Blue skies ahead 5

“I’ve wanted to get you alone all day. You’ve been teasing me with that butt wiggling. Your t-shirt kept getting caught up, showing off your smooth skin. You are such a naughty boy, being such a tease.” DeShawn says. Paulie trembles, shivers at the coldness in DeShawn’s voice. Willing to do anything. The two are alone in the apartment. Magnus is driving Bea and Grant … Continue reading Blue skies ahead 5

Blue skies ahead 3

“Are you sure you are okay with this?” Bea asks. “If I didn’t have school I would be doing the same. I want you safe. You still have some fake passports right?” Chris asks. “Yeah, technically I have not had my Bea identity restored. I planned to change my name when I got married. So I’ll be travelling on my last identity legitimately. And Grant … Continue reading Blue skies ahead 3