Peter’s perfect summer 20

Cindy meets us in LA and takes us to our temporary house to cleanup and get Alexander ready for his press conference. A stylist meets us there, it all seems pretty over the top to me.   Alexander looks extra hot when they’re done and seems super calm.   We head down to Blair’s office. I’m grateful for the underground parking meaning I don’t have … Continue reading Peter’s perfect summer 20

Peter’s perfect summer 19

“I can’t believe we’re going home.” I say as we settle into our seats. For once I’m glad of the big seats protecting my cast from being knocked about. Somehow Alexander has wrangled us the front two seats so we are closest together. I look at him and grin. I skipped the pain killers this morning so we could toast the trip properly. Truth is … Continue reading Peter’s perfect summer 19

Peter’s perfect summer 18

I come round after the operation feeling pretty disorientated. Alexander is there waiting for me to wake up. “Hey honey.” I say groggily. “You feeling okay?” Alexander asks. I nod, feeling pretty pain free, I must be on the good drugs. “I’ve changed hotels for us, got a massive fancy suite with a harbour view ready for when you can come out. I paid in … Continue reading Peter’s perfect summer 18

Peter’s perfect summer 15

The sun is shining, we are on the deck of a yacht in the harbour ready to depart. Alexander was right he’s bait. He has countless pictures taken with everyone. Give piggyback rides to the kids and endlessly repeats lines from the movie. It’s like he’s the entertainment at a kid’s birthday party but so much cuter. I don’t go without notice myself. Phillip says … Continue reading Peter’s perfect summer 15