What do they look like 2018 edition

Get digging out all the pics of all the guys and post em in comments, or email me and I’ll post them. What do the suite guys look like as they approach 30? What about the college boys? I’ve added quite a few readers suggestions. Keep em coming. Some ideas Blue and Chris I’m thinking Ocean might look a bit like Epke Spence? Brett? Josiah? … Continue reading What do they look like 2018 edition

What do you want?

So right now there are so many storylines that each chapter is a bit overwhelming, knowing whatever I write is putting other things further off. What do you most want to be reading about? I’m hating that I have chapters with no Blue and Will when they are so happy. But they’re a bit boring and so hard to write. But that means they only … Continue reading What do you want?

Blue skies ahead 7

“Hi, I’m Blue from the protein cookie company. Ocean suggested you might like some samples. Here’s some I have baked myself, a few new flavors included and a couple of boxes of the commercial ones. We’re so grateful you’ve given Ocean access to the weight room and gym, makes it a whole lot easier for him to be a student.” Blue says putting down the … Continue reading Blue skies ahead 7

Blue skies ahead 5

“I’ve wanted to get you alone all day. You’ve been teasing me with that butt wiggling. Your t-shirt kept getting caught up, showing off your smooth skin. You are such a naughty boy, being such a tease.” DeShawn says. Paulie trembles, shivers at the coldness in DeShawn’s voice. Willing to do anything. The two are alone in the apartment. Magnus is driving Bea and Grant … Continue reading Blue skies ahead 5

Blue skies ahead 3

“Are you sure you are okay with this?” Bea asks. “If I didn’t have school I would be doing the same. I want you safe. You still have some fake passports right?” Chris asks. “Yeah, technically I have not had my Bea identity restored. I planned to change my name when I got married. So I’ll be travelling on my last identity legitimately. And Grant … Continue reading Blue skies ahead 3