Pilot season: The number crunchers

Freddie is feeling good. He looks good, his hair is looking good and his brows are perfection, His sharp suit and expensive shirt are a great costume to hide his fear. He graduated with a first from Peterhouse, Cambridge in Natural Sciences whilst maintaining a prolific social life. He turned down multiple postgraduate offers, surprising everyone but the college bursar to take a job in … Continue reading Pilot season: The number crunchers

Pilot season: Ben and Rob part 1

Rob checks into his hotel, plops his bag on the bed, whacks the aircon up to full, strips off his clothes and heads into the shower. He’s just arrived in Sydney from London and is feeling gross from the long flight. He stands under the hot water and feels the sweat and grime disappear. He stays under the water long after the soap and shampoo … Continue reading Pilot season: Ben and Rob part 1

Christmas kisses part 2

  “Ben saw Arthur today.” Caroline says at the dinner table. “Really? How is he? He sent me a lovely Christmas card.” Pat’s mum Barbara says. “Okay that is weird.” Pat says. “Why, he always sends a card?” Barbara asks. “He’s Ben’s ex. And you barely knew him.” Pat says. “You brought him to ours many times. He was your closest friend and we considered … Continue reading Christmas kisses part 2