The number crunchers 10

Freddie has a restless night, churning all the information from Horace over in his head. Horace doesn’t sleep at all. In the morning Horace gets up and makes coffee and waits patiently for Freddie to come out. “Can you forgive me?” Horace asks when Freddie emerges. “Can you forgive yourself?” Freddie asks curious about how cold Horace is at his core. “I don’t know. Arabella … Continue reading The number crunchers 10

The Number Crunchers 8

“Hello son.” Horace’s dad Hugo says. “Hello sir, good flight?” Horace asks. “Not bad son, not bad. They had a jolly nice cheese selection, although the whiskey wasn’t up to much.” Hugo says. “Thank-you for coming.” Horace says as they get in the car. “Better to do this face to face. Your mother was packing my bag before your phone call was over.” Hugo says. … Continue reading The Number Crunchers 8

High school gay club 5

“I’m calling Benji, I don’t want to deal with the fallout if we leave him out.” Carla says. “Cool. He has a good eye too. I am going to need all the backup I can get to get dull and duller into Gaga worthy outfits.” Liam cackles. “Am I dull or duller?” Luis asks only slightly offended. “Brett is coming too. I vote we force … Continue reading High school gay club 5

Pool Hall surprise (Happy birthday Jack)

Drew looks over to the bar at the lad who has just taken a seat and smiles to himself. He’s seen that kid on every app, ad after ad on craigslist. Desperate. Drew has never responded, all too easy, too desperate, humiliating for the kid. But tonight Drew has friends to entertain and his boi has let him down. The desperate slutty kid at the … Continue reading Pool Hall surprise (Happy birthday Jack)

Pilot Week (2): High school gay club 2

“I’m not letting you use the club to exclude and bully those kids.” Aaron’s mom Barb says when he swings buy her restaurant and asks to firm up details for using the club. “They bully us, Carla especially. You know that.” Aaron complains. “Rise above it. Any trouble and they go.” Barb says. “I don’t know.” Aaron says and heads over to see Carla. “Maybe … Continue reading Pilot Week (2): High school gay club 2

Pilot week (2): High school Gay club 1

“You’re all a bunch of fucking cunts.” Aaron stands and shouts across the room. “We do not accept language like that here. This is a safe space. All three of you have to leave.” Mr Parsons says. “Safe space, unless you’re a lesbian. Fucking cunts.” Benji says. “Out, now!” Mr Parsons says getting agitated. “They’re right. This isn’t a safe space for me, they are … Continue reading Pilot week (2): High school Gay club 1