hard work you have put into this ever changing story line. How many moves and re-developments (sequels) did you write for this story line anyways?
    I will continue to read your work Sammy! 😘🤗❤️🤗😘

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      1. I don’t remember when the dream jump happened!! I remember the jump just not when! The story was a storm of emotions but I wouldn’t have it any other way! I enjoyed your work

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                    1. 26 in winter? 18 here in summer. Wanna switch?

                      You always cheer me up, especially when you don’t run away. You give the best cuddles.


                    2. Yes he’s been at camps and things. I got to the donut man in time. Omg they had one just for my marky, passion fruit curd filled. Also gooseberry jam for me. I may have got a few 🤗🤗🤗 I don’t like custard but they do a filled doughnut with jam and custard in. I think you’d like that one too.
                      Builders are digging up the road outside my flat so I’m in coffee place having an iced tea, the radiator is on. Midsummer. What a good day. Getting some inspiration. Shall I do a grown up story next? Thinking of the number crunchers but not sure if I want to continue that one (even though it has the best potential).

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                    3. yummy I crashed early last night how embarassing was even planning to go to grocery shop guess will do that when they open this morning lol

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                    4. Cool. You should go get dinner there. And throw your plate on the floor when it’s crap.
                      Am watching kitchen nightmares USA, will get up after this one. It’s donut man day. Yippppppppe I forgot. I best get there before the lunch rush.

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      2. Sam:

        I hope that you forgive my confusion but you said the dream jump that happened in The Suite Saga was real but the rest was imaginary.

        So were the chapters that followed up to this last one imaginary? If so, then which character(s) were imaging them?

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          1. Well if you don’t know then I give up!

            Did Blue take his own life In the “imagined” dream after G told him
            Ocean didn’t want him at the finals or sometime later? Or you don’t know?

            Suicide for Blue is so painful to me since I thought he was the most life affirming positive person.

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              1. So it’s possible if it’s an imagined dream that Blue is alive or is that nonsense along with the chapters past the suite saga?

                I don’t associate you with wasting time to write “imagines” chapters that are “nonsense ” but you are the author so yours to write as you wish.

                Ah well it is what it is. Having lost loved ones to suicide and nearly lost some who tried it is painful to read.


                  1. end it you did and so my confusion will be mine as if this was all imagined nonsense I don’t think I will ever figure it out. I will find the chapter as it’s not 107 and read it since from what you are saying that is really the end of the story.


                    1. So am I!

                      I have no idea what was real or imagined in this story !

                      From what Sam said but even he was not stating with certainty that Blue committed suicide in chapter 85 and the rest is a dream sequel.

                      I could be wrong in that as well.

                      Ah well.

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                    2. So if it’s all imagined, then why are they at a gymnastics tournament when Ocean would still be a little kid cause the timejump never happened. There would be no reason for Gervais and Clara to be even be there cause Ocean wasnt even doing gymnastics then. And none of Blues friends that it mentions Clara sitting and watching would of ever been in the story to begin with cause it’s all imagined. 😡💩 Fuckit.


    1. I’m taking everything personally, as that is the way it is meant. Have begged Mark to stop commenting when he was pissing people off with his revisionist stuff, but he didn’t give a shit about just how shit he was making me feel, he wanted his right to comment.


      1. Excuse me? What did I ever type that wasn’t true? You just didn’t like it. You wrote it Sam. I was never the only one to feel that way. Man up.

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          1. Because you’re blaming me! That’s not fair. YOU Sam wrote what Gervais did to Blue. No one else. Please name what I wrote that was wrong or take your comment down.


              1. There’s always a choice. You proved that with Bea coming home. I hadn’t said that in a long time.

                Back to my question. What did I say that wasn’t true about what Gervais did? I get that you’re done…but don’t blame it on me.


                1. I’m not blaming you for being done. I’m saying what you said was meant personally. You’ve made that clear. There wasn’t a choice, you still don’t accept it and that changes the whole story. I didn’t say you wrote untrue things about Gervais. I always had a problem with your perception of what Blue did. And you always told me I was wrong and insisted you were right and it drove people away and frustrated me.

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                  1. Sorry…but that’s all on you. I gave my opinion Show me where I said you were wrong. It’s funny that you say I drove people away. You just posted yesterday your views were up. How does that work?


                    1. Mark I’m done. I’ve already told you you’re right. I’m wrong. I’m not trawling all the old comments as I found them upsetting enough at the time. It’s over now.

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                    2. Take down the comment NOW!. You’ve blamed this on me and I don’t deserve the fact that you are in a bad mood and ruined the story to be petty. I have a screenshot. Please confirm when it’s down.


                    3. Yes, in a way, you did Sam. You required moderation of my posts for quite a while – you could’ve denied posting an opinion. Did you do that with others? So much for an open forum where everyone can give there opinion. Oh…only if you agree.


                    4. Yes I did. And I let all your comments through. I’ve never said its an open forum. And I certainly don’t delete shit I don’t agree with. I rarely delete anything.

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                    5. Yes I do blame you I stand by that. Do me a favor read my stories. I would really like to hear your thoughts on them. I am not saying this to be snarly, I am being genuine, I invite everyone to read my stories because I need help with them and the direction they should go. I’m not promising I’m not gonna get upset over the comments but I do take those comments into consideration. If you would like a cameo in the story I’ll put you in there. I think everyone’s problem here is we pulled Sam in eight different directions at once and I’m partly to blame with my fanaticism of Gervais. So please read my story because I’ve been stuck for two months on them.


                    6. Please stop belittling the author of this wonderful story. Your comments don’t matter. Who cares if they are deleted or not. Deal with it. The story is done. “End of story.” “Period.”

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                  2. And yes, you did put this all on me. Please take this down: Have begged Mark to stop commenting when he was pissing people off with his revisionist stuff, but he didn’t give a shit about just how shit he was making me feel, he wanted his right to comment.

                    I said nothing revisionist, just my opinion


              1. Not my way. Sam did this. You’ve always given your opinion Jack. Let’s not start calling names. I keep my opinions of you to myself.

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                1. I will most definitely call names you have always been a cunt. And I would love to hear your opinions of me because unlike you I’m not some spineless little pussy who has to take out his insecurities on those who are actually supportive of Sams work. He worked so hard to try and make everyone happy but he just couldn’t could he because you wouldn’t let him write the story the way he wanted. These are my opinions you are a nasty individual who preys on the weaknesses and insecurities of others. Thank God I have never had the displeasure of meeting someone as repugnant and degrading as you.


        1. Mark, you’re not alone. I feel the same way. Logan does too and there are a number of others.

          Sam, just because Mark laid it out you wrote it and there are many of us that feel this way. I did too. Just because you think everyone should love Gervais and Blue, it didn’t happen.

          You’re not being fair. You’ve done this to screw everyone. Amazing you’re nice to everyone who loves Gervais. Think about that.

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          1. Where do you get off telling him you’re not being fair you ass didn’t start reading this until a couple of months ago you said so yourself.


            1. I’ve read the entire story Jack, Unless you’ve re-read this recently, it’s more recent in my mind. Don’t call me an ass I’m not calling you names.

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              1. Don’t tell me what to do you little troglodyte. Since other people can call others names I damn sure can to. Have you heard of an eidetic memory? Its what happens when a person can remember what they’ve seen or read. Maybe I don’t remember every single detail that you pick out to demean and belittle Sam but I remember every hateful comment against him. You nitpick which parts you like and criticize just to start an argument. So like I told that pompous ass GO FUCK YOURSELF he wrote the story for himself not you!

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          2. You can’t please everyone as an author. Sam, you have provided an opportunity for readers to comment and even potentially change the story with polls and the like. Most authors don’t or won’t do this. You should be applauded for even trying to listen to your readers.

            For the record, I never enjoyed the Blue-Gervais connections, but they were an integral part to the story, and because I love Sam’s writing, I read on.

            If you don’t like the story, write your own story! Sam has put in countless hours of writing for the enjoyment of readers. You can go and read something else any time.

            Mark, Logan et al., if you didn’t like the story, why did you continue to read it?

            Keep doing what you love Sam, whatever it is. 😘🤗❤️🤗😘

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            1. That’s fine barbapple…why is your opinion any more important/relevant that mine, Mark’s or Logan’s? We had our favorites, just like you did.


              1. I never said my opinion is more important/relevant than yours. Don’t put words in my mouth. I did say to stop belittling Sam. I was upset at parts of the story too, but I appreciate the work that is put into writing this amazing piece of literature, and instead of complaining about this and that, I continued to read along, appreciating the ups and downs as integral parts of the story…which made me read on. If I didn’t want to read it, I didn’t have to. No one forced me to read it.

                Please don’t be a troll. You voiced your opinion, leave it at that and move on.

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      2. Okay. If you’re going to take everything personally ….. thank you. You’re awesome and creative and talented. I’ve enjoyed the ride and always had things to say even if I didn’t share them (because I didn’t want to be a big ol bitch or wear flameproof underpants). I’m deeply appreciative of you taking the time to share this story with us.

        Liked by 3 people

      3. Okay, well, take it personally when I say I really love your work, and I will continue to read your work. Your writing has pulled me through some tough times personally, and I really appreciate the hard work you have done and continue to do. If everyone knew the ending was to be a fairy tale ending, then why bother reading it?

        Once the rain stops, be sure to take a walk on the beach and reflect on all of the wonderful work you have done…regardless of what others say. It’s your work. Be proud of it.

        I didn’t start commenting until pretty late into the story. I bet there are many who haven’t commented but would like to acknowledge your work. I think your escapism is brilliant.

        Liked by 2 people

    1. Man you can go fuck yourself you have been nothing but a total fucking asshole. Sam put his heart and soul into this story and you did nothing but shit on it every turn. You won’t read anything else of his good! You are the fucking reason why he has quit so many times! If you can’t Ber a supportive reader then you can take your opinion and shove the crossways ujp you good for nothing ass!

      Liked by 5 people

      1. I see that. Wasn’t expecting that ending at all, but it’s certainly an effective way to kill (pun intended) a lot of the cattiness that has cropped up around here of late. Thank you for keeping me entertained with this saga. 😘

        Liked by 3 people

      2. Wow..I was right! You are mean….I understand, based upon prior comments why you’re who you are. You may write for fun, but people read for fun too. People don’t read gay fiction for hate or death…there’s enough of that that goes on in this world as it is. You deserve all that you have.


        1. Thanks for that. I thought you weren’t going to read any more? The problem was I couldn’t tell the story i wanted to tell. Everyone was impatient for their couple to happen now and forever.


          1. Don’t listen to that. It’s your story. Be proud of your work. Happily ever after doesn’t always happen. And…truth be told, often the best writing (and discussion afterwards) comes from works of literature that don’t have happy fairy tale endings. Not every story has a happy ending. If readers are looking for that, they should go back to reading nursery rhymes and fables and the like.

            Liked by 2 people

        2. Dude. This is a story about HIS characters, not what readers want for them. It’s not written for us to have a happily ever after story.

          Liked by 3 people

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