Yet another baking show thread

After yesterdays crazy behaviour I gave myself a day off and caught up on Aussie zeleb Hell’s kitchen.

UK Celeb masterchef starts next week as does The all new its not the bake off family edition, Big family cooking showdown. And the new version of Bakeoff should be soon.

So I’ll need to talk all things food. Even if it is to myself.

41 thoughts on “Yet another baking show thread

  1. Anyone else watching US masterchef this series? I’ve been catching up on that and the Fosters today (so if I send one of the gay high schoolers to juvie I apologise).
    I’m liking the tatted up ballet dancer, even though I am not a tattoo fan.


        1. I loved one of the us episodes where they brought the families in and one of the contestants sons wanted to know if Gordon had called his mom a donkey. Have you seen The f word? It used to be quite good when it was done over here, not watched US version yet.

          Do you like beef wellington? You’d have thought after a million seasons they’d all practice those two, scallops and Halibut.


                    1. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 have you watched Hell’s Kitchen? What’s the best dish you sell? Want me to run you a nice bubble bath and make hot choc and cookies?


                    2. He’s threatening to spank me. That’s your job 😂😂😂😂I’ve been naughty while you were gone. Need my MarkOz to sort me out. I wrote three chapters in a day.


      1. I get it when it’s people who are fry cooks in the back end of Alabama trying to get out and get a great job with Gordon, it’s distasteful but understandable. This is a z list celeb edition and crying over not wanting to be cut because they need the charity donation, which they could mostly afford is fucking awful.

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