52 thoughts on “Gym v Diving go watch

        1. Yeah he’s tiny. Lots of gymnasts move into diving as it’s less stress on the body. In Australia Alex Croak did it at the top level. Over here the Galashan twins went from gym to synchro diving.


            1. My whole life. Other people get footy teams pushed on em, for me gymnastics. 1988 I think of as my Olympics, first time I was truely glued through the night.


                    1. since you follow Gym sooo closely why did Andrea Raducan seem to fall into the abys after Sydney I know she hD tge possitive drug test from medication but thought she got cleared of that on appeal?


                    2. She didn’t get cleared no, it was all so controversial as if she’d just had a sports drink after she would have been okay. I think some gymnasts are so tiny, taking an adult dose of cold meds pushes them over the limit. She did do worlds the next year and did okay but had too many injuries after that. Her coaches were (are) total monsters so its no wonder she didn’t last long. Post revolution gymnasts didnt get held in such high regard etc and parents didn’t want their kids abused.


                    3. Romanian yes. China isn’t great either. Romainia the arseholes keep retiring and coming back. But their program is a total mess, utterly depleted now.


                    4. I think Marie Olaru was the only romanian gymnast from Sydney who was in Athens which I was shocked about at the time as their Sydney squad was young


                    5. I was hating the Romanian team in Sydney as I wanted Russians to win hey I was young and with no Aussies to follow I wanted the team with best routines to win haha…… I am like that in Olympics where I have my fav athletes so not always patriotic ie in Diving I go for Tommy Babe 😍😍😍😍

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                    6. My sis and I were singing Jerusalem for all the England golds at the gymnastics, surrounded by Scots glaring at us. But we joined in Flower of Scotland too as they were all GB gymnasts. At the athletics it was fine and loads more sang for the English.


                    7. Yeah. There’s more variety now. But most are little. Simone Biles is teeeeeeny tiny. Ellie Downie is quite the giant next to most gymnasts but in real life is still pretty small.


                    8. Her coach moved to Florida. She’s done dancing with the stars and loads of media stuff and lots of holidays with her family. I expect she’ll comeback next year if she decides to go for it again.


                    9. Both got medals in 2015 worlds but not at Olympics. I think our men can get back in the medals next year. The Aussie women finally have a new head coach so I’m interested how theyll Do next. I’ve sat next to your Preshanth at meets before (he’s studying over here) and he is beyond tiny. Like toddler tiny.


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