Pilot week (2): High school Gay club 1

“You’re all a bunch of fucking cunts.” Aaron stands and shouts across the room.

“We do not accept language like that here. This is a safe space. All three of you have to leave.” Mr Parsons says.

“Safe space, unless you’re a lesbian. Fucking cunts.” Benji says.

“Out, now!” Mr Parsons says getting agitated.

“They’re right. This isn’t a safe space for me, they are a bunch of fucking cunts.” Carla screeches.

“You too.” Mr Parsons says his voice rising.

“So, you’re ejecting all the gays and lesbians from the LGBT club. Nice.” Luis says.

“You guys never include me, but there is no way I am staying. I cannot believe they don’t want my Gaga gathering.” Liam says and flounces out before the others can get to the door.


The following morning.

“I apologise for my language but not for the sentiment.” Aaron says.

“Same.” Carla and Benji says together.

“I am on your side. You are not here for a telling off. I have had calls from all your parents over the last few weeks and I understand yesterday was the last straw.” The school Principle Mrs Summers says.

The five look at her, jaws to the floor.

“So, we can go back?” Liam asks.

“Not that you were thrown out.” Aaron sneers.

“I don’t think that is the best course of action right now. You have art studio B on Wednesdays after school. Ms Linney will be your faculty sponsor. And half the funds raised will be transferred to your new gay, straight alliance club.” Mrs Summers says.

“We raised more than half.” Benji says.

“I understand that. And that you and Aaron worked with Liam so well despite your previous tensions is commendable. You’ll be a much smaller group now and I am sure you will be able to increase your funds shortly.” Mrs Summers says.

“What’s the catch?” Luis asks.

“There is no catch. I can’t believe you think I’m that heartless.” Mrs Summers says with a grin.

“Then thank you very much.” Luis says.

“Well that was unexpected. You okay Carla?” Luis asks once they’re dismissed.

“Yeah. Thanks guys.” Carla says.

“I can’t believe Mrs Summers fucked over Mr Parsons like that.” Aaron says shaking his head.

“Total badass.” Benji grins.

“See you all Wednesday?” Liam asks tentatively.

“See you Wednesday. I’ll go talk to Ms Linney later, she’ll be cool.” Carla says.

“Yeah stoned in the resource room and won’t give us any hassle.” Benji grins.

“Well yeah, just want to confirm we don’t need her to actually be there, in case she has an attack of conscience.” Carla grins and they all head off to class.


Wednesday afternoon in the art studio. Carla, Aaron, Benji and Luis are all there.

“So now what?” Luis asks.

“We wait and see who else comes.” Carla says.

“Do we really have to include Liam? He’s just so fucking fem.” Aaron says.

“I think he’s gorgeous.” Brett says coming through the door.

“Why are you here?” Benji asks.

“He’s gay, he blew me at Tracey Jackson’s party.” Aaron says and Brett blushes.

“Why the hell didn’t you tell us all? I mean hello sister, when the captain of the football team has your dick in his mouth you tell your fellow gays.” Liam asks, stood in the doorway stunned.

“Like seriously.” Carla says.

“Aaron has always been a greedy motherfucker.” Luis says.

“I’m not in the business of outing people. Not my place. Plus he asked so, so, nicely.” Aaron says smiling, it is clear he has a major crush.

“So Brett was just saying he fancied Liam.” Carla say stirring the pot.

“I said I thought Liam was gorgeous.” Brett says feeling brave.

“Well that is because I am honey.” Liam says, trying to be his usual self on the outside, while his inside is going crazy.

“As it is the first week, we should introduce ourselves.” Aaron says not wanting to linger on Liam and Brett. He is devastated that Brett likes Liam of all people.

“You go first.” Benji says.

“Aaron, junior, gay, outed sophomore year when making out with Benji at the mall.” Aaron says. Aaron is tall and dark, a skinny, slightly nerdy looking guy with glasses and hair that falls in his eyes he is forever pushing back and forgetting to get cut.

“Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooring. I am the fabulous Liam, Gaga is my God, junior, gay, gay, gay. Never needed to come out, you all knew since I was in kindergarten and I hated you all for staying closeted as long as you did.” Liam says animatedly. Liam is small and latin and changes his hair too often to keep up. He favors sparkly jewellery and loud clothing. Today he is wearing tiny cutoffs, a cropped yellow tshirt, half a dozen rings, heeled sneakers and diamond earrings.

“Carla, lessie, lesbo, lesbian. I am all woman and do not get any ideas about feeling my boobs and telling me it is okay because you are gay. No feeling my tits, not ever. Sophomore. Single as no other bitches want to, like, actually be with a woman. Despite all their pansexual bullshit.” Carla says. Carla is beautiful, a tall willowy redhead, her hair is a long sheet down her back which she is always threatening to get cut short.

“And we adore you for your feisty attitude.” Aaron says, he sees Carla as a little sister. They live on the same street and were out to each other long before the rest of the world.

“Benji, dancer and the bi boy in our little group. But I still won’t ask to touch your boobs Carla, they are way too small for me. Junior, outed with Aaron, which made it kind of hard to get girls to take me seriously.” Benji says. Benji is a compact, muscular African American lad, all the sports coaches try and recruit him every semester but he only wants to dance. Wears his hair short and doesn’t care much about clothes.

“Luis, Sophomore, on the basketball team. Came out because I was sick of all the gay insults in the locker room. Most people still don’t believe I’m gay.” Luis at 15 is already 6 feet 3 and still growing like a weed. Black, Cuban who lost his parents during their escape. Dresses predominately in sportswear. Has a huge crush on Aaron, but Aaron has never shown any interest.

“Brett, senior, closeted and please can I stay that way? For now? I came along as I trust you guys. Aaron has never breathed a word about me and I know he trusts you guys.” Brett says. Brett is huge, a broad giant, all muscle. Short blonde hair, deep blue eyes and perfect teeth. A movie star with extra muscle.

“Is that why you admitted a crush on Liam? He’s the gossip queen here and you’re dangling your dick in front of him as a prize for keeping quiet.” Aaron says bitchily.

“Who the fuck do you think you are, judging me like that?” Brett asks.

“To be fair, I did think the exact same thing. I mean you should like me, because I am fucking fabulous but it did cross my mind that you were flattering me to keep me quiet.” Liam says.

“Yeah, I mean I don’t hate Liam like Benji and Aaron do but even I thought it was suspect.” Luis says.

“Bitch.” Liam laughs.

Liam and Benji flirt a lot, mostly as it is totally low stakes, they are not each other’s type but they both enjoy the practice and attention.

“You can actually trust us. Aaron and I kept each other’s secret for years. But why are you here? If you don’t want anyone to know? I mean Aaron is a great listener, if you had problems you could have just called him.” Carla asks.

“It’s a gay, straight alliance, right? You can all say I’m the straight one. Maybe coach thought I needed to show some sensitivity after being a dick to someone? It’s easy to make a cover story. I just. I just. I uh. I didn’t want to leave high school never having had a real conversation with other gay men. I just for once wanted to gossip about guys and admit my crushes and feel normal for an hour a week.” Brett says.

“Stop with the sob story. We are not going to feel sorry for poor mr football captain. You could have sat with any of us at lunch, you could have said hello. You could have asked Aaron for tutoring, you could have asked Luis to help with your jump shot, Benji well Benji is no use for anything and you could have asked me to help you shop for a dance. Why the hell should we keep your life perfect, when you have done fuck all for us? We all have to put up with shit every fucking day. Sure people are more tolerant now and insults are water off my fucking perfect back these days. But man we owe you jack shit.” Liam says.

“I can make your life hell. I’ll deny it and you’ll look like some creepy predator.” Brett says.

“Well that was the sound of my hole slamming shut.” Liam grins, he’s a virgin but knows that one day he’ll be a slutty bottom.

“You do anything to Liam and I will send everyone in the school a video of you sucking my dick.” Aaron says.

“You couldn’t. You did not video it.” Brett says.

“He always videos when he gets head. No one ever believes it when it happens.” Carla says.

“That is true. He’s the only one of us to ever get any. And we never believe him. So now he gets proof.” Luis says.

“Seriously? You bitches always keep the good stuff from me.” Liam says rolling his eyes.

“We won’t tell and Aaron won’t send anyone the vid. Just dial it back and stop acting like you’re better than us.” Benji says.

“So what do we want from this group? I still think the Gaga gathering is the best idea I’ve had all year.” Liam says preening. He is over the Brett issue already. He’s nice eye candy and will be useful when they want to throw parties but his crush is dead in the water.

“I actually like the idea. Luis can train up some gogo dancers. Carla can DJ. As long as the music is broad pop and not just Gaga I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. My mom said we can have the club for a night. She’ll lock down the bars unfortunately but we can’t have her risk her license.” Aaron says.

“Hold up. Wait like what? You and Liam are not tearing each other apart. You are agreeing to his idea. He is standing up for you. Are you two at it on the down low? What gives?” Carla asks.

“Gross. I’m not saying that in an over compensating way either. I mean he is totally not my type and while he has a cute butt I would get a limp dick the second he opened his mouth.” Aaron says.

“Like I would let you anywhere near me. We both want the same thing, a night of dancing our tits off, surrounded by boys in their underwear. His mom owns the club so I can’t have him leaving the club over that jock.” Liam says.

“How do we keep the old club out? I mean I can not deal with them.” Carla says.

“Ditto.” Luis says.

“We are the only ones selling tickets. One per person.” Aaron says.

“There are 6 of us, how do we fill a club?” Brett asks, he actually loves the idea and wishes he could be more vocally involved.

“We reach out to all the high schools in the district and go talk to whatever gay clubs they have and sell to them. Private schools too.” Carla says.

“We’re not asking for everyone to be gay or bi, just respectful. Anyone who isn’t will have to go.” Luis says.

“Maybe I can help with some security. Not for the door, but some of the guys from the team will help out inside.” Brett says.

“If that were true and they are all respectful, you would be out.” Benji says.

“I’m not worried about the team. I am in line for a scholarship and some of the schools I’m interested in are pretty conservative.” Brett says.

“Well that would be a miserable four years.” Liam says.

“Your old man is a total old school cop. Racist, homophobic and misogynistic. He was the reason I quit little league. I was on the team with your sister. Be honest with us. We know about cunty parents. Hell, Aaron’s parents divorced over his dad’s attitude and Benji’s mom is in total denial, that he likes boys and girls. Luis can’t tell his relatives back home and they are across the ocean.” Carla says.

“I am so lucky my aunt rejected her faith before I landed on her doorstep.” Luis says.

“I get it. You need to stay in the closet until you are financially independent. That’s okay and if you had been honest with us we could have saved the drama.” Benji says.

“OMG he is totally a homo dramaQWEEEEEEEEEEEN.” Liam squeals.












69 thoughts on “Pilot week (2): High school Gay club 1

  1. I think this story will give you a lot to explore with as an author. The previous stories I’ve read from you have dealt with more mature college age students so itll be interesting to see how you portray the superficiality of highschool. The characters so far seem very diverse and different than your previous characters. Similar to darkchanteuse I’ll need to read more before i decide if i love the story.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I think I would like to read a story that deals with everyday issues and struggles instead of complex plot lines with over the top drama. Something thats more relatable to the everyday person. For example, growing up, I went to an all boys boarding school and I had to struggle with maintaining my masculinity so I wouldn’t get bullied or how sometimes you make a connection with someone but it turns out that they’re straight.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m actually kind of flattered that you k ow me well enough to know this one is likely not my cup of tea. 😘 maybe I’ll turn it into a drinking game … a shot every time I want to bitch slap one of them.

        Liked by 4 people

        1. I’ve a little more number crunchers to do, the divorce, coming out etc. I really want to try another proper grown up people story like in Christmas kisses but I’m yet to be inspired.

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Delicious! Juicy as all get out! Super fun and funny and I pray you write tons and tons of chapters!

    It is going to fun and a blast to read and I am smiling non stop and loving every bit and laughter and drama and all the elements for an amazing story !!

    Be still my Gay happy heart❤️❤️🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈😍😍😍😍🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈👏👏👏👏🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

    Liked by 1 person

        1. He’s going to have to take his sassiness level up a couple notches to be based on me because Aaron would already have a permanent red hand mark on his face by now. And we do not dress alike. He is fabulous though haha.

          Liked by 3 people

      1. Yeah, in a metaphorical way… Unless someone can help me out with the logistics of finding the servers location, and infiltrating/sabotage of said location?

        Ive got some free time! Anyone for a road trip/arson? Maybe even some arse’n too?


          1. The servers that host the story if they start singing like in Glee. 😛

            I can’t express enough my hatred of Glee. 😛 my ex used to host glee parties, and I’d come home after working 28 hours in two days, and all these fuckwits would be all up in my grill, drinking my champagne, demanding silence during the show… AND THEN THEY WOULD PLAY OT AGAIN! 2 years of that shit! They’d play Disney songs on the piano and sing along too.

            I hated them all! One of them got second in season 1 of My Kitchen Rules. Not sure if you saw that one.

            Eventually I had to burn the place down. Or I dumped him. I can’t remember which.


            1. I skipped mkr season one I think, might have to check with MarkOz but he is absent. Think he hates me.

              Drinking your champagne? Fuck me. I loved glee despite the pedos and addicts.


                1. I love her. When she was doing the workshop for spring awakening she had a crush on the very gay but not out yet Gavin Creel and kept throwing herself at him. I loves him. Then mr groff got the part for the actual broadway run and they dated for a while, and both played Claude in hair, all super incestuous.

                  Liked by 1 person

                    1. No I didn’t I’ll who I was raised Mormon I was apostate starting in about 20 years old went back and forth a few times but never went to the Mormon Temple so I were Calvin Klein’s

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. When I go home to Utah now and I jump on Grindr or some other source it always amazes me how many 45 to 55 year old man with six kids they got trapped in the Mormon Church are looking for male love while they were there feather holy underwear to keep them safe from seeing the Mormon church has ruined a lot of lives in their treatment of gay men and women

                      Liked by 1 person

                    3. Sorry babe I’m using voice recognition while I drive yes that’s unsafe but I like them safe sex anyway how many 45 to 50 year old man there are that wear their holy underwear sorry babe I’m using voice recognition well I Drive yes that’s unsafe but I like in safe sex anyway how many 45 to 50 year old man there are that we’re there holy underwear to protect them from that while they get it in the ass

                      Liked by 1 person

  3. Someone come up with a better name please and thank you. Love you all. I am totally loving these kids already and want to write a million spin offs covering each of them in college or after. I swear I wrote this as a one off but it was so easy. It is a bit rough and I need to work on hearing their voices better. Aaron and Liam are easy but the others need more work.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh dear. You’re hearing voices? Ive got some pills for that…

      As for a name, I would suggest “The Human Centipede” but I think it’s already taken.

      Maybe “5 guys, one fist”?

      Liked by 1 person

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