43 thoughts on “Poll for after Ocean Blue 73

  1. Spence and Andy need to communicate and I think they will. Date nights and it appears there will be babies- Spence and Andy as daddies is sweet!

    I feel bad for Deke- someone find him a man but not Blue’s hunky vet!

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                    1. What cutie pie? Lol he’s not fooling me. underneath all that sweetness is a devious thing. And u hunty don’t make me put u cross my knee for calling me it haha. Ur in for a spanking mister. 😈

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  2. UH UH! UH UHHH YA’LL! Spence can’t do Andy like I can. Andy and I belong together. Spence know Andy can’t resist all this succulent southern cuisine that’s in these jeans haha. He must be a masochist hunty because I will always be in the picture. This is the Marcandy show lol. 😁😁😁

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      1. I’m just glad the bitch wiped the poison off her lips before she’s blew Jaime. I can just imagine the conversation if she didn’t. How did he get poisoned? Well he gave me a kiss before I had a chance to wipe off the poison. But there wasn’t any poison on his lips

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  3. There. Changed my vote. I think Spence was so used to playing sub for Andy that he didn’t realize that Andy needed a dom every once and awhile. Now that this is the new order I think they can really make it work together.

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