The number crunchers 4

Things are tense at home between Horace and Freddie for the rest of the week. Freddie moves into the other bedroom. They still travel in to work together and get on fine when working and at lunch.

Horace is stressed. He’s booked a hotel, dinners, tables in clubs and is just hoping he can get away with being too drunk and tired to perform when Arabella arrives. He knows it won’t fly. That she’ll reject his plans and want to spend time together alone.

“I’ve a table at Omnia tomorrow. Do you all want to come?” Horace asks at lunch on Thursday.

“Sure, loved to.” Merry one of the other team members says.

“Didn’t think that was your scene. Won’t say no.” Robbie another team member says.

“Yeah sounds good.” Freddie says not wanting to be left out but not wanting to be there.

“My wife arrives this evening. I thought it would be entertaining to try the mega club experience.” Horace says.

“Lets go to Nobu before.” Merry says.

“Nobu in the dessert? Isn’t that risky?” Freddie asks, he hates sushi.

“Lets eat here then go for drinks. Are you getting a room? Can we pre game there?” Robbie asks, always keen to save a few bucks.

“Drinks at ours first sounds perfect. I’ll run it by Arabella tonight. Maybe get some in room catering” Horace says.

“We can bring pizza and beer.” Robbie says.

“That would not go down well with my wife.” Horace laughs.

“Awesome. Send the deets to the group chat.” Merry says not taking her eyes off Freddie the whole time.

Freddie smiles at her, she’s cute. He wouldn’t do anything but it is nice to have someone to flirt with tonight.

“You have some girlfriends you can bring?” Freddie asks.

“Yeah, yeah sure.” Merry stutters.

“I have to go to the airport soon do you want me to drop you home?” Horace asks later that afternoon.

“Yes please. Ugh I really need to learn to drive. I’ll work from home tomorrow. I take it you’ll be off all day.” Freddie says.

“Yes, we have put in good hours and Archie is pleased with our progress.” Horace says.

“Yes. Of course.” Freddie says.

“I am sorry about this weekend. It is not what I want. Not now.” Horace says.

“You can’t tell her when she arrives. But telling her after a weekend together would be worse.” Freddie says.

“Quite. I have great affection for her and cannot bear tp hurt her. I hope that maybe she will find someone else when we are apart.” Horace says.

“That is just fantasy talk.” Freddie says.

“I know. Oh Freddie I adore you and only want to be with you.” Horace says.

“I can wait.” Freddie whispers and kisses Horace long and hard before leaving the car.

Horace watches Freddie until he’s inside and bangs the steering wheel hard. Why has life done this to him? How can he let Arabella down gently?

Horace knows he will not be telling Arabella this visit. He knows he is being selfish but he cannot have her going home and telling her side with him unable to give his. He cannot have his family find out from her.

He takes a few deep breaths and heads to the airport.

“OMG this suite is amazing.” Merry says as the group arrive. Arabella is more than happy to host before the club, excited to play corporate wife for the evening.

“It’s bigger than our apartment.” Freddie says, he knows it isn’t cool but he can’t help but be impressed.

“It’s not my style but the view is amazing.” Arabella says coming out looking beautiful.

“Arabella? I’m Freddie, I was at school a year ahead of your brother Garth.” Freddie says.

“Of course, Freddie. You dated my good friend Millie before callously dropping her before Cambridge.” Arabella says with a small laugh, making it clear she holds no grudge.

Horace remembers his manners and introduces the others and showing them round properly.

“This place is huge and has 2 bedrooms, we should all crash here.” Robbie says.

“Totally, girls in one room, boys in the other.” Merry says with a grin.

“Golly that would be fun. Can you give us one moment?” Horace says formally, leading Arabella by the elbow to their bedroom. He has seen an out and is taking it.

“Darling I know you have plans for us but a girlie sleepover is exactly what I need. All my friends are working away and being boring. The spa here is amazing too. Would it offend you dreadfully if I suggested a pamper day tomorrow?” Arabella asks shocking Horace.

“That would be wonderful. It will make things so much smoother if you have girlfriends here.” Horace says.

“Yes. I dreaded coming here. Not seeing you my darling but it is such an alien place and we have no people here.” Arabella says.

“Lets go tell them.” Horace says kissing Arabella’s forehead.

“Why don’t you go and get your night things, the food isn’t due yet and I will book treatments for tomorrow.” Arabella says.

“We’ll bring the sugar and more booze.” Merry says her friends agreeing.

The lads and Arabella make smalltalk and have a few drinks. The food arrives almost at the same time as the girls get back.

The group get along well, the hotel catering is excellent and Horace looks to actually being enjoying a social situation.

“Your breeding really does make you a great host. Even if you are terrified inside.” Freddie whispers to Horace when they get a moment alone.

“My wife adores gatherings like this. I adore seeing her happy.” Horace says without thinking. Freddie flinches and moves away.

Freddie knows Horace is going along with this to avoid sex with Arabella and that makes him feel good. But it is so hard to be around them together. He hates feeling like a dirty little secret. He has enough secrets of his own.

Freddie has a word with himself and fakes a good mood. The group heads to the club in a fun mood and are soon whisked past the line to their table. Horace blinks twice at the bottle prices, it isn’t that he can’t afford it, but he’s surprised the markup is even more than in London clubs. Not that he frequents them often.

Still Arabella seems happy and Freddie is having a good time.

Horace feels a stab of jealousy as he watches Freddie dancing with Merry and her friends. He looks amazing. Horace looks away, he just can’t look at Freddie for too long without being seriously aroused.

“Darling this is wonderful.” Arabella grins climbing on to Horace’s lap and taking a drink.

“You my dearest are drunk.” Horace smiles indulgently.

“I am. Jet lag.” Arabella laughs.

Freddie looks across the dancefloor to the table and his stomach drops. They are the perfect couple from a perfect world that Freddie can never be a part of.

He leaves the dancefloor and heads to find a bathroom to have a breather. He shuts himself in a stall and tries to gather himself together. He knew Horace was married. He knew Horace was from that other world. But however hard he tried to protect himself he dove in and is now hurting so much.

When Freddie heads back out Arabella is dancing with the girls and Horace is trying fend off women flattering him to try and get drinks and a seat at the table.

“Get away he’s married.” Freddie says sitting back down. The girls pout and complain but Freddie just insults them again and they get the message to try elsewhere.

“I say, thanks so much. I had no idea what to do. Usually I have some love rat friends with me who deal with all that.” Horace says.

“Usually you are no where near a club.” Freddie laughs.

“Well yes. You are quite the dancer.” Horace says.

“I love it. Look I’m not feeling great, I might go.” Freddie says.

“No, please, no.” Horace says grabbing Freddie’s hand.

“It is too hard. You are clearly in love with your wife. I wasn’t quite prepared for the way you look at each other. I thought you’d be like best friends, not newlyweds.” Freddie says feeling desperately awful.

“We are more like best friends. I have loved her forever, but it is nothing like I feel for you. All I want is you. I ache for you. This week has been devastating without you in my arms.” Horace says.

“I can’t do this. I am going to be so hurt. So exposed. You might think the risk is all yours but if I am found to be the homewrecker. Well your sort stick together and I’ll be lucky to get a job in McDonalds.” Freddie hisses.

“I will make sure you are okay. No one will know. I promise. Once the divorce is through and the air is clear we’ll be together openly.” Horace says, hoping he can keep Freddie forever.

“You don’t know that.” Freddie says.

“Please don’t go.” Horace says as the others return to refresh their drinks and take a rest.

Freddie stays but avoid Horace for the rest of the night and heads further away to drink, dance and forget. He tries to find someone to fuck but no one can hold his attention. Horace is a fine wine and all around him is cheap beer.

The group pile into cabs for the short ride back to the Mandarin. Traffic is busy despite the late hour. Freddie forgets his troubles and marvels at the lights of the strip around him. It really is one crazy place.

Back in the hotel room the whole group lounges in the living area dissecting the night until Arabella announces it is time for the girls to get their beauty sleep as they have spa treatments later. The guys are all pretty wasted and soon start bagging the best places to sleep. Until Horace and Freddie are the only ones still awake.

“I’m afraid it looks like the floor for us.” Horace says.

“Call down and see if there is another room.” Freddie says.

“Freddie! We can’t.” Horace says.

“I want you now.” Freddie says kissing Horace.

Horace can’t help but kiss Freddie back, the danger of one of the guys waking or one of the girls coming through makes it super intense.

“Through here.” Horace says pulling away.

“What?” Freddie asks.

“There is a massage room. It’s soundproof.” Horace says pushing Freddie inside and locking the door.

“I didn’t see this when you showed us round.” Freddie says.

“Just kiss me.” Horace groans. They try kissing on the massage table but it is too precarious so they sink to the floor.

Not wanting to test the soundproof system they fuck hard biting their lips to keep quiet. Horace slams into Freddie doggy style, needing to show Freddie just how turned on he is. Freddie lifts his fist to his mouth to stop himself from crying out. Sex with Horace is off the charts. They already know each other’s bodies so well. Horace’s dick feels amazing filling Freddie perfectly and sending him to heaven.

“I am going to breed your fucking arse, right now.” Horace says in his cut glass accent.

“I love it when you talk dirty. Sounds so wrong. So fucking wrong.” Freddie says, close.

“Feels fucking right to me.” Horace says and fills Freddie with so much thick cum he can’t quite believe it.

“Wow. Wow.” Freddie breathes as his own load escapes.

“My beautiful boy. So beautiful.” Horace says propping himself up on his elbow and running his fingers over Freddie.

“Shit we need to clean this cum off the floor.” Freddie says unromantically.

“I’ll get a wash cloth.” Horace says.

“I’ll do it. I need to clean you from my arse.” Freddie says grinning. He grabs a robe and goes to clean himself.

Freddie catches sight of himself in the bathroom mirror and instantly loses his afterglow. What the fuck is he doing?

He cleans up best he can. Horace has passed out on the floor. Freddie cleans it the best he can. Gets dressed and leaves to get a cab home. He just can’t face Arabella in the morning.







36 thoughts on “The number crunchers 4

  1. These past 4 chapters have by far been your best work Sam(in my opinion).

    Having the story driven by just the conversations of the two main blokes brings an intimacy that really shines.

    I don’t want this to sound bad, but at times it felt like you had such a burden when writing Blue, having to nurse so many characters at once.

    Having just these two sharing the spotlight, makes the tension and anxiety of a new relationship feel real… And I totally went to boner town reading the past two chapters.

    I’m adoring the guilt you’ve included too, underlying their joy. Such an under-rated emotion. (I felt it once in the 90’s, I think)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Also, I’m totally reading it in my mind with a posh British accent lol.

      And for some reason, they’re not in Vegas in my mind, theyre in the setting of Love Actually. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

      1. lol they’ll go back to London at some point. I’m actually having some 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 battles in my head, lift or elevator, car park or parking lot. Generally going English as they are English.

        And they have uber posh accents.

        Liked by 1 person

            1. Haha fannypack. Do you call them Bumbags? I’m pretty sure fanny is vagina here. I’m not sure if it’s the entire vagina, or just a portion of the vagina…

              Maybe the penis part of the vagina… What? So I failed biology. Bite me. 😛

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Yeah bumbag. When I was a kid boys had Willys and girls had fannies. These days apparently fanny is too rude.
                When I first heard fannypack I really thought it was a security purse they stuck up there.

                Liked by 1 person

                1. Bahahaha! Booby trapped behind the vaginas teeth.

                  When I was a boy, I used to giggle during the start up to The Nanny every day. “She was out on her Fanny… She had flair, she had hair..”

                  Liked by 1 person

    2. Thanks babe. I will add a few people but they’ll be sounding boards and complications not driving the story.
      The suite saga was ambitious trying to give full stories to 5 characters and not being able to leave anyone behind.

      This one will just be the story of Freddie and Horace.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I am. It’s tough too to remember it isn’t all hearts and fireworks, there is going to be a scorned wife and family drama or a broken hearted Freddie. And I adore Freddie.


  2. freddie and Horace needs to suggest a three way to Arabella, that’ll scare her off. but then again, she might like. either way, it opens the door to the truth.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes with baby steps. I did wonder if she and the girls were experimenting behind closed doors. Maybe she wants to get knocked up before switching teams….


  3. Sam another great chapter. Poor Horace ( or as he is called four times Hector😜) he’s in a horrible position. Why doesn’t he just tell the girl he’s impotent. Then he won’t have to have a baby with her! Freddie is in a bad position but its not as bad as Horace

    Liked by 1 person

          1. I know usually I’m anti cheat but its as marriage of convenience situation to me. He loves her as a friend not romantically. He’s stuck between a rock hardon and a hard place

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Have you seen Grace & Frankie?

              It’s so weird how people are less pissed off when a married person cheats for gay/lesbian reasons. Lol. It’s like you can’t be angry at them, because they’ve been hiding this huge secret.

              Jane Fonda has an amazing scene yelling at Martin Sheen after he comes out. She says something like, “It would have been so much easier if you just died. At least I could own what I’m feeling then…”

              Liked by 2 people

              1. I watched the first season not the second yet.

                Yeah love all their fall out. I’ve a couple of girlfriends it has happened to and the out person gets all the support and it’s so hard for the left behind spouse. Especially with Grace and Frankie where they’ve had their families etc with gay men and not had the chance to do that with a straight guy.
                To be fair I also know some women who were straight to get the babies and then turned quite callously.


                1. Ive only known two blokes who came out later in life after being married, and they both got all the support too.

                  One of the wives still swoons for ex husband, but he is a complete cock hound, and cheated on her for years. Breaks my heart, seeing her still in love so much, and he walks all over her and the kids. (But in saying that, he is too good a cook to not wanna be around, and he is the perfect person to invite to a dinner party when you’re a person short. Really well connected. So I’m staying mates with him. 😛 he makes the most amazing egg salad and chicken/mayo sandwiches. So simple, but so fucking good. Mine never taste that good!!! )

                  Liked by 1 person

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