High school gay club 4

“Thanks for the ride. Usually we meet at Carla’s place but as you and Brett are coming we thought it would be too crowded.” Luis says.

“No problem. It is nice to get a few minutes alone. What is the deal with Brett coming? He’s been such a dick.” Liam asks.

“He can’t be out at group if we want to expand, and we all want that, you included. So we all agreed he could hang out with us. I don’t know if he’ll come as we’re in public but I hope he will. Even if it is to rub his face in it a little.” Luis grins.

“Oh babe, I will be sitting in your lap.” Liam grins.

The pair spent the day before texting like crazy and had a long late night chat. Neither is expecting this to turn into romance of the century but they both are surprised how much common ground they have found.

“Are you fucking serious?” Aaron asks as Liam and Luis walk in holding hands.

“We are dating, its new, so please let us be.” Liam says.

“I don’t know what shit you are pulling but I do not want to be a part of it. Have fun making Brett jealous or whatever.” Aaron says and leaves.

“Where are you going?” Benji asks outside as he arrives.

“Luis and Liam are here, they are dating, I am in the twilight zone and I’m out. I don’t want to fight with anyone until the club night is over. Can you make sure Carla gets a ride home?” Aaron asks.

“Why are you so bothered?” Benji asks.

“I enjoy our Sunday mornings. We are relaxed and can be open and honest. Liam is always performing, he winds me up just breathing and by breathing, I mean sighing and exclaiming. I am way too hungover to deal. I do not want to fallout with Luis by insulting his boyfriend, I’m going to sleep this off.” Aaron says.

“So you’re not jealous?” Benji asks.

“Of Luis? No.” Aaron replies.

“Of Liam?” Benji asks.

“For dating Luis? I really don’t see Luis that way.” Aaron says.

“Just checking.” Benji says and Aaron heads home shaking his head.

“Is he okay?” Carla asks, she was in the bathroom when he flounced.

“Hungover and can’t deal with Liam existing.” Benji shrugs.

“Fucking cunt. Who is he to decide who hangs out?” Luis asks.

“He’s leaving to avoid a fight Luis. He isn’t saying Liam can’t be here. He’s saying he can’t be here with Liam, not right now.” Benji says calmly.

Liam tries hard to blink back tears and Luis hugs him to try and keep him calm.


“What’s going on?” Brett asks walking in and sensing the low mood.

“Aaron is being a cockwomble as usual and has flounced off already.” Luis says.

“You sprang dating Liam on him. If you’d given him warning he’d have been prepared.” Benji says.

“You two are dating?” Brett asks pissed that Luis has swooped in on Liam.

“We just had our first date Friday.” Luis says.

“You knew I liked Liam.” Brett says.

“So? Liam made it clear he didn’t like you back. And it is not like we’re friends. You can’t call people.” Luis says.

“You could date Benji.” Clara says smiling.

“No thanks. I am going to find some beautiful dancer at gaga night.” Benji says.

“Gathering.” Liam corrects.

“Meh, who cares. I am going to find someone who can lift their leg as high as I can and we are going to dance like crazy every day.” Benji says with a grin.

“Why would you want to date someone just like you?” Brett asks.

“They don’t have to be physically like me, it could be a girl. I just want to try dating someone who loves to dance as much as I do. Do you not want to date someone you can talk sports with?” Benji says.

“I’m not just about sports.” Brett says.

“No but say you and Liam actually dated and I am not saying he would dump Luis for you, he would not have a clue if you talked to him about plays. He would have no interest in a play by play of the highlights of your game. You’d get pissed that. Not being able to share your achievements” Benji says.

“I can talk to my buddies about that stuff.” Brett says.

“What I want to know is. Why don’t you want Aaron?” Carla asks.

“Ooo I want to know that too. Is it true he’s hung?” Liam asks and gets a death stare from Luis.

“He is.” Benji says.

“You heard him, he filmed it and threatened me.” Brett says.

“Before that though. I mean you blew him at the party and then blew him off.” Carla says.

“Yeah Aaron’s mom is out the house like ninety percent of the time. He is the best guy to be on the DL with.” Benji says.

“I am just not in to him. I like guys like Liam, cute and cheerful and smart.” Brett says.

“So why slobber all over his dick when you could have been caught?” Carla asked.

“I wanted to. I’m allowed to change my mind again later.” Brett says.

“Yeah but we all want to know what the chink in the stud’s armour is. What happened that turned you off so much?” Luis asks.

“Do you all have a thing for him? Maybe he wasn’t what I expected.” Brett shrugs.

“So come on ideal man, and woman for Carla and Benji.” Liam says clapping his hands and bouncing. Wanting to change the subject away from Aaron.

“Well you all know I am totally in love with Ruby Rose and no one else will do.” Carla smiles.

“Oh I would totally switch teams for her. I want to style her one day.” Liam grins.

“You would be so good at that.” Luis says and Carla and Benji exchange looks. Luis is being really sweet with Liam and he hasn’t got Aaron as an audience.

“Sergei Polunin is the man for me. I would kill for two minutes with him.” Benji says.

“But would you dance or fuck?” Liam asks.

“Oh my god why would you do that to me. I need more than two minutes. For both. Dance, fuck, dance.” Benji grins.

“He is gorgeous but I like a more clean-cut guy. I adore Luis, clearly but this is fantasy, right? So you’d not get offended babe?” Liam checks sweetly.

“As long as you are okay with my choices.” Luis grins.

“Ansel Elgort for me. But Luis is a pretty good second. And on my bad boy days I want Zayn.” Liam grins.

“I would do him all day, allllll day.” Luis says.

“Who is yours?” Carla asks Brett.

“I never really thought about it.” Brett says.

“Are you actually gay? Or is this some prep work for a Never been kissed dogfood prank on us? We’re here because you want to pretend to be straight in group.” Liam bitches.

“I just don’t know how to do this? I’m not used to all this girltalk shit.” Brett says.

“This blows. I am going to see Aaron.” Carla says.

“I’ll give you a ride.” Liam says.

“We still on for the mall?” Luis asks.

“Yeah come on.” Liam says.

“Sorry to mess up your date.” Carla says in the car.

“I hoped you’d get me in to speak to Aaron. I want to be included with you guys. He and I need to work it out. It isn’t going to be fair to Luis if we can’t.” Liam says.

“You’re so sweet to me.” Luis grins.

“Vomit.” Carla says. She’s actually really pleased for Luis, he’s never really had anyone and Liam won’t fuck him around.

“You are jealous.” Liam says.

“I will find her. Sometime I will find her.” Carla says sadly.

“You are so beautiful, honestly honey you’re stunning. Want to shop for your Gaga gathering outfit this week?” Liam asks.

“You’d go with me? Aaron is the worst at shopping.” Carla asks shyly. She would love to have someone to shop with. She is pretty nervous about being on display in the club and getting it wrong.

“I love to shop. You two are like my first clients. I’ll text you in the week with your appointment.” Liam grins.

“How do you not have a gaggle of girlfriends?” Luis asks.

“Same reason I don’t. The girls in our school suck.” Carla says.

“Which is fine because we are finally going to be girlfriends and bring all those bitches down.” Liam laughs so happy everything is going well.

“Come on lets go and poke the bear.” Carla says.

“Ugh Why did you bring him here?” Aaron groans rubbing his eyes.

Liam and Luis are both transfixed as the scruffy nerd is all crumply and only wearing boxerbriefs. Well filled out boxer briefs.

“I asked her to. Can you two give us a minute?” Liam asks sitting on the bed.

“Sure, come on Luis.” Carla says dragging away her drooling friend.

“I am sorry me dating Luis was sprung on you today. And I am sorry you hate my voice. But I am dating Luis and we need to work things out. We’ve been getting on since we started the new group.” Liam says.

“I left today as I was, am, hungover and I couldn’t deal. I told Benji this. I didn’t want to fight or make things awkward.” Aaron says rolling his eyes.

“Well it was awkward because you left and it was more awkward because Brett is a tool. How can you like him?” Liam asks.

“I would have thought that was obvious.” Aaron says.

“You’re better than that.” Liam says.

“You have these weird ideas about me. I am not some superhero perfect teen movie boyfriend. I am not the nerd who turns into a prince with contacts. I am just me. I am attracted to hot guys. Brett is hot.” Aaron says.

“You’re hotter. Or you will be, Brett’s looks will fade.” Liam says quietly, finally understanding his attraction to Aaron, he knows what he will look like at 30 and 40 and its hot. And Aaron is smart and will no doubt have money, dress better and be hot. It’s like getting in on Luis before he makes his millions, but with less privacy issues down the line.

“I don’t care what he looks like at 30. I don’t want to marry him.” Aaron says.

“Well you won’t get to do anything with him if you keep acting like a dick or storming off, whenever he’s around.” Liam says.

“I don’t even want him anymore. I tried to be nice, had him over, offered to cook him dinner and he was a jerk.” Aaron says cuddling Liam who has somehow ended up lying beside Aaron, head on his shoulder.

“I better go.” Liam says pulling away, feeling shitty. “Can we call a truce though? For Luis’s sake?”

“Yeah, whatever.” Aaron says.

“Go get in the shower. We’re going shopping for Gaga gathering. You probably need even more help than Luis.” Liam says.

“Fine.” Aaron says knowing he has to make an effort for Luis’s sake.

“Thanks Aaron.” Liam says lingering for a second, wanting to perv on Aaron as he walks to the bathroom.

“Thanks Liam, I know it wasn’t easy coming to me after this morning. You’re being a great boyfriend to Luis.” Aaron says. Ugh this is going to be hard he thinks as he heads to the shower.

Liam stands outside the room for a moment to compose himself. Lying next to Aaron was amazing. Liam could feel so much sexual tension between them. He shakes it all off and goes to find Luis and Carla who are having a snack in the kitchen.

“So change of plan Aaron is coming with. Carla do you hate me? I don’t want you to have to come round all the guys shops, or make these two wait on you all day. Aaron will be prickly as it is. You are so welcome to come if you want to help and we will totally shop in the week. And babe I know this was meant to be a date but I am sacrificing us time for family therapy. We three have to get along if we are to work.” Liam says confidently.

Luis stares at Liam, the thought of watching Aaron try on clothes for a few hours is awesome.

“No problem babe. We can always ditch him if he acts up.” Luis grins.




78 thoughts on “High school gay club 4

  1. Aaron seems unattainable because he has everything everyone wants handed to him. Good family, good looks, easy going, etc. But…that is what makes it difficult for him to meet others properly. As Benji noticed (essentially being bored), there isn’t enough conflict/drama/history/real life to him to make him worth keeping as a bf…at least not on the surface. I am sure you have plans for Aaron Sam! I always fall for the seemingly superficial and simple characters as there is something alluring about finding out their true story/passions/depths. 😊

    I like how this story is progressing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaron is a smart nerd who is cool because his mom owns a restaurant and club. He doesn’t have to try, he’s grown up in that environment so isn’t shy like he should be. But he is 16 and has a lot to work out.


      1. Yeah. That’s the attractive part. Most would think he is unattainable because of all of that superficial stuff (life handed to him easily without trying)…but he sure does have things to work out. Life isn’t that simple. ☺️

        He is going to have to find a balance between trying too hard (like cooking for a date) and not trying at all or being jealous. That will take time and experience, and a bit of self-loathing. Lol.
        Great intro to all of these new characters Sam! 🤗😘❤️😘🤗

        Liked by 1 person

                  1. That may have come across a tad harsher than I intended. 😛

                    In my defence, I haven’t been able to be mean to anyone for ages! Do you know how stressful it is to be the nicest person to ever live?

                    You’re all so lucky that I’m such a peach.



                    1. Awww it’s ok sweety -pinches your cheek- One day you’ll learn to accept I am better at monopoly than you lol. Isn’t he so adorable? Come over. We shall snuggle and talk cutesy all through the night about anything and everything with hearts in our eyes and matching pajamas haha. 😜

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. I’m not insane.

                      I made a pledge to not be insane at the insane camp my mother sent me to so as I could learn to have all of those things… Ummm… Emotions.

                      I thought I’d be angry at my mother as a result, but I felt nothing.


                    3. All the more reason to snuggle with me after u start that 😁. I’ll make cuuutee chocolate chip cookies using the chocolate chips to make smiley faces, with sparkling wine and I can beat your ass at monopoly, and we we can do karaoke night and go through mariah carey and britney spears whole discographies lol 😍😍😍

                      Liked by 1 person

                    4. You know thats how we like it down souf. I got a nice full glass for u made with half the bag of sugar. come on over haha XD


                    5. I say this with the utmost love. But you are a total psychopath and a general menace to society. But other than that you’re awesome. BTW you can be mean to me

                      Liked by 2 people

                    6. Nope I like Okie and MarkOz. They’re safe I’m talking about asshat. Apparently he must’ve took his opinions and shoved em crossways up his are. I’ve been gaming all night so I’m hyper👻👻👻👻


                    1. When I was a kid there was a doco series on a treatment centre at a farm on kids tv. It actually featured a guy as well as girls. Wouldn’t fly with today’s overprotective parents it contained way too many tips. My fave aunt is anorexic/ in recovery.

                      Liked by 1 person

          1. Brett probably saw the superficial Aaron and left it at that. Superficial Aaron probably wants Brett for his looks (at least so far, as Aaron didn’t get much of a chance to explore more). I think Aaron might want to know Brett more than just for his talented mouth. Lol. That said, Brett needs to explore on his own more, maybe find a sympathetic friend through Luis? (Just a thought…you write the story as always and I am happy reading anything you write). 🤗😘❤️😘🤗
            Brett is likely attracted to Liam because Liam is fully out, proud, and confident (again, on the surface), and Brett wants that too. But coming out as an athlete can have more negatives than positives, so Brett may fear that. So…is he really into Liam? Yes, but not for the right reasons. He might want to emulate him, or even have some hero worship sort of thing in an odd juxtaposition of opposites, but it wouldn’t last for long, and Brett will find out who he is eventually.

            Liked by 1 person

  2. Aww. Liam and Aaron are so civil to each other when they fight…doesn’t seem to last long. I guess that means they are at least good friends. I am sure Aaron will find his awkward way to happiness. Hotness fades, but personality doesn’t.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. That makes sense…maybe Aaron wants to express himself like Liam does…out and proud all the time. Aaron seems a bit more modest/conservative to be able to do that often. Maybe I am reading too much into it though. New story and new characters need to have time to develop 😉


          1. I am loving the buildup!
            Yes, he is out but he doesn’t flaunt it like Liam. I would guess people’s reactions to him saying he’s gay to new people would be “I would have never guessed!”
            (I get that a lot myself. 😂)

            Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s obvs that Aaron suffers from premature ejaculationless orgasms. Like phantom gasming with a fast trigger.

        Just look at trending urban dictionary words lol. They’re all pretty horrible. Blue waffles especially.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Omg I would totally love to be worked over by Ansel Elgort. That smile, that mole! Mmm the things I’d do to him.another great chapter Sam. How’re you today?💗💗💗💗

    Liked by 3 people

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