Ocean Blue 90

“Oh my god, you’re getting married aren’t you?” Gervais says before Blue can even open his mouth. “You are? Oh congratulations.” Ocean says flinging his arms around Blue and then Will. “I wanted you to know first. We’ve not even told our parents yet, so please keep it quiet.” Blue says. “You best be quick because I am no good at secrets.” Ocean says bouncing … Continue reading Ocean Blue 90

Liam and Aaron in college 11

“They sure are taking a long time to do a haircut.” Josiah says. “I think Liam has more plans than just hair.” Aaron grins. “Oh no Elijah likes girls.” Josiah says shocked. “Elijah likes Liam.” Aaron says. “Elijah has sex with women. I know he has. I have cleared out the room for him.” Josiah says. “So he’s not that religious then.” Paul says. “Sex … Continue reading Liam and Aaron in college 11