Alexander and Peter reboot

“What a year.” Peter says smiling as he looks out to sea. “Happy second anniversary babe. I can’t believe the year we’ve had.” Alexander says kissing Peter and squeezing his hand. “Things are good now.” Jay says walking over. “You’ve had your breakdown and recovery. We’ve got past our paranoia.” Peter says. “We’re all friends again.” Tom says putting his arm around Jay. “You two … Continue reading Alexander and Peter reboot

Married 1

Peter   I look over at Alexander, he’s still so beautiful. The time on the island has tanned us both and we’re lean from the limited diet and active days. It has been amazing. We know everything about each other, no secrets, no feelings suppressed. We’re a strong team and we’re almost ready to face reality.   Alexander is more than ready, I’ve held us … Continue reading Married 1

Alexander and Peter the wedding

Peter takes care of me, insists on driving the whole way, makes me eat a few bites every hour and holds my hand when he can. I have absolutely no reservations about spending my whole life with him. “Feels weird not wearing my ring.” I say feeling my finger. “Feels right though to put them on fresh. Unless you want a new ring?” Peter ask. … Continue reading Alexander and Peter the wedding

The engagement 15

Peter is being secretive about what he’s doing about the video. I know he’s working with Gavin on something and I’m letting him be but I’m worried, as I always am when he’s keeping something from me. On Sunday we all gather for the screening. “How was Eric?” I ask Brian. “Not great, he is finding recovery difficult. With the show they are back on … Continue reading The engagement 15

The Engagement 14

I wake alone for the first time in ages. Tom’s prediction about Peter sleeping for a long time was clearly off. I follow my nose to the kitchen where Peter has bread baking and a half drunk pot of coffee in front of him. “What you up to?” I ask gently. “I’m making a list. Thanks so much for last night. I feel so good … Continue reading The Engagement 14