Ocean Blue 73

Spence is back for five days before trials. Ocean has gone home for one day to see his mom and collect some clothes. He’ll then train with Spence in the city and stay at the hotel or with Blue. Will has gone with Garrett and a couple of others to get ready at their old gym. Garrett is kind of mad at Ocean for not choosing to go with them but also understands him wanting to get away from it all. The isolation up at the lake worked so well for all of them this summer.

With just one night of freedom Wyatt has a special treat planned.

“Where are you taking me?” Spence asks.

“You’ll see. You’re clean right?” Wyatt asks.

“Of course. Who knows when you’ll drag me up against a tree.” Spence grins.

“I have missed you so much.” Wyatt says.

“Missed you too babe. Things have been crazy.” Spence says.

“Are you really okay with giving it up?” Wyatt asks.

“I am. I love it and I will always be available to coach Ocean if he needs me. But I want to move on, high performance clinics and camps for underprivileged kids. I enjoyed coaching the elites this summer but that little dude who wanted to wrestle was the most rewarding.” Spence says.

“That kid loved you.” Wyatt grins.

“Yeah he was great.” Spence sighs, he’s been thinking more and more about wanting kids of his own but knows that Wyatt is a long way away from wanting to be a dad.

“You ready to show off a little?” Wyatt asks pulling in to parking lot by the forest, well away from the main road.

“What do you mean?” Spence asks.

“You’re going to suck my dick and let these guys watch.” Wyatt says unbuttoning and opening his door.

“Are you fucking crazy? We don’t know this area at all. I cannot be arrested right now.” Spence says worried and turned on.

“Relax, look more closely. We’re dogging, everyone is here because they like to watch or be watched or share. Now suck my cock.” Wyatt says.

Soon there are a few guys watching and stroking much to Wyatt’s delight.

“He’s a hot sucker. Can we see his ass?” One of the viewers asks.

“Spence drop your shorts and open the door.” Wyatt says commandingly.

Spence in a trance gets up and does as he’s told. Soon hands are reaching in to give him a good fondle. He shifts positions to show off his rump as he bobs up and down on Wyatt’s dick. Wyatt leans back and enjoys the attention.

“Do you ever lend him out.” One man asks, rubbing Spence’s ass with one hand and his dick with the other.

“Not to scum like you. But he can service the right guy, or guys.” Wyatt says and Spence moans. He loves it when Wyatt is in this mood, he’s grown tired of the muscle worship and jerking off.

“Someone like me?” A tall muscular guy asks and Wyatt nods, a muscle god fucking his muscle god is exactly what he wants to watch.

“Go on get out. See what the man wants. He’ll wrap up, I’ll see to that.” Wyatt says pulling a handful of condoms and lube packets from his pocket.

Spence gets out the car and strips off to many admiring groans. He walks round so and bends over the car bonnet, surrendering himself to the scene.

Wyatt loves the sight of his man being so compliant and of others enjoying watching. He looks around to see how much more action is going on. He’s surprised at the numbers, though he had heard there was a gay baseball tournament happening not too far away and hoped that would boost numbers.

Spence is zoned out, enjoying the sex, enjoying the sight of his man enjoying it. Then as his focus tightens and he can hear Andy. He can hear Andy clearly bossing and belittling a pair of twinks for his enjoyment. Spence tunes their responses out and imagines it is him on the receiving end of Andy’s sharp tongue. Fuck that is amazing, amazing. Spence is taking the dick of the muscle guys so well and he cannot believe how good it feels. Spence is feeling amazing too and his own orgasm rises along with his ex-husbands.

Spence lets out a huge cry and pumps and pumps the cum out of his dick. Immediately he feels shame and confusion.

“Back to the hotel?” Wyatt asks once they are ready to go.

“Yeah.” Spence says trying not to look around for Andy. He is sure it was him. Certain.

The pair shower together, the hotel really didn’t need much work doing in the rooms. Wyatt is very loving, professes his pride for Spence and what he did, the joy he brought to Wyatt. Spence doesn’t hear a word of it.

Over breakfast the next morning Spence looks at Wyatt and takes a deep breath.

“I’m sorry but it’s over.” Spence says.

“Was it last night?” Wyatt asks.

“No, it was nothing you did or didn’t do. I jumped in to this too early, we both know that. You can keep working here if you want to and I’ll help you with tuition.” Spence says.

“I’d rather not. Are you sure?” Wyatt asks sad that it is over so suddenly but also knowing the wealth gap and life differences were probably going to be issues down the road.

“I am, I was awake thinking about it all night. I am so sorry Wyatt. I thought my feelings for you were so clear and strong. I know I might regret this, you’ve been amazing. I have loved all our time together.” Spence says.

“Thanks for not dragging it out. I’m going to head back up to the lake, finish out the season.” Wyatt says.

“Thanks for not blowing up at me.” Spence says.

Later that morning Spence calls Blue.

“Any chance you could have Larry and Chris over later?” Spence asks.

“They’ll all be down to have dinner with Ocean later. Don’t worry I’ll not be doing lots of desserts.” Blue says.

“Uh can you get the two of them to you early, in an innocuous way? In a way Andy won’t be offended at not being asked. I need to talk to him alone.” Spence says.

“Sure, I will get them over to talk birthday plans.” Blue says.

“Perfect. Thanks so much Blue.” Spence says.

“Was everything okay at camp, when ocean got there?” Blue asks.

“Yeah, some bristling from one of the coaches of a lower ranked kid but all the gymnasts were relieved more than anything.” Spence says.

“It sucks it was over his diet. Ocean has always been a ball of energy and he showed that at championships by being the one who didn’t falter on day 2.” Blue says.

“Exactly, he’s always been lean, his muscle mass is good if a little on the low side for the strength events but not bad for nineteen. It just blows I didn’t know earlier, that I’d not heard the rumors and that no one pulled me or Will aside to let us know.” Spence says.

“Once you are finished with Andy, do come down and join us for dinner. I am making a huge fish stew at Ocean’s request.” Blue says.

“Please at least put some bread and sauce aside for me and Andy. We might be late.” Spence says.

“I’ll put some aside for when you arrive.” Blue says.

“Thanks, I uh broke up with Wyatt this morning and a lovely bowl of your stew will be a comfort.” Spence says.

“Oh Spence, I am so sorry. Are you okay? What happened?” Blue asks.

“I totally fell out of love. It wasn’t any one thing. I thought we were great together, his age and status didn’t bother me. Maybe it was that our relationship depended too much on sex, but I didn’t miss it when I was gone. We just didn’t have enough to make me want to save it.” Spence says.

“Well I have some of your lovely wine here, I will put a bottle aside for us to split tonight.” Blue says.

“Thanks Blue. Oh by the way, your protein cookies went down a storm. Some of the coaches remembered Will having them back in the day. Everyone was asking for the recipe. One of the physiotherapists had worked with DeShawn and remembered him having them and asked if they were the same. Couldn’t believe I was good friends with DeShawn.” Spence laughs.

“I will make sure to make some more for trials.” Blue says smiling from ear to ear.

“Thanks Blue. See you later.” Spence says.

Spence takes a deep breath and bursts through the door at the farm house. Andy looks up from his laptop and smiles.

“You little shit. You have caused me so much trouble. Get here and take your punishment.” Spence yells.

Andy gets up, groaning with desire inside, this is what he needed all along. He looks at the floor and shuffles over to Spence who has sat in an armchair.

Spence nods to his lap and Andy lies across it to take his spanking.

When finished Spence throws Andy to the floor and with just spit for lube fucks the life out of him.

“Finally.” Andy says when he catches his breath.

“You are impossible to get over.” Spence says.

“I fucked up and you divorcing me was the right thing. I deserved it. You deserved better.” Andy says.

“It was one slip up in seven years. I can forgive you. I didn’t think I could but I did.” Spence says.

“And now?” Andy asks.

“We’ll work it out. If you want to.” Spence says.

“I want nothing more. I want to support you every day, push you. I need you to push me.” Andy says.

“I will push you. Man, that was a rush. Was it okay? I heard you last night. Sex with others tore us apart and sex with others brought us back together.” Spence asks.

“I had a lot of fun last night, but they weren’t you. If I’d known you were there I’d have been over in a shot. What happened with Wyatt?” Andy asks coming back down to earth.

“I dumped him this morning. I knew I had to come back to you. Thank you for giving me space. Thank you for moving here too. You know me so well and even though you moved here for you, you got the timing so right.” Spence says.

“I moved here for the opportunity and the hope that we would stay friends. Away from Tad and Ollie and my failure. I wanted to show you I wasn’t a loser.” Andy says.

“I never thought you were a loser. Lets clean up and go to on to Blue’s place for dinner. He is saving us some fish stew.” Spence says.

“Good, I am starving.” Andy grins.





43 thoughts on “Ocean Blue 73

  1. Even with all their ups and downs Spence and Andy belong together, no ones perfect. Now if you can find a way of getting Will and Blue to fall in love again, I would greatly appreciate it. Maybe Gervais could die in a tragic car accident, I’m just saying.😈

    Liked by 1 person

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVED THIS CHAPTER. My heart fell when I heard Andy abusing someone other than Spencer. I didn’t realize how much is missed the pair together until now.

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Both!

        Andy is a cheating whore whose faults are just a part of the sum of him, and Spence is the perfect man who is a complete push over. It’s non-sensical in a way, but at least there is some passion there, even if it had warned at times.

        And Wyatt took charge of Spence far too quickly for my liking. I know it’s a story, but his intro got stuck up my goat 🐐, and I haven’t been able to warm to him. Sharing a submissive who does have a foundation of trust yet(when we first met Wyatt)? How dare you! How very dare you! 😘

        Still, it was hot, and I do like the name Wyatt. I really need to get stateside and find me a nice southern farm boy. Or even an arsehole one. I’m not fussed.

        Liked by 2 people

  3. Sammy why you make me cry on this day, the day I entered into my 27th year? This was a reunion I’ve been waiting on. Now we need to get blue an honest to goodness good guy. 👑🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🍺🍻🍨🍧🍦🍩🍰🍪🍫🍬🍭🍮🍯🍕🍌🍎🍏🍊🍋🍇🍉🍉🍒🍓🍍🌰

    Liked by 4 people

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