Blue skies ahead 5

“I’ve wanted to get you alone all day. You’ve been teasing me with that butt wiggling. Your t-shirt kept getting caught up, showing off your smooth skin. You are such a naughty boy, being such a tease.” DeShawn says. Paulie trembles, shivers at the coldness in DeShawn’s voice. Willing to do anything. The two are alone in the apartment. Magnus is driving Bea and Grant … Continue reading Blue skies ahead 5

Blue skies ahead 3

“Are you sure you are okay with this?” Bea asks. “If I didn’t have school I would be doing the same. I want you safe. You still have some fake passports right?” Chris asks. “Yeah, technically I have not had my Bea identity restored. I planned to change my name when I got married. So I’ll be travelling on my last identity legitimately. And Grant … Continue reading Blue skies ahead 3

Blue Skies ahead

“Where are we going?” Aaron asks as he realizes they are not headed to the same airport they arrived at. “Private airfield further north.” Spence says. “When travelling with Chris and Blue we have plans b, c and d all ready to go.” DeShawn says. “You do?” Blue asks. “Nothing was going to stop this wedding. We knew people might try and we had to … Continue reading Blue Skies ahead

Ocean Blue 100

The next morning, they get to the airport crazy early to find that DeShawn has chartered a private plane for them, one his old team used. Blue reluctantly drops Sunny at the kennels on the way. “Holy cow.” Paul says as he steps on board. The plane is all cream leather and much wider seats than a commercial jet. “I could get used to this.” Aaron … Continue reading Ocean Blue 100