Pool Hall surprise (Happy birthday Jack)

Drew looks over to the bar at the lad who has just taken a seat and smiles to himself. He’s seen that kid on every app, ad after ad on craigslist. Desperate. Drew has never responded, all too easy, too desperate, humiliating for the kid. But tonight Drew has friends to entertain and his boi has let him down. The desperate slutty kid at the bar is a perfect replacement.

“Get him a vodka and soda.” Drew says sitting next to the lad who has failed to be served so far.

“Thanks. I’m Chase.” The lad says.

“Yeah right. You’re Timmy.” Drew says.

“How did you know?” Timmy asks.

“You’ve sent me about five thousand pictures of your cock and asshole.” Drew says.

“Be quiet. This isn’t a gay bar.” Timmy says blushing.

“You don’t want people to talk about your little cock, don’t send unsolicited pictures all over town. How often does it work for you?” Drew asks.

Timmy shrugs and stares at his drink.

“Not often if your ads are anything to go by. Please fuck me, please come and destroy my hole, I’ll do anything. Pathetic.” Drew says.

“You read them. You’re reading the ads. You must be looking for something.” Timmy says quietly. His dick is throbbing. He’d do anything for this butch cowboy. But what does he want?

“Sometimes I find a good boi there. One with more self respect than you.” Drew says.

Timmy groans, he can’t help it. The thought of Drew ordering up someone to play with is too exciting to bear.

“Turns you on just thinking about it. Pathetic. Are you meeting a date?” Drew asks.

“I am just hear for a drink.” Timmy says.

“And to ogle the guys in blue jeans bending over. Going to get yourself worked up watching all the guys, smelling the sweat of the place and then hoping the glory hole hasn’t been blocked up. Hoping someone will fuck your mouth and ask for something tighter.” Drew says and Timmy can only grunt.

Timmy takes a deep breath and steels himself to look at Drew.

“So why are you talking to me? What do you want?” Timmy asks, please let it be sex. Please.

“I’ve a few friends coming to a game after closing and I’m one short. My friends are expecting entertainment. Will you join our game?” Drew asks.

Timmy can’t form a coherent reply.

“Speechless. It’s you lucky night kid. Why not give me a preview of your skills.” Drew suggests.

“Uh where?” Timmy stutters.

“Here, my table just came up.” Drew says getting down from his stool and approaching a free pool table.

Timmy gets down and desperately tries to adjust before following Drew to the table. Timmy has no idea what he’s getting himself in to but is pretty sure all his fantasies are going to be delivered.

Drew breaks and quickly takes a series of shots. Timmy gawps.

“You’re up.” Drew says.

Timmy is shaking head to toe as he tries to line up a shot. Drew watches his discomfort for a minute. Delectable.

Drew steps over and puts his hands on Timmy’s hips and leans forward.

“How rough do you like it?” Drew asks as he guides Timmy through the shot.

“Very.” Timmy replies.

“And have you had it rough for real, or only in fantasy?” Drew asks moving Timmy for the next shot.

“Once for real. A guy who was passing through town but it wasn’t as rough as I expected.” Timmy says biting his lip and trying not to push back against Drew.

Drew takes his turn, easily cleaning up.

“You’re not much competition, but you bend over so well. Another drink?” Drew asks and Timmy nods. He wants to bend over and over and over for Drew.

The pool hall is clearing out as closing time approaches. Timmy keeps looking round to see who might be part of the after hours party. He has to admit he doesn’t care, he’s never been that picky and the guys here might love denim too much but fuck they all ooze sex.

Someone slides a cue through the door handles and another picks Timmy from his seat at the bar and throws him onto a pool table face down, another unbuttons his jeans while a third removes his boots.

Soon stripped from the waist down Timmy feels a wet tongue between his cheeks. He looks around for Drew and sees he’s being sucked by a bear. Timmy looks on, both jealous and excited. He realises he’s drooling at the glimpses of Drew’s dick. Timmy is more than ready, he never needs much relaxing, he loves dick so much.

He’s surprised at the questions on roughness though, given someone is back there giving him a thorough tongue bath. Okay so while it has been happening his wrists and angles have been tied to the table and he can barely move.

Fuck that feels good. Drew walks over and Timmy takes in a sharp intake of breath as he sees the big dick bouncing as he walks. Bracing himself Timmy is disappointed when Drew simply rubs against his cheeks while fixing a ballgag to his face.

“Stop pushing against me, you need to build up to me.” Drew whispers in his ear. Timmy can only dribble in return.

The first dickhead pushes in and Timmy tenses for a second. The guy mounting him slaps his left butt cheek hard and pushes on in. Timmy can’t yelp, he can’t move and oh hell he can’t see, a blindfold has gone on as he was being entered.

Timmy relaxes and focuses on the cock that is resting inside him, he groans on the inside. He can hear the sounds of slurping and sex all around him and feels huge pride that he is clearly the hole in the middle. Open for all. Ready for use.

The cock starts its assault and Timmy dribbles and grunts, taking it all, trying to push back all he can.

“He’s a keen little fucker.” One of the men says.

“I always deliver.” Drew says.

“A bit chubbier than your usual receptacles. I like it.” Another of the men says slapping at Timmy’s ass.

Timmy takes another man and another. He doesn’t want the night to end. He’s loving it. Wishes he could see what was going on around him.

The fourth dick to push in makes Timmy melt, he knows it is Drew. He’s huge and taking his time, despite all the warm up. Drew loosens the gag and Timmy realises there are two men on the table pushing their dicks in his mouth.

“More slobber than jabba.” One says.

Drew pushes in to the hilt and Timmy’s mouth drops wide open, Drew leans forward and pushes the two guys off.

“He needs to focus on me.” Drew says and starts pumping harder and harder. Then stops.

Timmy is totally disorientated for a second. That can’t be it.

“Arrrrgh.” Timmy cries out in pain and shock as the pool cue slams across his ass.

“I was going limp. Need a bit of color in these cheeks.” Drew whispers and 5 more strikes follow before the big dick pushes Timmy open again.

After two more stokes Timmy is cumming like never before, he has no idea what happened, the scent of Drew is driving him wild but he’s never cum like this before his dick won’t stop and Drew won’t stop slamming in.

Above the noise of the sex Timmy hears a laugh. It can’t be he thinks and pushes the thought out of his head. Drew has his hand on Timmy’s recovering dick and simultaiously his second orgasm and Drew’s first happen as his blindfold is removed.

Timmy blinks in shock.

“Happy birthday babe.” Ramon the guy Timmy has been talking to online for the last few months says before kissing Timmy hard.





37 thoughts on “Pool Hall surprise (Happy birthday Jack)

  1. Happy Birthday Jack!

    Super hot birthday present indeed❤️🌈❤️🎈🎈😜😘😘😘

    I agree Jack this story is smoking Hot😘😋😘👌❤️😘

    Woof! Hawt!

    Liked by 3 people

      1. 27 is a fabulous age!

        Some of my most fabulous friends have been 27 for years.

        (Growing up, I was convinced I was going to die at 27. Then in my early twenties, I was convinced Lindsay Lohan and I were going to become best friends and die at 27 in a drink driving accident while she snorted come off the dashboard of the Ferrari we stole from Paris Hilton… Ok, that was more like my fantasy. But what’s cooler than going down in flames in a celubutaunts stolen Ferrari, while a floater is comes out beside you?

        Instead I’ll probably end up dying while doing my tax return or, even worse, while watching golf.)

        Liked by 2 people

  2. Holy hell that was hot Sam! You delivered. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    Liked by 2 people

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