Ocean Blue 70 revised

“Are you stalking Will now?” Blue asks as he sees Ocean on the shore.


“I just came out for some air. You two are such fucking liars.” Ocean shouts.


“Gervais and I broke up because of me. Just me. I have too much baggage, too many hang ups, need too much work to be the boyfriend Gervais deserves. I was holding him back. I asked for a break to get myself together, so I could be better for him but he didn’t want that. I tried my very best but it wasn’t enough. I’m not good enough for Will either. He doesn’t want me and a hug at lunch is the most I’ll ever get from him. You’ve no fight with Will, he’s just looking out for me. If that is too much for you then I’ll leave tomorrow. It won’t make any difference to me and Gervais, we’re over for good, that was his choice.” Blue says.


“You can try again.” Ocean says.


“I can’t live at the farm, I just can’t. Gervais doesn’t want to live at my place by the lake. Someone would lose and resent the other. This way is better, cleaner, he can find someone who is everything he needs, who loves him more than enough.” Blue says, tears streaming down his face at the realisation of the life ahead without Gervais or Will. A life alone.


“You’re just a coward.” Ocean shouts and leaves.


Will shakes his head and wraps Blue up in a blanket and tries to calm him.


“I have to leave. I’ll had back tomorrow.” Blue says.


“You don’t have to. But it might make things easier. You don’t need this level of stress. I never thought Ocean would turn on you. Man if he had any idea of the stunts Gervais has pulled, he’d never be on his side.” Will says.


“Yes he would. Gervais gave him a home and stability.” Blue says.


“You created the home for both of them. Give yourself some damn credit.” Will says.


Blue’s sobs subside and he dresses and heads home.



“What are you doing here?” Spence asks Ocean the next morning in the gym.


“What?” Ocean asks confused.


“I’ve not had an apology, Will hasn’t had an apology. You might wish yesterday had never happened but it did. So man up or go home.” Spence says.


“I’m sorry for being a dick yesterday and I’m sorry for being unsafe.” Ocean mumbles looking vaguely from Spence to Will.


“Just don’t do it again. Goes for all of you, respect and safety come first in the gym just like any other.” Will says and all the guys nod.


“We’re coming too bro. We’ll take two cars but we’ll stop loads together.” Chris says bounding in to the house during breakfast.

“Because we have great news.” Larry says nudging Chris.


“I’m in. I get to be a vet, or try to.” Chris says the pride brimming out of him.


“Congratulations. Oh I am so proud of you, look how far you have come. Are you sure you can’t all stay and celebrate?” Clara asks.


“I need to get back, I want to study and be super ready to go when I get there. Sorry momma, lets make this a celebratory breakfast.” Chris says.


“I’ll call Bea. Congrats little bro.” Blue says squeezing the life out of Chris.


The family are soon tucking in to pancakes and eggs, with Sunny trying to move from person to person for his portion.


“Take care of yourself. I’ll visit as soon as Chris and Larry are settled.” Clara says when it comes to leaving time.


“Me too, though I want to stay at the hotel and get all the spa treatments.” Bea grins.


“Come any time. Both of you. I’m going to miss you.” Blue says.


“You’re going to be okay. There is better out there for both of us.” Bea says hugging Blue.


“There better be. Chris can’t be the only one married and fat.” Blue grins.


“Right.” Bea laughs.


The guys get back eventually. Sunny is happy to be home and runs around in mad circles. Andy hasn’t turned the place into a sex den but the possibility is still there when Deke arrives a couple of days later.


“Uh ever since I found out you were divorced I couldn’t get you out of my head.” Deke says sad on Blue’s deck, the other three are out with Sunny.


“It’s good to see you.” Andy says honestly, he always enjoyed spending time with Deke.


“Seems a bit crowded here. I’m teaching here next semester. Blue and Spence said I can have a room at the hotel. It would be good if we could have a beneficial arrangement.” Deke grins.


“Chris, Larry and I move up to the farm next week. Spence and I have sold our place, Robin and Birch have bought it, they will lease the land to someone, probably Tad and Mike. I’m going to work with Larry until somewhere comes up for me here. We’re going to have a weekly market at the hotel, Sundays. So I’ll be around.” Andy says rubbing Deke’s thigh.


“Spence and Wyatt are pretty great together. That must sting.” Deke says.


“It does. It fucking kills. But I accept that he’s set me free. I love him and I would be happy to be with him forever, if I could have a few flings on the side. I can’t be fully monogamous, I was for several years but I cracked when things got rough.” Andy shrugs.


“But you lived the dream for a while, own business, hot husband.” Deke says.


“On a farm which you never wanted.” Andy laughs.


“The city is hard. I mean it was okay in college but tough after. I thought you guys were mad living in each other’s pockets but I was jealous as hell too. I can’t believe I’ve ended up with a bunch of you.” Deke grins.


“And we’ve left the dramaqueens behind. Spence and Wyatt are cool. Chris is totally changed, he and Larry are awesome together. And Blue is still Blue, sweetest guy in the universe, no clue how amazing he is and utterly broken.” Andy says.


“I didn’t really see him at home but mom mentioned he didn’t look well. Said his cooking was still amazing. She managed to somehow snag a tray of brownies and froze them. Amazing.” Deke says.


“Worst thing is, he is a lot better than he was a year ago. He’s gaining weight and can hold a conversation now. And he loves that dog.” Andy grins.


“You two together?” Blue asks as he gets back.


“We’re discussing terms.” Andy grins.


“Well that will stop you trying to jump me all the time.” Blue grins.


“Is it okay if I crash for a few days?” Deke asks.


“There really isn’t the space. I can give you a tent and sleeping bag.” Blue says.


“That sounds great.” Deke grins and Blue smiles back.


“We get our place end of the week. If you help us move you can have a room until the hotel is ready.” Larry says.


“Cool. I’m happy to work the land too. I kind of miss farming. I think it was just my brothers that made it hell.” Deke says.


“Assholes. I love your sister though, she’s awesome.” Larry says.


“She is a spitfire.” Deke grins.


Chris surveys the scene and worries. Having Andy around has been good for Blue, they’ve been having fun. With Deke arriving that makes Blue the odd one out again. Chris knows Blue is a lot better than he was and getting better day by day. But he is alone.


Blue misses Will and Gervais. Andy is great but Blue misses having someone to talk to that doesn’t need filling in on the gaps. Every day he thinks about calling but doesn’t pick up the phone. He isn’t sure Gervais would answer and Will is in the gym long hours. He calls Blue a couple of times a week and Blue makes do with that. He talks to Spence every few days but contact with Robin has fallen away.


Andy and Deke move up to the farm with Larry and Chris and Blue visits often but feels himself detaching.


In mid July the whole group meet up to watch Ocean, Garrett and the others compete at nationals. Spence has bought a big block of seats for everyone.


“Wow I can’t believe so many people from home are here.” Blue says as he takes his seat.


“I’m combining it with college visits for all the high school aged kids, and almost every other kid is here with their family. The gymnasts have been a great source of interest all summer.” Bea says.


“That’s so clever to combine with college tours. You’re expanding their world. I wish I’d had a teacher like you.” Blue grins.


Blue goes to get some drinks and snacks before the competition starts and finds he’s sat next to Gervais when he gets back.


“Ocean doesn’t want you here.” Gervais says without even saying hello.


“I’m here to support Spence and Will.” Blue says quietly.


“Leave. Please just go. This isn’t about Will and Spence, it is about Ocean and him having the best possible environment to do well.” Gervais says.


“Okay.” Blue says a little choked up. He gets up, passes the food and drink to Bea, claims a headache and starts to leave.


“Where are you going?” Cheryl asks as he passes her seat.


“I don’t want to distract Ocean or take focus away from him.” Blue says and continues along his way before Cheryl can reply.


“Why did you send Blue away?” Cheryl asks Gervais.


“Gervais and Blue are not talking. Him being here is a distraction.” Gervais says.


“What happened to your empathy, to your humanity? You turned Ocean away from me and you’ve done the same with Blue. You are a wicked influence on him and I wish we had never met you.” Cheryl says and heads back to her seat.


“Did you finally let him have it?” Marsha asks.


“Not nearly enough. Telling Blue he isn’t welcome pains me. It just isn’t right.” Cheryl says.


“I’ll see if I can catch him. You don’t want to miss anything.” Marsha says and gets up.


There is no sign of Blue. Marsha hasn’t got his number and shakes her head and goes back inside. She’s worried about Ocean and Cheryl’s relationship, even more since the kidnapping. While they initially reconnected Ocean has been more and more distant since.


“Sorry my love, I didn’t catch him.” Marsha says.

“I hate to see Ocean with so much hate. I raised him to forgive and to be open. He was always so open to people.” Cheryl sighs.


“He will be again, he just has some rebelling and some growing up to do.” Marsha says.


“I know. I just wish I knew he’d get through it.” Cheryl says.


“We should move closer, not close enough to crowd him but close enough that we can have family dinner now and then. Let him know how much we care.” Marsha says.


“You’re right.” Cheryl sighs and they fall silent as the meet begins.


Blue streams the meet in his hotel room. At the end of day one Ocean is in fourth and Garrett is in third. Both are looking good, have come top two on a couple of events and haven’t had any major falls.


He messages Will and Spence congratulations and then drinks the minibar dry and passes out on his bed.


Blue wakes dry mouthed, head pounding to his mom calling, she is dog sitting at his place.


“Is Sunny okay?” Blue asks.


“He’s missing you. Are you okay, you look dreadful.” Clara says.


“Drank too much last night.” Blue says.


“Well it has been a while since you saw all your friends. Be careful. I just wanted you to know all was well here.” Clara says.


“Thanks mom.” Blue says not letting on that he hasn’t spent any time with his friends.


He calls for room service, showers and eats and naps some more.


The day is a total write off. Blue has another drink once the mini bar is replenished. He messages Chris and Bea to say he’s sick but fine and not to worry, and hopes that Clara doesn’t check their stories. Blue isn’t in the mood to socialise. He doesn’t want to think about anything.


Gervais has more than slammed the door shut on them. Will doesn’t want him either and while Andy is trying to get Blue back out there, he just doesn’t want to be there.


He drinks again and sleeps late. Not even trying to get to the second day of the meet he orders more room service and streams again. Ocean has a better second day as all around him fall. He pushes up to second overall and Garrett clings on to third.


Blue is so engrossed in the sport he forgets that he has been exiled again and cheers away at the screen as if he were in the stands.


Then the squad for world trials is announced and Garrett makes it but Ocean doesn’t. Blue sees the anguish on his face and Will and Spence. He gets dressed and runs down there. He can’t not be there for Ocean, wanted or not.

He gets to the exit at the same time as Ocean, while other medals are still being awarded.


“Want to get dinner?” Blue asks.


“You look like shit.” Ocean says.


“So do you. Come on if we run we’ll be ahead of the crowd.” Blue says motioning the restaurants across the street.


“Thanks Blue. I just can’t face anyone’s disappointment.” Ocean says.


“You are second in the country and I guarantee everyone is proud as hell of you.” Blue says.


“Okay, I can’t face the sympathy.” Ocean says.


“That I can understand. Look there’s a seafood place. I bet you want to pig out.” Blue says.


“Sounds perfect. I can have a mountain of fries and bread and all the desserts tonight.” Ocean grins.


The pair get one of the last tables and order most the menu. After Ocean slows down his eating Blue looks at him worried.


“It’ll be hard to support Garrett through the next stage. I know he wanted it and you said you didn’t but you secretly wanted it.” Blue says.


“This summer I wanted it. I worked my ass off. I swallowed my pride over Will and got my head down and worked. Garrett worked just as hard. I don’t feel like he doesn’t deserve it, I mean he beat me on night one and I beat him tonight. And logically I get it. Two Olympians are coming back from injury and we have the same strengths, if they are both at trials I’d likely not have made the team. But dammit I deserved a shot.” Ocean says.


A woman at the next table, clearly listening in approaches.


“I work for an online gymnastics magazine. Would you like to comment on what happened? The rules were changed recently so no one was guaranteed a spot at trials. Do you think that was to keep you out?” The woman asks.


“I was top 2 on 3 events and top 5 on the other 3. I didn’t have a weak event but I didn’t win anything either, I guess none of my scores are medal worthy. I don’t think I am that big a deal that the rules would be changed for me.” Ocean says.


“So what do you think it was? Even if you didn’t make the team you’d be a perfect alternate.” The girls asks.


“Maybe I am too gay. I am gay, my mom is gay and her wife is gay and my boyfriend is gay, but he made trials and my guardian is gay and my big brothers are all gay. I think I am just too gay. My world is too gay.” Ocean says joking. He and Blue laugh and laugh together, just as they used to over farts and banana poo.


“I have missed you. I missed you so much.” Blue says once the women has gone.


“Why weren’t you in the stands? Everyone was there.” Ocean asks.


“Gervais said you didn’t want me there. Which was probably true, given how mad you’ve been at me. But he didn’t want me there and I didn’t want to spoil his time supporting you. Though of course I now am, whisking you away.” Blue says.


“Saving me. You watched and your first thought was for me, you needed to know I was okay. You haven’t even checked your phone. Or called Will or Spence. I appreciate that. I really do. I am sorry for being such a dick this summer. I love happy endings and I want one so much for Gervais and I can’t see him having one without you.” Ocean says.


“I couldn’t stay with him for you. We were about to make each other thoroughly miserable. If he had been up for a break and starting over then we might have had a chance. But the more space I have the more I know I wasn’t good enough for him. After living a shell of a life I just don’t have that much compromise in me.” Blue says.


“I get that. I know it was just a few days for me and I had to focus on survival but I did empathise with how lonely you had been and how your agency was taken away. I thought about you a lot.” Ocean says.


“Feels like your choices were taken away tonight too.” Blue says.


“Yeah it was such a boot to the stomach. Not the first time though and I have let the anger go already. I have spent way too long being angry this summer.” Ocean says.


“You’re not the kid I left behind. You have choices tonight. Dessert.” Blue grins.


“All of them. Can I stay in your room tonight? I cannot face sharing with Garrett tonight.” Ocean says.


“Sure I have a suite. You best message Garrett though, and Spence and Will so they don’t worry.” Blue says.


“And my mom.” Ocean says and gets texting.

137 thoughts on “Ocean Blue 70 revised

  1. oh thank god that it is like a final destination theme. the main character will die but eventually it is just a premonition and he got to save some of the people. (but as the movie goes, all the survivors die too. hope you wont turn it like that; ie jesse, abbie, ella, nick, liberty, triplets cousins)

    sad about o losing but i guess KARMA is a BITCH (cue Riverdale scene). well b and him got to talk so thats a plus.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I just realize something. I know O royalty is to G more. But i can see that G is being selfish and a cunt in controlling B in saying to not be there. Bitch. He is there to support O even though he know you and O doesnt want him there. Atleast he is civil enough to show support even though he is not welcome there.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You should finish every new chapter with Blue dying in a new and inventive way.

    Like Final Destination, but with Blue.

    As Blue and Ocean reach the hotel, they have the misfortune of entering at the exact moment that a rat gnaws through the last vestiges of the bolts keeping the 700ilb antique Tiffany ceiling fan suspended to the roof. In a fate sealed by Newton’s discovery in 1687, the gravity burdened sculpted tool of regurtative air plumits at a speed approaching it’s terminal velocity, in large parts thanks to the 4 story voided height ceiling.

    The scene is a bloodbath.

    Ocean, only having lost his legs from the spinning blades of death, is slowly loosing conciousness as he bleeds out, but is covered in the gore, giblets and offal of Blue’s newly eviscerated body.

    Looking across, his left leg is resting against what he can only assume as the remnants of the c5 -c14 of his spinal cord with a few ribs attached.

    He is struck that the skin and organs had mostly been stripped from the bone, but such was the reaction from the speed of the blades. Blue’s skin was leathery enough after years of exposure to the elements, that the human carapace was filleted from his body like a magician pulling a table cloth from a fully set dining table.

    Oceans final thoughts, are that he wishes it were Gervais who died…

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          1. Then leave that, and keep going with the number Crunchers!!! Xoxo

            I started another series that I put on nifty, and got a bunch of comments from some real cunty people that turned me off it.

            I’m writing a thing at the moment, but there’s barely any sex in, so it’s not really conducive to uploading lol

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            1. Suite saga had no sex for ages. I’m stuck writing number crunchers. Still 500 words or so and I can chuck it up.

              I get awesome spam on here. But nifty comments can be hit and miss.

              Liked by 1 person

                    1. Bahahaha. The thirst is real. Jump on Grindr. You can order in easily enough. Guaranteed delivery within the hour.

                      The boys all looked pretty ordinary when I was a boy. I remember when we just refered to them as “that guy on neighbours/home and away”

                      Chris though… Have you seen the new Ghost busters? I want to milk him while wearing a gingham shirt and bluntstone boots.

                      Liked by 1 person

        1. Something tells me you’ve seen every Hellraiser movie. They seem like the right amount of gore for you. I’m excited for the new IT. Bill Skaarsgård is gonna be awesome. I’m mad at him pennywise is my dream role, and this punk is one day younger than me


          1. Lol, would you like a balloon?

            Pinhead is fucking rad! Ive got them all.

            I’ve messaged Clive Barker a bunch of times begging to pose for his photos. I’d fly around the world to do that in a heart beat, and pay too. Check out his Tumblr if you get a chance.

            I’d marry, fuck, and kill him in a heartbeat.


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  3. With how Chapter 70 ended previously, I had mixed emotions. I fully support the autonomy of you as an author, since its your work but I couldn’t quite grasp how these characters we watched mature through the storyline become so twisted, especially Ocean. Tonight when I decided to visit the site i was expecting to see Number Crunchers 4 again, but to see this revised version gave me piece of mind. Thank you for the revision, I feel like this is an ending I could deal with.

    Liked by 1 person

          1. I liked chapter but felt sad as it ended depressing not just Blue death at the hotel but realization Clara after all this time could not move on.

            Love the sexy cheating nerds story also 😘😘😘😘😘

            Liked by 1 person

                1. loved it as Ocean is fixed and seems to be slowly forgiving Blue. Maybe a 50/50 split between farmboys and nerds so you don’t get tooo drained could help keep you fresh 😘😘😘😘😘😘

                  Liked by 1 person

                    1. I’m frantically googling……Iced vovo with marshmallow on? Monte carlo is like fox crunch cream I think which I love. Malt sticks look like chocolate fingers yummy. You get all the biccies and all the sugar.


  4. You do you boo, I will always be here checking to see if there are chapters, even if no more chapters come lol. Because it’s your story, you end it how and when you want. And I will be fan either way!

    Liked by 3 people

  5. Now that gives me hope there might be future chapters❤️

    A much better chapter 70 by far and more logical!

    Plus I am all about Blue and Sam has properly shown that Blue as he is now has turned the page and G or Will and Blue need to go on their own for love- they will interact but not in competition for Blue!

    This chapter gives me hope that Blue stays close to Chris and Bea and Larry and Spence and Andy and dare I say even Clara! I still pray for a hunky vet for Blue who is a healthy healing Mother Earth type which is how I see Blue ❤️.

    Now we all need to give Sam a rest as he does come back to Blue when he is inspired so leave him be!🙏

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Hm. I was probably one of the very few that was okay with the original version …. shocked but okay. That said, I do like this edit. I like that it starts to redeem Ocean with him admitting that he was an ass regarding Gervais. I also like that the edit didn’t redeem either Gervais or Will. They’re both stinky banana heads.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. I aint turn on him. lol I’ve not said anything. I personally see why he said what he said. I ain’t sayin he was right or wrong. I understand the situation. 😁

      Liked by 1 person

            1. Yup no foursome for you lol. No gentlemen allowed. Only the down right dirtiest, naughtiest, make ya momma blush men are allow. We’ll tell u all about it when it’s over 😜

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              1. Hey that’s not fair I’ll have you know I’m not much of a gentleman. And I can be downright naughty. I’m just glad I was outside yesterday with my hookup, I can get loud.

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  7. Oh Sam! I fucking love you so much right now!!!
    Ok, perhaps I’ve had a few Gins tonight but seriously….. I’m so happy to have Blue back, I have tears in my eyes. Thank you xxx ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Me too! Love my and our Blue❤️❤️❤️❤️🐶🐶🐶❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      Sunny is happy too and sweet to see Ocean redeemed😁❤️👌

      I look forward to future Blue love of his hunky of an angel vet🙏❤️🐾🐶🐾🐾🐶🐶🐾🐾🐾❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  8. MUCHO BURRITO!!! translation: much better.

    blue needed so much to reconcile with ocean. I think that will be the key to making him while again.

    I sure hope there is more to come, it is by far my favorite from anything on nifty. and I hope you do it on a timeline that suits you.

    GOOD JOB!!!! thanks Sam

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I agree! Ocean and Blue are the best little and big bros🎈❤️🎈❤️

      They help each other in so many ways ❤️👌😎❤️🎈🎈

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Hey Sam, this makes more sense. You wrote way too much to chunk it, even if you’re not totally happy with it. You’ve written some great characters, thanks for letting us hang out with them.

    Liked by 2 people

  10. I really like this new edit because the story can continue, thank you for continuing the story I was never going to be one of the ones to yell at you…I wanted too…but its your story I hope you still can find the joy of writing the story you once maybe had. I want you to know the joy this story and the Alexander story has brought me it has kept me going. Usually most days the only thing to brighten up my day cant wait for more.

    thank you again

    Liked by 4 people

    1. I agree! Blue has kept me bright through some tough times! It is my bliss and joy❤️🐶🐾🐶❤️ Besides my dog Dakota 🐾🐶🐾❤️🐾❤️

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Sam lemme tell you something about dear old jack, he doesn’t give a flying fuck what other people think and neither should you. Remember we had at least two people who said they wouldn’t read your stuff anymore, and we both know that’s bullshit. I get why you did what you did but I must say this ending was better, ocean making an attempt to reconnect. I have been thinking about Gervais and he’s not right for Blue. Blue didn’t give a dsamn he went and saw ocean anyway, Gervais to me is becoming the Jay character. While I’m still unsure on the Will front, blue needs a slut phase, and a real one this time, away from craziness. Chris and Sunny are what he needs and Cheryl. G just isn’t the same he has changed for the worst, maybe Dylan can pop back up for blue?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. We are all over the moon 😊 happy 🎈❤️❤️

        Start when you are inspired 😊

        And when you are ready!

        Not before or else you get upset and frustrated 😳

        Liked by 1 person

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