What do they look like 2018 edition

Get digging out all the pics of all the guys and post em in comments, or email me and I’ll post them. What do the suite guys look like as they approach 30? What about the college boys? I’ve added quite a few readers suggestions. Keep em coming. Some ideas Blue and Chris I’m thinking Ocean might look a bit like Epke Spence? Brett? Josiah? … Continue reading What do they look like 2018 edition

Blue skies ahead 17

“Blue?” Chris says groggily, waking in the night. “No, Gervais. Sorry.” Gervais says turning to face Chris. Chris pulls Gervais close and the cuddle tightly. “You okay?” Gervais asks pushing Chris’s hair out of his face. “I’d be better if you gave me that big dick.” Chris says and kisses Gervais. Gervais pushes Chris away swiftly. “What about Larry?” Gervais asks, not entirely opposed to … Continue reading Blue skies ahead 17